HardX Review


HardX is a fantastic website that provides some erotic content. Here you can enjoy group sex, BDSM, facial, 1st timers and much more.

The quality of the videos are clear and praiseworthy. 


  • Some of the videos on this platform can arouse your mind due to high pitch moaning and orgasms. 
  • The updates on the website are also frequent so that you do not feel like running out of content.


  • If you search for some information about the models and the porn stars, then you are not going to get them on the HardX platform. 
  • Some of the contents are too rough and tough that might not be your cup of tea. 

In this article, you will get to know about HardX in detail.

Want to know what it is like to have sex for the first time? Well, HardX will get you nearby to that experience with the extensive videos and other sorts of media surrounding anal and amateur sex. The amateur aspect of HardX is highlighted with the presence of such type of content on the website.

Otherwise, it has porn recorded and distributed by official porn stars and associated studios. HardX is yet another awesome platform to enjoy sexy hot and erotic videos that too with a good quality and praiseworthy content.

All it takes is just a bit of searching for something that you like the most and voila, you will have a great pleasurable experience right away. In terms of the diversity of content, you will find videos from first timers anal porn , gangbangs, facials to other hardcore stuff which can only be handled by pros. 

Truly, the amateur and first-time anal make this website tone down a bit. Otherwise, it is said that the Hard in Hardcore is given by HardX only. That’s fucking too much of hard in one sentence. HardX is known for its raunchy sex content.

Some videos will blow your ears out because of all the fucking high pitched moaning and shouting of a babe as the cock penetratesher whole fucking body. These are the videos that may sometimes prove to be too much for some dudes, but for others, this is what they live for.

And I guess you are from the latter category, you fucking twat 😛 However, HardX is a good website that satisfies the requirements of all hardcore porn lovers . These are the guys who are turned on either by a sexy babe’s shrilling voice, or they are way into BDSM stuff, ruining a girl’s pussy with their cocks.

Why is HardX so popular?

Why shouldn’t it be? There are tons of videos that are too hardcore, and they bring out the monster in a man. This website has a lot to offer, and all of it is in HD quality which further adds to its positive points.

Moreover, I have heard and experienced that this website will get you fucking hard and that too like you have never been before. The way the pornstars are fucked and how they moan,  will get you all horny and then it won’t be easy to bring the hose down unless you are someone like Tommy Gunn.

All the women have been warned too. be careful ladies, your nipples can get way hard and protrude out of your lingerie if you choose to watch it at work.

Don’t do that, if you do, then do not blame me for not telling you that you will get  yourselves embarrassed out there.

hardx banner-min

Out of the various types of content found here, hardcore sex has the highest density. Other than this, you will get deep fucking and blowjob videos. There are interracial threesomes, DP, and cringe-worthy gangbangs that will take you on a horny ride all through the night.

The girls and the videos are way too hot for anyone to handle. But if you are looking to get your breath stuck, go for it. And I am saying it again, HardX is not the place for those who are more into softcore and romantic types of sex.

If you are, then you will be fucking astonished after seeing the videos on this website. And it is true, I have heard that some guys and girls had to close it mid-way. Most importantly, there are several porn stars present on the websitewhose bio and other sorts of information can be seen on the website.

This is something that I like the most about HardX.


Website: https://www.hardx.com/en

Hardx is a good website, on the whole, it has all the elements to get you started, and the structuring is also near perfect.

Well, everything has its flaws, HardX too has some, but that is a story that we can discuss later.

For now, let’s get to know a little bit more about this hardcore paradise. I would call it a paradise, especially for those who are way into some hardcore sex. Right on the homepage, you will find videos and links to various porn stars.

And I extremely like this feature about HardX that they have given everything that you would want to see right on the homepage.


And dude, the babes that you are going to see on their homepage are so seductive that you will be forced to become a member right away. Yes, they are that sexy and breathtaking. Every fucking inch of their body is just perfect.

Natasha Nice, India Summers, Ava Devine, Jada Stevens, and my all-time favourite Mia Malkova. They are the babes who are worth paying for. And I love HardX for this fact, they have provided everything right on the homepage so that you won’t have to be troubled with finding your favourite stuff.

There are two rows of videos with the names and all that. But without acquiring a membership, you won’t be able to watch whole of it. For freeloaders, there are only one or 2-minute previews that can be seen.

This is something that I dislike about them. Even though they are charging money for becoming a member, they could have given access to some videos for free. Consider it your corporate social responsibility dude.But, I would like the HardX guys to provide some longer sneak peeks into their videos for free.

hardx LP 2-min

One good thing is that when you buy the membership for HardX, you will get access to the other three websites that come under the umbrella of X Empire. So, this is something additional that you may get with its membership.

HardX is spot on with its deliverability. Almost everyone with whom, I have discussed this website, they all loved it for what it provides. Moreover, all the videos are in 4K ultra HD video quality. I had never thought earlier that I could also watch porn in Ultra HD.

hat is something I thought was only credited to action movies. Also, there are photos too for the videos that you are going to watch. All the images have a high resolution. And you will get them all in a downloadable zip file. It all seems so great that you will be forced to check out more about HardX. 

