Complete Guide on Happy Ending Massage

Your friend may be the one who has introduced you to the world of happy massage, and you will always be grateful to him.

When he first whispered this term in your ear, you had no clue what was he talking about? What does it mean? Why is he whispering so weirdly?

Now, when you got a taste of it, you know very well that it is not like an ordinary massage you have ever had in your life.

It is about a massage that starts with your usual full-body rundown, making it look simple. But wait! What about its ending? 

happy ending massage

Well, it ends with a sexual act, mainly a blowjob or a hand job. Isn’t that interesting? The masseuses who offer such erotic services might use “happy ending” pretty discreetly to their clients. Even, clients too, demand such services.

But, there’s a catch. If you are visiting a regular massage parlor and thinking of getting a happy ending, then you are probably 100% wrong.

If you are searching for happy ending massage parlors and dont know how to behave you are on the right article.

How to get a happy ending massage

A happy ending can prove to be a euphemism for people who online search for such erotic massage services and review them on some forums like Backpage or Rubmaps. 

Apart from this, romantic partners can opt for happy ending massage at their private place.

You don’t need to know much about it. Let’s keep that a secret, shush!

Brief History on Happy Ending Massage

In literature, when you are talking about “happy ending,” it mainly describes stories where heroes get to achieve the best outcome and wrap up any loose ends while other animals look for approval.

But, in this section of the erotic massage, Happy Ending is an entirely different ball game altogether, and not suitable for those “innocent” animals.

  • This idea of erotic massage has been pretty around for centuries. Previously, ancient Greek doctors would always prescribe this to the patient, and it has been a significant part of this tantric practice.
  • Calling for a blowjob or hand job at the end of any traditional massage is called a happy ending. Later, this field of erotic massage moved from this source of medicine and spirituality and landed up into night massage parlors, prostitution fronts, and brothels.
  • It was in the year 1999 that an Australian article described such a massage parlor as a guaranteed happy ending, and this term was born.
  • This slang later spread in the 2000s, and this type of massage becomes stereotyped as those services offered at some of the selected Asian massage parlor and some of the late-night back rooms in Bangkok. Even the law enforcement would like to make headlines by just bursting some of the illicit erotic or massage parlors.

Some Familiar Notes about It

The majority of people are not familiar with the term Happy ending. It seems quite common in the tabloid gossip.

This massage, as mentioned already, ends up with a hand job to give a man the most pleasurable experience. Such professional massages were first incepted in Asian countries like Japan and inevitably made their way to other countries, over the past decades or so.

But these types of massages have proved to be somewhat contentious and in some cases, illegal, based on the place you reside. Some places have strict laws against such form of sex work and think way out of bounds. Even there are some severe punishments against it.

For example, in the USA, Las Vegas is one of those few places where people cannot head for a happy ending massage because it is illegal.

In some states, people believe that this idea of a happy ending massage makes women feel uncomfortable. Some girlfriends or wives do not want their man to be touched by a stranger in any sexual way. Even though massages can be pretty appropriate, but relaxation is pretty conducive to get aroused.

Whenever you let go of all the tension and inhibitions, your bodies undergo some serious changes. It might include an increase in your blood flow. Whenever that happens during your sleep, it might lead to unknown erections known as “morning wood.”

So, it makes sense that similar such relaxation during the daytime, especially while enjoying a soothing massage, can give any man a hard Willy.

On the other hand, this kind of massage offers the same benefits as what you get with a regular one. You can feel your muscle knots are getting removed, and you will start forgetting your stress at work. 

Your home or school tension will melt right off, and your sore bodies will get rejuvenated from the core, once again. Even touching your partner might release bonding hormones due to which intimacy increased. But, let’s keep that last point for your partner, not for your masseur. It will make things weird!

Happy ending massage between couples

If you don’t want your man to visit these kinds of parlors for a massage, then you can give those pleasure to him in your home.

Well, you can do that anytime, and no one can stop you as this is not a business deal. You can give such kind of erotic massages to your lover or husband secretly at your place.

