Heavy R Review (2020)

Heavy R

This is a perversion in its best extreme. There are porn sites, and then there is the Heavy R. The site is a complete compilation of pervert sex.

As more and more people are exploring sexuality and sex preference, the demand for kinky sex has gone a step ahead with more and more people indulging in some serious sex games.

While sex and pornography might be something of a ‘norm’ however, this site brings together some real dirty shit to the table.

Most and a wide variety of the videos are mobile uploads where persons or participants have themselves filmed the entire sequence of sex dirt kink fetish and everything in between.

There are also available for you videos of extreme close-ups of grinding, sucking, pussy eating, more than one dick sucking, public sex, teenaged sex and also a couple of snuff films to go with it.

These are amateur videos that have been shot while on the act using a home camera or even a mobile camera in a lot of cases. This only makes it all the more desirable and much-watched as you know, you are viewing an absolute reality taking place.

What makes Heavy R so accessible?

These videos are pure perversions at its best. Here you will be offered truckloads of some of the most explicit sex acts at play. The theme is rustic, and some of the videos are simply too real for their excellence.

These videos have been shot as the action was taking place, making it much more watched and shared. These are mostly home videos with real people indulging in extreme sexual fetishes. The library is filled with all things dirty.

Here you will be treated with sex in its most beastly forms which have been uploaded for the requirements of such fetish that exists amongst the people in certain places. The collection only depicts the acts of gruesome sexual perversion behind the forbidden doors.

Here you will be treated to the ‘dark side of love’ where things can get to any extreme as and when desired. The videos appear to be real shots, especially the ones that involve stabbing, cutting, torture, and other BDSM-themed acts.

Some films involve heavy incest, torture rape and murder and also twisted plots that include the most gruesome acts a human mind can think of. There are videos to treat all sorts of fetish you might harbour.

Right from the milking videos, pissing on self, dudes were sucking their cocks, lesbian sex using dildos of large sizes, masturbation to an entirely new level of extreme fisting and also double fisting in a few cases.

There are also explicit videos of naked body examinations showing the gynec-shots, close-ups of cervix insertions and many other extreme films of kinky brutality. There are also available childbirth films on a close up for that pervert who enjoy such a thing and even drinking cum, milk and piss movies.

Some of the videos are extreme and might be disturbing for an audience that is not ready for such exposure. Also, real videos of BDSM acts have been filmed, showing the extreme nature of the law and its contents.

Here you will be treated to a lot of wax-burning, nipple piercing, vaginal insertion while bonded, sex using sex machines and also slitting of the skin to bleed. The orgies are well-shot, as one can put is that way, where things are not rushed about or even blurred.

They are bright, precise and detailed. As most of these have been filmed from real experiences, there are no storylines. The videos are categorized, and the user can simply click and view the action without any wait.

Website Overview

The web address of the site: https://www.heavy-r.com

Estimated visits last month: over 3 billion

The site is raw and rustic. This is a severe porn website that focuses on the most bizarre and perverts sexual fantasies ever imagined.

The site has a vast customer base and a large number of new visits every day. It is not an exaggeration to say that the site is almost addictive.

There are too many categories and nearly everything for everyone. There are a few videos that are home shot and do not reveal the faces of the participants. 

This kind of adds to the mystery of the entire excitement, thus making it all the more appealing.

heavy r lp

This particular porn site is mostly free. A free member can make the most out of the various categories and sections available here. The users can simply go to the group they wish to view and get going right away.

The best part about this site is the fact that there is all possible sick dirty illegal sexual fetish available. There is a wide variety of a vast collection of films that have been self mads with the homes and rooms or also staged to be watched.

The site is, in a way dedicated to the sickening mindset of perverts. Here you will be welcomed with a wide variety of most offensive categories and rightly tagged as well. There are ‘Disgusting videos’, ‘Bizarre videos’, ‘shocking videos, Fail videos and plenty of crazy stuff floating about.

The login at the site is quite an easy task to do. The user simply has to offer a few necessary details about themselves, and they will be swiftly ushered into the rabbit hole of this porn site. The site itself is a basic one with all the categories neatly lined up on the tab above and also on the sidebar.

There are videos available in a large number of classes. Some prime ones being MILF porn, Gay porn, Lesbian porn, Insertion, Big dick, big tits, Fisting, Hardcore, Torture, Poop, pissing and a lot more. There is a new content update at the site almost every day and a lot of views every single second.

However, the site is not for the faint of heart. Here you will be exposed to a large number of disturbing videos that also show child pornography, snuff films, blood sex, balding, surgical procedures to the details and a lot more.

However, one cannot deny the fact that this site fulfils the promise of being ‘heavy’ on a lot of things, perverts will surely not be disappointed.

There is also a picture gallery titled ‘Porn pics’, where the users can jerk-off at a vast collection of some of the plainest sick and disgusting things people find sexually arousing. The ‘Live Sex’ is a great feature and is much needed at a site as such.

