How Old Do You Need to Be A Stripper?

Looking for how old do you have to be to start stripping?

As per the popular belief, it is not true that all the strippers are beautiful and young ladies. But, the fact is the minimum age of strippers is 18 and maximum age is till 50’s. 

If you want to find a stripper then it would be easy for you to find different body shapes or figures. So, in this article we will discuss how old we need to be in the stripper profession. 

Also, in this article we will discuss the points that should be considered if you want to select the profession of stripper.

How old to be a Stripper? (2022) - Complete Guide

It has been researched that it is important for you to be at least 18 years old and it goes till your 50's. If you are not 18 years of age then you will not be able to join this profession. In the present era, you can find strippers of all the age groups starting from 18+.

If you see a lady of 45 years in this profession, you will be amazed to see the overall curves and their body posture. People in this profession take care of their posture and also ensure they are competitive enough with other beautiful girls who are in the same profession!

The competition is really tough in this sector so ladies try to maintain their beauty by considering their overall figures or body curves.

 Hence, by overall discussion we can easily state that minimum 18+ age is required for you if you want to become a stripper. The girls who do not come under the category of 18+ will not be eligible to become a stripper.

How to decide if you should be a Stripper?

a.)   Understanding the Job Role

Whatever profession you select, it is very important for you to understand the job role first so that you can decide whether you should choose that profession or not.

Without understanding the job role, it would be difficult for you to give your best and to examine whether it is really in your interest zone or not. In this job role, you should know and understand these points:

1.)    Physically fit

This is one of the important factors which is considered in this profession. It is important for you to understand that in this job role, being physically fit is important for the beautiful girls!

 But there are many people who think that a perfect body is only required to be a stripper. The fact is that strippers are available in the market in different body shapes, types and also sizes.

To maintain the demand of this job role, it is important for you to understand that being physically fit is essential as it will help you to grow in this career. In this job role, there are some physical demands that stripping needs.

For example: it is not necessary that you should have an experience in dancing or some skills. You can learn dancing and skills by seeing other girls and by following the daily routine with them.


2.)    Investing your time

This job role will demand more time as initially you have to work each day and night to groom yourself. By investing more time initially will help you to earn back your money which is invested.

It is important for you to be flexible enough to work at night as well. If you choose this profession then it is important for you to know that you should be comfortable enough while giving private dances in public.

You really have to spend your time to decide properly whether you really want to select this profession or not as things will not be easy with this job role.


3.)    To stay sober is important

It is noticed that there are many dancers who became victims of alcohol and drugs inside the clubs. The risk is also related to being intoxicated at the workplace.

It is important for you to be sober enough so that you may not be a victim of any wrong activity and can earn a good amount of money by doing private dances. It is investigated that there are strippers who take a few drinks and manage their work.

They always ensure that they do not become the victim of anything. Drinks and drugs are part of the club so if you are there you should ensure that these things do not attract you or impact your work. Hence, it is necessary for you to be sober at your workplace.


4.)    Accepting the rejection

In this job role, there are a majority of rejections so it is important you understand this point and to make decisions accordingly. To be a stripper is not always where clients throw money but also there are clients who will reject you if they don’t like you!

In the stripper job role, you have to sell yourself to earn more and more money. Some clients could be rude with you and can also be aggressive. In normal jobs, you can deal with the people who are not nice to you but in the profession of a stripper, you will meet more vulnerable people who do not have control over their mind. 

So, if you are ready to deal with such people then only you should go with the job profile of a stripper. Meeting vulnerable people and also rejections are a part of this job role, so take decision by considering this point as well! You have to be smart enough to deal with such type of people in the workplace.


5.)    Issues with co- workers

In this profession of dancer, your competitors will be your coworkers. There are different other girls who will be grabbing attention of the people inside the clubs for tips or for private dance.

Do not ever imagine a good friendship as the majority of the time people will be jealous of you if you are achieving success. There will be many co-workers who will also be rude with you and will create negativity around you. In a tough competition, the other coworkers may allow more physical contact to the people which will help them to earn more money

So, this is one of the major issues which you have to face so it is important for you to deal with all the stuffs and if you are ready to deal with the issues of the coworkers than only you should go for this profession. It is necessary for you to select this job as your profession only when you don’t have any other choice.


b.)  Preparing for the joining

It is essential for you to be prepared for the joining if you have decided to be a stripper or to select this work as your profession. So, these are the points which are important for you to consider at the time of preparing for joining.

