GirlsTryAnal Review (2020)

Girls Try Anal

Looking for a mesmerizing porn site that provides exclusive content housing videos of lesbians trying anal sex?

Prepare to be enthralled by Girls Try Anal. The site has about 90 models currently, with much-configured body types and figures.

It prides of video quality, all of the videos are available in full HD.

Fascinatingly, the videos are well-scripted, and the models engage in sex in different settings. However, the collection isn't too expansive.

It houses only 60+ videos and 100+ sets of pictures. Moreover, the site does not have the feature to conduct an advanced filter search.

The review which proceeds will explain in detail about the website.

Girls Try Anal is a premium porn site that provides exclusive lesbian sex videos and contains videos of lesbians trying anal sex. Launched in 2014, the site has so far produced and made available some great quality of content for their members.

The site is paid and allows its users to stream and download high-quality content. If women trying anal sex is one of your fantasies and watching women trying it with each other excites you, then Girls Try Anal is the ultimate porn site for you.

What makes Girls Try Anal popular?

GTA is a premium site that provides exclusive content to its members. The girls and models in different videos at GTA are extremely beautiful and hot.

What makes the site popular amongst its members is the niche category of porn videos of extremely high quality and is also regular in terms of the updates on the site.

Along with this, the membership of the site is beneficial because it provides extended access to other sites of the network which is full of different lesbian videos. The site provides streaming and downloading features on a site that has been designed beautifully with lot of features thereon.

Currently, the number of videos on the website are relatively low, but all of them are exclusive and are growing in number as well.


Website link – 

Girls Try Anal was launched in 2014, and it is a part of the Girls Way Network. Girls Way Network is one of the sites of the network that is highly focused on lesbian porn videos.

All the websites of the network show girl-on-girl action in one form or the other and Girls Try Anal is the site that shows first-time anal experiences of lesbians.

The site is making the fantasies of many men and women of watching women try anal sex come true.

The site has some very well scripted videos that show women in different situations or settings such as in a classroom, gym or even in a party, enjoying with their lesbian partners and eventually moving ahead to have some anal experiences. 


Some of the videos on the site suggest that some of these women are trying anal sex for the first time. The videos are not just about lesbians having anal sex but have many other pleasurable scenes.

Various sex toys are also used in these videos, from vibrators or dildos. The site is relatively new, so far there are not many videos on the site. But, all of the videos at Girls Try Anal are exclusively available on the website only.

These videos are very well scripted and shot professionally in great lighting. The models on the website are beautiful and very hot. The quality of these videos is exceptional because they are available in Full HD.

The pictures set also have many high resolution pictures. Girls Try Anal is a paid site, only the members who have paid for the subscription can watch or download the videos.

The membership does provide access to bonus sites of the Girls Way Network, and the bonus sites include Web Young, Sex Tape Lesbians and Mommy’s Girl.

The website of Girls Try Anal has been designed well, and the users can easily navigate through the website. The design is bright and appealing without many icons or ads on the webpages which is excellent because the possible distractions on the website are reduced.

There are plenty of features as well that are provided on the site such as the option to comment on videos or add a review. Tags are available on the site which can be used to search for related or relevant content on the website. The search bar is also available and can be used to search for different videos.

A list of categories can also be used to look for videos of a person’s choice and preference. The users also have the option to sort videos using a few basic filters but advanced filters are not available on the site for now.

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The users can also watch trailers of each of the videos that they like before actually watching the entire video. Another exciting feature of the site is that the users can darken their screens while watching the videos, around the player on which the videos are being streamed.

The site also provides an option to the viewers to watch the videos in a format and quality that suits their needs and their internet speed. This means that users can choose from 160p to 1080p of quality of the videos depending on their internet speed.

Each of the videos has a description below them as well which can be read to get an idea about the plot of the video. The average playtime of the videos is 30-40 minutes each.

The snapshots of each video on the home page are of good quality and one can get a fair idea about the possible content of the video. There are more than 90 models on the site and there is a dedicated index on the site that can be used to scroll through and see different models on the website.

The models are all great looking, with fit and toned bodies. Downloading videos is allowed on the site. But, the sad part is that each member requires to pay extra for downloading the videos, in addition to the already paid cost of membership.