Here the users will get to view gamers strip as they play online games and many such features in a similar theme. Here you will have to go through a ‘questionnaire’ of types to finally gain access to people who perform sexual explicitness while on air.

The search bar is a simple one, where the users can simply type what they wish to view, and it will be neatly displayed likewise. There is also the ‘Upload’ section at the site where the users can upload various videos of their choice as and when required.

The quality of the videos is not that great, but they serve the purpose of arousing sick minds nevertheless. As there are quite a few collections available within various categories, the users can jerk-off likewise.

Each video has the data to show how many people have viewed that particular video, and when was the video uploaded. The home page is necessary, ugly and quite shameless in stating what the site is all about.

There is a ‘Today’s Favorite’ at the top display, where the users can simply view what is hot recently and get on with it. Also on the home page is available the ‘Recent uploads’ thus giving you the insight about which are the recent fresh videos to watch out for.

There is also the ‘Featured Pics’ section at the site where you get to view some super vulgar pictures. These have a display that reads the number of  views and the number of ‘fucks’ given. There are 429 pages in all the at the site.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) NA
  • Top niche sites – NA
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 7K+
  • Photo slideshows – no
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – NO

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10

Quality Of Videos

7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100

Competitors of Heavy R

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  • Feet 9
  • Redtube

Pricing at the Site

The site is essentially a free one. The free users can easily browse and explore the various categories with any sort of obstacle. Perhaps this is the site’s main reason for unbiased popularity.

Support at the Site

For any issues at the site, you can reach them at:

604 Cameron Street




Phone: +64.48319528


  • This is a hardcore porn site that caters to the abnormal fetish of porn lovers from around the world.
  • The site has a vast section and categories of some of the best and much sought after videos that people with various sickening fetish like to watch. There is no denying that there is something for everyone here. Be it insertion, masturbation, BDSM, lesbian sex, gay-sex, even paedophilia is shown.
  • There is a section for you to be able to upload your collection. It is entirely encouraged by the makers of the site for the users to upload and contribute to the already growing collection.
  • The site is free of cost. This adds to its popularity and has visitors and members joining by the seconds. The users can simply log in and get going; There are no roundabouts and protection walls of any sorts.
  • This is a site for everything kinky dirty, disturbing and fetish. Here all the requirements of the various users are met without missing out on any possible sick category that can be imagined. The site also has a good collection of Snuff films which are of good quality and quite detailed. There are rape videos and even videos of humiliation, where the users can watch and masturbate as another human being is degraded to a stage of nothingness. Also, the people with poop-fetish will have a gala time viewing all the poop they want and still get fresh ones every day as there happens to be an upload every day.
  • The videos are lengthy and elaborate enough to get you to orgasm at least twice. These are also well-shot, while some of them do have a strict mannerism where the participant’s faces are not revealed.
  • Live porn is an excellent section at the site, where you can watch people masturbate and go sexually explicit for you.


  • The support at the site is not advanced.
  • The video quality of the films is not that great.
  • The server is used for various other websites as well.
  • The speed of the website is quite slow in comparison to the other competitive sites.
  • There is disturbing content available which is not for all.

Final Verdict

This is a site to watch all the porn you had always wanted to and a lot more. The site is explicit, and there are no apologies by the creators in accepting the same. This is a site where all your sick fantasies, fetish, and various kinky desires will come true.

You simply have to imagine a sick dream, and it will materialize at the site. This place is not for the faint of heart, and it does require some amount of education before actually viewing them.

There is various disturbing and disgusting content at the site that might not be accepted and appreciated by many. However, as we live in a free world, everyone has the right to fulfil their desires.

Some of the videos are plain sickening; like the ‘Vomit compilation’, ‘fisting competition’, ‘surgical procedures’ in extreme detail. What is all the more shocking is the snuff film collection at the site. Here people who harbour a fetish for blood and murder can watch it in full glory.

There are also available an admirable collection of ‘real footage’ of weird things that people can masturbate to. Also, the photo section at the site is extensive and broad and has a vast collection of various pictures of people doing bizarre things on the camera.

parting word

The world is as complicated as it can get. There are people from all sorts of backgrounds and mindsets. These people have a slightly different take on sexuality altogether and require a little extra to orgasm. These are generally the fetish lovers who have a strange preference for the weird.

There are all sorts of kinky things that can turn on a person, and it could also be an actual thing or an object. For such people, the site Heavy R brings together an excellent compilation of some of the most disturbing collections from all over the web world and beyond.

Here you can watch a full-fledged BDSM session in action. There is absolutely no censorship available, as the viewers are here to listen and jerk-off in the best possible way. The site brings together a vast library of fetish and kink together.

You can enjoy a complete session of some of the most strange footages, films and videos imaginable. There are also available users from all over the world who can upload their content which can be suitable for the site. Lastly, one thing is for sure; you will be shocked out of your pants.

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