Complete Guide to Hands-Free Orgasm (2020)

We are quite aware of a Male orgasm, especially the pretty standard ejaculatory orgasm.

You might also be aware of the prostate orgasm and maybe even the pelvic orgasm.

Another orgasm would be the blended orgasm (a combination of ejaculatory and prostate).

However, have you thought of something like a male orgasm that is hands-free? Surprising isn't it?

However, it can be the perfect thing needed to spice up your life. So what exactly is the hands-free male orgasm all about? 


When we talk of a hands-free male orgasm, it takes place when the man gets stimulated via climax and does not use traditional masturbation or even physical contact with hands. Yes, indeed, this is quite a tricky task! It is not easy for any man to give a hands-free orgasm.

This needs a lot of practice! However, you must know the worth of your powerful mind. Many people even consider their brain to be the most important of sex organs in the body. In a person, their brain communicates with their genitals, and so do their genitals.

For instance, the scene which took place in the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights wherein Josh Hartnett just blows a petal of a flower all over his girlfriend's body and gives her an amazing.

So, the method of a hands-free male orgasm is quite similar to that scene, the only difference is here we are talking about a male orgasm and not a female orgasm. So are you all set to experience the hands-free male orgasm? Let’s put your mind to its test!

Hands-free orgasm - What exactly is this?

A hands-free orgasm refers to some type of erotic hypnosis, that makes use of well-guided meditation that has been developed specifically to relax one's mind and switch on the pleasure-point, in the subconscious part of the mind.

Due to this, a man can orgasm just by using his mind, without the need for any kind of touch.

This orgasm type has gained popularity all over the world, through a  YouTube video wherein a female narrator who is very soft-spoken promises to deliver a very intense sexual gratification by using only hypnotic whirls, spirals in red and black, and a voice that is as smooth as honey.

So, a hands-free orgasm or HFO, has proved to change the game for men as well as women and has been a favorite amongst many kinky people. This is due to the fact that we are aware of that sex is quite tactile as well as highly physical.

However, the concept of HFO totally depends on the assumption that sex comes with its psychological element. A person must be in the mood to have sex and at the time of peak pleasure, there must not be any kind of distraction.

HFO operates in a similar fashion just like the traditional hypnotherapy, wherein the mind is subjected to the power of something as simple as suggestion wherein the thoughts need to be relaxed and the mind has to concentrate on the images that have been proposed by the hypnosis.

In simple terms, HFO can help you orgasm by simply stimulating the brain along with your imagination, wherein the psychological sensations of having sex in real are imitated or even that of masturbating.

How does the concept of hands-free orgasm work?

By way of some well-guided meditation, one tends to relax both physically as well as mentally. Post this, the mind can be emptied of all the unnecessary stress as well as pressures related to life.

The mind then becomes empty and prepares itself for the various aural stimulations that will be generated by the hypnosis. The HFO technique can be mastered with regular practice and it will help you get some power as well as multiple orgasms.

You can look up videos on “hands-free orgasm” on various search engines and you can get access to a huge variety of clips such as hypnotic swirls, or even pseudo-pornographic images or some explicit anime too.

All these videos have one thing in common- there is a smooth, soothing, and sensual voice in the video background which takes you into some vivid imagination and makes you adhere to the soft-spoken commands.

Is a hands-free orgasm for everybody?

A lot of men, as well as women, swear that they can get a hands-free orgasm just by the guided meditation along with the erotic hypnosis.

Initially, many people opt for this method, completely out of curiosity and this method is very different from the traditional passive methods of sex that one experiences in daily life. There are plenty of videos available on the internet as per your preferences.

There are foot fetish ones, anime porn as well as submission and tentacle porn.

Hands-free Orgasm - Where to Start?

Though the method of hands-free orgasm requires a lot of practice and patience for a lot of men. However, it can be quite easy to practice what it actually sounds.

The method of the hands-free climax could be attained in a variety of ways such as meditation, flexing the pubococcygeus muscles, consuming erotic content, and making use of fabrics that are stimulating and soft.

By way of combining many of these methods, many men have been able to get a hands-free orgasm. Before you begin the method of hands-free orgasm, you must let go of the masturbation habits.

