Gamer Dating Review (2020)

Gamer Dating

GamerDating is an online dating platform for single gamers. It is all about providing you with the perfect match and partner of your dreams.

The site is number one for players who are seeking love for a romantic and long-lasting relationship.

The most excellent point about GamerDating is the members of the site have an equal distribution of men and women.

On the website, the members of the site are between the ages of 18-34 years. 

All the members can enjoy the place by finding romance and gaming at the same time. Moving ahead, GamerDating minimizes the number of fake profiles with the help of its robust registration process. It is something that helps to secure the website from unwanted counterfeit people and accounts.

One of the drawbacks is that, in the romance section, interaction features are quite limited. When the users are up to creating their id on profile, completion is mandatory to ensure that the user's account is authentic and detailed.

A few of the fields that can be seen in the necessary information while filling up the profile are looking for exciting people, religious reviews, and lifestyle. Further, let us move on to the site's features and let us talk about how this site is different from other gaming sites.

What makes GamerDating different from others?

Here you will not only get the perfect match but the true love that you ever wanted. On the site, you will get a chance to find your partner and enjoyment of your life. The members of the website will help the user to explore a variety of people.​

If the user is a game lover and wants to meet someone similar, then you are in the right place. The site has a design of online games and a typical PC setup. It has recreated the interface which has been familiar to all gamers.

Review of Gamer Dating

The site has promised the users that here they can find the genuine love of their life. The most fantastic thing about the website is that it has real people behind the avatar, and there is a very low density of fake profiles on the site. You can see their gaming library to know about their games collection.

If we differentiate the site from another dating site, there will be only one specific thing that is; the user can instantly get a dozen points for talking to other users.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Member structure


Signing up


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Real-life review


Overall Score

24 / 30

Site statistics

  • Safety: Yes
  • Matchmaking: Yes
  • Mobile friendly: No
  • Easy registration: Yes


Website address:

Estimated visit last month: 2.0 million

The site's primary focus is on players who spend most of the time on the computer or the internet. So, this can be the perfect answer to why GamerDating does not support mobile apps. 

The signup process can take a longer time to register for the site. 

Gamer Dating

But if the user wants to have a much quicker signup process, then they can choose OPT to use the Facebook registration in which the necessary information will automatically sync. If not this, the user can use an e-mail service as well.

But first, you need to confirm the email address by clicking on the activation link that you receive. To get access to, the user must follow five critical steps as follows:

  1. 1
    Headshot: the user must have a clear picture of the face to upload it to the site. On the site, you will get the photo guidelines as well.
  2. 2
    Games: the user must have to choose at least three games that will show up in their account. There will be a vast array of options to select your favorite one. These games can be Zelda, PUBG, DOTA 2, Uncharted, and many more.
  3. 3
    Packages: in this option, you will get a chance to choose your membership package as per your wish. If the user wants to avail premium membership, then they can use OPT to continue as a free member.
  4. 4
    Confirmation: after following the above steps, the user must confirm what they have chosen. Users have to verify that their actions are true and correct.
  5. 5
    Profile: if the user has not built their profile, they are not eligible to continue with the site. They cannot proceed if they are not answering each question according to the field. The field is all about your necessary information such as country, state, gender, city, language, education, and preferences. The user's appearance is also essential (body art, height, eye color). After this, you need to talk about your social hobbies like drinking hobbies, smoking, parties, drugs, and, most importantly, gaming habits.

Once you follow the steps mentioned above, you are all set to be a part of

Gamer Dating


GamerDating is one of the popular websites for gathering gamers, who are seeking love, from all over the world. GamerDating offers an elegant, simple, and fantastic gaming platform to help singles from around the world to find like-minded gamers for friendship and dating.

Not only is the pricing reasonable, but the website also has all the necessary features you need to make your online dating experience fun. There is a free trial available on the site for you to know the site better. You can get a two-day trial, where you can know everything about GamerDating.

After that, the team will ask you to upgrade to a quest plan or remain a free member. The pursuit here means subscription plan; as a gamer, you use these terms very often, so they have made plans by the names of Silver and Gold Quest.

If you are a standard free member, then you can only access the website. However, you will get six matches, but you cannot message them or interact with them unless you procure a membership pack. To do so, you will have to subscribe as one of the quests.

Although the website is very cool, they do not provide more options for a free member to communicate and play games on their website. And, if we talk about the two Quests, there is not much of a difference in them.

Silver Quest has a validity of two months, whereas the Gold Quest is for four months. You can get full access to the website, including advanced searches, playing favorite games with the recommended matches, making your profile better, and a lot more.

So, let us move further and check out the cost of these two Quests.

  • SILVER QUEST: You can opt for this plan, as it will only cost you $35 for two months. Charges per month will be $17.59.
  • GOLD QUEST: If you want to enjoy the features for a longer-term, then GamerDating has a Gold Quest plan, which will cost you $70 for four months. And charges per month are the same as that in Silver Quest.

They accept credit cards for the payments. You need to enter your card details, but do not worry about the security and safety of your bank account details. The website has been in this business for more than a decade, and the members trust the GamerDating team.

In case you want to back out from the site, then you can easily cancel your subscription. Just click on settings, there you will see an option named as Other, click on it, there you will find a cancel subscription button. And similarly, you can delete your account without any issue.

