How to be a Victoria’s Secret Model [An Advanced Step-by-Step Guide] 2020

Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading manufacturers of designer women’s lingerie in the world and also excels in the production of beauty products. 

It is an American brand which was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond.

Back in the 70’s lingerie was considered to be more of a necessity and often consisted of vague designs and boring patterns. 

This inspired Roy Raymond who was a businessman to introduce intricately designed and carefully crafted lingerie for women.

Over the years it gained so much popularity that it became synonymous with fashion and style. In the 90’s they began hosting fashion shows with elite models and celebrities of that time who proudly showcased the company’s special collection of lingerie and clothes.

The audience was awestruck by their beauty and were mesmerised by the sheer sex appeal they oozed just by wearing some artistic and luxurious lingerie.

The models who participated in those shows were known as Angels simply because it was the lingerie line of Victoria’s which was quite popular in that time.

Over the years top models such as Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks and many more have proudly participated in Victoria's Secret fashion shows and justified the tag Victoria’s Secret Angel to perfection.

Wearing the “Angelic Wings” while strutting in fashion shows and during photo shoot assignments became a trademark of Victoria’s Secret Angel and today young and aspiring models dream to make an appearance as their model.

You might have come across two terms: Victoria Secret model and the second is the Victoria Secret Angel. Well, there's a massive difference between the two. Not everyone can be termed as Angels. Some are simply models. 

Also, just because some of the models wear wings while walking the runway doesn't mean they are angles. Enter Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who have been seen wearing wings; however, none of them are Victoria's Secret angels. 

So, what is the difference between these two terms? And how can a model climb the ladder to become an angel for a better status quo?

Victoria's Secret angels are selected internally. There is a screening process for the same, and the screening is done for Victoria Secret models only. They will judge the overall models' look, walk, popularity, etc.  Some of the angels of Victoria Secret are Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampaio, Adriana Lima, and a few more. 

For any Victoria Secret model to become an angle has to do a lot of hard work. Only walking the runway for the brand will not cut the bill. The models have to appear for every shoot that takes place and must participate in every promotional activity. 

The angles are the highest paid models in the entire globe. Apart from the money, the status quo attained by these models comes with a legion of fans as well. Plus, let's not forget about their luxurious lives. 

Include a section discussing why Victoria Secret is such a big deal to EVERY aspiring model out there.

Why is being a Victoria Secret model a big deal for EVERY aspiring model?

Being a Victoria Secret model has its perks. These models get paid well, enjoy a good status in the industry, get a lot of media attention, and not forget the Victoria Secret model has a standard to maintain. 

Not everyone can become a Victoria Secret model, and the agency needs to send the portfolio of the models to the company. The company itself doesn't upload any model requirement job posting anywhere at all! And why won't anyone want to become a Victoria Secret model? 

How to Become a VS Model


Who can become a VS model?

Any girl who has a stunning body and looks to die for can become a Victoria's, Secret Angel or model. However, the fashion industry has redefined its standards when it comes to good looks.

Even the girl next door look is considered to be a great advantage in modelling today due to which there are more opportunities to shine today than before. Having a sexy body, clean and smooth skin and perfect figure help aspiring models but that is not enough to become Victoria's Secret model.

There are a lot of other requirements and credentials which one has to acquire if they want themselves featured on one of the most sought-after modelling assignment in the world.

Today we are discussing the various steps that need to be followed if one wants to become a successful Victoria's, Secret Angel. Nothing can be achieved without hard work, but these tips will help you to direct your career in the right direction so that you grab your dreams without stepping on any hurdle.

There are no specific standards when it comes to the body, but generally, Victoria's Secret models are tall, athletic and are in perfect shape as well. Having these things right from the start will make your journey hassle-free, and you will be able to focus on your modelling skills and looks.

