GIFSauce Review (2020)


Websites offering adult content come in lots of varieties, but there is none as unique and exciting as GIFSauce.

As the name suggests, it is all about pornographic GIFs.

If you are a bit short in time but still want to indulge yourself in some erotic content, get yourself down to GIFSauce and there is no way you will be left disappointed.

There are over hundreds of thousands of GIFs, ranging across different categories and niches.

You can also see some short clips as well, available on the home page.

The site is very intuitive and exciting, and it fares well among the other websites offering erotic GIFs.

In this review, we are going to be doing an in-depth analysis of GIFSauce and determine whether it is worthy of your time.

Why prefer "GIFSauce" over other GIF-based porn websites?

GIFSauce is a very unique and exciting site. There are tons of erotic GIFs to choose from and the varieties the GIFs come in are endless. If you are in a rush and you want to catch some erotic content on the run quickly, GIFSauce is the site for you.

The content library is enormous, the site is intuitive and user-friendly, and the material presented here will make you hooked on to the website. It is just plusses all over with this website.

If you don't have enough time to watch the whole scenes or movies, GIFSauce has got you covered with their vast content library. There are hundreds of thousands of animations to choose from, and covers every fantasy you might have.

Be it masturbation, stripping, oral, anal, BDSM, hardcore sex, squirting or facial- they have left no stone unturned to cover every fantasy and fetish. You can also download their content through the video player.

Updates are posted every day, which is helping the site grow more significant and broader by the passing day. There is no way one will be left wanting for more after arriving here on this website.

This is a site which is easy to get hooked onto, and you might find yourself engaged with this website for a very long time just sifting through the contents and looking at  a wide assortment of GIF images and short video clips.

dance foreplay

In this  age of fast-paced life, handy mobile platforms, social media networks and everything being so fast and compact, these site nails the brief well, giving us condensed, really quick highlighted parts of erotic steaminess anytime you want, without being charged a single penny and for as long as you wish- if you are on a rush as well as when you have free time to spare.

You can register for free so that you can save the GIFs to the dedicated "Favourites" section as well as save them to your hard disk. The categories are to die for, and there are so many to choose from to filter the content which you want to see and find precisely the material suited to your fantasy and taste.

There is a long list of tags which the website provides. Both cards and the category list act as suitable filters for ease of navigation. Both of them, along with a fast and efficient search engine, helps you to choose the content you want to watch without putting yourself in any kind of trouble.

Navigation aids that come along with this website are pretty handy, and you can narrow down from the wide variety of content this website offers and choose what you want to see by using these efficient aids.

Overall, if you are in a rush and still want to indulge yourself in some erotic content, you should look no further- GIFSauce has got you covered. The site is so addictive; you might find yourself sifting through its contents for hours and hours.

Website Overview

Link to the website:

GIFSauce is a pretty unique and exciting website, crafted for those viewers who are in a rush and can't afford to see  all the scenes and videos.

If you want to indulge yourself in adult porn content while on the run, this is a website you might want to look at.

There are thousands and thousands of materials to choose from, and they have managed to cater to a wide variety of fantasies and niches.

There's no doubt about the fact that you will not be left disappointed with the vast array of content this website  offers.

gif sauce lp

The website has tons of GIFs to offer to the viewers. Be it stripping, masturbation, oral, anal, squirting, hardcore sex or facial- this website has it all. Content is updated every day, which speaks volumes about the commitment this website reserves to catering the viewers.

There is a long list of specific tags to choose from, and the best part about it all is that you get to access all their contents without having to shell out a single penny. You can access all their contents without being charged.

It also contains some small clips under a minute which you can also check out if you are still not content with the vast array of animations this website provides. All of their content is downloadable. The website layout is intuitive and user-friendly.

It comes with both the options of a basic search and an advanced filter based search. The site is fast across all device platforms- be it mobile, tablet or computers. Although it is a free website, the website is not advertisement ridden, as most of the free sites are.

The ads are located at the far bottom of the webpage. Overall, the webpage is elegant and detailed.

It almost looks like a porn tube, with a black background, a wide array of thumbnails representing the contents available, a menu bar at the far left of the webpage providing different features to aid with your navigation across the website and searching option at the top right corner of the website.

Providing such an impressive layout is considerable for a site which is free for use. In retrospect, this website has no flaws that can be brought to your notice. The site stays true to its brief, and it nails the objective pretty well. The GIFs are all good in quality, and the content is massive.

Overall, it is a pretty cool website, and you can check out their content if you want to push some erotic enjoyment amidst your busy schedule- GIFSauce is the friend you can rely upon blindly. Above that, you get to access it all for free. You won't be disappointed at all.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The website charges no fee whatsoever when it comes to providing content to the viewers. The site generates revenue from advertisements, and there is no fee involved here whatsoever. The link to log in as a user to this website:

