Free Sex Toys! Why Such a Craze and How to Get Your Free Sex Toy today!!

In today’s world, getting something free is difficult but yes we cannot say that it is impossible. Recently, it has been researched that there are some sex toys brands who provide the different unique ways to get sex toys for free.

In this article, we will further discuss that how we can be the lucky one in getting sex toys for free??

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How to get FREE sex toys (2022): Free Dildos & Free Vibrators & more 

Free Sex Toy: Is it really possible?

Yes, to get a free sex toy is possible as there are many companies who are providing different offers for their users so that they can also enhance their overall brand image in the market.

For example: Hot Octopuus is one of a sex toys brands who is offering 1,000 sex toys for free to more than 1,000 individuals.  

The reason stated by them is that masturbation and sex are considered as two pleasures that cannot be ignored! They always think about you! Whether you are alone or not able to meet your loved one’s due to any reason. They just want to help you out!

Why become a sex toy tester?

There are many benefits if you are a sex toy tester as it has been noticed that many companies offer different adult products for free such as vibrators or Dildos.

The models which are offered by the companies are new and many of them are new releases as well! If you are a sex toy tester than it would be easy for you to try it first and also you can get it for free without any cost!

Apart from this, you can also earn more by selling your products on online platforms or by indulging yourself in affiliate marketing. So, definitely it is one of the easiest ways to save your money!

How to become a sex toy tester?

a.)Educate yourself about sex toys

To become a sex toy tester, it is essential to have correct information regarding specific product! Every product has some unique features and is also made up of different materials.

So, it is essential to do research on them so that you can easily explain it to others. To research about the specific product will help you to know the actual information related with the price, its features and also how they are manufactured. So, educate yourself first!

b.)   Get to know your Body

It is necessary for the sex toy tester to know basic about their body. You have almost learnt about the reproductive system in your primary class but now to test the sex toy it is important that you should be aware about your body.

It is necessary because it will help you to find out what is best for you and according to that you can enhance awareness among other individuals as well! Hence, to know about your body is one of the major pointers that needs to be considered!

c.)Choose your Medium

To become a sex toy tester, it is essential to share your experience with other people. You can share your experience through different platforms such as you can consider social media platform or you can also start your own youtube channel or blog in which you can easily upload the videos or post about the sex toys that is used by you! Most importantly, it is important to have proper information regarding the guidelines that need to be followed as it will help you to provide information without any legal hindrances. So, choose your medium if you want to be a sex toy tester!


How to get free sex toys?

a.)Share your Review

 The best way to get the free sex toy is by sharing your reviews. If you want the free toy that you can share your reviews with the sex toy organizations and in this case there are high chances of getting back the new sex toy which is introduced by them.

This is done by the companies so that new products can be promoted by the sex toy lovers and if they will use it than they will also review it.

b.)Directly Approach the company

Presently, there are many organizations who are more docused towards sending the products to sex toy tester or the people who are engaged in reviewing the products.

You can easily approach them through their website and you can also check the products. If you like the products then you have the option to contact them directly or through mail.

 It is important that you should be professional enough and should be ready to offer the data which is asked by them such as the name of your blog or youtube channel, the audience, the viewers and likes on your videos!

c.)Enrol in their Affiliate Program

The other popular strategy is linked with building up good relations by considering the affiliate programs. You can easily earn money if you use your channel or blog through different affiliate programs.

You can review the products on your platform and can provide the links to the audience from where they can purchase it! If you do so, it is for sure that you will get the commission and sometimes companies also provide you the free sex toys which will help you to enhance the viewers on your page or we can call blog!

Top five companies who may provide Free sex toy


Most of its operations are done from Sweden! It is researched that the products which are manufactured by them are body safe silicone and also it is sanitised before shipping is done! This company is popular as the best quality sex toys, massage items and BDSM accessories are offered all over the world.

The main aim of this company is to enhance the satisfaction level of the people and to consider their sex toys dream so that they can offer them on time.


The company is originated from British Isles and is one of the popular companies if we talk about designs, selling sex toys and also different erotic products through online platform.

It is noticed that the products which are offered by them are always good and also best for use.