Girls Try Anal is a paid site, which offers its services only with membership. The membership can be bought after choosing from one of the three plans being offered. The monthly membership can be subscribed at the price of $29.95, whereas the three-month membership can be subscribed at $68.95

The yearly membership costs $119.40. Before opting for any of the membership plans, one can explore the site through a trial plan. This trial plan is valid for two days and can be accessed at the cost of $1. All of the plans, including the trial period, are auto-renewed.

  • Monthly membership: $29.95
  • Three-month membership: $68.95
  • Yearly membership: $119.40

The users must be cautious and cancel their subscriptions before renewal. The membership provides access to three of the other lesbian porn sites of the Girls Way Network. These sites are Web Young, Sex Tape Lesbians and Mommy’s Girl.

The pricing of membership does not include access to downloading the videos because the members are required to pay extra if they wish to download any of the videos. The cost of downloading videos is $10 per month. The payments can be made through Discover, Visa, Mastercard as well as JCB.

Site Statistics

  • More than 60 videos available
  • Available in Full HD, Mp4 formats
  • The streaming quality is 1280*720
  • The download quality is 1920*1080
  • More than 100 sets of pictures available, with 30 pictures in each set
  • Zip files can be downloaded.
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Performance Score



Website Design


Content Updates


Image / Video Quality




Content Amount


Download / Streaming










Value For Money


Overall Score

80 / 100

Competitors of GirlsTryAnal

There are quite a few competitive sites of Girls Try Anal because a number of lesbian porn videos have emerged in the recent years. A few of the top competitor sites of Girls Try Anal are Sweetheart video,, Hot and Mean and Girlsway.

While the competitors are many, the niche concept of Girls Try Anal makes it different from most sites and allows it to cope with the competition.


  • Girls Try Anal is a premium porn site, providing videos of women trying anal sex.
  • The site has about 90 models currently, all of whom are extremely hot and sexy, with fit and toned figures.
  • The video quality at the site is great. All of the videos are available in Full HD.
  • The users have the option to choose from different video qualities while playing the same, based on their choice and their connection strength.
  • The content on the site is exclusive and created only for the site.
  • The videos are well-scripted and involve the models engaging in sex in different situations and settings, be it in a classroom or in a bathtub. Anal sex is an essential part of the videos and emerges at one point or another in all videos.
  • The use of sex toys has been shown in plenty over the site.
  • The site design is clean and easy to navigate. There are no unnecessary icons or pop-ups on the webpages, making it look clean and organized.
  • Each of the videos consists of one trailer as well as a description of the content in the video.
  • The users can comment on and rate the videos that have been watched by them.
  • The users can also search for the videos of their choice easily on the site using the search bar provided.
  • A drop-down menu is available on the site which can be used to access different parts of the website.
  • A model index has also been provided where different models from the site and their videos can be found.
  • The users can darken the pages while watching videos.
  • The membership of the site provides access to 3 more lesbian porn sites of the Girls Way Network.
  • The entire network, including Girls, Try Anal satisfy the lesbian porn fantasies of their members greatly.
  • The overall experience of using the site is smooth and easy because of the flawless design of the website.
  • A discount on the monthly membership can often be found when subscribing for the first time.
  • The videos can be found in different categories, such as in the form of interviews or built-up stories in different scenarios.
  • The lighting in the videos is great and reflect the high quality of the content.
  • The videos showing girls trying anal sex for the first time are specifically marked.


  • The site does not have a huge gallery of videos yet. There are only 60+ videos on the site currently and approximately 100+ sets of pictures.
  • The frequency of updates is not high, and sometimes, only one video per month is updated on the site.
  • The site is based on a specific niche. In addition, the bonus sites are also providing only lesbian sex content. Hence, despite access to three more sites, the members are limited to watching lesbian porn exclusively at all times.
  • The site does not have the feature to conduct a search using advanced filters.
  • The downloading of videos is allowed but forget a daily limit, and the users are required to pay for such downloads in addition to their existing membership. The cost of downloading in addition to membership is $10 per month.
  • In some of the videos, you can find the cameramen at work within the scenes. Also, some of the interview-based videos look extremely scripted, which takes away the sense of pleasure.
  • All the membership plans are auto-renewed, and sometimes, the membership page includes some pre-checked sales that are required to be deselected before making any payments.
  • The girls shown to be trying anal sex for the first time look more experienced. The first time experience does not seem real in the videos.

