Hitwe Website Review (2020)


Hitwe is one of the rare dating sites which is widely available in multiple languages so that it can easily be used by the members of the platform.

Hitwe is one of the rare dating sites which is widely available in multiple languages so that it can easily be used by the members of the platform.


  • The best thing about this site is that it has high user engagement comprising of more than 2 million members.
  • Hitwe enhances your experience by providing a range of options such as personal messaging and great navigation features.


  • There are a lot of fake users on the platform.
  • There are annoying advertisements and redirects to other sites.

This review covers in-depth about the site statistics, content you will see, performance indicators, positives as well as negatives, pricing, support, and more.

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The last two decades have witnessed the emergence of a pool of online dating sites. One individual can't be active on all of such websites. Hence, it is essential to find out which sites are worth the time and which ones aren't worth the hype.

Hitwe is one of the most popular dating sites today that is created to provide a platform for people to talk to each other and find a suitable match for themselves. Hitwe is not a niche dating site, rather a generic site where people from all backgrounds and locations can talk to each other.

Is Hitwe worth your time and effort? Let's find out!

What makes Hitwe popular?

There are about 2 million users and registered members at Hitwe. Hitwe has been able to gather a large number of members in a small amount of time. While Hitwe is like most other platforms that allow strangers to come together and get to know each other,

Hitwe has a few unique features because of which it is popular amongst its users. One of such features is that the platform provides a chatroom to connect its users. Secondly, the fascinating feature of the platform is that the users can send a message to one another, regardless of matching with them.

Most dating sites need the users to match with one another before they can message and contact each other. This is not the case with Hitwe. Lastly, the main features of a dating site are free at Hitwe. Some features are needed to be paid for.

But, these features are not essential in the process of matching and talking to another person. Also, the amount that is required to be paid by the users to gain a premium membership at Hitwe is not very high. Hence, the users prefer to use the platform more than many other dating platforms.


Website link – https://hitwe.com/

Estimated Daily Logins – 3,000

Hitwe is one of the rare dating sites that is available in multiple languages, to be used by the users or members of the platform.

The website can be accessed in 6 different languages which are English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

The site was launched in the year 2015, and currently, there are about 2 million registered users of the site. 

hitwe lp

These registered users of the site are from across the world, wherein a significant chunk of the users belongs to Ukraine, Brazil and Russia. Apart from these locations, the U.S. has a substantial number of registered users who access the site regularly. On average, about 3,000 logins occur at the site daily.

Hitwe is available through a desktop site, and all its features can be easily accessed through  it. But, the platform is also available through an app that is available for both Android and iOS users, to remotely access the site, its features and their matches.

The site design is easy and convenient to use. Some users belong to the age groups of 30-40, and they will not find it difficult to access and operate the site. The site has a live-chat feature that can be used by the users to chat with their matches and take the conversations forward.

While the gender ratio at the site is equal, most of the members at Hitwe belong to the age group of below 35 years, who are looking for matches of their choice and wish to date or find love. Many members of the site are also looking for casual dates or hookups.

The process of signing up on the site is easy, and the users can sign-up using not just their email but also other platforms such as Facebook or Google+. The site requires the users to verify their emails from which they are signing up on the site.

The users can upload a maximum of 20 photos on the site, which is more than most dating sites. While signing up, a few necessary details are required to be entered by the users. They have the choice to make their profiles as detailed as possible.

While some users enter fundamental information, others choose to create detailed profiles so that they can easily attract other users towards their profiles. The profile pictures of the users can be seen by all members, but they can change the settings of the photo gallery later on.

Hitwe can be rated as average in terms of the security of the platform. It is so because like most dating platforms, a few fake profiles can be spotted on the site. Hitwe does provide the option to its users to report any fake or spam profiles.

Hitwe provides a personal live-chat function as well as a chatroom to the users through which they can connect with the users around them. The site also has a news feed where the pictures of online users are displayed and can be seen by the users.

The highlight about Hitwe is that it allows the users to send a personal message to other users without actually matching with them. The profiles to be matched with are suggested to the users based on their location.

This means that the profiles of other users who are in close proximity are shown to the users. The chat feature is also free to be used by the users and members of the site. The notifications for these messages are sent to the users through emails as well as the browser.  

While using the app, notifications are received within the notifications section of the smartphone. The interface of the app is clean and user-friendly, but too many ad pop-ups are found. The app and the site often have multiple add pop-ups which the users have to close while using the platform.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Pricing is an important factor for most dating sites. While some of the dating sites are completely free of use, others have some paid features and services. Hitwe has a good amount of features and services that are available to be used by the users for free.

But, some of the features are still required to be paid for. The free services include being able to match with other users, being able to text them, with or without being a match, being able to upload about 20 images in the profile and being able to know the previous visitors or  admirers of your profile.

Though, the free users cannot find out about the most recent five visitors or likes on their profile. There are a few services that the users are required to pay for as well. Paid users can disable the ads popping up on their accounts.

Also, they can appear on the top of the list of other users nearby them as well as in the inboxes of the users who have been messaged by them. The paid users can also gain access to the 'read' sign on the messages that are sent in their chats to other matches.

They can instantly view the likes and visitors on their pages. Lastly, paid users also have access to unlimited likes. Even though the users are required to pay to gain access to some of the premium features, the cost that is required to be paid is very low.

