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We are fascinated by movies and television shows. When we watch a movie, most of us start liking a celebrity for the role they have played and their real-life personality.

In other words, we become fans of the celebrities and start following them on social media as well.  

In this article, we have curated a list of top 40 hottest Male Celebrities who are loved world-wide. 

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Celeberty Men: Top 40 Hottest Male Celebrities(Updated 2022)

1. Henry Cavill

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First on our list is Henry Cavill who is a British actor.

 You must know him as Super-Man as played that role in Superman in the DC Extended Universe.

He has a huge fan following on social media as well. Henry’s physique and looks are to die for.

This handsome actor is in a relationship currently but that does not affect our love for him.

2. Jamie Dornan

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Well, who does not know the hottest of all, Jamie Dornan.

He is an actor from Northern Ireland, famously known for his role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

 This movie itself is an epitome of sensual movies and Jamie gained a massive fan following post this movie for his hot body and performance. 

3. Chris Evans

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Chris Evans is undoubtedly one of the hottest and handsome actors.

He is an American actor and a heartthrob of million fans.

His gifted good looks and skilled acting landed him amazing films like Fantastic four, Avengers, Knives out and many more.

This Captain America is painting the town red with his hotness.

4. Chris Hemsworth

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Our Beloved, Thor is setting the hotness bar to a high level.

Chris Hemsworth’s raw handsome looks, height and stunning physique is the main reason for including him on our list.

 He is good in every role, be it an action movie like Extraction, Men in Black: International or any comedy movie like Vacation. 

5. Zac Efron

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Next hottie on our list is the hottest, Zac Efron.

 He is an American actor who started his career with a leading role in a movie named High School Musical Trilogy.

 He gained massive success in the Hollywood mainstream and is now one of the most popular actors.

His good looks and charming smile are enough to make you crazy.

6. David Beckham

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Next on our list is the man known for his good looks in the whole world, David Beckham.

David is aging like a fine wine and is breaking the record of handsome looking men every day.

 He is an English former professional football player who gained recognition for his undeniably good gameplay and stunning looks. 

7. Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly the universal crush.

His charming looks, great height and exceptionally funny sense of humour makes him a complete package.

 Millions of hearts were broken when he got married to Black Lively.

His wife and his continuous funny banter on their social media are absolutely loved by his fans. 

8. Bradley Cooper

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Next on our list is a very handsome American actor and a film-maker, Bradley Cooper.

 This hottie is a recipient of many prestigious awards such as two Grammy Awards, British Academy Film Award and many more.

Cooper’s acting career reached great heights with his iconic movies like The Hangover, American Sniper, Wedding Crashers, etc.

Bradley is not active on any social media platforms though. 

9. Idris Elba

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Idris Elba is a renowned actor, musician and producer from London, England.

He has played remarkable leading roles in many movies and shows such as Mandela, Stringer Bell, etc.

 Idris is a 49-year-old black actor with charming looks and fit body even in this age.

 He is one of the top 20 highest-grossing actors. 

10. George Clooney

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Next hottest star on our list is George Clooney who is an American Actor and a filmmaker.

He has somehow magically stopped aging and his handsome looks are getting more polished with each passing day.

 He has many prestigious awards in his kitty such as British Academy Film Award, two Academy Award, AFI Lifetime Achievement award and many more. He is not active on any social media platform.

11. Ryan Gosling

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Next on our list is the dream man of every girl, Ryan Gosling.

He is super sexy and has a perfectly sculpted face. Ryan is a Canadian actor who started his career at a very early age.

 He is skilled in acting and looks good in every role. His most famous and loved movie is The Notebook.

He has a huge fan following but he likes to live a quiet life away from Instagram. He is active on Twitter though.

12. Channing Tatum

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Next star we included in our list is the Hollywood hunk, Channing Tatum.

 He is an American Actor and producer born in Cullman, Alabama.

 Channing is known famously for his muscular physique and handsome personality.

The breakthrough movies in his career were Step Up released in 2006, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, etc.

 He has a massive following on his Instagram and Twitter. 

13. Manny Jacinto

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Manny’s full name is Manuel Luis Jacinto.

He is a Filipino-Canadian Actor who started his acting career in the year 2012.

His breakthrough role was the role of Jason Mendoza on a popular show, The Good Place.

He became a crush of many people because of his looks and amazing acting. Manny is engaged to an actress named Dianne Doan.

14. Tom Hiddleston

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Next hottie on our list is Tom Hiddleston who is an English Actor.

Tom is known internationally because of the amazing movies he has done such as Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers, etc.

 He is a favourite actor of all age groups and very popular for his good looks among the women.

Tom is petite and has got chiselled looks. 

15. Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa is an American actor and a filmmaker who is famous world-wide.

He is famously known for his remarkable role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

He also played the role of Aquaman in the DC extended universe movie.

