Holed Website Review (2020)


Get ready for the best anal sex videos from the most popular porn website, Holed.

Viewers who have a dream or passion for anal sex can get their dreams to come true.

Holed has come up with a fascinating site where you will love to watch hot models having anal sex.

See the girls penetrating in the most sensual way to seduce you and help you fulfil the desires.

You will surely be addicted to the best videos, and we know you will want to come back to the site again and again.

Along with videos, you can also check out hardcore anal sex scenes. Get ready to watch in-depth, anal, 4K F60 videos to satisfy your fetish desires. Many websites claim to be the best; however, holed is one site that outshines every other sex site.

The site has a lot to offer to viewers having an interest in anal sex. Starting from turning you on to giving you orgasm, Holed will have the best videos and scenes to show you. Hand-picked, hot, sexy, sensual, and glamorous models are here to entertain you uniquely.

Holed is a site that keeps adding videos and scenes after every second week. So even though the updates come a little late, you will have enough watch material. Holed offers unlimited download and streaming facilities, so you can watch the videos whenever you wish to view them.

Why choose Holed over any other porn website?

Unlike any other porn website, Holed is the only site that offers anal specific videos and scenes. With a successful launch in June 2016, the site is running efficiently. Other sites might claim to be the best, but holed is one such site that is famous all across the world.

If a sexy ass is what turns you on, you are in the right place. Here you will get to see some of the sweet buttholes ready to get fucked. As soon as you open the site, your eyes will be wide open, and your desires will start getting on the 9th sky.

The main focus of the site is on the anal niche, but along with this, you will get to see petite girls and young adult videos. The site offers scenes, top-rated videos, and videos of girls who will seduce you completely. To get a whole new experience of the best porn site, you need to open Holed’s login page.

If you are new to the site, you should not miss the chance to become a member of the Holed family. Many benefits come along the membership process. For example, you will be able to see the most erotic scenes, videos, and get to see models who are not available on any other site.

The site has models who are above the age of 18. So, here at Holed you will see girls with tight pussies getting penetrated.

Site Statistics

  • Models- 100
  • Bonus content- Vid cap galleries, discounts, live feeds
  • Live Cam- No free live cam shows
  • Payment options- Diner, JCB, Discover, Online check, Mastercard, VISA, PayPal
  • Model Age- 18-25 Plus
  • Download Managers- Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site- Yes
  • Media Player- Small to a large player
  • Basic search- Yes

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

10 / 10

Live Stream Quality

9 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

9 / 10

Number Of Models

8 / 10

Streaming Options

9 / 10

User-Friendly Features

10 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

90 / 100

Website Overview

Website address: https://holed.com/

Estimated visits to the site last month: 1 million

Discover 100 models in the most erotic way.

Holed website is one such website that focuses on anal sex, where you will see models getting fucked in their sweet buttholes. 


Viewers who think anal sex is their drug, you need not go anywhere else. Hardcore anal sex videos and scenes are available on the Holed website for you to satisfy your lusty desires uniquely. See models in seductive lingerie to enjoy the website content.

You will get a chance to watch them open the lingerie, only for you. The reason for you to choose Holed.com is the 24-hour customer support. Once you become a member of this site, you will be able to get a lot of benefits. For instance, you will get to see exclusive content in high quality.

The website updates one video and photo set every ten days. For you, the updates might seem to be late, but Holed believes in providing exclusive content. Therefore, to give you such material, the team is working hard.

We recommend you to go through the website and also compare the content with other sites who claim to provide exclusive videos and photosets. You will find out the difference in merely claiming and providing what holed claims.

The videos are mobile-friendly, which means you can enjoy them anywhere. If you are having sex with your partner and you want to get your spouse or partner in the right mood, Holed is all you need.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Becoming a member of the Holed website is secure and economical. There are four plans available for you to get the membership. However, if you do not want to be a valuable part of the website for an extended period, you can still see the videos and scenes on the official website of Holed for free.

We will recommend you to take up any of the following plans and get a whole new experience of watching anal sex videos:

  • Trial pack: If you opt for this plan, you will have to pay $1 for which you will get limited access to the content on the website.
  • Monthly plan: Currently, Holed is offering a discount on the monthly subscription plan for which you have to pay $17.95 instead of $29.95. It is a hot deal for you to become a valuable member of Holes.com.
  • Plan for three months: The payment of this plan will be made regularly where you have to pay a total of $59.95 for a three months subscription.
  • Yearly plan: Once you love the content of the porn website, you can opt for an annual subscription plan in which you need to pay a recurring amount. The total charges for this plan are $119.40.

You can watch free videos and scenes even if you are not a member of this website. However, once you take up the membership, you will get a lot of benefits. Randomly surfing the site will give you limited access, but a member can see the whole range of videos and scenes.

Also, you will get new updates after ten days for more fun. The payment methods available for the Holed site include PayPal, Mastercard, Driver, and so on. Therefore, select the most convenient platform and get going.


