How to Become an Exotic Dancer

The glamorous and exciting world of exotic dancing can be a refreshingly challenging and rewarding avenue for those who are interested in meeting new people and exploring a different side of themselves. 

It can also be a financially rewarding vocation that allows a person to earn money for the expenses of their personal and professional lives. 

Becoming an exotic dancer requires a certain level of confidence and self-assurance.

However, the training process itself can be challenging and intimidating at times. 

This is especially if you have never before considered becoming an exotic dancer. However, with the right training, support, and guidance, you can become an exotic dancer with ease.

Become one of the stars of the show and earn your living doing what you love.

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How to become an Exotic Dancer? Complete Guide 2022 

Exotic dancers may work at clubs, give private performances for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or both. They perform on stage with dance moves that are poured from the pole like a gymnast's tumbling skills. Some exotic dancers also perform lap dances during smaller meetings between customers in secluded areas.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to get exact statistics about dancers in U.S. strip clubs, confirmed reports suggest these are a growing industry with an estimated revenue of $6 billion per year and a median salary for strippers of around $16 hourly.

Exotic dancing is a growing industry with a variety of job opportunities. With the emergence of social media and online platforms, exotic dancing has become much more accessible than ever before. No longer do you need to go to a strip club and get eye-balled by strange men in order to get hired as an exotic dancer. You can now become an exotic dancer from home and receive a steady paycheck every week. 

It’s as simple as figuring out how to become an exotic dancer. Exotic dancing isn’t just about showing skin, it’s also about being able to incorporate your sense of rhythm and movement into a song.

While there are many dance schools that teach exotic dancing, it can be difficult to find the right one and figure out the fundamentals. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn at home. Below is a guide to help you become an exotic dancer.

But What or Who Is An Exotic Dancer?

A person who dances or performs in a sexually provoking manner while revealing clothing piece by piece, or while slowly removing their clothes as the music plays, while moving their bodies in accordance with the music would be the most logical explanation of an exotic dancer.

A stripper is someone who works at a strip club and fulfils the demand for legal sexual activity.

An exotic dancer, on the other hand, could also be described as being softer or less aggressive than a stripper. However, what exactly are the roles and responsibilities of one?

  • Earning tips plus salary by performing at a strip club or a similar adult entertainment establishment
  • Perform individual lap dances or perform strip teases at private parties in exchange for cash
  • Engage with customers by socializing and encouraging private sessions to increase your repeat visits
  • Get ideas for different hairstyles, styles and makeup that will help you to stand out from the crowd. This can also include cosplay

What Does A Day In Life Look Like?

Though they may vary depending on the employer, there are always many dance routines, acrobatics and other forms of entertainment that dancers perform with an exotic dancer.

It is never a requirement for them to be naked during their performances. In most cases, however, whether due to laws or not-the number of clothes worn by an exotic dancer will decrease as time goes on in his performance.

Most exotic dancers are self-employed. They generally don't have an hourly rate and are required to pay a fee for rent just like anyone else, so their main source of income is from dance fees or tips.

For example, if they're getting paid per song on stage then the whole time period could be considered one tip out of many in that night's earnings.

 Depending on the club rules there may also be other opportunities for making additional money through private lap dances-for which prices vary depending on what type of dancer you are and how much time it takes them to make you feel good enough!

In the US, different states have different rules around what exotic dancers are and aren't allowed to do. In some of these states, private lap dances are prohibited - in others, a dancer must wear boots or dance completely naked all the time.

States may also differ on how much touching between dancers and customers is permitted- one state might say no touching at all while another decides more minimal contact is okay! Because of this, day to day responsibilities can vary greatly based on where an individual works as well as their guidelines.

Pick Your Dance Style

There are many different dance styles you can choose from. The genre of dance you choose will depend on your body type, experience, and what you feel comfortable doing. 

  • Belly Dancing - Belly dancing is a style of dance that has origins in Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Body movements often relate to popular culture or tell a story, and the belly can be used to communicate the story. 
  • Ballroom Dancing - Ballroom dancing is a formal style of dance. It is based primarily on partnering and can be done in a variety of styles including salsa, tango, and more. 
  • Burlesque - Burlesque involves more than just dancing; performers often use humour and props to tell a story. - 
  • Hip-Hop - If you enjoy music that has a lot of fast beats and rhymes, then you will enjoy hip-hop. It is a fast-paced style of dance that is easy to learn and has a lot of room for improvisation. - Individual Dance - Individual dance is a style of dance focused on body movements. It is often used in fitness classes as a warm-up or cool-down.

Become Trained

The best way to become an exotic dancer is by taking classes. There are many different schools and dance studios that offer exotic dancing classes. Some of the best places to take classes are strip clubs or events.

 There are also online classes available. Whether you go to a class or take online classes, it’s important that you go to a class where you get to practice what you learn. 

A good teacher will help you work on your fundamental skills and make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing. A great way to practice what you learn is by setting up an Instagram account and posting your class photos. This will allow you to practice and get feedback from followers.

Meeting and Greeting

When you are meeting new clients in a club, it is important to be relaxed and have a good sense of humour. You should greet your client with a smile on your face and make them feel welcome.

There is no point in getting nervous and stressed out because it will show in your performance. 

You should talk to your client and make them feel comfortable. This will allow you to have a good connection with your client and make their experience at the club more enjoyable.

 When meeting new clients at an event, it is important to carve out time to meet as many new clients as possible. This will allow you to build a good rapport with your clients and make their experience at the event more enjoyable. 

