Hentai2Read Review (2020)


If you belong to that fascinating breed of porn lover who loves to read porn magazines with pictures and is looking for an excellent online website which hosts them, looks nowhere else but HENTAI2READ.


  • The website has an insane collection of photo galleries, which contain more than a million anime photos of amateur hentai porn. 
  • The images provided on this site have excellent image resolution, which makes the content many times more fascinating to read. 


  • However, it would be disappointing to know that you wouldn’t be able to download them. 
  • Moreover, the website has a lot of advertisements, which could be annoying for users. 

If you wish to know more about the site, make sure you read the review.

Watching porn is not just watching videos and surfing through the photos but more than it. Some porn lovers love to read porn magazines with pictures.

There are categories like hentai manga and adult comics in porn magazines. The content in these categories are porn pictures with a story around it.

The hentai manga originates from Japan and has its translation in English as well.

For porn lovers, Hentai2read is a hentai manga category of porn website, especially for enthusiastic porn readers.

Hentai2read is an adult website containing a collection of hentai comics. 


There are various categories in these comics such as doujinshi, yaoi, gender bender, Yuri, tentacles, lactation, futanari, big breasts, ecchi, lolicon, and harem. In this porn section, there are various comics-related to these categories which can be read by the visitors.

The website is very similar like professional easy to use reader versions of books. Hentai2read is a world of hentai manga collection for porn enthusiasts who love to read porn content.

What made Hentai2read so popular? 

Hentai2read is a vast collection of hentai manga comics. When you first visit the site, you will feel that it's like a directory of some reading material. But it's a huge directory of hentai type of porn material displayed according to its categories.

The main reason behind its popularity is that the site has all the required categories of hentai manga content arranged perfectly. Hentai2read has everything a hentai lover can think of.

There is a directory consisting of all categories of comics. There are hentai games and Nutaku games on the site as well. There's a lot of anime porn on this site which you will love to explore.

The comics are usually translated into the English language which is an added assistance for porn lovers. All the anime hentai content is uploaded daily on the site.

Visitors on this site can find their new favourite stuff every day. So recently the site has attracted thousands of visitors every single day. This has led to the rapid increase in popularity of Hentai2read.



Estimated page visits last month – About 18 million.

When it comes to reading hentai manga anime porn, the first thing to visit is the site of Hentai2read. The Hentai2read is a Japanese anime porn site providing thousands of hentai manga comics for its users.

The first thing about this site is that the visitors can enjoy all the hentai content totally for free. Started in 2011, this site has gained huge popularity among the anime porn lovers due to its exclusive hentai porn content.

Having more than a million images, this site has all that an anime porn enthusiast needs. The Hentai2read has all its hentai manga contents in English. All the Japanese scripts are well translated into English so that all the visitors can enjoy them with ease.

The website is mobile-friendly so users can easily read all the manga stories on their devices. The website interface is quite accessible for the users and without any errors while loading pages.

However, you can’t download all these erotic manga comics on your device. You will love to explore through the categories section of this site.

hentai2read landing page

There are categories such as Doujinshi, amateur, Tankoubon, Yuri, Yaoi, hardcore anime, threesome, group, gangbang, fetish, masturbation, facial-cumshot, oral sex, deep throat, sex toy, pissing, squirting, pervert, gaping and bizarre.

The manga galleries are divided according to these categories. You will love to read the categorical manga galleries like a busty slut gets a new boyfriend, shota hunting, sluts being fucked, sluts with big titties and many more.

On visiting the site, you will get two navigation tabs both on the right and left side on the first page. Not just hentai galleries but you can enjoy some of the exclusive porn games on this site.

Those who read these hentai comics will love to play the games on this site. The games are of extremely high quality with wild adventures and hot models.

The famous games like flower knight girl, chick wars, marchen nocturne, sacred sword sweeties, fap CEO, seven sirens, pon pon and fake lay are available to play for the visitors on this site.

The registration on this site is free. Joined members can read all the hentai galleries for free. They can even join the forum where there are discussions held on various category topics.

The members can comment on the galleries and can share their opinions there. You can bookmark your favourite gallery for further read. Based on the rankings, you can read the top stories too.

In short, this site is full of porn entertainment for all the hentai porn lovers.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

10 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality of picture gallery

9 / 10


9 / 10




9 / 10


10 / 10

Value for money

10 / 10

Exclusivity of Pictures


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics 

  • Primary Niche – Hentai manga, amateur
  • Models age – 18 to 50+
  • Profession of models – Amateur
  • Total number of image galleries - 26355
  • Download limit – Not Downloadable
  • Total number of photo sets – 1185975
  • Photo thumbnail – yes
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – no
  • Maximum resolution of photos –  1200 x 800
  • Zip File - Yes
  • Content update – Yes (Daily)
  • Mobile Website – Yes


The Hentai2read do not charge for any registration as a member. The visitors can register on the site for free. The registration process takes only a few moments, and once you get registered, you can watch all the hentai porn content without any disturbance.

Registered members can join the large network of hentai porn community on the site. Playing games on the site is also free for registered members.