  • You have a chance to see the seductive models getting fucked in the ass.
  • Anal sex is one big deal that is quite painful. However, you will analyze the right techniques to do anal sex properly.
  • Watching porn movies with your partner creates a good mood and helps in lubrication.
  • Holed is where the girls will seduce you to a limit that will be out of your control
  • The download option available at Holed is outstanding. Holed has around 140 exclusive videos where you can see perfectly round asses.
  • You will get a close-up view of the ass that is seducing you during the video streaming.
  • Teen models will give you a hardcore sex scene that will increase your lusty desires.
  • Videos are available in full HD streaming mode, and you can download the videos in Ultra HD quality.
  • You will get to see a well-stretched ass through the exclusive scenes that Holed has on the site.
  • The site is attractive and has a simple design. It is one of the reasons why maximum people get attracted.
  • You will get naughtier after watching a range of videos on Holed.com.
  • Once you sign up, you will get regular updates whenever the team adds a new video or picture set. You will also get updates relating to deals and offers and any changes in the subscription amount.
  • You need not worry about the photo set quality. Holed has high-resolution images that are available for you to download in a Zip file format.
  • The site has white models who have age from 18-25 plus. These models are well-maintained and love their profession.
  • The models have got training to seduce you in the most erotically. You will have the urge to get her out of the screen and fuck her hard.
  • The models available with Holed are mostly U.S based.
  • The website is a mobile-friendly site where you have basic search options with a simple sorting option.
  • You can go through the user comments and ratings before you opt for the membership of the site. It helps you to analyze whether the site is useful or not.
  • The updates take time, but you must know that Holed only gets exclusive material for you.
  • Zip download facility is available for you to get a set of high-quality pictures of models from different angles.
  • The site offers excellent lighting and bright colours for you to see what you are spending your time and money on.
  • Using a simple and convenient site will surely be attractive to viewers. The more you understand, the more fun you can have.
  • There is a long list of language choices available for you. Therefore, you can select your preferred language and country so that Holed gives you what you have been looking for lately.


  • There are minor negative points that we have come across Holed. The first one is related to the network issue. By network, we mean that Holed is technically a part of the system. Here you will not get access to any other site unless you decide to make a payment of $70.
  • The second issue related to the site is the lack of advanced search options and no category or tags option. With the lack of category options, you might have to go through many videos to come on the one you have a desire to watch.
  • Porn movies are time-consuming, so you need to manage your daily activities according to the time you have.
  • Sometimes your partner might not like watching porn movies. And in such a case, you might want to opt-out of the membership.
  • The updates take place every ten days, which means the wait time is quite much.
  • After paying a specific amount, you will surely not want to wait for an extended period to watch another picture set or video.
  • There is an exclusive Girls option available on the website. However, the biodata or stats of the models is not available.
  • There is a possibility of more fraud than trustworthy actions. Porn sites get banned quickly so before you invest, you must make sure the site is a genuine one.
  • Addiction to pornography might take you away from real intimacy. Therefore, there are chances that you might lack attraction towards your partner in real life.
  • To watch a porn movie or scenes, you need to have the privacy as your parents may not like it when you watch adult stuff. Make sure you do not annoy your parents.
  • Porn movies do not impart sex education in a way that they do arouse you but in a more negative manner. Porn videos exaggerate the scenes and moans that generally do not happen in real life.

Competitors of Holed

With the increase in the awareness of porn sites, Holed has got many competitors. Having competitors is good because competition happens only on the best websites. According to a recent survey, we have seen more traffic on the rival sites of Holed. As an alternative, you can visit morehardporn.

This site is also famous for the best anal sex videos. Apart from this, the models on the site are also hand-picked. It means the competition amongst Holed and other similar websites is a cut-throat competition.

Customer Support

The customer service team of Holed is doing exceptionally well by providing 24-hour customer service. No matter what issue you have related to the website, you can get in touch with the dedicated team through the communication modes, which are as follows.

However, before you get in touch with the team, you need to keep some information handy. For instance, the email address that you use, your username, subscription id, and the credit card which you have been using for making the payment.

For any queries, complaints, billing issues, the dedicated team will be here to help you 24/7.

  • If you wish to cancel the membership, you have to visit the site link http://support.fuckyoucash.com/memberships
  • If you want to get the proper support through email service, send in your query or issue to the team on [email protected].
  • Lastly, you can directly call the customer service team on 1-866-636-1109 for which the representative will be happy to help you.

Feel free to contact the Holed customer service team for a whole new service experience.

Final Verdict 

For all the viewers who choose to be a member of the Holed family, will get a chance to see the coolest stuff ever. The site is a simple site that you can operate without any technical knowledge. The limited access videos and photo galleries will turn you on for getting more.

You will surely want to go for the subscription of the site once you go through the content of Holed. Many sites claim to have the best material, but they eventually fail to stay on their verdict. On the other hand, when Holed claims of showing the best, they mean it.

According to the viewer’s comments, the site has to work a little bit towards updating the content quickly. Otherwise, the members are fully satisfied with the videos and unique photosets. Pornography can be addictive, which might cause a lot of issues, so you must be aware of the time constraint.

Developing a habit is totally up to you, Holed is here to give you more and more so get ready to get addicted to something that will completely satisfy you. By watching your favourite anal sex videos, you can masturbate if you are alone.

Trust me; you will surely get the orgasm that you haven’t experienced before.

Parting words

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the pros and cons of watching a porn website. Once you go through the information that we have given, it will be easy for you to know what you should choose. Some sites are not genuine, and there are higher chances of experiencing fraudulent activities.

On the other hand, Holed is a trusted service provider who believes in satisfying the customers and increasing the market share. Also, when it comes to the price, you can compare the membership fee of Holed with other service providers.

Once you are aware of the costs, you will surely go for Holed as it is quite cheaper and genuine.

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