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How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

WHY is it Essential to build sexual confidence?

Sexual confidence enhances your sexual satisfaction. We mean, by this that the person who is sexually confident not just performs well in bed, but can make the sexual encounter highly valuable.

Women or men who are sexually confident will often be sexually active. They know how to have fun while having intercourse.

That doesn't mean that they don't differentiate between quantity and quality. 

The reason why sexual confidence is so important is that it tells how you feel about your body and who you choose to have sex with. Human beings are all inherently sexual beings.

 The relationship we have with our partner also reflects a lot about our sexual confidence. 

 How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

Here are a few changes that you will see in yourself by building sexual confidence:

  • You will become more confident about your body and how you look. You will also be able to express yourself better.
  • Sexually confident people will always be able to communicate their feelings with their partner. 
  • Sexually confident people can tackle stress much better. 
  • You must have sexual confidence if you want to treat erectile dysfunction.  
  • Another benefit is it increases prostate health. 

When it comes to sex, there is no need to be a prude.

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 How To Enhance Your Sexual Confidence & Improve Your Lifestyle

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How to Build Your Sexual Confidence?

Many people want to build their sexual confidence. Supposing that you are thinking of enhancing your sexual confidence, congratulations on taking the first step. Here's a step-by-step guide that will help you to boost your sexual confidence. Go through all of them one-by-one.

Consider Why You Don't Feel Confident and Address those Issues

Think about the reasons that are becoming a hindrance between you and your sexual confidence. Do you have body insecurities, past traumas, do you think about social restrictions, etc.? We live in a society where sex is still considered to be a taboo to discuss.

Even if people are becoming vocal, we still have a long way to go about it. To take the first step towards becoming sexually confident, you must first become self-compassionate. You need to let go of any past burden that you have. 

Letting go of past burdens will release your stress, boost your confidence, and simultaneously increase your sexual confidence. 

Explore Your Desires and Preferences

The more you will experience different types of sexual positions and forms, the better you will become. Meaning, your sexual confidence will multiply. This is the reason why you should try cosplay, orgies, BSDM, femdom, and more. The thing is you must see which works best for you, and get going with it. 

Communicate Honestly with Your Partner/s

Here's the thing you need to communicate with your partner if you want to enhance your sexual confidence seriously. Tell him about your boundaries, talk to him or her about the possible shame triggers and kinks, and also what makes you feel safe. 

Test it Out with Your Partner/s

Once you identify which sexual positions give you the most pleasure, test it out with him/her. Don't feel shy about trying different sexual positions. Remember, you are doing it to please yourself, which will only enhance your sexual confidence. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Just like any other skill, your bedroom skills also matter. The better the skills, the more confidence you gain.

Tips to Improve Sexual Confidence and Performance:

  • Be Present

The first thing to do is that you must be present at the moment when you are having sex with your partner/s. If you keep thinking about other things, you will never enjoy sex, and neither will your skills beget enhanced.

  • Try edging

Edging is a technique where you masturbate until you reach the climax, and then you stop to delay orgasm. This way, you will be able to delay ejaculation. 

  • Play Seductive Music to Get You in the Mood

This one helps. You can always play a piece of seductive music to get you in the mood. Any music that you feel will work for you, just choose that and play it. You will see your confidence building up gradually.

  • Wear Lingerie that Makes You Feel Sexy

You can always wear sexy lingerie to get in the mood. Studies have shown that women who wear sexy lingerie feel confident from deep within. You can ask your partner to wear sexy lingerie too. 

  • Exercise

People who don't exercise a lot feel lethargic, and this decreases your sexual appetite as well. This is the reason why you should exercise more often.

  • Visualize what turns on

Why don't you take some time and watch a few good porn movies to see which positions turn you on, and then visualize yourself doing that with your partner!

  • Take calculated risks

See, every sexual move will not work for you. But some will, therefore, take calculated risks that will make you confident.

  • Focus on pleasure, not performance

Sex is not a marathon that it has to go on for hours and hours. You need to focus more on the pleasure you must that you are feeling. 

I already have an awesome sex life, so how do I take it to the next level?

It's great that you have a fantastic sex life; however, there are still ways to take it to the next level. This section would tell you how you can notch it up.Sexual pleasure is great, isn't it? But have you tried to add some powerful vibrations in your routine?

We are not saying that to use it every time you have sex. But sometimes you can. Think about including couples' sex toys. 

  •  You can tease your partner with the sex toy, and watch him/her wanting to have you even more. Trying new things together not only makes you confident, but your relationship will get better too. 
  •  If you are under the impression that masturbation is a taboo, please get over this thought. You should masturbate because it is healthy for you. Masturbate more to have more prolonged sex. You would learn how to control ejaculation. 
  •  The next thing that you can try is trying out different sexual fantasies. This will surely double up the fun. Talk to your partner about some bizarre kinky videos that you have watched, and ask him to try it out.
  •  Share a similar interest, and watch how intimate you guys become.
  •  Foreplay should be added, too, by the way. There is certainly nothing wrong with a quickie, but foreplay has its own fun.

If All Else Fails, Consult a Sex Therapist

If you have tried everything, but still you feel low when it comes to sexual confidence, then the final thing that you must do is go and visit a sex therapist. Lack of sexual confidence can hit you both mentally and physically. The sooner you identify the issues, and get rid of them, the better it is for you.

Sex therapists are trained, and they put in their expertise to the table. 

The sex therapist might ask you to come with your partner to discuss the issues, too, and ask you both or you to go for some counseling sessions, including therapies. Everything boils down to how severe your case is, and likewise, suggestions will be provided.

A sex therapist can help those who lack desire, difficulty while achieving an orgasm, pain during sex, lack of self-confidence, and more. Sometimes, your body asks for help in different ways, and for that, you should go and see an expert who has the expertise in a similar domain. 

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