Well, that is where we are going next. Followed by this, you will get to know some site statistics, pricing, and competitors of HardX. With new content being uploaded regularly, and every day it gets better and better, HardX is an amazing destination for enjoying some hardcore porn and sex.

Site Statistics

  • Total Movies on the website: more than 650
  • The average length of the videos: 30 to 35 minutes
  • Online streaming: Yes
  • Pictures: Yes
  • Downloading options: Videos and Pictures - Unlimited
  • Estimated monthly visitors – 392K+
  • Lots of Anal Sex videos – HD collection of steamy anal sex scenes
  • Lots of gangbang videos – A big collection of realistically captured gangbang clips
  • Full HD – Most videos are uploaded in 4K and HD formats
  • Rough sex clips – Scenes that feature brutal double penetration & threesomes
  • Bonus sites – A bonus of 3 additional sites are provided with membership
  • Popular porn stars (Female) – Autumn Falls, Riley Reid, Aaliyah Love
  • Popular porn stars (Male) – Manual Ferrara, Bambino, etc.
  • Bonus sites – DarkX (Interracial Sex Scenes), LesbianX (Girl-or-girl action), EroticaX (Glamcore clips)
  • Streaming Player – A large media player that provides a fullscreen mode as well-end
  • Mobile-responsive site? - Yes
  • The age range of pornstars (models) – 18-40
  • Total number of models – 300+

Performance Score (Out of 10)




10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10

Money Value

10 / 10

Downloadable Videos

10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

94 / 100


Let’s talk about money. Before that you have to understand that HardX is not your average porn site which has listed videos and content from all across the web. These types of websites are barely aggregators which provide the pirated content.

HardX is an authentic, legit and amazing porn website that has some raunchy, steamy sex that comes from the real studios. So, when it comes to the pricing, you are paying the price to watch authentic content.

The videos are of full length, they are in 4K ultra HD resolution, and you will also get a lot of information about the porn stars too. Well at times, you will get the membership for as low as $1/monthbut I reckon that it is only an introductory offer. Post that, you will surely have to pay more.

After a month, the prices usually increase to around $15 per month. If you were to continue the monthly membership, the membership price for three months would be, $35. Going ahead, if you fall in love with HardX, you can also take the yearly membership, which comes at $95.

I would say that the prices they are charging are fair and entirely affordable by any hardcore loving guy or gal.


If you are searching for sites like HardX that provide raunchy anal sex and gangbang videos then you can try BrutalX.

It is a perfect place for hardcore porn lovers as you will find lots of nubile teens getting rammed by well-endowed nymphomaniacs.

You will find the only HD and 4K quality porn here The membership plans are quite affordable and you will also be able to purchase a trial plan at just $1.95.


If you are interested to see teens getting mauled brutally by well-hung dudes then you can check out FuckedHard18.com. It is one of the few sites where you will only find exclusive content and the girls are sexy enough to enter your fantasy world! 

Overall, it is a good competitor to HardX even though its porn collection is not as huge as HardX. For enjoying hardcore fetish clips and passionate anal sex scenes, you can visit BrutalCastings.com. Here, you will find the cutest teens and milfs who are ready to take in big monsters in their tiny holes.

This site has a clean interface and a collection that is almost as huge as that of HardX. It provides a separate section for gay porn enthusiasts where you will find buff dudes getting kidnapped and assaulted brutally by gay men.

Moreover, the quality of these videos is quite exceptional as you will not find a single video that is not uploaded in 4K or HD quality. Therefore, it proves to be a tough competitor to HardX.

Interview with HardX top model, Autumn Falls

These were some of the premium sites that are as good as if not better than HardX. However, if you are interested in some free stuff then you can always check sites like PornHub, XVideos, Xnxx, etc. that have uploaded tons of hardcore anal and group sex videos in different categories and niches.

However, the quality that you will find on free porn portals cannot be compared with the HD quality porn that HardX provides. The free sites also include flashy ads and banners in their site and this has a significant impact on your overall experience on these sites.

These are some sites that have a huge collection of hardcore sex scenes. To achieve a lead over its competitors, HardX can work on some of its minor negatives.

For example, there are few banner ads on the site and by eliminating them, they can add more value to their membership plans.

HardX has some additional features like 3 other bonus sites that are provided with the membership plans. It also provides a diverse range of erotic and hardcore scenes which again works in its favor.

The threesome scenes are raunchy and kinky enough to make your boners even bigger and the design and layout of the site are also not bad.



When it comes to telling everything good about HardX, you will have to stop me. Otherwise, I will keep on going.

So, let me warn you before I begin, this is the real shit that can you get all worked up.

