Complete Guide on How to Finger a Girl (2020)

Fingering your woman while having sex can be the best stimulation you can give her. Fingering, just like sex, is a very important component of the act of love.

It needs the fingers of Beethoven to hit the right keys on her nerve endings down there. Fingering, unlike the mainstream media exposition, is not just inserting your fingers inside your partner’s vagina.

It is more like the art of slicing the butter using the right pair of knives.

It might sound too simple at the start, yet it takes years to master this art. But, there are certain reasons why fingering is the most important part of the sexual encounter.

This article delves into the importance of fingering and how it starts the sexual urge within your girl.

Though it sounds simple, the stimulation that it provides to the nerve endings of your girl can make you dial her senses to 11.

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Foreplay is regarded as the beginning of every erotic experience. Yet, foreplay is the most neglected part of sex. Imagine, you go to a restaurant, order the starters and wait for it. What do you think in the meantime? The only hope that you have during this time is that starters are up to your expectations.

Only then can you enjoy the main course. Foreplay is just like the starters. Great foreplay lays down the red carpet for an awesome award show. Yet, most men end up destroying the entire award show by missing out on foreplay. Men should pay more attention to foreplay.

Foreplay not only includes fellatio or pussy eating. It also includes intricacies like fingering, moist tongue teasing and roleplay. Roleplay has improved the sexual life of many couples in their late 30s. Stroke the clit of your babe in the lightest way and you turn on the heat within her.

The entire motive of the foreplay is to get her to reach a similar mood of physical intimacy as yours. You can extract more pleasure out of it too. Dirty humping is also regarded as effective foreplays. Yet, fingering has been the most common one that is being tried out.

One of the greatest advantages of fingering is that it doesn’t require you to use your lips and saliva to stimulate your babe. Instead, it is a form of stimulation in which only your fingers are involved.

Finger a Girl Like a Pro!

Turn her on the best way you can, to have the best sex on your platter!

Fingering your woman also has lesser chances of spreading the infection from one person to another. Though it doesn’t completely reduce the chances of transmitting  infection, yet washing your hands in advance is always a good idea.

A few things to be kept in mind while you are fingering your babe are that you need to do it very smoothly. You must not do it in a way that you end up hurting her clitoris. Understand that her clitoris is as sensitive as your balls.

Let us explore some of the best benefits of fingering your babe to enjoy a wonderful physical intimacy.

Advantages of Fingering

  • Fingering has its own set of advantages. Well, to list a few, it gives you complete control over yourself. Often, during the foreplay, you might end up losing control over the tongue. Still, if you have fingers under your control, you are truly in the driver’s seat.
  • As it is always said, no two women are the same. Though some would like to have their pussy being eaten, others would get ignited every time you finger them.
  • It has been stated that women prefer fingering over penetrative sex. It provides men the luxury to go as deep as they wish to. They can even finger through as many holes as they want and this is why the importance of fingering cannot be underestimated.
  • Guess what, the best way to hit the G spot is only through fingering. There is no alternative for hitting the G spot easily.
  • Insert the two fingers right within her vagina; fold the fingers in the position of come-hither. Then, just move your fingers and watch your babe rumble like a rock!
  • While you have started to know the advantages of fingering over other forms of stimulation, it is important to explore few of the precautions.

Precautions to be taken while fingering

  • Ensure that your nails are trimmed properly. Trimmed nails are always better when it comes to fingering. It will reduce the chances of your babe getting hurt due to fingering.
  • Using lube is a must. If you are trying for anal fingering, it becomes much more important. Lube ensures that fingering becomes smoother thus, giving your babe an added pleasure.
  • Make sure that you keep the communication clear about the foreplay. Communicate clearly and ensure you are in no hurry to insert the finger within your babe. Be very passionate while you finger your girl. It must not make her feel uncomfortable.
  • Fingering should only be done if you have a clean pair of hands. If your hands are unclean, you might end up transferring infections to your partner.

One of the most important things about any sexual encounter is to take things gradually. This is also the case with fingering. Begin by using only one finger. Once your babe gets comfortable, you can insert the second one and start a to and fro motion of the fingers.

Make her vagina wet and open it as the fingers run to and fro within it.

