Gape Land Review (2020)

Gape Land

Gape Land is a porn site that belongs to the popular 21 Sextury Network.

It specializes in anal porn and gaping scenes where busty babes get banged so hard in their buttholes that they are left wide open for the audience’s view.

It has blowjob scenes, threesome sex, deep throat, cumshot, creampie, and many other sex scenes as well.

The babes are of Russian, Czech, and European origin. Most of them are teens and milfs who have adorable bums and dirty assholes.

If you want to enjoy extreme anal sex videos, then Gape Land is the ideal site for you.

Not only that, the site offers many bonuses and extras to lure visitors. The website of Gape Land looks clean and nicely designed. Its fuss-free layout and attractive design give you a glimpse of the high-quality porn that you will find inside!

The thumbnails are big, and give you a quick preview as you move your cursor over them. The models seem to be hot and kinky enough to spark your dirty imagination. It already has over 250 photosets and an equal number of high-resolution videos.

Moreover, it gets updated regularly, which means that these numbers will grow considerably in the future.

The bonus sites ensure that you get to taste different porn niches and categories with ease. The navigation and user-friendly options make it a hassle-free porn portal for the users. We will discuss all the features and a few drawbacks of this site in the below paragraphs.

Which are the best features of Gape Land?

Gape Land is like a paradise for sex-hungry porn lovers. It presents sexy girls from different origins and countries to satiate your kinkiest desires. You will find brunettes, blondes, redheads, black-haired and other types of girls with different body types and sizes.

However, the one thing which is common among them is their protruding yet firm ass cheeks. These girls are horny enough to accommodate big dicks inside their butts and make squeaky noises as they get brutally punished by hung guys.

Also, these girls are pro in giving oral pleasure and get excited as the guys lick their glory hole passionately. They squirm with pleasure and give erotic expressions that are sexy enough to make your dicks erect without much effort.

Apart from that, the members of this site get access to more than 50 sites of the 21 Sextury Network. Most of these sites are getting updated daily. Therefore, premium users of Gape Land get to watch and download multiple fresh scenes every day.

The videos are available in HD quality, and they can be streamed or downloaded in multiple attributes as per your convenience. The bonus sites ensure that you get to explore a wide variety of adult niches with ease. Moreover, the members can download and stream unlimited videos in a day.

They can also download as many picture sets as they want every day.

Each video starts with the usual foreplay and mostly feature oral sex scenes before the real thing starts. The buttholes of these models are brutally rammed by the male pornstars, and you can see their anal holes being devastated towards the end of the scenes.

gapeland poster

Many fresh teens are getting their butts plugged for the first time here whereas some milfs have big and wide ass holes due to constant gaping and merciless ass pounding. The streaming media player ensures that the videos buffer seamlessly.

Also, it allows you to rewind or forward the scenes quickly without any delay or interruption. The videos can be downloaded at superfast speed, and therefore, you can download high-resolution adult movies in no time!

The premium plans are offered at reasonable rates, and you even get a trial plan at a nominal cost. All the scenes of Gape Land are entirely exclusive, i.e. you will not find them on any other site.

Moreover, it offers multiple sorting options to the users to ensure that they get to watch their desired niches effortlessly. Individuals who are fans of anal and gaping sex scenes will love this site because of its steamy content.

The videos are long enough to provide enough content for porn lovers. There are few watermarks on the photos, but they are small, and therefore, you can easily ignore them. The photo sets can be downloaded in zip files.

Due to all these features, few sites prove to be better than Gape Land when it comes to gaping and hardcore anal action.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular categories – Anal, gaping, creampies, deep throat, double penetration
  • Total number of scenes – 265+ videos
  • The average length of videos – 23 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080 pixels
  • Is there a download limit? – No
  • Are photosets available? – Yes
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – Small texts
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection – No
  • Bonus content – Yes
  • Bonus sites - Yes
  • Model index – Yes
  • Updates – Weekly (Irregular at times)

Website Performance Evaluation



Website design

10 / 10

Content updates

9 / 10

Quality of videos

10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Value for money

10 / 10

Exclusivity of videos

10 / 10

User-interface & layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

98 / 100


Average visits per month – 1.30 million

The website of Gape Land looks fantastic.

If you have seen or used any of the sites of the 21st Sextury Network before then you might be familiar with the design of this site.

It has a clean layout and smooth navigation that help the users to browse the features and options conveniently.

Its archives of videos and photos are growing with each passing month as they upload multiple videos and photo sets every month.

gapeland lp

If someone wants to learn about anal sex then they can try to mimic the postures that are performed by the adult actors of Gape Land. All the features and pages can be accessed through the member’s area where you will also find a basic search option.

Towards the bottom of the homepage, you will see the regular pages like Support, Privacy, etc. This site is encrypted through an HTTPS encryption. As a result, users can browse the content of this site safely without any issues.

Also, it ensures the privacy of user's data and provides a secure payment gateway as well.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Gape Land offers a trial package of 3 days at just $2.95. However, users will get limited access to this site during the trial period. They will be able to stream content but downloading and access to bonus sites might not be provided.