They always emphasise on providing their clients the sensation which is required by them and also due to this they find the individuals who can give true reviews for the products which are offered by them in the market.

If you want to be a tester in this company, then you share your application and some details with them.

c.) Kiiroo

This is also the award-winning organisation that considers only modern technology. This company is based in Dutch and has a production of sex toys.

The company not only provides sex toys but also have the patented application through which clients can easily connect with their products.

This application is used now on the global platform and also it is popular for their male sex toys such aas Keon and Onyx.

The company offers free sex toys only to their loyal clients and only select the product reviewers who are best!. 

d.) Lovense

The first smart vibrator was introduced by this organisation and it is based in Singapore. It is researched that the company has its specialization in offering the sex toys via bluetooth.

The application is also introduced through which different people can connect with their loved ones and can discuss whatever they love!

There are many products that are offered with unique features and due to this only most of the people get attracted towards the products offered in the market.

The company always takes help from the testers or reviewers before introducing their products in the market.

e.) Dame

Majority of the feminists prefer dame products. This is one of the companies that is led by women who focuses towards offering the overall sexual well bring and also the innovative products.

n terms of background, we can call this company a good team as they have the motive to serve everyone. The company have different voices that can easily help in resolving anything which you are facing.

Testers and reviewers are used by them as it helps them in promoting their products and services in the market.

 Apart from this, the products are designed in such a manner that it provides a good experience at the time of intimacy as well!


Tips to write a good sex toy testing review

If you want to be a successful sex toy tester than it is important for you to write good reviews. It is not necessary that you should be brilliant but it is  important that you should have basic knowledge of writing a review.

If you write the review based on personal experience then it would be easy for you to present yourself and write a review in a good way.

So, to write a good review it is important for you to consider these points:

A.)  Learn about copywriting or video editing concepts

It you want to be a sex toy tester than it is necessary that you should write your review by having the knowledge linked with copywriting.

Copywriting is not so difficult and it is easy for the people who share their information and also conduct online classes. Hence, copywriting can be considered as one of the aspect that you should know if you want to write a good sex toy reviews.

b.) Invest your time using the sex toys

If you want to be a good sex toy tester than it is important that you should have personally used that product.

If you have tested it than telling your personal experience and also the right one can be easy for you!The more you use the toy the more you can correct information about the products.

c.) Product enough information to people

Readers are not only interested to know about your own experience but they can be more engaged if you product the information related with the sex toy! It is necessary to provide sufficient details if you are reviewing any sex toy!

 From packaging of the product to the color of the packaging, everything should be discussed so that you can be called as a good sex toy reviewer!

D.) Be objective

It is essential to gain the trust of your readers and this can only be done if you provide the information which you have learned by using the product. A good reviewer is the one who uses it and provides genuine feedback. If you are including cons of the products, then it is okay to be discussed as providing correct suggestions or opinions will help to build the trust of the readers.

Do’s and Don’ts of sex toy testing

If you do sex toy testing than it is important for you to consider both do’’s and don’t so that you can provide correct information about the product.


  • Always  use the product by reading the steps which are given to use that product. Do not use it by your own imagination.
  • Take enough time to write the review of the product. Be it positive or negative.
  • Invest your time and efforts to review the products as it will help you to provide the correct information to your readers. If correct information is not provided than it would be difficult to be a good sex toy reviewer.


  • Never provide the review based on the liking and disliking of the brand name. Always provide the review by considering your own personal experience.
  •  Sex toys are not very pleasurable sometimes so provide the right information to the readers so that they can also think before using it.
  •   Never use the product on your own mindset. Guidelines given by the company are important to be followed. So, always refer to it before using any sex toy as it will help you to be safe!

So, now you are clear that why sex toys are popular nowdays and how you can avail the free sex toys. If you really want to avail free sex toys that it is important for you to be good sex toy reviewer.

To be a good sex toy reviewer, require more detailing of the product and also providing the correct review. If true feedback is given by you then it would be easy for you to gain the trust of the customers.

Kindly refer to the points discussed in the article so get proper insight about being a good sex toy tester.

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