The membership at Hitwe has been divided into 1-month, 3-month and 12-month memberships. The one-month membership at Hitwe costs USD 7.99. The three-month membership costs USD 17.97.

Lastly, the twelve-month membership costs about USD 47.28 in total, which comes down to approximately $4 a month. This cost is much cheaper than other dating platforms, and the features that are gained are not even that much important.  

Hence, paying for the membership is very much option even for users who are regularly making use of the site to find suitable matches for themselves.

Site Performance Score (out of 10)



Signing Up

8 / 10

Making Contact

9 / 10

Profile Quality

7 / 10

Real Life Review

8 / 10

Value For Price

7 / 10

Quality of Members

6 / 10

Ease of Use

7 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

6.5 / 10


6 / 10

Overall Performance

7.1 / 10

Site Statistics

  • 2 million registered users on the site
  • About 12,000,000 users belong to U.S.
  • 3000 user logins on a daily basis
  • Users from both genders are present equally
  • Age group of users is between 18-40
  • Apart from U.S. users are also from Russia, Ukraine and Brazil

Competitors of Hitwe

Hitwe is a platform that allows its users to match with one another and connect to date each other, either casually or seriously. As we stated above, Hitwe is a generic dating site, which is not based on a specific niche. Hence, many other sites act as competition for Hitwe.

The most popular sites and apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble are strong competitors of Hitwe. But apart from these sites, apps like Bloomy, Twoo and Topface are also similar apps that are liked  among users and act as competitors for Hitwe.


  • Hitwe has about 2 million registered users.
  • Both men and women are active on the site, and quality members can be found to connect with on the platform.
  • Multiple languages can be chosen from while using the site.
  • Chat Rooms are available to connect multiple users at a time.
  • Detailed profiles can be created by users to attract other users.
  • Each user in their profiles can add about 20 pictures.
  • The profile picture is visible to all, but the other pictures in the gallery can be secured through privacy options.
  • Both the desktop site and mobile apps for Android as well as iOS are available to be used by the users.
  • The potential matches are shown based on the distance-based proximity of the users. In other words, users who are closer to you will be displayed on your profile.
  • Users can message others  without actually matching with them.
  • The users can send interests by sending likes on profiles and filters can be used to find potential matches.
  • The cost of membership is very cheap, and the features provided through such membership are not core features required for the process of connecting and chatting with other users.
  • The interface of the apps and the layout of the site are easy to use and understand.
  • The platform provides a news feed which makes the platform more like a social media platform. The recently uploaded pictures of other users can be spotted on the news feed.


  • Hitwe is not a niche app. It is similar to other dating apps where people from any background and any geographical locations can sign up.
  • The users on the platform are not very active, making it difficult to initiate conversations with profiles that you may have matched with.
  • There are too many pop-up ads on the chat screens that the users are required to deal with unless they pay for the premium subscription.
  • The platform has some fake or spam profiles, which means that the aspect of security and safety of the users is not strongly taken care of by the platform.
  • The support and customer care services are only provided through the site, and no customer care number is available to contact. The users are required to fill up a form, in brief, to explain their problems and are contacted back through email.

Customer Support

Hitwe is one of those dating sites that do not provide a contact number or a customer care number through which the users and members of the company can contact with regards to any problems being faced by them.

The support page of Hitwe consists of a few important questions and their answers which are mostly the topic of concerns for the users. The answers have been provided in great detail, and users can check them out to get a solution to their problems.

Further, there is a messaging system through which they can share specific requests, complaints and problems  with the company. It can be done by filling out a mini-form, consisting of the problem in brief.

The response consisting of the solution  to the specific problem is provided to the user on their respective emails. The support page of Hitwe can be found at - https://hitwe.com/helpcenter. Apart from the support page, Hitwe can also be contacted on their social media profiles.

They are available on three of the most popular sites, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The links of all three are being provided below –


Hitwe is a basic dating site that welcomes users and members from all backgrounds. It has registered users from multiple locations, and the site is accessible in multiple languages for the convenience of the users.

The site provides multiple features for free such as signing-up and creating a detailed profile, matching with other users, sending messages to other users  without even matching with them etc. Also, the site provides live-chat and chat room options to improve the experience of chatting with other users.

The main highlight of this platform is that the users can message each other without actually matching with them. This allows the users to instantly connect with other profiles without having to wait for a match.

The main features of the site are available for free, and many good profiles can be accessed by the users without paying any charge. The premium membership also does not cost a lot and can be taken by the users to access a few extra features.

There are a few drawbacks about the platform though. The platform does not offer anything extra or unique as compared to other dating platforms, except the feature of messaging others without a match.

Also, there are too many pop-up ads on the site that can be annoying in the process of enjoying a fun chat with a suitable match. Also, not many members of Hitwe are active regularly.

If these issues do not bother you, we suggest that you give Hitwe a chance because it is mostly free and provides some good features as well such as chat rooms, detailed profiles and the ability to message whomever you like.

Parting Words

We always work towards ensuring that the right and unbiased reviews of dating sites reach you so that you can make the right decisions about joining a certain dating site.

We hope that this review was useful for you and that you will stick around with us for more of such honest and unbiased reviews of other dating sites.

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