You should always be making eye contact with your clients when you are talking to them and smiling. This will help you build a good connection with your clients and make their experience at the event more enjoyable.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a type of dance that uses a pole as a means of support. You can perform pole dances in almost any kind of setting including at parties, bars, clubs, or private events. 

Pole dancing is not a new dancing form and it has been in the culture of exotic dancing since the exception of this idea.

There are many different pole dancing moves you can do.

Also, you can learn pole dancing now from both offline and online training institutes and you can also earn a good amount of salary in that.

  • The Wobble - The wobble is a basic pole dance move that involves touching and moving the pole in many different directions.
  • The Jiggle - The jiggle is when you shake your body against the pole.
  • The Spin - The spin is where you spin around the pole.
  • The Throw - The throw is when you throw your body against the pole and then do a flip off.
  • The Heel Drag - The heel drag is when you pull your foot against the pole and then push off. 
  • The Wrap - The wrap is when you wrap your body around the pole.
  • The Twist - The twist is when you spin around the pole while facing it.


A striptease is a performance where you slowly show off your body and dance on stage. There are many different striptease choreographies you can choose from. 

You can perform a striptease at a club, bar, or private event. A striptease is an entertaining way to entertain your clients and make them feel welcome.

 A good way to start a striptease is by talking to your client and building a rapport. This will allow you to get to know your client and make their experience at the event more enjoyable.

There are many different kinds of costumes you can wear as a striptease dancer.

Mixing and matching different costumes for different crowds is very important as many people have varied interests in preferences. 

Some may like fully nude dancers only and some may like a lot more teasing and dancing before the strip begins. 

What a professional dancer can do in situations like these is they can experiment with different outfits and use trial and error to see what brings them the best results.

Performing in different outfits every time may be a little uncomfortable, however, it is somewhat necessary, as change is of tremendous importance when it comes to keeping your audience entertained.

Following are some ideas that you can implement if an exotic dancer is what you wish to become and excel at it.

  • Lingerie - A lingerie striptease is when you wear a lot of lingerie
  • Swimsuit - A swimsuit is when you wear a swimsuit or a cover-up to cover your body.
  • Cleavage - A cleavage striptease is when you show a lot of your chest
  • Dress - A dress striptease is when you wear a short dress or miniskirt.
  • Sports Bra - A sports bra striptease is when you wear a sports bra.
  • Body Paint - A body paint striptease is when you paint your body.

Bottom Strip

This is the final stage in the performance of an exotic dancer. A bottom strip is when you remove all of your clothing and either dance on a stage or lie on a couch.

A bottom strip can also be referred to as a “boob-out” or “full-frontal”. In order for this to happen, the exotic dancer will have to give the client a lap dance, have full-on sex with them or do some other sexual activity.

A bottom strip is used to end the performance and show how successful the dancer is.

Typical Work Schedule

Most exotic dancers are independent contractors and set their schedules. They can decide how many hours they want to work since it's not a 9-5 job. However, most of these dancers tend to work evenings and weekends because those are the times when they can make the most money.

  • Monday: This is typically a day off for dancers on night shifts. For the daytime dancers, Monday would be their preferred day to work because people are trying to avoid working at all costs and it starts your week with that hustle mentality.
  • Tuesday: Another day off for night shift dancers; Tuesday is usually a slow day at the club unless there's something going on.
  • Wednesday: This is a good shift for you if you're looking to work on Wednesdays. Most clubs tend to offer specials like "couples night" or half-off bottles of wine. Use this opportunity as an advantage.
  • Thursday: Thursday is usually a young local's day, which means that many people of all ages are going out. There can be more or less difference in numbers during the day too.
  • Friday: If you plan to dance on Friday, make sure you get there early. This allows for enough time to prepare and perform your routine if your city or town has a bunch of competitions (other dancers). If not, then by all means work a double shift so that you can stretch out the weekend as much as possible.
  • Saturday: Definitely the best day for both the dancers and the customers! In the nightlife scene, Saturday is typically when a lot of people go out and it's usually a quieter day. If you're looking to make money on Saturdays, then your best bet would be to work during the weekdays as well.
  • Sunday: For dancers who work on the night shift and go back to school during the day, Sunday is their bargaining chip, because they would get free or cheaper house fees for working that night. 

You can't expect a lot of money from people when there aren't any sports events going on during daytime hours.

Summing Up: Must-Knows Before One Becomes An Exotic Dancer

You don’t need a formal higher education to become an exotic dancer. You can earn great money while pursuing your degree at college and you have the option of being able to dance in different states or countries because there are national laws and guidelines for age restrictions, clothing requirements, etc.

In order to prepare yourself before auditioning, however, simply educate yourself on the legalities of the role beforehand with your state's rules about who is allowed as well as what type of dancing will be expected.

Getting hired as an exotic dancer is usually done by successfully auditioning for the job. Some clubs will allow amateurs to try out on any given night, and some may allow you to walk in at any time, get up on stage and start dancing forcefully until someone hires you. Entertaining clients is important- different clientele want different things-but one's physical appearance and talent can often be more crucial than one's physique.

Whether it comes down to being hired or just renting a space from a club, dancers are expected not only to entertain crowds but also to weed out those that don't have the right talents they need in order to do so.

Earning money as an exotic dancer is not hard, but there are some things that you will need to do in order to succeed. These include advertising your services at the club so that you can get invitations from clients and marketing yourself through a paid third-party provider who refers parties for which they may be appropriate.

Some marketing skills could also make it easier for one to build up their business. Every career has its own set of requirements or demands as this job does!

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