Introduction to Hands-Free Orgasm (HFO)

A lot of hypnotists are distributing their content for free or for a price, irrespective of their experience in it. They could be professionals or even amateurs selling their hypnosis programs which claim to help you orgasm without the need for physical stimulation.

This kind of hypnosis videos pertaining to wet dreams could be found on various platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. Even in the adult industry, a lot of amateurs display their skills in this area by orgasming without the use of any kind of external stimulation.

However, you can find that earlier in time, orgasming without any physical stimulation used to take place and the roots of this method lie in tantric sex. The main point here is that this mechanism has been found in ancient times and it works.

However, the person requires training so as to improve their awareness levels and develop a connection between the mind and body.

Hands-Free Orgasm or HFO and Its Three Pillars

Hands-free orgasms or the HFO depend on the three pillars which require a thorough understanding as well as mastery so as to attain a hands-free orgasm easily. The three pillars are :

  • Deep relaxation
  • Arousing One's imagination
  • Strengthening the orgasm muscles

In case you get stuck and are not able to get an orgasm, there is a possibility of one of the pillars preventing you from orgasming. So let us get into the details of these three pillars before a protocol is defined for you to get your orgasm without using your hands.

#1. Deep Relaxation

plus size bath

This is the first pillar of the HFO. When we talk of deep relaxation, it means that it is a way in which the overactivity of one's mind is shut down completely thereby severing its connection with the body. This is where hypnosis plays an important role.  

There are plenty of methods that can help in achieving deep relaxation. One such excellent method is Visualization and it is being used by many people, inclusive of athletes to enable them to relax. It is used in many hypnosis inductions.

The routine of visualization enables a person to attain a deep state of relaxation and is most of the time known as  “body scanning”. This is where you imagine your body is being scanned, and every single part of the body is being scanned.

Each time a body part is scanned, the muscles get relaxed and any tension is lost. This method of scanning the body enables one to get the mind to concentrate on the sensations of the body and strengthens the connection between the mind and the body.

Another good way to help control the internal situation is by way of Breathing exercises. A lot of amazing breathing techniques, as well as patterns, are present in a lot of practices, be it yoga or mindfulness training or even some performance-enhancing techniques as well as healing techniques.

A very simple yet effective technique of breathing is to :

  1. 1
    Choose a very comfortable position and lie down on the back.
  2. 2
    Make sure you relax the jaw, open the mouth and do deep breathing.
  3. 3
    You must concentrate on the direction of the breath and where it “goes”.Try to go in as deep as you can.
  4. 4
    Scan the body where you feel good and shift your focus on that specific area.

This enables to build a connection with the mind and body and to concentrate on the various pleasurable sensations along with stimulating the muscles of orgasms.

#2. Strengthening the orgasm muscles


Stimulation of the pelvic muscles is something that one may or may not be aware of. And this is possible by way of  “kegel exercises”.

A lot of health benefits can be experienced by performing kegel exercises. In terms of HFO, kegel exercises give the person stronger orgasms as well as enable them to control their orgasms in a better way.

If you are able to develop better control over the pelvic muscles as well as build on strength and endurance, then you can get better orgasms.

So what are kegel exercises?

The goal of such workouts is to train and focus on a certain group of muscles that are used while you stop peeing (when you pee). The best way to identify these muscles is to hold your pee or control it while you are peeing.

Better Kegels: How to do Kegel Exercises (and Why they Work)

Once you get that particular feeling, you can begin training by way of contracting these particular muscles throughout the day regularly. A good way to work on these muscles would be holding them for about 2 secs and do 20 repetitions of this about 2 to 3 times a day.

After this, you can increase it. However, do not strain yourself and pay heed to your body. You can do 20 repetitions of holding the muscles for 5 seconds and this has to be done 3 to 5 times a day.

#3. Arouse the Imagination

thinking during sex

In addition to being relaxed, a person also has to be aroused. For the arousal to take place, the imagination has to be quite strong as well so as to give the person a very exciting vision and situation which will enable him to orgasm.

So how can a person enhance their imagination to get dramatic and realistic fantasies? One needs to improve their focus in everyday life so that it enables them to have the most pleasurable experiences.

The aim is to make a person attentive to various details which are generally neglected like touch, smell, internal feelings, and sensations.