  • You can try dressing up sexy to turn on your man’s mood. If that’s a big deal for you, then try to wear something that makes you comfortable because you are the one who has to do the entire job. You will need to be pretty manipulative to work with your man’s body and move freely around him.
  • Are you feeling a bit clumsy? If so, then skip those high heels. If you are planning to use massage oil, then you don’t want to wear anything that might get stained quickly or get ruined. So, keep all these things in mind. Most of the professionals are known to wear comfortable and casual clothes like a button-down tee. Workout or yoga clothes can do the trick as well and help you to show those curves well.
  • The key to a good massage is to let your man have what he needs. So, be prepared to encourage him to speak out about his likes and dislikes first. In case, it is entirely new to him, and he is getting into little trouble, then a guide to sexual communication will be helpful in this case. Always ask him what feels good. Dirty talks during a happy ending massage will be a bonus point for sure!
  • Try to pay attention to the non-verbal cues of your man, like his signs and moans. In case you can feel his body getting tense, or if he is moving away from your touch, that’s not a good sign. Remember that a moan can be either good or bad. So, paying close attention to it is essential. Try blocking out all other distractions like the TV, even though light sexy background music can add as icing on the cake. It helps in setting up the right mood.
  • Other ways are also available such as dimming your surrounding lights, spraying air freshener or lighting up a scented candle. Another plus sign is to use a clean sheet and always carry hand towels with yourself. You never know when you might need it. Try to put them in dryer beforehand as you want the towels all warm and fluffy!
  • Try to purchase a massage candle, known for its amazing smells. Mix it up with romantic lighting and work to find the right oil for the perfect happy ending massage. These massage candles are known to melt at a low temperature, so that they easily be rubbed on the skin without hurting anyone.
  • Try testing the oil first on yourself if you are not quite sure of its temperature. You can even move the candle further away from the skin while trying to pour it, as accidents are the last thing you want during such an erotic move. That will lower the temperature.
  • In its place, you can try using massage oil as well. Some of the massage oils will get warm or cool when you start blowing on them. Apart from this, markets house some of the flavored oils as well. If you want to add some excitement in your happy ending massage with a partner, try out the silicone-based lube. It works well as it can last for a long time and won’t get absorbed into the skin but, be sure of one thing. This lube does not taste good. So, please be careful about it.

How to ask for a happy ending? Things to Know Beforehand and What to Expect

There are plenty of massage parlors, ready to offer you this happy ending massage service.

Whether you are hoping to get one from hotel masseuse or just looking out for another location to meet your sexual desires, you will surely get plenty to look around with.

But there are some things you should know before you think how to ask for a happy ending. as this is a huge commitment that you are planning to make.

Remember that the hotel thing is not always 100% legit, so be sure to avoid that, unless you have an eye for high-quality massage, where sometimes possible hand job can be a welcome bonus.

If that’s the case, you will know the right time when it comes and might need to present them with some extra tips. Another thing you better be aware of is that some of the regular happy ending locations will offer just a blowjob or a hand job, usually with you wearing a condom.

Others are likely to work more like brothels with various service tiers to choose from and then start with a massage. After that, you can get a blow job and finally, full sex. Sometimes, you might get the option to try it out with more than one girl at the same time.

Movie Clip featuring the Happy Ending Massage

When it comes to price, that’s hard to pinpoint. The range is likely to vary and will hike up if you are in a beautiful place. The smaller spas won’t charge you much for the actual massage. But most of the time, if you ask for a happy ending, that might cost you equal to the real massage.

In the case of sex, the prices are likely to hike up pretty much. These sexual intimacies will rely on the minutes. It can be for 30 minutes or a full-on an hour, and the rates will vary accordingly.

If you ever find a girl whose services you like and planning to come back for a second round shortly, don’t forget to tip her well. If you do so, the next time you give her a visit, you may end up with a better experience than before.

Try getting a phone number from that place if you don’t have it. So, give the parlor a call next time before you visit it just to know if she is available. Or, you can try to get her number and see if she can visit you place next time or not.

If you know the native language of that place, negotiation becomes an easy option.

If not, then you probably have to settle as per their standard rates. Sorry about that! Another thing you should know is that most of these massage parlors offer “happy ending” services in downtown or away from the hotel zone and tourist spots.

