Homemade Twinks Review (2020)

Homemade Twinks

Homemade Twinks features some great POV action and has something for every sex position, be it a threesome, a blowjob or even a handful of solos.

The models are shot  either via their own cameras or handheld GoPro devices or impeccably by the studio camera which makes for an entertaining and scenic watching experience. 

The site is probably one of the finest when it comes to gay sex, as evidenced by the innumerable videos that feature everything from sucking, barebacking and rimming.

The videos are edited a bit here and there a few times, but most of the footage features uncut, uncensored action unfolding on the viewers’ computer screens.

If you’re someone who enjoyed watching the 2017 film ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and enjoyed watching two guys get down and dirty with each other, and have an inclination towards hardcore, homemade-style gay porn, Homemade Twinks is the answer to all your carnal cravings.

Homemade Twinks is a brand new offering from the stable of the BoyCrush Network, which comprises a total of three sites catering to the gay porn category and has been around for a long time now, having started way back in 2005.

Staying true to its name, the Homemade Twinks porn website features ‘twinks’ – where most of the guys are usually in the age group of 18 to 21 years.

If you are enchanted by the cute physique of these models and enjoy watching a great cocktail of vanilla sex, some sugar and spice along with a spoonful of young, boyish charm, you must not miss out on a chance to give the videos at Homemade Twinks a watch.

The site features models such as Elijah Young, Connor Jacobs and the up-and-coming star, Nico Michaelson and even the likes of Scott Alexander, who is exclusive to the BoyCrush network and is quite a star with his charming personality.

For those who prefer watching tattooed hunks might be in for a disappointment since although a few of these male models are inked with tattoos, most models are not either heavily inked or sleeved. Even the cocks are hard and big-sized, so there’s plenty of you to watch and treat your eyes to, savouring each moment even as these models engage in hardcore sucking and licking as the films unfold.

In one of the videos, you can’t help but be mesmerised by the raw appeal of what you see, since it features an extreme amount of rimming up close. All in all, there’s enough to make you cum and fulfil your carnal fantasies with an impeccable, inimitable amount of gay sex that happens on the site.

With a large library of videos and pictures, Homemade Twinks also offers two bonus sites when you subscribe to the BoyCrush Network with one of their subscription plans.

An insane amount of focus on good lighting, POV action and a whole lot of relatable vibe to it makes Homemade Twinks a preferred destination for purveyors of sexy gay porn.

Why is Homemade Twinks better than other similar sites?

Coming from the folks at BoyCrush, being just a part of the network makes Homemade Twinks a site that’s worth looking at, if not buying a subscription.

Homemade Twinks features a delightful collection of videos and pictures of gay boys engaging in some great sexual action which is growing on a daily basis. For purveyors of gay porn, the site is a great resource to explore and satisfy their kinks. 

Showcasing cute lads with tight asses and a slender frame with their dicks hanging out like a banana on the tree, is one of the foremost advantages that this portal has over its counterparts. ​

dd to it the right mix of some amazing vanilla sex that’s on display in here, and you have the perfect recipe for a delicious, mind-blowing session of your favourite gay scenes.

A model index proves helpful as it allows users  to filter these boys who tend to be mostly white-skinned, with a smooth and slender frame coupled with dark or blonde hair alongside shaved and unshaved cocks.

These results are also accompanied by a short little bio for each model which gives you a sneak peek into their specialities, their body features and even a little bit about the videos they’ve starred in previously on the portal.

The scenarios at play are a treat to the eyes, with the sex being messy yet delectable and are spread across situations and locations such as the kitchen, by the poolside or even the good old bedroom or floor sex.

Although original, in-house content produced by them is relatively low, it kind of more than makes up for it with the collection of videos it has scoured from the BoyCrush Network or even the Bare Twinks’ library. 

homemade twinks

Most of these scenes include the mix of POV and steady cam footage which adds a bit of naturalness and originality to the entire experience, an element which is currently missing in the world of porn, dominated by professionally shot, sometimes extreme porn.

The stable of models over here has the charm and machismo as well as a story of its own, with bodies to kill, which makes it one platform which boasts of a lot of potential in the years to come. 

You’d be surprised to know that they actually provide free access to the other two bonus sites and you are probably looking at a growing community around twink porn which signals that this might emerge to become the best twink porn site ever.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites –  BoyCrush, Bare Twinks
  • Bonus sites – 2
  • Total number of videos – 1,137 (including a library of videos scoured from BoyCrush and Bare Twinks, apart from a collection of 33 videos that have been produced in-house)
  • The average length of videos – 22 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920x1080
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 19 photo sets
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos –  912X684
  • DRM protection – No

Website Perforamance Evaluation



Website design

8 / 10

Live stream quality

8 / 10

Quality of Private shows

7 / 10

Number of models

8 / 10

Streaming options

7 / 10

User-friendly features

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

79 / 100


Website address: https://www.homemadetwinks.com/

Homemade Twinks is one site that probably has the cleanest and most clutter-free home page amongst all other sites of the same genre.

When you log onto the site for the first time, you’re greeted with snippets from some of their videos that are posted onto the front page, and are ideally about 40 seconds long.

When you click on them you can see the snippets consisting of some of the best scenes from the video and the full video can be further unlocked once you pay for one of their subscription plans.

homemade twinks lp

Video quality is pretty good and makes for a great watching session which is pleasant and exciting since it also has a bit of background music to add to the overall video consumption experience rather than the horny sounds you’re usually welcomed with.

The videos are DRM-free and hence, can be downloaded onto the individual users’ PC or even streamed online, with no legal complications attached thereby. ​

All of their videos are uncensored, which makes it worth a watch, hence ensuring that nothing disrupts your viewing experience, which is the case with quite a few sites that are targeted towards this niche of porn. 