 Jason has got a great height and a muscular physique which is a dream for many people. His raw sensuality is admired by his fans

16. James Dean

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Next hottest actor of all time on our list is James Dean.

 He was an American actor whose most celebrated film was Rebel Without a cause. Unfortunately, he died in a car crash in 1955 and he became the first actor to receive a posthumous award nomination for Best Actor category.

He had the most dashing personality which made him popular among his fans. 

17. Shawn Mendes

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This hottie has fans from all over the world.

 Shawn Mendes is a Canadian Singer and a songwriter who has produced very popular hit albums.

 He is young with a charming smile and dynamic personality. Shawn was in a relationship with a singer named Camella Cabello but these two have now broken up.

Shawn has been named as one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine.

18. Zayn Malik

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If Gigi Hadid fell in love with a man, you can imagine how hot he must be.

We are talking about universal crush, Zayn Malik. He is super handsome with a chiseled face and toned body.

He was in a relationship with supermodel, Gigi Hadid and has a child with her but this beautiful couple has been separated now.

Zayn is a British singer and has a huge fan following on social media accounts. 

19. Michael B Jordan

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Next hottest star on our list is Michael B Jordon who is an American actor and a film producer.

 This 35-year-old male celebrity is aging like a fine wine and is one of the most fit actors in the world.

Michael is in a relationship with Lori Harvey and they make an extremely beautiful couple.

 He has got charming looks and raw sensuality.

His most famous movies are Creed, Black Panther, etc. 

20. Timothee Chalamet

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Timothee Hal Chalamet is an American actor who has played a lead role in some of the iconic movies such as Call me by your name, Dune, etc.

 He has been nominated for many remarkable awards like Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA awards and many more.

Timothee is young and many fans find him cute as well as sexy and we do not disagree.

 He has got followers above 17 million on his Instagram.

21. Henry Golding

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Next hottest male celebrity on our list is Henry Golding.

 He is a British-Malaysian Actor, a model and a Television star.

Most of you must know him from BBC’s The Travel Show as he has been hosting that show since 2014.

He is very handsome and has got a huge fan following.

He starred in the famous movie, Crazy Rich Asians and his work was praised a lot. 

22. Can Yaman

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Now, what should we tell you about Can Yaman? He is extremely hot with a chiselled face and hunk body.

 Like the rest of the world, we are obsessed with him too.

Can Yaman is a Turkish Actor. This 32-year-old hottie is a model and a lawyer too.

He has got the best of both worlds- good looks with a brain. Check his movies and social media accounts to know why we love him so much.

23. Darren Barnet

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The hottest young star on our list is Darren Barnet and he is famously known and loved for the role of Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the Netflix series, Never Have I Ever.

His sexy body and perfect facial features have made everyone a fan of his and we cannot get over him.

He is an American Actor who has starred in many famous movies like love hard, American Pie and many more.

You will be stunned after seeing his six pack abs and cute smile.

24. Sebastian Stan

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Next hottest celebrity on our list is Sebastian Stan who is a Romanian-American actor.

 His career took a flight when he got recognition after playing the role of Winter Soldier in the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

 He gained a huge fan following post this movie and became a worldwide sensation.

Sebastian is not on Twitter but is active on Instagram.

25. Maluma

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Maluma’s real name is Juan Luis Londono Arias.

 He was born in Medellin and is a famous Colombian Singer, actor and a songwriter.

 He has produced various famous albums and is one of the best-selling Latin music artists.

Maluma’s breakthrough album was Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy which made him famous world-wide.

 He has a huge fan following of over 61 million on his Instagram account for his epic singing and his good looks as well. Maluma has got a great personality. 

26. Matt Bomer

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Matt Bomer, also known as Mathew Staton Bomer is an American actor who has starred in many remarkable movies such as The Sinner, White Collar, etc.

 He was also the producer of the film, White Collar. His skilled acting has resulted in winning prestigious awards like Golden Globe Awards and a Critic’s Choice Television Award.

Matt has an amazing smile and facial features and even at 44, he looks super-hot.

27. Hugh Jackman

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Next on our list is everyone’s favorite Wolverine, Hugh Jackman.

 Hugh’s personality and sensuality is admired by people from all over the world.

His raw masculinity and skilled acting landed him the leading role in the movie, Wolverine.

 He has earned the Guinness World Record for having the longest career as a live action Marvel character.

He beats even young actors in looks and acting at the age of 53

28. Ian Somerhalder

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Ian Joseph Somerhalder is the whole world’s crush.

 He is an American actor, a model, director and an activist. He is famously known and loved for playing the role of Damon Salvatore in the show, The Vampire Diaries.

 Ian started his career in the year 1997 and has achieved fame and success for his acting skills.