Basics of Hands-free orgasms

So now we are aware of what the main ingredients of a good HFO are, so let us get to the depth of it.

The surest way of experiencing the HFO is through erotic hypnosis.. Just like many of the erotic hypnosis sessions, the person has to first completely relax and enter a state wherein he is more suggestible. A hypnosis audio file will be made use of for the process of suggestion.

Once you find yourself a safe place, a private spot, where there are no disturbances, you can let yourself free. Start first by deep breathing, then a body scan; however, before this, the body and mind need to relax. Once this is done you will relax your mind by way of enabling it to drift away.

On relaxing yourself completely, you will realize that the suggestions are taking over and guiding you towards the pleasure wave and sensations in every single part of your body, and mainly the erogenous one.

Once there is an increase in the state of pleasure, which is known as build-up, this is when you are ready to get the hands-free orgasm whenever you are asked to by the hypnotist.

The Protocol of a Hands-free orgasm or HFO

There is a step by step process which will help you achieve some pleasurable hands-free orgasms.

Every person responds differently to different suggestions, so this protocol is quite fool-proof, thereby enabling you to identify the technique which is most effective for you and the effective process for your hands-free orgasm.

Find the ideal HFO script

 There is a wide variety of video as well as audio files which promise the online user hands-free orgasms. Some of them are quite simple suggestions of oral stimulation, whereas others could be more complicated and kinky

Regular Practice

You need to understand that it is not possible to achieve an HFO immediately on your first try. Initially, you may go through a complete program, yet only feel a slight tingling. The main key to the success of this program is a regular practice.

Regular training will enable you to connect your mind and body deeply. You must fix a training regimen for yourself wherein 45 minutes are dedicated to this practice. The best time to practice this is either at the start of your day or at the end of your day.

Stimulus Selection

You can choose for any kind of pornography or any kind of visual stimuli that gets you aroused and gets your imagination up and running.

There are guided recordings that have been developed solely for this. you can look out for "erotic hypnosis" and you will be amazed by the content that is available on the internet and Youtube as well.

Get Yourself a private place

A private place is a must where there are no distractions, no noises, and no interruptions, and this will help you to experience your orgasm.


You have to focus on your breathing and the direction in which it moves. You must breathe as per the guided recording. along with the performer on the other side, or maintain a very controlled pace.

You need to concentrate on breathing right ‘into’ the genitals, and the perineum (it is the area which lies in between the balls and the anus). Pay attention when you inhale and relax when you exhale. You will feel the blood rush to this area almost instantly.

Listen to the Words

You must pay attention to the words being spoken in the recording as these will guide you through your imagination and in case you make use of porn, you must concentrate on the various sensations you would experience had you been in that particular situation, or make use of your wild fantasies.

Have a single thought

Though there will be a lot of thoughts passing through, the focus has to be on one single sensation, imagination or a single fantasy. You must concentrate on the pleasure which you will be experiencing; the chills, the warmth, the tingles, the pulsation, and various movements..

Dirty Talking

Once you are calm, allow the words of the hypnotist to penetrate your mind and body. Let it enter the subconscious. This is the best time to think about dirty thoughts and also imagine yourself performing those dirty deeds.

In case you are loud and vocal, you can talk dirty loudly or softly, whichever happens, to turn you on. You can also recollect the best orgasm you ever had, recollect the feelings and submit yourself to those feelings.

Feel the Rhythm

Once you begin to feel the build-up and the pressure, try to pulse this tension right into the genitals. Make use of the pelvic muscles and the anus muscles to tense as well as relax in sync with your breathing or action.

Allow it to build up till you get the feeling of satisfaction or till you orgasm. Though this might not happen the very first time you try it out, you could feel a bit awkward.

Toys for Stimulation

Once you understand the sensitive areas of the penis, you can figure out the ideal way to get them stimulated.

A few people can get a hands-free orgasm if they just flex their PC muscles, wherein the penis twitches and only a few small moves of the corona or the frenulum against the thigh or the stomach can give them an orgasm. However, this technique might not work for all.

Hence the focus is to be on PULSE and vibrations. A lot of people use vibrating prostate toys, however, it is pretty rare for people to discover the sensations one could get by by applying vibrations to the penis directly.