Are you one of those people who are always in search of good lesbian porn? If yes, GirlsTryAnal is a site specially designed for lesbian porn with a significant focus on anal sex. The site is currently famous for some sexy models trying anal sex for the first time.

Finding high-quality porn is difficult, and this site will provide its members with HD-quality porn. Yes, the site offers porn videos exclusively to its members.

Not only this, but the scripts are also really impressive and shot in various settings to arouse the viewers even more. It was launched way back in 2014 with some great content updated every once in a while.

Gamma Entertainment is best known for the adult networks it launches. The reviews from the users suggest the level of satisfaction provided by these videos but how much money do you need to invest and will the investment be worth your time?

What type of content can you expect and how often is it updated? What are the added benefits that you will receive along with the subscription? If you are facing all such questions then you are in the right place since all these questions will be answered until you reach the end of this article. Let’s get started.

Why Should You Get The Membership Of GirlsTryAnal?

Firstly, your fantasies of watching lesbian girls trying anal sex will be fulfilled. The members exclusively gain access to not only the content of this site but also on other similar sites that are a part of Girls Way Network.

This network has received so many awards for providing top quality lesbian porn. Yes, these sites offer amazing lesbian porn you have been waiting for. With continuous updates and options of live streaming and downloading, this site is one of the most popular websites you can be a part of.

You will come across some newbies trying anal sex for the first time with some of the most experienced performers in the industry. Due to this, the scenes get even more arousing for the users. The ideas submitted by the users are taken into consideration and filmed.

When it comes down to the pornstars on this platform, some of the renowned names are seen. Every aspect of lesbian porn is covered here. All that you need to do is take some time out and explore the website.

The website is pretty straightforward to navigate, keeping in mind the requirements of new users. The pornstars are sorted based on popularity to make the choice more comfortable and enhance the experience.

Get your subscription today to gain access to some of the best performers according to your preference.

Type Of Women

As far as the types of women are considered, you will come across young teens to MILFs, which means everything you need is available on this website. The plots are exciting to watch, and something new is always waiting for you in the queue.

As discussed in the later section, the network is vast enough, and each accessible site has something different for you. This something different involves young girls exploring their bodies, stepmoms teaching the right way of exploring their bodies, and friends providing satisfaction to each other.

You heard that right; you will come across a complete package of lesbian porn with complete coverage of all the packages. If you ever find yourself stuck in some issues, then do not worry since the customer support service is always there.

What Type Of Content Can You Expect?

Now let's talk about the most crucial part, content. This site puts a significant emphasis on creating exciting content for its users. For this purpose, various locations are used, including gym, classroom, friend's place, etc.

The scripts have been carefully crafted and produced. Have some patience since the innocent act leads to some wild anal sex. In the videos, you will come across the usage of sex toys and fingers used by females to explore their partner's body.

The hot and sexy models are going to make you hard in no time and give you the orgasmic pleasure you have been craving. The most exciting part is that their buttholes are explored for the first time, making the experience even better.

These models will do anything to please you by making the best use of their tongues and hands. Excited already? Be patient; there is a lot for you to check out.

Niche- Lesbian Porn

The niche of the website is lesbian porn, with the main focus on anal sex. If you are looking out for any other type, this might not be the best option. As far as lesbian porn is concerned, you won't be missing out on anything since you will be busy exploring something new every single time.

This website has many subscribers enjoying the amazing plots due to increased popularity and fanbase of lesbian porn. More than 50,000 videos are available on the platform accessible with your selected plan. If you always search for good lesbian porn, your wait is officially over with this website.

List of Categories for keyword purposes

Popular categories are:

  • AnalBig tits
  • First time anal
  • Hardcore
  • Rim Job
  • Strap-on

Other categories:

  • LesbianMilf
  • Mature
  • Movies
  • Threesome
  • Bondage
  • BDSM
  • Ass worship
  • Femdom
  • Massage
  • Group Sex
  • Dominatrix

Subscription: Pricing And Added Benefits

As discussed already, the content is exclusive to the members of the website. If you wish to enjoy the content, then you need to be a part of it. Before getting the website's subscription, you must be aware of the pricing options and the added benefits.