 His tall height, handsome face and muscular physique are the reasons why everyone loves him so much.

29. James Franco

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James Franco is an American actor, writer and film-maker.

 Even at the age of 43, he looks extremely sexy and fit. He is famously known for his leading role in Freaks and Geeks.

 James said in an interview that he had sex addiction in his initial life which he has overcome now.

He has also starred in many famous movies like The Disaster Artist, Spider Man, 127 Hours and many more.

30. Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhaal is undoubtedly one of the hottest male celebrities in the whole world.

Apart from an extremely hot body, a dimpled smile and the ability to put on a shirt while standing, he is an amazing actor.

 He has starred in many remarkable movies such as Nightcrawler, Spider-Man: Far from Home. His ground-breaking movie named Brokeback Mountain created world-wide sensation.

Jake Gyllenhaal is extremely talented and has a huge fan following on his social media accounts as well

. He is not on Twitter though. 

31. Orlando Bloom

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Orlando’s full name is Orlandi Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom.

 He is an English actor who was born in Canterbury, London.

 This handsome dude is engaged to Katy Perry and has a beautiful baby girl with her.

He has played major roles in many successful movies such as Carnival Row, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lords of the Rings and many more.

 He has a huge fan following on his Instagram account of over 5 million 

32. Harry Styles

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Next hottest celebrity on our list is Harry Styles.

 He is an English singer-songwriter. Harry is famously known for his unique hairstyle, dressing sense and dating supermodel, Kendall Jenner.

 Harry has a lean body type and looks extremely hot. He started his musical career in the year 2010 as a solo contestant on a musical competition named The X Factor.

He was a part of the world-famous musical band- One Direction. Because of his hit albums, he has a massive following on his social media accounts. 


33. John Krasinski

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The most romantic actor of all time who won everyone’s heart by his super sweet role in the show, The Office.

 John gained massive fame through his breakthrough role of Jim Halpert.

From there, everyone started loving him for his tall height, cute looks and charming smile.

He is married to a very talented actress, Emily Blunt. John is an American actor and has also become a producer and director.

He directed the remarkable movie, Quiet Place and Quiet place II.  

34. Richard Madden

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Next hottest celebrity on our list is Richard Madden. He is a Scottish television actor who started his acting career at a very early age of 11.

 He has a perfectly toned body and handsome face which has made many women crazy from all over the world.

 He has a huge fan following of over 3 million on his social media accounts as well.

Richard was born in England. Richard has worked in many global projects including Game of Thrones, Eternals and his most famous show is Bodyguard. 

35. Jacob Elordi

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The next star on our list is one of the tallest and most handsome actors in the world.

 Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor who gained massive fame with his role of Noah Flynn in Netflix’s film franchise, The Kissing Booth.

 Jacob played a sweet role in The Kissing Booth and played a completely different role in the HBO’s series, Euphoria.

 His acting skills are getting improved by the passing time and has gained a huge fan following on his social media accounts as well.  

36. Robert Pattinson

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The Twilight fame star, Robert Pattinson is next on our list of top hottest male celebrities.

 Robert gained huge success and recognition worldwide from his leading role in the The Twilight movie.

 His versatile acting skills landed him major roles in many successful movies. His latest blockbuster is the Bat-Man movie.

 Robert is an English actor and is one of the most highly paid actors in the industry. He has got many female fans from all over the world.  

37. Liam Hemsworth

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Liam Hemsworth truly deserves to be one of the hottest celebrities of all around the world because of his perfectly toned body, great height and charming looks.

He is a very successful actor from Australia. Liam was in an on-off relationship for a long time, then finally got married to the singer, Miley Cyrus but their marriage could not last and they got separated.

 Liam also has a major fan following on his Instagram account. 

38. Oscar Issac

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Oscar Issac is a 43-year-old American actor.

He has got a very charming personality which makes him one of the hottest celebrities.

 His breakthrough movie was Ex Machina Nathan released in the year 2014. He is definitely aging like a fine wine as he looks even hotter than before.

 Oscar is not active on social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter. 

39. Robert Downey Jr.

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Another male celebrity who is becoming hotter with his increasing age is Robert Downey Jr.

He is an American actor and a producer as well. Robert is a true example for those who have come out of substance abuse and now have a thriving career and successful life.

 He is a part of the blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, Avengers:Endgame and many more. 

40. Brad Pitt

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Last but not the least on our list is the most handsome celebrity, Brad Pitt.

He is an American actor and a producer who is known world-wide for his charming looks. He was married to Angelina Jolie and these two were known as the power couple of Hollywood.

They got divorced a few years back. Brad Pitt has won many prestigious awards and has a thriving acting career.  

So, these were our top 40 male celebrities from all over the world who have good looks as well as talented careers.

 We are obsessed with them and we are sure that you must be a fan of most of these stars. 

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