If you are not quite into relying on such listings, you can always take a taxi, ask the driver about your needs, and he will know the exact places to guide you. They have the most correct information most of the time.

Healthy Benefits and Pros of a Happy Ending Massage

Happy ending massage undoubtedly a unique and one of a kind experience you will feel when you are up for it. Naked bodies getting the ultimate touch is something you have always asked for, and it helps in enhancing your sexual arousal as you have never felt it before.

Sometimes, this massage stated as an evolved massage. It is one kind of sex therapy, which designed to help stimulate libido.

  • Even though it’s true that this traditional massage can helps to improve mental and physical health, erotic massage focused on various erogenous zones of your body. The main concern here is to boost sexual arousal between couples.
  • Happy ending or erotic massage does not always necessarily mean that you need to oblige to sexual activity. But it forms a significant part of this lovemaking scene, which will either include foreplay or just plain and simple sex act.
  • An erotic massage will make you get into a trance where physical limitations will get surpassed to a definite life extent, leading to mental relaxation, overall physical improvement of the body, and emotional rejuvenation.
  • Even though they designed for men, these massages are also perfect for women. This kind of massage does not mean you have to get into sexual intercourse all the time but you can understand and feel your weaknesses. It leads to the ultimate pleasure of masturbation as well.
  • This massage helps in matching emotional weaknesses and enhances to give out to your inner strength. It can always take physical disadvantages out and help improve social capabilities. You can work on that by taking your negative thoughts out at that moment and stop feeling shy. A  massage on your sensitive parts in a seductive way will help you get hold of these benefits.
  • These massage parlors are here to present various oils, herbs, and shrubs as aromatherapeutic treatments. All the focal areas are exposed just to increase the responsiveness of the sensual stimulus of the couples. This oil applies all over the body with multiple massaging strokes that will help in getting sexual arousal.
  • Different forms of therapeutic strokes are applied, not for the sake of stimulating libido but to other health benefits. Massage will help muscles and bones get strong and healthy. It refreshes your mind during and after you are done with it. It keeps your senses awake for long and your body energetic.
  • If you suffer from premature ejaculation, a happy ending massage is for you. It further helps in personal growth and relieves stress from your life. For some people, it is a way to treat anxiety and other psychological issues and can regulate blood flow in the body. It will give you strength.
  • Happy ending massage promotes fertility among clients, and it was proven to be good for the heart and other bodily organs. It can improve social interactions and strengthens couple relationships. To top it all, people head for this massage for detoxifying their bodies.

There’s no need to taunt happy ending massage with malice, and you have to give it a chance to show its vitality. Some of the massage parlors will offer you such services. But, before you delve right into any such parlor, be sure to check its legal notes and then conduct proper happy ending massages.

If you want to go it all the way, try working on it with your spouse for achieving that sexual enlightenment to the core.

Sad Truths or Drawbacks of Experiencing HE Massages

Even though happy massage has its section of pros to it, but there are some cons that you might want to hear as well. For some people, these cons are nothing to be worried about, but going through these notes first can help you later to enjoy a happy ending massage with ease.

  • First of all, let’s just be clear that this idea of a happy ending massage is perfect if you are single and not in the mood to mingle right now. Yes, you have your sexual desires to get fulfilled too, but don’t have any companion to help you out with that. During such instances, a happy ending massage comes to the rescue. But sadly, you can’t say the same for a committed man in a relationship or a married one.
  • If you are really married or completely committed to a relationship, then it isn’t always a nice feeling to let a stranger touch your private parts other than your partner. A monogamous person might not think about such sexual notes with another woman when a person is waiting for them back at home. You can ask your partner instead of such a massage day in your next off days, and that works perfectly fine.
  • Well, it is true that licensed professionals in the field of the therapeutic or healing role are looking for ways to earn more money, which allows them to offer happy ending massage to their clients behind closed doors. But, in terms of work professionalism, this is a somewhat unethical way to engage in sexual contact with your client. That doesn’t always sound right, is it?
  • Practicing happy ending massage privately in a state where it is illegal can get you into big trouble. But some massage parlors don’t think about it in that way, and still would like to practice this massage technique. If you ever get caught asking for such a service and getting one in return, you are up for some hard treats in jail. You will get behind bars in no time, along with a hefty price for it.

