How to get more Followers or Fans on OnlyFans?

The skill of obtaining OnlyFans follows is distinct, since it is frequently mistaken for collecting OnlyFans subscriptions. Users may follow your OnlyFans profile for free, just like they can on some of the other networking sites.

Onlyfans accounts do not follow a defined development plan. It actually depends on a person’s understanding of the network and its prospects for higher growth.

Some ways and sites for advertising your Onlyfans profile have grown in popularity, while others have not.

If you’re seeking a precise way to get more OnlyFans followers, see this blog on Attracting OnlyFans followers. This piece will focus primarily on the best strategies to get people to follow your OnlyFans Profile.

How to get MORE Followers on OnlyFans - Get more fans on onlyfans

What is the difference between a Follower and a Subscriber?

There is no variation among the two for individuals who have a subscriber-only OnlyFan profile. Whenever anyone subscribes on the OnlyFans page, they are considered a fan of your profile. When one has If an open OnlyFans profile or a profile without a membership option, anybody who clicks on your profile to follow it is deemed a ‘follower.’ In that situation, the follower isn’t paying you extra anything, but they can view anything you publish on your OnlyFans profile, which is akin to Insta or Twitter. These followers can still be solicited for suggestions and sold PPV material, although they are not members.

How do you build followers on OnlyFans?

You must increase your presence on social media and develop genuine relationships in order to gain more followers at OnlyFans. This entails creating a community that cares about you and will connect with you. Inform people about your project and solicit their input. It will be worthwhile.

Let’s presume for the rest of this writing that the OnlyFan profile is set to free or even at a price of $0. You may use similar strategies on a paid membership page as well, however, it might be more difficult to persuade folks to follow the profile as there is a cost associated with it. We would advise OnlyFans creators to establish both a free and premium OnlyFans profile to increase the number of individuals to market and advertise to.

How to get more followers on Onlyfans?

The more followers you have on social media, the more people will see your content, the more likely people are to click on your links, and the more potential business you can build with OnlyFans.

Getting more fans on OnlyFans is easier than ever. One of the biggest ways to get fans on OnlyFans is through social media. You can promote your OnlyFans page on your Twitter bio, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and connect with other fans on those platforms.

By sharing your OnlyFans content on your other social networks, you’re widening your reach and letting your current fans know about your account. This has the potential to get you more followers on OnlyFans, which is something you can use to your advantage.

You’ve tried to tweet, Facebook post, and Instagram Stories at a higher frequency, but you still aren’t getting the results you want. It makes sense: after all, social media is a tool, not a magic pill.

How to get more followers through social media

Everyone is using social media, therefore this step is critical. If you don’t have any other social accounts, or if you wish to stay completely hidden, it will be considerably more difficult for you to establish a large subscriber base for an OnlyFans creator profile.

The first point one should realize if you want to use any social accounts is that you should not directly link to the OnlyFans profile. This implies that most of your social profile links must be hosted on a third-party page.

Instagram, for example, does not permit people to connect to their Onlyfans profiles and may block your profile. You might not want to take the risk, simply connect to a webpage that has these social profiles. Nowadays, most social media networks (particularly Instagram) notice when you connect to OnlyFans, and because they do not allow it, they might shadow ban you, decreasing the quantity of exposure you receive from hashtags and posts.

As a result, such services are your solution.

Through Reddit

Reddit is a pleasant social site with really no 18+ or Onlyfans regulations. This implies you might include a reference to the Onlyfans profile in the Reddit account.

An additional advantage is that it has a feature known as ‘Subreddits.’

These comment threads are groups of members that are enthusiastic about a specific topic.

Through Twitter

With OnlyFans and pornographic content, Twitter has no restrictions. That’s fantastic! We can make advantage of that.

If you desire new followers on Twitter, you must publish information regularly. The material might assist you in growing a fan following. Not just that, but you must also respond to comments and direct messages.