General Requirements for a VS Model

  • At least 5 feet 8 inches tall and some of them are even as tall as 6 feet and above. Wearing heels will accentuate your height but if you are short-statured it will still not meet their general standards, and the chances of rejection will be greater.
  • The age of the models must be at least 18 or above. Models who are under 30 years of age are generally more preferred in Victoria's Secret modelling assignments. However, if you are above 30 but have a healthy body and have maintained a great form and shape then also your chances of getting signed-up increases by a great extent.
  • Runway models have to maintain a petite and shapely body, but Victoria's Secret Angels can afford to be a bit more voluptuous because their curves make the lingerie look sexier. Therefore, if your body size a couple of inches bigger than the general fashion industry requirements then that can prove to be an advantage to you.

These are the general physical requirements that are qualified by most of the models who dream to make it to the Victoria’s Secret.

However, if you have it in you but are a couple of inches shorter or a few years older, then there is no need to be upset about it. You can always work on your body and shape more and increase your chances of becoming a top Victoria's Secret Angel.

The body aesthetics matter more than anything else, and if you maintain that well and sexily carry your body, then that must be good enough to qualify in an audition.

Advice #1 - Start Grooming at a Young Age

It is pretty obvious fact that a girl is in the best shape in her teens and therefore chances of getting signed for a modelling assignment improves when you have the right aesthetics from the very start of the career.

Most of the aspiring models start training themselves even before they are 15 to make sure that they can make the most of their natural talent.

Girls attend dance classes, join some gymnastics club and swim to accentuate their natural growth and to make their bodies more toned and sexy.

Therefore, they already reach their full potential when they are 18, and top modelling agencies look forward to hiring them in their company.

Let's explain this with an example—Taylor Hillis, one of the most famous Victoria Secret's models. In 2014, she was signed by an agency called IMG. Taylor was only 14 at that time, and she had to leave for school to follow her dreams of becoming a Victoria Secret model. 

The example will show you how important it is for every model to start grooming themselves at a very young age. You need to be confident to become a model because confidence is one of the hiring parameters for Victoria Secret.

Advice #2 - Research About the Industry and Opportunities

It is always advisable to research the industry and the company that you wish to join. In this case, it is Victoria Secret. Get to know about the history of the company. Understand why they are the dominant player! 

You will have to impress if you get a call to become a Victoria Secret model named Edward Razek. And he is someone who would like to know whether you have researched the company or not. He has the final say to the selection process. 

Advice #3 - Attend and Enroll in Different Training and Workshops

Your agency will let you know about the different training and workshops program. The thing is, you need to have everything to become a Victoria Secret model.

And the more training you will take, the more prepared you will be. Plus, workshops allow you to learn from others, too and help you in gaining confidence.

And you never know who may be coming to those workshops to pick someone as a Victoria Secret model. That's why I never miss an opportunity.

Advice #4 - Take Care of Your Body

You have done almost everything, but what about your body? You may feel that being a Victoria Secret model is easy, but that is not the case.

The models work hard to stay in shape. That's why they drink a lot of water and go for regular exercise. 

You will be a part of an elite organization, and if a little bit of hard work can land you a job as a VC model, then why not!

Not just this, you need to take care of your face and the entire body skin too. Which means regular facial, cleansing, cleaning, has to be done. 

Advice #5 - Practice Makes Perfect

Modeling is not only about doing a catwalk on the ramp. You need to know that you are doing it correctly. You need to practice your posture, walking style, the way you stand, and more.

The modeling career will, unfortunately, not come to you overnight. Your skills need to be pitch-perfect for VC!Your passion for becoming a Victoria Secret model will help you do everything that needs to be done.

But you need to have the motivation to do that. If you are serious about pursuing your dreams, you got to go for it and make yourself perfect. 

Advice #6 - Get Signed by a Model Agency

Getting signed by a top modelling agency is almost as important as being on the Victoria's Secret itself because your chances of appearing for their casting diminish by a great extent if you are not part of some renowned fashion agency.

Being signed by the modelling agency of New York certainly helps because most of the Victoria's Secret's operations are controlled from here, and these modelling houses have quite a good rapport from those hosting the casting auditions of Victoria's Secret.


If you are signed by a top modelling agency of the New York such as Elite, Wilhelmina, IMG, etc. then your chances of featuring on the cover of Victoria's Secret magazine enhances to a large extent.