Videos can be streamed in full HD picture quality, alongside the evergreen MP4 format. There are about 19 sets of images that can be filtered from, although that is possible only on its sister site, BoyCrush and not on the Homemade Twinks portal itself.

Additionally, all these photo sets can be viewed in the form of galleries on the site itself or even can be downloaded onto your own PC in the form of a Zip file, which is the case with any trustworthy, value for money premium porn site.

Movies are neatly streamed on their viewing page, with a clean and minimalistic media player with smooth playback capabilities. Their navigation is neat and clean, and the movies and images have thumbnails attached to them, so you get an idea of what to expect from this site.

Although some of the POV action in the videos which is shot with either a selfie stick or handheld camera is shaky, the sleek editing more than makes up for it.

Their membership signup page is simple and free from any kind of advertisement or cross-sales, which makes it a safer alternative to other similar sites. As a member, you can also gain access to a blog and forum, and links to other sites of interest and an online store.

There are live cam sessions too, hence rounding off a comprehensive gay porn experience.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Unlike other similar sites, the pricing structure at Homemade Twinks is pretty simple and affordable, which means that it doesn’t cost a lot on the members’ pockets. The details of the transactions and the members’ personal financial details are kept confidential, and are safe and secure.

Members can also pay either via PayPal or Debit and Credit cards, which ensures a fuss-free transaction.  Their pricing plans are as follows –

  • $1.95 - 3 Days Trial Membership
  • $1.95 - 3 Days Trial Membership
  •  $16.65 per month - 1 Month Free
  •  $24.95 - 1 Month Membership


Homemade Twinks is a website that caters to the niche yet competitive category of POV focused gay porn.

The site faces competition from the likes of GayTube, GayBoysTube and ZZgays. While some of the aforementioned names are similar to Homemade Twinks’, others such as ZZgays are merely aggregators that scour the Internet for homemade gay porn content.

The biggest advantage Homemade Twinks has over its competitors is the brand name of the BoyCrush network, which serves its marketing as well as the value proposition that it provides in terms of the affordability of its subscription plans which makes it a website that’s gained a slight edge over others.


  • A collection of two 3 bonus sites to accompany their membership plans
  • This portal is part of the famed BoyCrush Network which features a humongous collection of exciting, aesthetically shot gay porn
  • This portal is part of the famed BoyCrush Network which features a humongous collection of exciting, aesthetically shot gay porn
  • Most of the models over on here are young twinks in the age bracket of 18 to 21 years of age, while it also has those who are above 25 years of age to cater to those who like slightly older gay models
  • Customer support is pretty responsive, and resolves any issues associated with the site at the earliest
  • Contains everything from solos, blowjobs, barebacking and rimming among other scenes along with plenty of sucking and throbbing
  • Its tagline is – ‘HD CONTENT with a POV FOCUS’
  • An interesting collection of over 1,000 photo sets and video footage on the BoyCrush network which comes as a part of the subscription.
  • Model index and easy sorting and filtering options
  • Thousands of hardcore gay sex scenes
  • Clutter-free homepage with minimalistic design aesthetics
  • Live cam sex sessions add a layer of live experience to the overall UX of the site
  • No limit on how many downloads one can do from on here
  • Access to images and videos that have multiple resolutions
  • Stream and download content in 1080p resolution, WMV and MP4 file formats, ensuring a great watching experience
  • Its sex scenes are quite well-directed, featuring some great, slick editing on the videos
  • Viewing and streaming page is pretty decent and allows for easy playback and streaming of these videos
  • Photos come in galleries which can be browsed by moving back and forth on the page itself
  • Blogs and discussion forums are some intriguing features of this site, which helps it stand out in a competitive space
  • Works great on PC as well as mobile devices
  • Multiple payment options with affordable pricing plans.  


  • The site’s design at times might feel as if the site’s owners are not paying requisite attention to the end user’s experience
  • The collection of videos that are produced in-house is only about 33 videos in total, which is pretty low as compared to some other players of the same genre.
  • The videos have a runtime of about 22 minutes, which might prove to be a little too much for some viewers
  • The updates on the upload front is not so frequent, and videos are uploaded after long gaps, which is something that can be improved
  • Some of the users have expressed their disappointment, terming Homemade Twinks as more of an experiment trying to elaborate and build upon the POV aspect of videos at Bare Twinks
  • Some videos that are shot with either a selfie stick or handheld cameras tend to be shaky at times which kind of breaks the flow of the viewer
  • No features such as ratings and liking or commenting points towards a lack of interactive features

Customer Support & Other Services

The folks at BoyCrush Network pride themselves in a responsive and quick action customer support team. They can be reached out at the following links with regards to any issues or grievances related to the customer and the website’s usage.

Final Verdict

The Homemade Twinks portal features a good collection of gay porn and amazing gay sex scenes shot impeccably with either a POV angle or a standalone camera, with the help of a cameraman, which somewhat adds up to the whole experience of watching porn here.

Though the current library of in-house is not as robust, it more than makes up for it with the curation of over a 1,000 videos from its sister sites such as BoyCrush and Bare Twinks.

The membership pricing is pretty decent and the amount of features that it has, with a minimalistic design aesthetic is quite a value for money deal.

It can be given a shot if you are someone who wants to enjoy a good collection of gay porn along with a few bonus sites and a blog alongside a discussion forum to amplify your overall experience.

Parting words

Reviewed above, were a set of pros and cons of the popular gay porn site called Homemade Twinks.

We hope that this review was informative and entertaining for you in equal measure. We would be happy to know your opinions on this aforementioned site and include your suggestions in our reviews to make them even more comprehensive. Until then, happy browsing!

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