Through Instagram

Because of the Onlyfans but also explicit content limitations, Instagram may not be the greatest platform to market your OnlyFans profile.

One might use this:

  • All of your links should be on a third-party site.
  • Do not use that third-party site to link to your Onlyfans profile.
  • Add your Twitter profile instead.
  • You may connect to the OnlyFans account from the Twitter profile.

Through TikTok

TikTok, like Instagram, is fairly limited in its area. Please do not spam Onlyfans links or mentions.

You may, however, include a link and this link can have a link to your Onlyfans profile.

TikTok doesn’t quite allow sexual material, so be cautious.

Upload material that includes popular tasks, edgy clips, and dances (obviously with clothes on)

Build a following through live streaming

Twitch’s is a terrific approach to establish a following in an SFW setting and get people over to OnlyFans via the links you include in your visuals on Twitch. There are also a variety of additional streaming platforms available, ranging from porn cam services to dynamic streaming services, that will help you to get new viewers aboard the OnlyFans who may be seeking further private video from you.

Livestream and media services have tons of unique users and provide a rich ecosystem for exposing oneself to a large market. You would want to make absolutely sure that you will be renowned for your charisma or abilities in some manner on such platforms so that folks would want to interact with you as often as feasible on any different Social Media, especially OnlyFans. The more substantial your reputation on streaming services, the more probable it is that these same admirers will follow your OnlyFans too.

Share for share with other creators

Collaborating alongside fellow OnlyFans creators to promote one another to your respective audiences is a terrific method to gain fans while expanding your number of fans and connection abilities. Sharing for Sharing is a concept wherein one OnlyFans creator distributes another OnlyFans creator’s link and photographs, and likewise. 

These creators are far more expected to grow since they’ve been being viewed by an increasing number of prospective fans. There is a variety of sharing for sharing groups on platforms like Twitter, and you may request to join them. You may also approach other creators, particularly those with a following you suspect might like your work, and urge them to promote your profile.

Therefore, the preferred technique to conduct sharing for sharing to obtain more followers is to do it wisely with creators that possess pages that your potential consumers follow.

How to get more fans on Onlyfans through Paid ways?

Paid promotion is one of the most effective strategies to increase your fan base on Onlyfans. You may employ paid promotion to bring more visitors to the profile, which can significantly boost the number of admirers you have. This should allow you to reach a broader crowd, that will enable you to expand quicker. 

Here are a few ways:

  • Promotion through Insta meme accounts, such pages often demand between $300 and $3,000 for just a 24-hour post.
  • Advertising on ShoutoutExpress from several other individuals with OnlyFans accounts.
  • Finally, working through an OnlyFans Agency is the greatest approach to building your OnlyFans. A reputable OnlyFans Agency has operated and maintained thousands of accounts and is well-versed in all working tactics. In the next part, we will discuss ways to choose an OnlyFans agency service.

What are OnlyFans agencies and how to pick those agencies?

Models wishing to expand on OnlyFans frequently receive emails from agencies hoping to take a portion of their incomes to do the job for them.

This may be highly useful if you also have hundreds and thousands of followers on your site, rather than if you are fresher and need help to develop your profile.

Seldom you would stumble upon an OnlyFans agency service that would advertise your OnlyFans account on its own.

It is critical to understand the distinction between the two sorts of OnlyFans Agencies. A professional OnlyFans firm that specialises in advertising your OnlyFans account would be prepared to describe the process and show you examples of them building profiles from the ground up.

Doss Agency

Doss Agency is an OnlyFans agency service that is an excellent all-around OnlyFans Agency that specialises in purchasing advertisements to increase the number of fans on your OnlyFans account and works with top models.

Unruly Agency

Unruly Agency is an excellent OnlyFans Agency for famous OnlyFans creators seeking branding help, administration of their OnlyFans accounts in order to keep their revenue, and options beyond the OnlyFans, including brand partnerships and other chances.