This is not just because they present you in the right manner at the auditions, but they also start grooming you way before the auditions so that when you appear on the castings, you look your best.

victoria's secret 01

They also train you how to present yourselves confidently on the stage, how to carry yourself and how to walk sexily on a ramp to make an everlasting impact on the judging panel.

Victoria's Secret always looks forward to hiring the best of the best, and if you already have it in you, they will not think twice before signing you up. However, even if you are not with these major modelling agencies, it is fine. 

Sign-up with a rookie agency if you do not have enough time or sources to track down the best agencies of New York as thinking of presenting yourself as a solo model will be a lame idea unless you are overconfident and want to waste the awesome opportunity.

If you have signed-up by rookies, it is fine but make sure that at least you work on yourself to become the best. Read more and more interviews of top Victoria's Secret model as it will help you to get at the top easily.

There are plenty of YouTube interviews of these models on the internet, and therefore you can make the best of your spare time if you have that kind of talent and fire in you.

You need to get signed by the top modeling agency. Victoria Secret doesn't accept applications from every agency. Two leading agencies take care of the models for the company, and those are the Ford Modeling Agency and Elite Model Management. 

The agents of these companies will negotiate work on your behalf. Readers may note that without any agency, Victoria Secret will not accept any model. 

Advice #7 - Be Persistent

Persistence is the key to become a good model. Millions of models want, and dream of becoming a Victoria Secret model, but not all the models get a chance to showcase their talent and live their dream. 

Keep doing modeling, join different shows, and never lose hope. Find out an agency that suits you, and wait for your chance. 

Advice #8 - Maintain a Good Model Standing

You must maintain good physical and mental health to become a VC model. These models appear in different journals and magazines.

Plus, they get to cast for various auditions, and fashion shows as well. 

Your physical condition has to be excellent, along with your catwalk. Keep practicing to do catwalk wearing high heels. 

Advice #9 - Participate in VS Modeling Auditions

You must take part in different VS modeling auditions. They don't publish any advertisements for that. Your agency will tell you. So, whenever you are called for an audition. Don't miss out. 

There are numerous casting auditions hosted by Victoria’s secret which will help you to secure a direct entry in this top fashion house. They generally hold these auditions before their fashion shows which are attended by aspiring models, models, and mentors of top modelling agencies, judges and Victoria's Secret Angels themselves.

Therefore, these casting auditions provide you with great exposure to their work ethics, type of environment and finer nuances which can only be understood by aspiring models who have a keen interest in learning things.

These auditions are generally judged by their casting director, creative director, and executive producer. Therefore, to get a chance in appearing at Victoria's Secret fashion shows you will have to impress them first. Be confident about your body and personality and walk like a true champion.

A perfect performance will certainly make you notice, but it will also help to boost your self-confidence. However, getting selected in an audition does not mean that you have secured a place amongst the Victoria's Secret Angels.

These are just the auditions for the fashion shows and do not confirm your place as Victoria's Secret model. This is just your chance to impress and outshine hundreds of models on the catwalk show so that you could finally be accepted as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

There have been many models who did not make to their roster even after appearing in multiple fashion shows whereas there are a few stunning models who have managed to bag an assignment even with one show or audition. 

How to outshine the other models?

To outshine others having a stunning physique and a glamorous body is not enough. You need to have a full-fledged personality, and for that, you will have to work on yourself every single day. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and a social media presence will always help you gain more admirers.

Perform your best whenever you get a chance, and you might end up being a Victoria's Secret Angel. You need to be bubbly, full of energy and spunk if you have to make to the A-list and therefore lazy and unenergetic people have no place in this bustling glamour industry. 

You also need to be aware of latest happenings of the world, especially which are women-centric as it will help you once you get selected as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

These models of Victoria's Secret are not just models but they are actually the face of this lingerie brand, and therefore they need to be media-friendly and approachable as well.

They must have a clear view of many of things including lifestyle, comfort, and fashion to be able to speak well during interviews and public appearances. Bad habits such as attending late night parties, drinking, smoking, having drugs are a big no in the fashion industry, and it is strictly followed at Victoria's Secret as well.