Is Getting a "Happy Ending Massage" Cheating?

Asian massage parlor tips/Guide :Stuff to Keep in Mind for the Best Happy Ending Massage Encounter

The happy ending massage centers will always offer you with so many services. You can’t just randomly walk into any center for a massage. Pre-booking an appointment is a must if you want your things to happen. You have to pay for the services beforehand.

At first, for new ones, the managing team will present their best girls in front of you.

These centers know that the only way to run a business is by satisfying customers. So, they will always hire the best women to play their roles as masseurs. On the other hand, if you have already visited this center and have a preferred girl in mind, you can simply ask for her.

It is always a smart idea to give a call to the center beforehand and then book an appointment. In this call, you can ask for your favorite girl and if she is available or not. If she is, then schedule an appointment with her.

In case she is not available on your chosen day, then enquire about her working days, and book a date accordingly.

Once you got a massage and quite happy with the “end” result, be sure to tip her well. That’s not included in your initial massage price point, but it will be a plus point. So, the next time you visit the center and ask for her service, she knows the kind of tip you paid her.

So, be prepared to get a good massage, and better than your previous experience for sure.

There are separate and private rooms allotted to you. You can get into the rooms and start undressing to be in your real self. From there, it all starts with oil massage, leading to the final moment of real action and ultimate ecstasy.

It is always better to tip the girl after she did complete the work. It helps you to determine the rate of the tip. These massages are pretty expensive, so you don’t want to tip unnecessarily extra if you are not satisfied with the massage!

Some places provide you a happy ending massage with a blowjob or a hand job.

Then you have other locations, which act mostly as a brothel, and you will end up with the full sex service. Well, it all depends on what you need and how much you are willing and comfortable to pay. For the full sex service, you might have to pay a lot.

Furthermore, research everything about the center before you plan to be a part of it. Unless you do that, it will always create awkwardness. Visiting a center for only blowjob and asking for full sex service will make you look dumb.

Checking on with the Locations

Different locations will have different girls working, and their contact numbers will vary too.

So, the choices depend on where you are from and where you are planning to get the service. If you are on vacation to a new city or country and want happy endings over there, then the services won’t be same as that of your hometown. There will be changes in the prices as well.

Some of the locations might have showers, which you can use before or after the service covered. Those are for the fancy places, where be prepared to spend some hefty bucks for the services. The best ones in town will have private rooms, where only you and your girl will be present.

Here, you will have an upscale feel, which is better than any other cheaper brothels.

Again, in some other locations, you have the liberty to get services from two girls at the same time. That’s a bargain if you ask the experts. Here, you will receive a four hands massage, and even the action will come twice. The best part is that the price won’t be double all the time.

No matter what choice you are likely to make or what your result is, always tip extra well if you have any plans to return. Even if you don’t, the girls surely have some expectations from you. So, tipping them will make you a great customer, and you might end up with discounts, if lucky enough.

It will reflect a positive side of yours.

Your Safety is their Concern

No matter how big or small the massage parlor is, if the reputation is not up to the mark, you should never even think of entering their premises.

Always remember that your safety and privacy is in your hand. If you haven’t checked the parlor before, you might be giving your naked pictures out in public to the world to see.

There have been multiple unfortunate scenarios, where the people visiting the parlor later blackmailed from random unknown numbers with their nude pictures. They visited those parlors, and the secret hidden cam did its job.

Being a discreet service, you don’t want anyone to know the kind of service you availed.

Final Words

The only way to be sure of your safety is by checking the top-rated massage parlor in your present locality. They always think of their customers first and will never do anything to make you uncomfortable. So, visit those centers for the best result.

In the end, it is all about you and your pleasurable moments you want to remember for the rest of your lives. Whether you want a first blow job or a full-on sex service, everything depends on your needs. The chosen reputed massage parlors will help you get to cloud nine with their outstanding services.

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