  • The Hentai2read is operating since 2011 while providing exclusive hentai manga porn content to its visitors. The website provides all categories of anime hentai porn in the form of image galleries.
  • The website has a large collection of photo galleries containing more than a million anime photos of amateur hentai porn. All the photos are divided into categories. There are multiple categories to choose from.
  • The top-rated photo galleries are displayed on the popular section on the website. The top photos are categorized according to the ratings, spotlight, and trending section, which are selected by the members.
  • The photos provided on this site have better image resolution. The images get loaded very easily on the site.
  • It is a lot easier for a user to search for their favourite gallery due to the customized categorization of all content on the site. The users can even bookmark their favourite photo gallery on their profile page. When they visit the site next time, they can view their bookmarked galleries easily.
  • The registration process is very simple for the visitors here. The visitors require only a few seconds to get registered on the site. Once registered, they can enjoy all the hentai content for free. There are no special registration charges for the membership.
  • The profile gets created on the site once you are registered to it. The profile is easy to manage while enjoying the content on the site.
  • Registered members can chat on the site with other members and can provide comments and suggestions on the photo galleries.
  • The anime hentai content on the site gets updated daily. There are regular uploads and upgradation of fresh new image galleries from various categories. The member can get their daily dose of exclusive hentai porn here.
  • Not just hentai manga collection but the registered members can enjoy various porn games on this site. There are hundreds of interesting hentai porn games to be played here
  • The website design is very professional, providing a unique experience to its users. There are multiple tabs on this site which let members search for the exact category of hentai content. The site user interface is very excellent, as well. Members and even first time visitors can enjoy hassle-free anime hentai porn here
  • There is a FAQ section where members can get their questions answered instantly. The support team also offer instant website support for the members
  • The website has great mobile support. The members can view this site better on their mobiles and read the hentai collection conveniently


  • The most disappointing thing about this site is that you can't download the hentai manga image galleries on your device. There are no download options available for any hentai image categories.
  • The hentai2read website has a lot of advertisements on their webpages. While you are enjoying some hentai gallery, you will get disturbed frequently by the pop-up adverts. This leads to an interruption in watching favourite image galleries.
  • The category section still lacks some of the categories which are on the hot list of many hentai porn lovers. There should be more categories of hentai image galleries in order to experience unlimited hentai porn entertainment.
  • Some of the hentai galleries lack in better resolution picture quality. And also some of the galleries do not have a translation from Japanese to English.
  • There are filters to some of the galleries in the different category section.


The Hentai2read falls under the category of websites providing hentai manga porn content to its visitors. Many other similar websites are providing the same content in the porn industry.

Some of the famous hentai porn websites are Hentaidude, Animehentai, Hentaistream, Nhentai, Simplyhentai, Hentaifromhell, and Hentai porn tube. These sites are also best to provide exclusive hentai porn content just like Hentai2read.

But some of these sites do charge for their registration and only provide exclusive collection for the paid members. The sites similar to Hentai2read also offer better image resolution and huge collection of hentai manga comics.

But many of the sites do not have their scripts translation in English. Also, some websites have a wide range of hentai categories than hentai2read. Despite such competition, this site has managed to maintain its popularity among the hentai porn lovers.



HentaiDude is a porn site that offers both censored and uncensored scenes. Here, you will also find many 3D animation scenes that can be streamed and downloaded without paying anything.

However, the sad thing is that most of the videos are of censored type. Around 1700 erotic Hentiai scenes are featured on this site. These scenes comprises hot Hentai chicks who have big booties and tits.

There are many full length scenes and the average duration of the scenes is 15 minutes. However, you will see many pop-up ads while browsing the scenes.

Overall, the site has a good collection of Hentai porn scenes but the number of HD scenes is just over 40.



If you feel excited to watch Hentai porn videos then you can visit HentaiStream because it has thousands of steamy Hentai clips. A collection of 3000 porn scenes that mostly includes uncensored porn clips proves to be more than enough to provide you a satisfying porn watching session.

However, since it is a free porn portal, it also has lots of flashy and disturbing ads as well. Also, there are few HD scenes on this site but you can watch and download as many scenes as you like on HentaiStream. 



For sexy Hentai videos and entertaining parodies of popular cartoon and manga series, you can latch on NHentai. It is a free site that features lots of pop-up adverts and this can deteriorate your overall experience.

Porn collection of this site can be explored with the help of tags and a basic search engine. Moreover, you can also go through the scenes by visiting a page called artists where you will find the scenes categorized as per their respective creators. 

It has a good collection of porn comics as well and the overall quality of the scenes is quite satisfactory. 

Simply Hentai 


Simply Hentai is a porn site that specializes in all kinds of Hentai content. The best aspect of this site is that it has a user-friendly and modern website. 

Also, there are around 1500 Hentai clips and an equal number of adult comics as well. However, you will not be able to watch content in HD resolution here and there are some pop-up ads as well.


All the visitors and registered members on Hentai2read can get 24/7 support from the support team in case of any issues while on site. There is a support centre on the site through which the members can ask for any support on the site instantly.

The support team has enabled the site settings option for its visitors. The visitors can select their preferences on the settings page and then enjoy unlimited hentai porn content.

The data provided by visitors is secured and handled by the support team. The support centre will respond immediately to your questions on the site.


Hentai2read is one of the finest websites for the hentai porn lovers who love reading unlimited hentai manga porn comics. You will love to search for your favourite hentai categories while here on this site.

The site has all the image galleries divided into five categories in the hentai manga porn. Right from the staff picks to top-rated comics you find a variety of hentai comics here.

The site is very accessible having finest user interface. The users will get navigated smoothly to their required section through the sidebars. All the comics here are very well translated into English so that every user can read them with ease.

Finally, the best thing about hentai2read is that the users can read unlimited hentai comics at free of cost as there are no registration charges.

Parting words 

Enjoying free and uninterrupted hentai anime porn is only possible at henti2read website. If you are a hardcore hentai manga porn comics lover, you can visit this site.

Once you read the finest hentai comics here, you will not resist visiting this site every time.

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