1.)    Licence

It has been seen that in different job roles the requirement is also different. If you go with the stripper profession, then it is necessary for you to have a licence as it is compulsory for adult entertainers to have a licence.

One of the best examples is Denver city, Colorado in which exotic dancers are required to have a business licence and also it is important to have a criminal background check as the chances of risk is high in this profession. If you go for the licence, then you will see that the requirement to get a licence varies from place to place and also city to city.


So, first decide where you have to work so that you can consider the requirements of that specific country or state. If you have decided on the city then search for the requirements related to the licence so that you can get the licence on time.

Without a licence you will not be able to proceed further with this profession, so if you have finally decided to go in this profession then go and get your licence soon!

2.)    Purchase designer outfits

To be a stripper, it is important for you to be stylish in looks as well! If you are going for your audition then it is necessary that your outfits should be ready.

In the starting you can buy one for auditions and when your job is final you should purchase more as per your requirement. In the present era, there are many online shops through which you can order anytime and from anywhere.

Selecting the outfit which suits your personality as stylish clothes are very important if you are thinking of being in the job role of a stripper. You should have a good collection of clothes so that your personality looks good in front of others.

You should always go for the bright colours as it gives a different look and helps you to look beautiful. Also, if you want to dance to rock music then it is important that you should go with the edgier look in which dark colours are required to be used.

These clothes range from $30 to $100 if you are going to purchase a complete set. It is also necessary that you should select the outfit which is good in your budget. The outfit you wear should always depend on the club in which you will be dancing.

For example: if you are going to dance in the club then you should show your body more or wear a bikini only. So, if you want to be a stripper then it is important for you to select the best outfit that suits you and also which matches as per your event.

Designer outfits are considered as one of the important points in this profession so go with the latest trend.


3.)    Find out the best footwear

As a stripper, you will not be able to wear sneakers. Strippers are required to wear high heels so it is important that you have a variety of such footwears.

The heel which you select should be of at least 4 inches. Buy footwear which is made for dancing as well! For strippers, shoes can be easily purchased from the shop from where you have purchased your outfit!

There are many deals on footwear which you can avail online easily with a good discount. To save your time you can go through the online sites and if you find any better heels than you can purchase at the same time.

If you want to purchase a good pair of heels then it might cost a lot but it is important for you to select the best one as per the trend.

4.)    Pay the fees of club

There are many clubs who charge fees from the strippers to work in the particular club. Dancers are called the individual contractors so you have to give rent for it!

The fees related to the club house may be different or for the weekend it can vary. The fees charged from the dancers is high on weekends as compared to weekdays.

So, if you want to be a stripper then it is important for you to consider this point when you are preparing to enter into this field.


C.) Understand the consequences

1.)  It is important for you to understand that individuals can judge you in a negative manner. If you select stripper as a profession then there are people living in the society who will see you in a negative way.

Stripping is not considered as the moral way of earning money. People do not like this profession and the girls who are part of this are not accepted in a good family as a wife sometimes.

So, it is important for you to be prepared enough that you job will negatively impact your image and also can affect the personal relations with others.

For a stripper it is difficult to manage their relations as there are very few boys who will consider that their wife is dancing in a naked manner in front of other men. So, this profession will definitely affect your relationship with your partner.


2.) Not able to make the money which is expected

In many cases, strippers are not able to earn money as per their expectations which also create frustration among them. In this job your earning is not fixed so strippers may feel insecure in terms of earning money.

If you are able to convince the other person with your looks then only you will be able to earn more! The money which is earned can vary as per the performance or dance which you give in front of the client. So, in the profession of a stripper the earning is not fixed and it may vary on each day. 

By considering all the points, it can be said that to choose a profession of a stripper is not an easy job. There are many negative aspects which are linked with this profession so if you are ready enough to face all the challenges then only you should select this job as your profession.

In this job role, it is necessary for you to be smart enough so that you can deal with aggressive people easily. You should have enough knowledge of handling the clients properly.

In this job, if clients are not handled properly then it can directly impact your earning and sometimes it can also impact your growth!

Apart from this you also have to invest in dresses, licence and also self-development so you should take care of the return which you will get if you select this job as your profession.

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