If you want a hands-free orgasm, the penis has to be positioned in a way that the PulsePlate is directly against the frenulum. The toy has silicon ‘wings which wrap themselves around the penis, and the vibrations are targeted to the sensitive spot. The device can be used with lube or without it.


This is the fun part where it is time that you experiment with the method which works well for you.

There are plenty of vibration options on the PULSE. You can use the various buttons which are on the remote of the PULSE SOLO LUX and this will increase the vibration intensity until you get the perfect one. You can test if it feels better with the lube or without it.  

You can also experiment with various positions. The PulsePlate sits at the right spot which ensures that the sensations hit the right spot.

No pressure

Hands-free orgasm comes easy to a few people however  can be tough for some. Based on your choices, and masturbation techniques used previously, it might take some time to adapt itself to a new way of getting orgasms.

You must remember that you may not succeed in your first attempt.. You must play around for 5-10 minutes, enjoy every sensation, however you must not ejaculate. You can also combine PULSE with different masturbation tricks, like edging.


If you aren't very sure of your ejaculation without the use of your hands, you can try out some other methods like fabrics before you decide to give up. It is a great method of easing the body and mind into this process, in case you aren't used to this new process.

You can use silk, soft scarf, a satin pillowcase, piece of fur or a sports jersey, or silky panties as well.

Track the Progress

Always keep a track of your progress in a journal or in notes. However, this has to be tracked in both quantitative as well as a qualitative way. Quantitatively, you can rate every session from 1-5. Qualitatively, you can note all the sensations that you felt. Describe every sensation precisely.

Regular trials

Now, we must know that nothing happens overnight except for miracles  and hands-free orgasm is not a miracle of coursel.

A lot of people might not orgasm initially. However, this is all in the mind. When we talk of the hands-free orgasm, the subconscious has to be trained to direct the physical, emotional, as well as sexual functions.

Top 5 Ways to Give Yourself a Handsfree Orgasm

Tips to Get a Hands-Free Orgasm

  • Have no expectations of its occurrence. Many times it will not happen. All you need to do is enjoy the various feelings, let them grow and see how the body reacts to it. With time you will be able to achieve the best hands-free orgasm.
  • There must not be any kind of distractions. The phones must be silent, and you must have a lot of privacy where you will not be disturbed. this will help your mind and body to relax completely and you need to worry about someone barging into the room. Ensure there is less worry and stress.
  • The body has to be free from friction if possible. At least the lower half has to be free enough to have reactions to suggestions and triggers. There must not be any blanket to cover you up.
  • Try to avoid ejaculation for some days. You need to wait for about 2-3 days and must not cum during these days. Building up mental desire will help you cum and get a better experience.
  • You must Edge just the day prior to the day you decide to practice the erotic hypnosis.
  • You must hydrate yourself and have a lot of water.
  • Practice kegel exercises as these will strengthen the PC muscles. When you cum, the orgasm will be much stronger and you can shoot a lot more further. In addition to this, opt for edging as well as chastity for a whole week.

Additional techniques

In case you do not orgasm even after two weeks, then a few tips will help you out for sure. Along with focusing on the three pillars of the HFO, you can do the following:

(i) Edging yourself right before the session helps. The arousal along with the pleasurable sensations which are found in erotic hypnosis suggestions are quite closer to the mind when you begin the session.

(ii) You can also have a drink to just loosen up yourself. Do not have more than this. having too many drinks might not allow you to focus on the suggestions of the hypnotist and it is better not to overdo it.

(iii) Do not masturbate or have sex before you practice this session, as this will help increase the arousal levels and also get you excited regarding the sessions. However, this could increase the rate of some accidental orgasms.

(iv) Do not opt for external stimulation. In case you get frustrated, use it to motivate yourself during the session.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know all about the hands-free male orgasm and how to achieve it, are you ready to take up the task? Are you open to giving up the regular boring masturbatory routine and discover new methods of climaxing?

If yes, these will definitely help you get more pleasure and also make you better as a lover. In the HOF method, one must not be disappointed if the orgasm doesn't take place in the first session. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance, however, you can definitely get the best hands-free orgasm.

All you need is practice every single day for about 45 minutes and try to do so without using your hands, fabrics or toys. These methods enable you to open up and experience a completely new possibility of getting an orgasm.

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