Guess what; planting a small kiss on the ear lobe will increase her craving for your body. Now that we have gone over the main reasons as to why fingering is the key during sex and how it improves the love life, it is time to explore the right way to finger and set your babe’s whole body on fire.

Guide to fingering your girl

The most important point to keep in mind during any sexual activity is that it has to be a consensual act. It is always recommended to have a word with your girl in advance about what you have in mind before you start.

Once you are done with the consent, it is time to tease your girl. Slightly ruffling your pinky finger close to her hair will turn her on.

Don’t simply rush to her pussy. It might turn her off completely. Instead, roll your fingers slowly over her skin. Feel the beautiful curves on her body and love her body like you worship her. You must not rush and keep it slow. Start from her hair and curl them.

Slowly, move those fingers close to her lips and plant a strong kiss on her lips. Now, grab her hip and pull her closer towards you. As you pull her closer, make sure to plant kisses on her neck and slowly take your fingers close to her navel.

As you move to the navel, you must now be ready to go to the next base. Use both hands properly. With one hand massaging her breasts, take the other hand closer to her goldilocks zone.  Move your fingers gently over the area near her pussy. Just tease around the pussy and don’t be too rough.

As you are close to her beautiful vagina, put some lube on your middle finger as you slowly move your hand around the area of the vagina. It is now time to start the mission of taking your girl to the next level of happiness.

How NOT to Finger a Girl

As you feel her heart beat faster due to excitement, it is worthy enough to slowly massage her beautiful clit. Be warm and gentle as you massage the clit. Don’t be abrupt while you are handling the pussy since it is the most sensitive region in a woman’s body.

Now, as you have given her a wonderful clit massage, simply slide the finger through her clit within her. The finger should be gently slid within her vagina as you start to give her gentle strokes.

Pull your finger out slowly as you hear her moan her heart out. As you start to chug the impulsive train of finger movement, use a bit more lube for the smooth movement of the finger. The assistance that is provided with the lube is extraordinary.

During the fingering, it is suggested to also keep the other arm closer to her bosom and comfort her. It will make her feel more at ease as she will be able to enjoy it more. The frequency of the fingering should now increase at a rapid rate.

As you keep on pushing your fingers inside of her continuously, she will start to reach the apex of the orgasm. Orgasm is what you should aim for. This is what your girl should remember you for!

As the fingers slide deep into her vagina, you can now slowly slide in another finger to enhance her pleasure. Two fingers within her will set her loins on fire similar to any sex toy. Understanding that foreplay is the real caveat of sex is important.

If the foreplay is not successful, you might end up wasting the entire sexual experience for her.

Sex is less about how long you are within your underwear and more about how you use your tongue and fingers!

Now that you have inserted both the fingers within her, it is time to take the fingering to the next level. Plant a beautiful kiss on her butt. As you plant the kiss on the butt, slowly caress it.

Don’t stop fingering her pussy yet!

As you caress the butt, put some more lube on your fingers and slide one finger into her asshole! If she doesn’t restrict you from doing so, please don’t hesitate to give her the pleasure through this gateway too. Slide the fingers slowly within her butt and continue to do it gently.

It is recommended to not stop doing the same. Instead, increase the speed of fingering her butt as you lick her back ribs her like a grilled chicken! A small kiss on her neck or a bite on her ears will drag her to the edge of the libido!

Arousal in sexual stimulation is like the air accumulating inside a hot air balloon. If the air doesn’t build up the pressure, the balloon will not  lift off the ground. Now, as you are done fingering her ass, you might want to hit her G spot using your fingers.

Come close to her pussy and begin eating the entire pussy at once. Start by licking the clit and end by leaving it dripping! It should be such that she begs more of it. Now is the right opportunity to slide your fingers and try the come-hither motion.

Use some lube on your fingers as you slide them within her glory hole. As the fingers are inserted within her pussy, it is time to go a bit deeper this time.

Just a note: If you are willing to drive her crazy this time, it is better to insert both the fingers at the same time!

As both the fingers are inserted at the same time within her pussy, go deep and bend your hand in the shape of U, in the upward direction.