  • Firstly, HardX is more than your average hardcore porn station. It has a lot more than just videos. You will get images, access to your favourite porn star videos and much more.
  • The DVD section has all the real and original DVDs that you will only get from authentic websites. These high-end DVDs are for most of those porn stars who have come into hardcore porn for the first time.
  • All this means that if some hot sexy and erotic babe has her first experience with a gangbang, DP, anal, or even with IR, this is where you will find it. The creator of HardX, Mason, has made it clear that on this website, you will only get to see and experience raunchy and steamy hard sex.
  • HardX has everyone that you would want to see in a porn video. Be it, a young amateur or an experienced MILF with gaping wide pussy. All types of babes that you like are there. So, hop on board and start exploring because there is a lot that you haven’t yet seen in this world.
  • Talking about the updates too, HardX gets regularly updated. In worst case, it gets updated after a span of three days, which means that you will get new hot content two times in a week. And that is just enough to get you hooked.
  • And not just the videos are updated, but at the same time, there are new photo sets available for you to watch or download along with the video. Yes, you read it right. You can download videos from HardX without any limit. Isn’t that amazing?
  • The video quality, as you know, matters a lot when you are watching porn. And it is a good thing that HardX has some of the best quality porn videos. I have seen porn in Ultra HD on this website.
  • And not only the videos, but the images are also of awesome quality and resolution. The format is suitable for every pc and phone user.
  • This brings us to the responsiveness of the website. Well, HardX is fully compatible with your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. This is not it; here comes the best part. You can also watch HardX on your game console. Yes, it is true. Now you will get the chance to do two of the most important things in a man’s life on one device. Isn’t HardX great?
  • Wherever you go and check out a porn website, always make sure that it has good navigability andHardX has an amazing way of helping you navigate through the website. It has a good interface and an intuitive structure. Plus, the content sorting sequence is also good. You can sort the videos and other content based on its popularity, date and most viewed parameters.
  • Have we talked about the types of hardcore videos that you can find on the website? I guess not. Straight up, HardX will let you dive deep down into the depths of hardcore porn. To name some of its categories, it has, deep-throat sucking and fucking, ass slapping, teasing, bondage, squirting, gangbangs, and super sordid hole fucking. There is a lot more where this came from.
  • The adult actresses and actors who have performed in the scenes are quite good looking. They not only have a great physique but their acting skills and sex appeal are also praiseworthy. We usually do not see very attractive pornstars on hardcore porn sites but HardX is surely an exception in this case.
  • You will not find a regular update schedule on this site but they do upload several fresh videos every month. Usually, the count of the latest videos lies between 8 to 10 per month.
  • The photosets are uploaded in decent quality on this site. You will not find merely screen grabs here as the galleries contain photos that are tastefully captured during the actual video shooting process. Therefore, their overall quality is quite commendable.
  • Members can download the photosets in ZIP format conveniently. Therefore, they do not have to download each photo individually and this saves a lot of their time and effort.
  • HardX is one of the best hardcore porn portals of Empire X. It has some kinky hardcore scenes that will blow your mind away and you will consider yourself to be fortunate to be one of its members.
  • Members get a choice of downloading the adult scenes in 9 different qualities that range from 160p to exceptionally captured 4K videos. Therefore, you can download the lower resolution scenes for your mobile sets and the HD quality scenes can be saved for watching on desktop or laptop.
  • Even the older videos are available in HD quality. As a result, you will have no complaints regarding the quality of the porn content here whatsoever.


As much as it pains me to say this, but some things are not too good about HardX. So, let’s give them a quick read too:

  • Even in hardcore, there is always a place for softcore. These are the moments, which lead to more hardcore reveals taking some surprising sex positions. Earlier, HardX used to provide two types of images to the viewers. One was softcore, and others were hardcore. But now they are only providing hardcore images and have forgotten the softcore ones. This is something that I dearly miss, and I am sure a lot of other users have a mutual feeling. Do you?
  • I would have thought that a website that sort of launches various pornstars into the hardcore genre will have provided their statistics and other sorts of personal information. Well, it seems that there is nothing of that sort available on the website. I have always wanted to follow a pornstars’ Instagram or Twitter account.
  • Believe it or not, hardcore sex is not everyone’s cup of tea. At first, it looks good, and you may also enjoy it. But a daily dose of verbal and semi sexual abuse like slapping, hard pounding, two cocks penetrating one pussy at the same time maybe a bit too harsh. So, that is also something that most people have disliked about it.
  • Many videos on HardX contain the same type of content. This means that you will find the theme and storyline in numerous videos and this can prove to be a little disheartening for those who emphasize plot and innovative content.
  • As we said earlier, their update schedule is not regular. Sometimes, the gap between two update dates is far too long and this can be a concern especially for those who need fresh content to watch after every couple of days or so.

The Verdict is Here

Well, I know we have talked about everything there is to know about HardX, and now it is time for the final word. I would say HardX is a good platform to begin with. Hardcore porn is always something new for those who are more into regular porn.

This is the kind of porn that may give you much more than you would require. So, in all my power and sanity, I would still recommend you to go for HardX if you want to watch some serious hardcore porn.


A Few Parting Words

I hope you liked the review. I have tried to keep it simple, honest, and crisp. When it comes to porn, we all would go for whatever we see on the first page of any website. But that should not be the case. Your choice of porn defines your carnal desires and those intrinsic fetishes.

So, it is best to make an informed choice. If you did not like HardX, don’t worry. I will be there with the next amazing review very soon. Stay tuned and keep fapping.

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