As far as the added benefits are concerned, Girls Way Network includes many different sites like Sex Tape Lesbian, Mommy's Girl, Web Young. All these sites offer high-quality porn, and yes, you will gain access to all of them.

The interested people would come across three different plans to choose from. Before selecting the monthly or yearly plan, if a part of you is still unsure about the purchase, it also offers a trial plan for $1.

This two-day plan would be enough to make up your mind, and then you can switch to the other available plans. According to your budget, you can opt for the one-month ($29.95), three-month ($68.95), or one year plan ($119.40).

Also, be aware of the auto-renewal and cancel the plans if required before they are renewed. If you are wondering whether you can download the videos after getting the membership, the answer is no.

You can go for online streaming, but the charges for downloading are an additional sum of $10. You will also get the opportunity of interacting with other members on the site and even with the pornstars through the forum.

New and exciting ideas are always welcome. If you have a fantasy you wish to share, then this is the right platform for that.


Girls Try Anal is one of the main sites of Girls Way Network. The customer support is provided to the members of the site through a common help and support as well as toll-free number provided by the network.

To raise a complaint or concern with the site, the members can choose to call the site on their number, or else start a live chat, both of which can be done at all times of the day and throughout the week.

Another option of contacting the site is through raising a ticket from the support page or emailing the site on the ID provided by them. The members can also view the FAQs on the site to receive answer to their questions.

Such support is provided in terms of various possible concerns of the users such as membership and cancellation issues or technical assistance.


Andrew said,

I have been using this site from the last couple of months and I’m absolutely stunned by the buxom buttocks that are featured here. It is a real treat for the ass lovers.

Ricky said,

Today, I came across this site and was instantly thrilled by the sheer hotness quotient showcased by the performers in the previews. Therefore, I subscribed to instantly and had a great time shagging to the awesomely scripted anal fuck videos!

Ron Walter said,

Seeing milfs and young teens anal virginity broken is my thing and I get what my prick needs only on this site!

Final Verdict

Girls Try Anal is a premium porn site with lots of lesbian porn content on the website. It is a niche site, which is evident from the name itself, the site shows girls trying anal sex with each other.

The site provides exclusive content for its members, and the videos are available in high quality, with the option of watching them in different qualities.

The site allows streaming and downloads, but the members are required to pay an extra fee of $10 per month if they wish to download the videos. 

girlstryanal porn 1-min

Also, the number of videos on the site currently is very less. There are about 60+ videos on the site, and the update frequency is also very low. The navigation and features of the site are excellent because the members can comment on the videos and rate them.

They can also access the model index, a drop-down menu as well as searching options to look for models and videos of their own choice. The membership of the site provides access to three more lesbian porn sites of the Girls Way Network.

These sites are Web Young, Sex Tape Lesbians and Mommy’s Girl. The video quality and the resolution of the pictures is also great, the users can also download a zip file of the pictures.

We don’t think anyone should invest in a long term membership at Girls Try Anal unless they are fond of watching lesbian porn only. It is so because even though the content on the site is great, it is available in scarcity.

Plus, the bonus sites available to be accessed through the membership at Girls Try Anal, are all lesbian porn sites. This means that even if you wish to watch something other than lesbian porn once in a while, then you cannot do it on this network.

Though, if you are a hardcore lesbian porn fan, there is no reason as to why you should not sign up at Girls Try Anal for some amazing erotic and hardcore lesbian porn videos.

By the above discussion, we can conclude that this platform provides its users with the best possible experience. All that you need to do is visit the website and select the plan of your choice.

If you are tight on budget, go for the monthly available option—no need to worry about the value for money since it would be more than you can expect. Explore your favorite lesbian niche with some of the best pornstars and give your fantasies some wings.

These performers put in their best effort to provide you with what you want. Go ahead and book your subscription today!

Parting Words

This review was written to provide you information about the different services that is provided by Girls Try Anal on their site as well as the good and bad of using such services by subscribing to the paid site.

We hope that this review was of some use for you and you are now capable of deciding on whether to join the network or not. We hope that you will stay with us for more of similar porn site reviews in the future.

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