Finally, if you are an accomplished OnlyFans creator having numerous OnlyFans fans, we suggest Unruly. If you are new to OnlyFans and would like to swiftly develop your profile and revenue to break into the top 0.1%, we propose the Doss Agency.

What are the benefits of having followers on your Onlyfans Page?

Tips on Content

When someone has followed your OnlyFans page, they would be allowed to tip on each post made. If you intend to make a lot of wealth off tips on your profile, the more the individuals who follow you, the more probable you are also to acquire unexpected tips. 

You can sell them PPV

Nobody will buy the PPV if they’re not a fan of your account. If you want to run an effective OnlyFans profile, you’ll need a specific level of revenue on Pay Per View material. You may incorporate PPV material on Free and Premium OnlyFans profiles in which you can charge a fee for unique content.

Familiarity with Brand and Content

Many individuals associate success on OnlyFans with the number of subscribers or the amount of money made each month. However, there is much to be said about reputation and influence on the platform. When you possess a significant number of followers, you can transfer those followers to certain other networks or locations where you may be providing the content. Each new individual who follows you would become acquainted with the brand as well as what you stand for. OnlyFans values intimacy and engagement, and it will contribute to the long-term sustainability of your brand.

Your constant supporters when you go live

You can go live with OnlyFans in the same way that you can on Insta and TikTok, obtaining an enormous fan base can make it profitable. You may limit who sees the live to all those who pay a particular sum or the top spenders, just like you can with other elements of OnlyFans. If you have enough followers, going public on OnlyFans once per week or month might be profitable.

Raise in Popularity

Potential fans will be allowed to view the amount of followers that your profile has. This one will make your profile appear more prominent, maybe resulting in more individuals going to follow and paying to it. Individuals like popular profiles and items; nobody really wants to attend an event just with one or two persons.

Can participate in polls

One advantage of having many followers is that you may conduct polls of your admirers. These polls may be used tactically to select what type of material to publish on your site and to understand more about your fans. Having the ability to conduct surveys is a terrific method to keep your subscribers and lovers up to date on you and your company.

You can DM them

Mass DMs are a common approach to reaching out to a large number of people at once promoting a specific offer. This is a terrific approach to instantly increase money by informing your audience about either a type of content or activity which they can purchase. Although many DMs are overlooked, having somebody as a follower allows you to approach them privately on OnlyFans and try to gain their interest.

You can advertise to them your paid content

If a person follows a free OnlyFans profile or a trial for thirty days, you may now advertise your Premium Page to them. Certainly, they could view some free stuff, but this is an excellent approach to promote your VIP or premium page. You may accomplish this by using your own images created in applications like Canva or by promoting other creators’ profiles.


The greatest strategy to increase the number of follows on the OnlyFans profile is to make the entrance barrier as low as possible. If someone just clicks ‘follow’ on any standard Social Media website, you will be ready to get people onto your website and begin to transform them into a paying clients.

There’ll always be folks who might be following or enrolling for a few months and then quit; they are not the type of clientele who 

might be spending a lot of money, so don’t worry too much about them. 

You should focus your efforts on gaining a large number of focused fans to the OnlyFans profile as this will result in transactions and revenue.


How can I grow my fan account on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans promotion may be purchased from other authors, and your OnlyFans can be promoted on social media sites as well as from OnlyFans accounts.

Can OnlyFans creators see who subscribes?

Definitely. There is indeed a part in the OnlyFans portal wherein creators may view their subscribers. It displays exactly how much money each user has paid on OnlyFans throughout the course of their membership.

How do you get popular on OnlyFans?

There are several paid options for increasing your audience on Onlyfans. To begin, you may purchase Followers on Onlyfans. This is a straightforward technique to increase the number of followers on your account.

How do you gain followers on OnlyFans?

You must first register an OnlyFans account in order to get followers on Onlyfans. After that, you may grow your audience.

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