Site Statistics

  • Bonus sites: No bonus sites available as it is an entirely independent stand-alone website.
  • About the Content: Collection of erotic GIFs and short porn clips for the viewers who are in a rush and want to indulge in erotic content at the same time.
  • Content Exclusivity: Content is not exclusive, sourced from different porn websites
  • Total number of videos: 2,00,000+ scenes
  • The average length of clips: Approximately 20-30 seconds.
  • Download: Content is downloadable, no download limit with the website
  • DRM Protected: No
  • Organisation:
  • Estimated employees: Not specified in any sources.
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Platforms available: Website platform only.
  • Title of the website: Not specified
  • Domain age: Approximately four years and 99 days
  • Website rendering and speed: Very fast
  • IP:
  • ISP: Cloud Flare
  • Address: United States, address not specified
  • Global rank according to 42,306
  • Country rank (USA) according to 25,044
  • Categorical rank (Computer Electronics and Technology) according to 124
  • Total visits to the website: 837.27K
  • Average visit duration: Approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Pages per Visit: Around 7 to 8.
  • Bounce rate: 52.83%
  • Traffic Distribution by Country basis: USA (28.81%), followed by Germany (6.27%), United Kingdom (5.73%) and France (4.95%)
  • Traffic distribution by search: 47.26%
  • Traffic distribution by Social network platforms: 0.68%
  • Traffic distribution through referrals and links: 6.56%
  • Advertisement Publishers: Not specified

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

8.5 / 10

Quality Of Clips

7.5 / 10

Quantity Of Clips

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


10 / 10



Value For Money


Exclusivity Of Clips

6 / 10

User Interface And Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

81 / 100


  • The website is pretty unique and exciting in its approach, as it aims to provide erotic content to those viewers who are in a rush and can't indulge in watching long scenes and videos.
  • A wide array of content present in the library. The content caters to every fantasy, and niche one can have.
  • A long list of specific tags to choose from, so that you can filter out the content suited to your needs or taste from the rest of the material.
  • They also provide a decent amount of short clips of a minute or two apart from their wide assortment of erotic GIFs
  • It also comes with a live cam option along with it, where you can see a decent number of performers performing live just for you.
  • The content update frequency is very impressive. A large amount of content is uploaded every day, which goes to show how committed they are at providing stellar content to the viewers.
  • You can access all their contents without being charged a single penny. No attribute of this website comes at a premium.
  • The website layout is very impressive. The interface is intuitive, interactive and user-friendly.
  • All the contents available on this website are downloadable. Downloading is pretty inconvenient as well.
  • It comes with a convenient searching and sorting option for you to easily navigate through the website.
  • The website is not advertisement ridden as compared to other free sites.
  • You can rate and insert your comments to the contents provided here.
  • There is also an informative model index which provides a brief detail about the model as well as some statistics about that particular model.
  • The website loads pretty fast, and it renders pretty well across all platforms- be it mobile, tablet or computer devices.


  • The contents available here are mostly sourced and not exclusive in any way.
  • The advertisements provided with this website are not from credible sources or vendors.
  • Viewer support/contact window is not efficient. No Email ID, toll-free or facsimile number provided with this website which could have helped you reach out to them if you havehad any queries or complaints.

Viewer Support

For any kind of complaints, queries or technical support, you can connect with them using the link You have to input your Name, Email ID and the question or complaint which needs satisfaction.

You can contact GIFSauce only through this mode, as there are no toll-free phone number or facsimile number provided for viewer support.

Competitors of GIFSauce

Although the approach of this website is unique and different, there are a few competitors to GIFSauce, which might serve as an alternative to the site. Instant Fap is one of the website based on the same focus which deserves mention.

It is a massive archive of GIFs, video clips, photos as well as audio recordings. You can also download their content for free. The best part about this website, however, is the absolute absence of advertisements or scamming traps- which is a rare sight to see in open sites.

Another website that might serve as a good alternative is ILoopIt. It provides some exclusive GIF content, and the content library is pretty decent as well. You also check out "", "More Fun for you", "Fancy GIF" as well as r/NSFW_GIF on Reddit, these sites provide some decent GIF content as well.

External Reviews

Don't take our word for it. It is okay not to be convinced at the first impression itself. For the very same reason, we have collected a list of opinions and feelings from other sites so that you can compare them all from one place along with our opinion-based ratings.

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Overall Verdict

GIFSauce is a pretty new website, and the approach and focus of this website  is pretty unique. It mainly caters to those viewers who don't reserve much time to see long videos and scenes. They have managed to condense all the hot and intense erotic content into small GIF images.

The content library they provide is staggering in a word, and they have managed to upload content suited to every possible fantasy and niche a viewer can have. It also has a decent number of short video clips if you find yourself not satisfied with the GIF images.

It is safe to say that they have left no stone unturned to cater and satisfy every demand the viewer might have, and there is no scope to be disappointed by this website in any manner (Unless you are looking for lengthy clips, which is not the brief of this website).

The website library has tons of GIFs to choose from. Be it solo action or hardcore sex; you will find it all at GIFSauce. Content update is persistent as well, with a considerable number of GIF images being updated daily.

You get to access all their content without having to pay a single penny, which makes the website even more attractive and worth a recommendation to the willing viewer. The library also contains some clips as well, ranging within a minute or two.

You can rate the content, put your comments to it, save it in a dedicated "Favourites" section as well as download their content if you are a logged-in user. The website layout is very interactive, neat and user-friendly.

The site loads pretty fast across all device platforms, and navigation across the pages of the website library is straightforward and convenient. What is even more praiseworthy is the sheer absence of pop-ups and less number of advertisements on their webpage.

This is an issue which becomes very troublesome with most of the free websites offering adult content. That is not the case with this website. Overall, if you want to catch some erotic content on the move- this website promises to provide all the highlights of porn in a condensed form.

This website surely deserves our recommendation if you are looking for the same.

Parting words

Hope that you liked our comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Stay tuned with us for more such full reviews on porn channels and adult websites. Till then, keep your fantasies alive and keep entertaining yourself with amazing erotic content.

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