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How to Get your Stripping Club License: Easy step by step process explained

Want to be a stripper? If yes, then this is the ultimate guide for you. Before you grab onto that pole and show off your sexy moves, you better get your stripping license.

The process to get a stripping license is explained below in detail in this article. 

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How to get your stripping license? Complete Guide (2022)

Why do you need a license to be a stripper? 

Today, the adult entertainment business is at its peak and is considered a very serious industry. All the operations of adult entertainment are closely monitored by government agencies as it does with all other industries.

This is to protect both the participants and the clients. For the same reason, every stripped is mandated to get a license in most of the US states. 

Depending on the countries and states you are working in, the legal status of striptease varies considerably. However, there are some countries that do not put any restrictions on the performance of striptease. 

The process of obtaining a license for striptease varies from state to state, however, it typically includes an application submitted along with a proof of age and an ID. You might also require to undergo a background check.

What are the qualifications one needs to be a stripper? 

If you have a passion for dancing and can flex that sexy body of yours, you can be a good stripper. Coming to being a stripper, you do not need any require formal qualifications, unlike other jobs.

You just have to be of the legal age which is 18 or 21 years depending on the country you are performing in. Along with that, you should also have exotic dancing skills as a starter. You can also take up some stripping courses for brushing up on your skills and moves.

Step by Step Process to Get Your Stripper License

Find a good job at any stripping club

Before applying for a stripper license, you need to have a job in a stripping club. To land a job in a good stripping club, you must remember some important tips:

  • Go online and research about all the stripping clubs that have job openings for you. Make sure you read all the reviews about them so that you land at a good club
  • Visit all the strip clubs that you have shortlisted during various hours to get a feel of the crowd and vibe. You will get to see more blue-collar workers on weekdays during lunch hours, whereas there will be more millennials on weekend nights
  • Look for a stripping club that encourages the workers to be able to financially support themselves
  • Make sure the strip club you are choosing protects the strippers

Get a notarized copy of your SAVE affidavit 

A SAVE affidavit is an essential part required for your Certificate of Need (CON) application.

It must be filled out carefully and completely otherwise the Department may deny or revoke your CON application if made any type of mistake while filling out the form.

Obtain a copy of the SAVE affidavit and make sure you notarize it. 

Get your three distinct Money orders 

Now, you need to go to the License and Permit Unit and take along with you three distinct money orders. 

  • A direct money order of $20 for fingerprint
  • A direct money order of $50 for the processing charge
  • A direct money order of $200 for a permit for adult entertainment

At License and Permit Unit, they accept these three required fees only in cash or money order. 

Important things to remember before visiting the License and Permit Unit

  • Fees are only accepted in the form of a cashier’s check or money order
  • There will be no refunds for applications cost
  • United One, Fidelity Express, and US express money orders are not accepted 
  • Separate money orders must be used
  • All these charges are handled by the License and Permit Unit

Go to the License and Permit unit and Finish your application

After making all the money orders for the License and Permit Unit, you need to visit them to finish your application process and consent form. 

  • Make sure to prepare a safe and reliable form of identification before visiting the License and Permit Unit
  •  Either you type out or fill out all the details in black ink on the application card
  • All the questions must be answered correctly and completely
  • You must submit all the three money orders to the police at this time

Undergo Background verification

You undergoing a background verification is an important step in the process of getting a stripped license. Getting a license is important to protect the rights of both your and your clients.

Keep in mind these necessary things:

  • To clear a background check, there must be no pending accusations against you
  • You won’t be granted a license in case you have any previous convictions in the nation during the last three years
  • You can’t be involved in crimes related to selling drugs, sexual, or moral turpitude
  • If your stripper job would anyway violate the conditions of your parole or probation, you will be not granted a permission

If in any circumstances, you are unable to pass the background check, you will get a fee receipt for the processing and the fingerprint costs. The permit fee money order will be returned to you. 

Set up your Biometrics

The next step towards your stripper license would be setting up your biometrics, which means getting fingerprinted. After and if you pass the background check, you will become eligible to proceed to the next step which is getting fingerprinted.

This process will be done at the License and Permits Office and it costs you a fee of $20 per person. You need to pay this fingerprint charge in cash or by money order to the License and Permits Office.

Obtain a permit for Adult entertainment

Now, after all the hard work has been done, it is time for your stripper license finally. After you complete the process of getting fingerprinted at the License and Permits Office, you need to submit a photo of yourself at the office.

 As soon as your background check is completed and all your documents are processed, you will get your Adult Entertainment permit from the License and Permit Office.

This stripper license has a validity of one year starting from the date that the permit fee was accepted. 

Another important thing to note is that if you want to work in an additional stripping club, you need to complete the process again by visiting the License and Permits Office.

You will again need another notarized SAVE affidavit along with two money orders and a completely filled consent form. 


There is a colorful career path ahead of you and if you continue to work legally in this adult entertainment industry, you will never have any issues.

If you have not gotten your stripped license yet, just do it now and continue working and last long in this industry. 


How do I get started in stripping?

To start with, you need to be of the legal age which is 18 or 21 years depending on the country where you wish to work in. You need to have some exotic dance skills to get started with.

To brush up on your skills and be good at stripping, you can take some related courses. Find a good club with positive reviews and get a stripping there.

 Now, you can apply for your permit for stripping and continue to perform. 


At what age can you start stripping?

If you are working in the US, you must be of legal age which is 18 years old to get a stripper license. Other than this, it is a mandate for you to be a US citizen for getting a permit for stripping.

In order to verify this, you need to submit evidence of citizenship and ID proof verification.

How much money do you make from stripping?

The amount of money you make from stripping solely depends on your skills and the type of club you are performing in.

An average of around $400 per night is an acceptable number for many exotic dancers. Every stripper works four days a week and six-hour shifts.

How do you get a stripping license in California?

In order to get a stripping license in California, you must reach out to the Permits and Licensing division of the local police department.

After all your required documents get processed and you pass your background check, you will get your permit for stripping.

Why do people think strippers are into prostitution? 

Most people have a mindset that strippers are the same as prostitutes as many sex workers enter the adult industry through these two businesses.

Most prostitutes keep on switching between sex and stripping business over the span of their careers. However, there is a big difference between the two, stripping is a legal act whereas sex work is still considered illegal in many countries. 

Do you need a federal tax id to be a stripper?

No, you do need a federal tax ID to be a stripper. However, this solely depends on every individual. Some stripped might be filing taxes under their business and under their own brand.

All the strippers are considered self-employed independent contractors and they might be paying some house fees to the clubs for getting an opportunity to perform and earn cash tips. 

How can a stripper avoid being a victim of human trafficking?

Being in the adult entertainment business has a lot of risks involved. However, if you are smart enough to differentiate between the bad and good companies, you are safe.

Here are some important tips to avoid being a victim of human trafficking:

  • Always remain vigilant of your surroundings and people around you
  • Use all your social media platforms wisely, and make sure no one use your pictures for wrong reasons
  • Always go with your gut feeling
  • Make sure you avoid walking alone on empty streets late at night
  • If you sense something suspiciously, act swiftly
  • Do not trust everyone
  • Keep your phone always with you and keep an emergency contact on speed dial

Is Las Vegas an Ideal place for a stripper to work?

No, Las Vegas is not an ideal for a stripper to work. Rather, Los Angeles is considered the heaven for strippers of the United States as it offers better opportunities and the income is more attractive than Las Vegas.

Also, the clubs and work environment is better over there.

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