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How to Have Fun Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever since the internet was made available for commercial use back in 1995, the majority of entertainment sources slowly began to shift towards the online world. Over the years, the Internet has grown and evolved to become an integral part of our every day lives. Today, you can't imagine content that isn't available online and on-demand. Everything is at the tip of your fingers and you can access any type of content from any device and from pretty much any location in the world. 

In other words, it's very difficult to get bored online, yet some people manage to do that quite effectively. The main reason is that a lot of people don't like to make much of an effort to search for something interesting online. That's perfectly fine but never say you have nothing to do, watch, listen, etc., online because there's always something you can find to keep you occupied and entertained. 

Who knows, you may want to try a new casino game, so you'll most likely check the the best in-depth casino game guides on CryptoGamble, for example, before you start playing. The entire process of searching for something, researching something and then opting in to play, watch, listen or read is entertaining enough as it is. But once you get to the content you're actually interested in, things tend to improve tenfold. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive guide on how to have fun online.

Watch movies online

Just a few decades ago, watching movies online wasn't really possible unless you pirated movies from torrent sites and watched them later on you computer. You'd actually have to go to the cinema or wait for a particular movie to show up on television if you wanted to watch something. 

But as Internet connections became faster and more stable, streaming platforms sprung to life with Netflix being among the first to gain global popularity and usage. This was a new era of on-demand video content and the binge-watching trend started to gain significant momentum. 

And yes, you could watch  three years worth of content in one sitting if you wanted to. Today, there are dozens of different streaming platforms with all sorts of video content available to you. In other words, there's no shortage of movies online if you ever get bored and are in need of some quality entertainment. 

Watch some TV shows online

As mentioned before, with the era of steaming platforms came the end of ad-infested cable TV that was expensive enough as it is. Of course, cable TV still exists but it's no longer the only option where people can watch movies or TV shows. The thing about streaming services is that TV shows were made in full, meaning you don't have to wait for a new episode every week. 

Instead you can chug the entire season down in one day and then feel miserable that you have to wait next year for the new season to air. But fortunately for everyone, streaming services are full of TV shows both old and new that will keep you entertained while you wait for the next season of your favorite TV show. 

The best thing about streaming TV shows is that there are no commercial breaks that can last longer than the TV episode itself. Oh wait, there are. Unfortunately, the fame and glory streaming services enjoyed over the years kinda spoiled them, so they introduced ads to boost revenue and lose subscribers faster than they could possibly imagine. But, you can always pay a bit extra to have the ads removed if you really want to or you know, go back to pirating.

Play a few casino games

Casinos have always been a popular source of entertainment. People like to play table games and slot machines for entertainment purposes and the gambling factor added to the overall excitement. But once Internet was made public, land-based casino establishments saw an opportunity to expand worldwide without changing their physical location. Therefore, online casinos were born. 

Today, these online casinos are powered by the latest and most sophisticated technology that provides immersive games and decentralized approach to gambling using cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto wallets and crypto bonuses are now a common sight at online casinos that strive to provide the best experience possible to their clients and customers. Online casinos are now available 24/7 and anyone who enjoys quality casino games can join in on the fun whenever they feel like it.

Listen to podcasts

There's no shortage of great podcasts out there, and with a little bit of searching, you can find one (or many) that fit your interests perfectly. Whether you're looking for something to make you laugh, inform you on current events, or help you learn something new, there's a podcast out there for you. And once you find a few that you really enjoy, it's easy to get hooked and listen to them on a regular basis. 

Oh and the thing about podcasts is that they're basically Internet radio shows and people are loving this type of content. After all, why wouldn't they? You can listen to your favorite content online while doing something else like doing chores or driving to work and so on. So, no more radio static and interference like back in the day, only stable internet connection and the podcast runs smoothly. 

Watch video game streamers

Streaming platforms birthed on-demand content but it wasn't just about movies or TV shows. People began to stream video games and this trend quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Watching someone play video games all day long doesn't seem very entertaining but it is. In fact, this is the modern version of demo games. Do you remember those? Probably not, but here's the kicker - you could purchase a video game magazine back in the day and get a demo CD with a couple of games for you to try out before you decide to purchase the complete game. 