The monthly plan is offered at an economical price of $14.95. The quarterly and yearly plans are available at $68.95 and $95.40 respectively. The quarterly and yearly plans will cost you $22.98 and $7.95 for each month.

Therefore, the yearly package seems to be the most affordable premium plan of Gape Land.


  • It provides all support services to the members through call, email, and live chat.
  • The bonus sites include different types of sex niches and fetishes. Therefore, users can enjoy a diverse range of porn content by purchasing one premium plan!
  • It features high-definition anal sex videos and full-length clips. The average length of the movies is 23 minutes which is more than sufficient to entice your innate primal instincts.
  • Members of this site get to watch true HD movies and videos. Even the photos are available in high resolution.
  • The videos can be downloaded in different mp4 qualities. The highest video quality is 1080p  and the highest image quality is 1920 * 1080 pixels.
  • Gorgeous Russian, Czech, and European babes who are featured on this site can make your lonely time special.
  • It is a thrilling experience to see tight butts of petite babes getting drilled and gaped. There are plenty of such scenes on Gape Land that will blow your mind away.
  • Apart from anal sex and gaping, this site focuses on a variety of anal sex scenes such as double penetration, creampie, buck-cake, rim jobs, and much more. Therefore, it delivers a real treat to anal porn seekers.
  • You will find BDSM, bondage, and taboo sex scenes scattered across various sites of its network. As a result, perverted individuals will have plenty of stuff to hang on to.
  • Users can access this site through mobile or tablet easily as it is mobile-responsive as well.
  • People who like hardcore and extreme anal porn will love this site.
  • Sex scenes are captured professionally amidst scenic background and lavish settings. Therefore, members of Gape Land get to relish cinematic quality porn movies.
  • This site offers numerous categories and sorting options to explore the content. It saves the time of the users can enable them to enjoy their time easily.
  • The horny babes of this site can take an anal pounding in multiple positions. Moreover, they can endure enough punishment and hardcore gaping sessions with ease.
  • Gape Land features some of the hottest pornstars of the adult industry. Amateur and fresh babes can also be seen in numerous clips.


  • The updates are irregular at times which forces the members to depend on the bonus sites.
  • The trial period offers limited access to the members.
  • If you are looking for an adult site that has softcore and lesbian clips then you should ignore this site as it contains only hardcore sex scenes.
  • Samples or preview videos are not available for the new visitors.
  • The users can unlock the features of this site only after entering the member’s area.
  • Gape Land does not provide an advanced search engine to the users.
  • This site does not provide flexible streaming options to the users if we compare it with the downloading options offered by it.
  • This site is not for you if you aren’t into gaping or anal sex.
  • It mostly features white chicks and therefore, you don’t get to see ebonies or Asian babes here. As a result, there isn’t much variety when it comes to girls.
  • There are limited videos and photosets on Gape Land as of now.


Gaping is one of the hottest niches in anal porn. Few sites are as competent as Gape Land when it comes to gaping sex scenes. Among them, Show Me Gape is a noteworthy adult portal. It has a hot collection of extreme anal action and gaping scenes that feature top models of the porn industry.

It also provides a bonus of over 20 sites with a single membership. If you want to see sexy girls getting their anus brutally fucked and nastily gaped then Butt Plays can be the perfect site for you. This site features intense orgasms and steamy anal sex scenes that are hard to find anywhere else.

It also has full-length porn movies that are dedicated to anal sex and related niches. FHUTA seems to be a rather unusual name for a porn site but believe us when we say that it has some of the juiciest asses and thickest cocks of the porn industry.

Here you can see guys going crazy and ramming the shit out of the busty women who enjoy every bit of pain when a thick cock extends the rims of their anus. It also presents double penetration, threesomes, interracial sex scenes, and much more.

We recommend Make Teen Gape to those porn lovers who would like to see small and skinny girls getting their ass gaped. It is wonderful to see tiny ass holes getting wider as a hard and thick cock enters in it repeatedly. The hot teens of this site hail from East Europe and know how to tease your cocks.

Customer Supprot & Other Services

Gape Land provides a 24/7 dedicated customer support services to its members. You can discuss membership issues, login errors, and queries regarding plans, technical issues, and a lot more with their customer support executives.

Moreover, you can reach them through email, telephone, and live chat. You can also raise a ticket to register your complaints.

You can also use the FAQ page to resolve your general issues and queries. Here you will find FAQs on technical, membership, and general queries with ease. For exploring the FAQs, please visit this link -

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a premium site that offers nail-biting and intense gaping or anal sex scenes then Gape Land would be the perfect site for you. It has many hardcore sex clips that are thrilling enough to give you goosebumps at the right places.

Moreover, you get a bonus of over 50 sites which is hard to find anywhere else. A great thing is that all those 50 sites are premium porn sites and dozens of them feature anal sex scenes. If you ask us, you won’t get a better option than Gape Land.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate while subscribing on this site as we totally recommend it for porn lovers.

Parting words

Finding a flawless adult site seems to be impossible these days. However, you would get a pleasant surprise when you find sites like Gape Land that give away way too much at too little price.

If you are fascinated about a round or bubble-shaped ass then you would be easily entertained by the hot porn stars and amateur babes of Gape Land. Hence, set the rules free and purchase a premium plan today before it gets expensive!

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