They want you to be perfect examples of a healthy lifestyle and modern thinking, and therefore you will have to be modern and progressive in your approach towards the life if you want to make it big as a top Victoria's Secret model.

Now that you have understood the requirements and process, we would like you to know about some important tips as well.

Advice #1 - Practice Excellent Lifestyle

By now you must have understood that being a top model for Victoria's Secret is not just an achievement but a lifestyle that you will have to adopt if you want to become a successful model.

Therefore, getting a petite figure and slim body is not enough you also will have to remain healthy and fit at all times. 

Victoria's Secret Angels have to be energetic and cheerful at all times, and therefore the health of both mind and body is important.

Do not sleep late or get up late, stay away from alcohol, smoking, and drugs as all these factors play a major factor in your health and overall well-being.  

If you have to achieve your goal to be Victoria's Secret model, then you will have to give up some temptations including spicy and oily food.

Therefore, always indulge in a strict and healthy diet and eat only the low-fat foods as long as possible. Avoid pizzas, burgers and fast foods at all times to become a true role model for others as well.

You will have to outshine other models if you want to make it to the top. A petite and slim figure will not cut the bill. Your lifestyle has to be excellent too. 

You need to be cheerful, energetic, maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. Try not to sleep late at night, and please, do stay away from junk food and alcohol if you are serious about VC.

Advice #2 - Always Be Confident / Believe in Yourself

As we said, not every model becomes a VC model, and those who get into VC will notice that they have striking confidence. This is what you need to aim at as well. Never underestimate yourself.

Even if not everyone gets selected for VC modeling, some do. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Participate in the audition, and be confident. 

Advice #3 - Have a Beaming Personality

A beaming personality and a strong attitude will not only transform your life, but it will help you tremendously if you are dreaming of becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel one day.

Do not shy away from cameras as you need to present your charming personality at its best and therefore it is always advisable to face a camera with a pleasant smile.

Confidence is a key factor for all those who want to become Victoria’s Secret Angel as they will have to present themselves confidently even if they are wearing the skimpiest of the lingerie.

Victoria's Secret Angels are considered to be like Angels, and therefore they should always ooze angelic behaviour and manners apart from their angelic face, looks, and body. Therefore, it is always advisable to be nice to your fans and admirers.

Be polite to them and never deny an autograph because one autograph is equal to one loyal fan earned forever. If you have watched the catwalk of any of the VC models, you will notice that they have striking personalities. 

Each one of them walks as if they own it. To become a VC model, you need to have a bright personality as well. Your personality must stand out. Face the camera with a friendly smile.

Fall in love with cameras, catwalks, and auditions cameras. Walk as if you are the only girl in this world!

Advice #4 - Get Used to Posing in Lingerie

VC models catwalk wearing lingerie, which means you will have to get comfortable with your skin. Start to practice catwalk wearing all kinds of lingerie. 

Posing in lingerie is like a daily routine for the Victoria's Secret Angels. Therefore, you need to get comfortable in your lingerie first and learn how to strike beautiful poses in lingerie.

Do not feel embarrassed to wear lingerie even when your family, loved ones, and friends are around you because it will help to build your confidence and you will not feel awkward when you are in lingerie in front of hundreds of people.

Advice #5 - Get Used to Wearing Wings

Here's the fun part; you will see VC models walking the ramp wearing beautiful big wings. You will see the models posing in different kinds of wings. Hence, you need to practice too. 

Start becoming comfortable with the wings from now on. So that once the real deal happens, you don't feel out of place.  Now that you have done everything for being a top Victoria's Angel, it is time to get used to its wings.

The cute yet sexy wings of Victoria's Secret Angels are one of their most prominent features, and therefore it will be great if you feel comfortable on wearing them even before getting signed up.

Following your dreams is a great thing, but if you learn to live your dream there is nothing like it!

Advice #6 - Perfect Your Camera Smile

Smile! Learn how to smile in front of the camera. Fall in love with it. Pose differently. And never drop your smile. Your smile needs to be captured perfectly, and hey, a smile makes you photogenic as well. 