Ah the good old days. Today, however, you can simply watch someone play a game and if you like it, you could buy and play it yourself. Provided, of course, you have the latest console or a PC with insanely expensive hardware that can run the latest games. There are many gamers that don't have such consoles or PC's, so they settle for watching others play and video game steamers tend to respond to their audience's demands and needs. What a crazy world we live in today. 

Play video games online

As mentioned before, if you like a particular game you saw on streaming platforms like Twitch, you can play it yourself. Today, most games run online and they have either multiplayer or co-op modes that you can play with friends or complete strangers that are usually toxic. But toxic game communities add some charm to the entire multiplayer universe. 

Of course, not all gamers are bad so you'll be pleasantly surprised that there are people willing to help you out instead on calling out your mother in various rude ways. That being said, modern video games tend to be demanding hardware-wise but you don't need to max out settings in order to enjoy a game. So if you're ever in need of some fun and quality time online, video games are the right choice for you.

Read articles or follow a blog

Text-based content is still very popular in the online world. There are tons of websites and blogs with even more informative, educational and entertaining articles and blog posts. Long-form, short-form or visual content is all over the place and all you need to do is follow your preferences. You can spend literal days online reading through all sorts of stuff someone made an effort to write for your pleasure or convenience. 

Stories, how-to guides, tutorials, personal experiences, you name it and the Internet has it. The only downside is that you'll have to dig through mountains of content to find what you want. After all, content marketing is quite big these days so everyone everywhere is producing content at a rapid pace and bombarding online platforms and networks with it at a daily basis. But searching through the content is part of the fun so don't hesitate to make an effort as there are some really great gems out there waiting for you to explore them. 

Listen to some awesome music online

Music has pretty much reshaped the world we live in and it has been doing so for centuries. Way back when there were vinyl records then cassettes so we moved to CDs and DVDs before we managed to reach the online world and streaming services for music. Today, you can listen to any genre of music form every artist in the world and customize your playlist as you see fit. 

Moreover, you can access music on-demand and listen to in on any device you prefer. If this doesn't seem like a big deal to you then let's sneak a peak into the past and how things were before the Internet. For example, there's an music artist that you like who releases the so-called single before they launch a new album. There are couple of their songs playing on the radio and you find it nice enough to actually buy the single. Now, singles came on CDs or DVDs and were just one song with perhaps a remix and a live version on it as well. 

You listen to it and you think it's not bad at all. So you've payed a couple of bucks for a single and now you want a whole album so you head to the nearest store and pay even more for the album CD or DVD only to discover that aside from one or two songs, the rest of the tracks are absolute garbage. Well, too bad for you as you've just wasted money and now have an album you won't listen to ever again. 

But it's not all that bad as you can get rid of it by gifting it to someone else for their birthday. Now, this was the age of Walkmans and Discmans - devices designed for the sole purpose of playing music cassettes or CDs. There was no YouTube or Spotify, just good old TV and radio for you to discover new artists. 

Read comics and eBooks online

Comics and books have always been very popular sources of entertainment for many. But even these formats got their digital version eventually. So eBooks and web comics are now available to you at all times and as soon as a new release is out, it becomes available in digital format soon after. If you're tired of reading you can someone read a book for you and it's called an audio book. 

Furthermore, you can get an eBook reader and download a bunch of books and comics so you can read them offline. It's like reading an actual book but it's not. Instead of a book or a comic, you get a tablet-like device where you can touch the screen to flip pages. Pretty awesome right? Not really, as it seems like too much hassle and plastic just to read something but it is what it is. 

Sign of the times as they say. Still, no one can argue that these devices aren't convenient. Instead of bringing one or two books or comics, you can download a bunch and they all fit on one device. If the battery holds, you can enjoy it quite much. If you don't want to download anything, you can simply read online. 


Nowadays, there are endless possibilities when it comes to having fun online. There's all sorts of content and different content formats for you to choose from. But all of that can be quite overwhelming as you can end up spending hours looking for something instead of spending that time watching, listening or reading something. Still, there's no shortage of options so it's entirely up to you how much effort you put into finding the good stuff online or settling for the first thing you come across.

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