It is a beautiful gamer dating website with affordable monthly plans as compared to the other dating websites. Now, let us move further and check out the pros and cons of GamerDating.


  • GamerDating has been in the business for a long time so that you can put your faith in this dating website.
  • There are thousands of gamers across the world. Whether you are looking to date a player with similar interests, locally or internationally, GamerDating brings people to you no matter where in the world you may be.
  • GamerDating has some additional features that make communication amongst gamers unique and fun, and that is why it is one of the best emerging online dating websites on the internet today.
  • There is a decent amount of audience on the website. More than 2000 people visit the site daily.
  • You will be happy to know that there is almost the same number of women and men on GamerDating.
  • The website's interface is clean and easy to use. Its design is sparkling and impressive and provides a classy experience without going overboard.
  • ● If you are a gamer and looking for a partner who also likes to indulge in games, then GamerDating may be the best place for you.
  • Although registration on the website is a bit complicated, it assures you that the members on the site are all real. There are negligible amounts of fake profiles on GamerDating. You need to enter the email address and then log in to your email to click on the link to activate your profile.
  • There are a lot of features on the website, which provides your profile with a little enhancement and can aid your profile to look much better and gain more attention. You have to choose your top three favorite games that will appear on your profile.
  • They take security issues seriously and are more than willing to take full responsibility for any scamming that occurs on their website.
  • You can also sign up using your Facebook account. It gathers all the necessary details from your account and easily creates your profile.
  • You can even find your perfect gaming partner in your locality itself. On the preferences and games that you have chosen on the website, GamerDating always provides you with a set of recommended matches.
  • Even if you are a free member of the website, you can easily access the site and search the members, including their photos.
  • GamerDating daily recommends a set of six matches. But to respond to them, you need to purchase the Silver or Gold membership.
  • If you think Gold membership is too costly for the starting, then they also offer a Silver subscription plan that will let you communicate with the gamers for two months. You can opt for the plan accordingly.
  • If you want to read and know more about the love and gaming experiences, then you can look out for the Advice section on the website.
  • They also offer advanced search and match feature options. You can click on find a date if you want to refine the search yourself.
  • As a member of GamerDating, you can read, comment, discuss, and play games with other members.
  • You can add a description that suits you, add your hobbies, your interests, religion, lifestyle, and a lot more. GamerDating will recommend to you the people who have similar interests as yours.
  • You can communicate and play your favorite game together with your opposite sex.
  • GamerDating presents an outstanding support system to gamers through advanced communication techniques, and the back-end team is skilled in the major languages of the world.
  • Whether you are a pro gamer looking for love or you are fascinated by finding a person that has the same interests of gaming, then you can find your perfect match in an entertaining and relaxed way at GamerDating.


  • There are a lot of distracting ads on the website. Even if you are a paid member, then also you do not have access to stop these advertisements.
  • You cannot interact or send a message until you are a paid member of GamerDating.
  • Although it is all about gaming with dating, gamers across the world like to play games on the computer, some people like to do the same on their mobile phones. But unfortunately, they do not provide any mobile applications for them. However, you can open the website on your handset.
  • Sometimes, the navigation and scrolling on the handsets become a little sluggish.
  • The registration process is a bit complicated. It takes longer than usual to sign up and create your profile.
  • Even if you are a paid member on the website, you will get only six matches daily.
  • Non-subscribed members cannot interact with other gamers, and they have limited communication options for them.

Competitors of

Many websites are mainly for gamers who are seeking love here on player dating sites. But the main competitors of GamerDating are and These are the main competitors of GamerDating who claim to be the best when it comes to finding true love.

The other amateur dating site competing with GamerDating is The site is a 100% free online dating network site and is running successfully.


GamerDating site will not only provide a dating service based on matchmaking for love alone, but it will add something unique along with it. The user can review, talk about games, and discuss intentions openly. The website policy protects all the details, and therefore, your information is in safe hands.

No one can share your information for marketing purposes. The user will not get spam, and the official website will not share any offers. The official site has two types of membership packages.

The first one is Silver Quest, and the other one is Gold Quest, for which we have given the relevant details in the paragraphs mentioned above. If you have a premium membership, then you can get access to the message and have fun features as well.

  • Company: Gamer Dating Limited Information
  • Address: Commissioner Office Wycliffe House, Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK95AF
  • Phone: 03031231113
  • Hotline: 5457545
  • Fax: 01625524510
  • E-Mail:
  • For more information, check out the website privacy policy FAQ in this link:

Final Verdict

GamerDating became popular with the help of gamers who went through an unhappy and toxic relationship with non-gaming partners. If you want to be a member of and wish to join, search, and want your perfect match here on the site, then you must go with a premium membership.

Paying for subscriptions allows the user to use the ultimate features of the website. The site aims to develop the services and grow the users of the site. The members of the site are working very carefully to upgrade the facilities of

They are ready to provide the best service to the users. Also, there will be no chance to see adverts to the paying member shortly.

Gamer Dating

Parting Words

GamerDating is a platform where they are independent to choose their partner as a gamer. The site has expanded the ideal dating concept adding gaming so that the user can search for other users who play the same things as you do. 

You can search for the game as well so that you can decide the date to play it together. You can get one day of free messaging if you share the site on Facebook or Twitter. However, if due to any reason you wish to cancel the subscription, you can do it at any time.

If someone does not find it useful, then they can simply delete their account. For more details, you can check out the given links.

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