As the fingers are curled inwards towards your palm, it is often the next step that is going to get your girl off the hook! Brace for it as you are about to wiggle her G spot!

Just move your fingers from outwards to inwards. This is how you can hear her scream out of ebullition and joy. 


You have now been successful in taking your girl to the peak of orgasm. Don’t just stop there. Repeat it a few times as you kiss her deep on her lips and soothe those beautiful boobies. You can continue till she squirts, though a small fraction of all women squirt while having an orgasm!

As we have always said, all women are unique!

As you have given her the beautiful heavens on earth feeling, you can now move on to the main course of some missionary sex or even start over and have some more foreplay. If your babe is still hungry for more fingering you might try out the below method for fingering your babe!

It is known as the windscreen wiper motion, assuming your fingers are the wipers here. As the fingers are present deep within her pussy, you need to wipe the fingers just like a wiper. As it continues further, keep your fingers pointed towards her left hip.

As the fingers curl in and out, they point from the left hip to the right hip. Giving her stimulation this way is probably not as easy as the first method. Yet, if you are looking for the easiest method to stimulate her vagina, you must try the barrel roll motion!

Do Girls Like to Get Fingered?

Guess what barrel roll is! You just keep on rolling your fingers deep into her pussy in the circular motion. As the fingers roll in the circular motion inside her vagina, she will scream her lungs out in joy and glory as she witnesses the eighth wonder of the world – Your fingers!

Now, if you have been waiting to be the best man to your girl and give her something which she can get from nowhere else. You must not miss the double stimulation method! Double stimulation is like stimulating her clitoris along with her swelled G-spot.

This can be the most exciting thing for her. As the G-spot is swelled, it is recommended that you finger her consistently. A swollen G-spot is a symbol that she is going to squirt soon. Make her enjoy it as you stay in rhythm.

It is suggested that you don’t break the rhythm as you increase the frequency of fingering her. Then comes the epoch of her orgasm, when you can see the smile on her face as she hugs you tightly and gives you a strong kiss on your lips! Eureka! You have fingered her brains out!

How to Level Up the Fingering

Well, what if I said to you, what you did is the most basic way of fingering your babe. There are more to your sex life than just your butter (read as Lubed) fingers. It is time to use your mouth and give her the pleasure with a mouthful of saliva!

As you keep on fingering her, have you wondered what could have been the added effect of sucking the clit too? Simultaneous massaging the clit with your tongue and finger her right though her pussy can give her an overwhelming experience.

Butterfly position is a renowned position of fingering that can actually take you to a different level when it comes to satisfying your partner. Make her the butterfly she wants and you can be her honey!

Well, now we know why they call men – honey!

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As you start by licking her clit and gently massaging it, do it till she begs for a digit. The slow and gentle stimulation of her clit will make her want more from you. Don’t be shy as you put one of the fingers slowly into her pussy by keeping her leg right over your shoulders!

What about the other hand?! Don’t be a lazy ass and use the other hand to stimulate her ass! With the other digit slowly sliding through her bum, she will experience the freedom of a butterfly. Her chained sexual desires shall now be explored as you slowly lick the pussy consistently.

Don’t stop licking the nectar there!

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Now, if your woman is enjoying the digit in her butt, you can slowly push it deep within her bum! But, if she is not enjoying it as much, it is okay for you to keep  your digit well rested within her ass. The simple sensation of a digit in her rear will make her reach the orgasm.

As you finger her pussy and consistently eat her clit, enjoy the loud moans that tear through the roof.

Now, that makes you memorable, isn’t it!?

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Do something memorable for your girl, that even money can’t buy and she will remember you even after she breaks up with you! Well, if you can stimulate her this way, it will be a shame if she breaks up with you! And obviously, it will be her loss! Complete loss!

Now that we have come to the last section of the article, let us explore basic hygiene which must not be skipped while talking about sex. After all, sex is also an exercise. So, why should it not have some rules?

Rules for Sex

  • Keep your fingers clean and nails trimmed before fingering.
  • Use the lube more often than not, if this is the first time for your girl.
  • Make sure everything is done on a consensual basis.
  • Wash your hands before and after sex.
  • A refreshing shower after sex, together, can be fun.
  • After the deed, don’t just dress yourself up!

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