Advice #7 - Slay Every Walk / Walk with Vigour

Whenever you walk the ramp, walk as if nothing else matters in this world. Walk as if there is no one else other than you. You must slay every walk and become the burning topic of the industry. Blow some kisses and wink if you want to. 

Advice #8 - Work Hard

No matter how big or small the gig is, you should accept them. You need to work hard for this position. You should also attend different fashion shows and similar events to get familiar with the industry.

There's always something to learn new from the fashion show you are planning to attend. 

Advice #9 - Be Active in Social Media

You must become social media active. Do you know that VC agents keep looking at popular models' profiles on Instagram and different accounts?You need to have more than a million followers to get noticed.

Your social media presence can also land you a modeling gig. Being active on social media will help you before getting signed up as Victoria's Secret model and even after you have become Victoria's Secret model.

The impact of social media on the top fashion houses and fashion industry is significant these days and therefore if you are not followed by least a million people on Twitter and Instagram, then you are certainly far behind in the race of becoming a top model.

Keeping posting your views and daily work on Facebook and Twitter and also keep your fans updated about the latest events and fashion shows you are participating or attending.

If you are on holiday do not shy away from posting your bikini-clad picture on Instagram and your followers as your followers are interested in your life as well. YouTube is a big social media platform these days with people preferring to express their views and showcase their lifestyle through Vlogs, i.e. a video blog. 

Some celebrities and top models have gained huge popularity because of the YouTube and therefore you too can use these platforms even if you have not yet achieved that kind of success in your real life.

If you are a fitness freak, you can start your fitness channel in which you can also inform your fans about your life and thinking. People are crazy about fitness these days, and if you are giving a few health tips to your fans which are useful, then your following is bound to rise by millions in real quick time.

Victoria's Secret models have to remain fit and healthy, and if they are already popular as a fitness instructor, then it will certainly help them get noticed quickly by the modelling agencies.

Several models have used the social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to bag assignments from the top fashion houses such as Playboy, Vogue, etc. and therefore you should not underestimate these platforms even if you are planning to become Victoria's Secret model.

Advice #10 - Be a Social Animal

You will, or your agency, will get invitations to different social parties. Take our advice, and attend them to build a network. And even if you are not walking for other shows, go and attend them too.

The fashion industry is all about networking with other people. Industry leaders keep on visiting them, and hence, you need to visit them also. 

Even though late night parties are not recommended to aspiring models, socialising is a must as they need to grow their contacts and make new acquaintances as well.

Therefore, even after becoming a successful Victoria's Secret model you need to attend social events and fashion shows to build a rapport with those who are part of your work and industry.

Even the aspiring models can participate in the local shows and fashion events to get noticed quickly in the fashion industry.

Advice #11 - Stay Devoted

Modeling career is not easy, and that's why you need to stay devoted to this profession. Modeling opportunities might come knocking to your doors.

You need to stay put and keep good modeling. 

Advice #12 - Don't Overthink It

The best thing to do is walk the ramp naturally, and allow your personality to outshine all. You will have to catch the camera, therefore, be yourself, walk the ramp, be confident, and have a lot of fun. 

Advice #13 - Pamper Yourself

Before the show, you have got to pamper yourself. Forget about all the worries, and spend some time at a lovely spa or massage parlor. Have a gentle facial and body massage to look stunning. 

Advice #14 - Be a Role Model to Young Girls

Young girls with an aspiration to become a model will look up to you. Therefore, be a good role model for them. Teach them through your shows how to ramp walk is done. 

Advice #15 - Enjoy Yourself!

Finally, on the D-day, just go on and have some fun. Let your audience have some fun with you. Give your best shot, and mesmerize everyone.

Conclusive Thoughts

These were some of the precise steps and practices you need to follow if you want to become a Victoria's, Secret Angel or model. Hope you liked the information and stay glued if you like to read about the modelling and fashion industry.

Also, send your feedback and suggestions which will help us understand your requirements and opinions better. Being a top model is not easy but preparing yourself to take on the world is not hard if you have the right spirits and a big heart!

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