Fuck My Indian GF Review (2020)

Fuck My Indian GF

Fuck my Indian GF is an adult website solely  focused on providing Indian porn videos launched in the year 2012.

It has an array of porn videos and photo-sets sourced exclusively from not only the Indian subcontinent but also from around the world.

A decent number of their content comes in HD format as well.


  • Totally authentic home-made and amateur sex tapes.
  • A wide flurry of content available.


  • No bonus sites.
  • No new pictures since 2010.

Fuck My Indian GF is a dedicated Indian porn website,  launched in January 2012. Fuck My Indian GF has an array of porn videos and photosets. The site showcases horny Indian girls not just from India but from around the world submitting amateur homemade porn content.

Fuck My Indian GF honestly has a vast collection. The site claims to update content daily, and there are many videos that are available in HD format. The core focus of Fuck My Indian GF is only Indian babes.

Most of the videos are homemade sex tapes, which means you will not get to watch professionally shot porn videos. However, Fuck My Indian GF does have girls who know how to make someone feel tempted and make even the most experienced pornstars jealous.

Fuck My Indian GF website has around 9,513 adult films at present. The site has many pages, and some of the videos are only a couple of minutes long, while others are about 30 minutes long. Each thumbnail will give you two options. One is to download the clip, and the second is the streaming option.

We saw silky smooth Indian babes getting cosy with their partners and sucking cocks. It is hard to predict the script because the site doesn’t give us any description of the content.

It is hard to tell the average length of the videos as well, as there were too many of them, but be prepared to see different length movies. For downloading, you will get two formats, AVI and MP4, and if you have Flash Player in your system, then you can start streaming the videos right away. 

Fuck My Indian GF videos should not be watched in full-screen because not every video content is meant for full-screen, so be mindful about that.

Apart from movies, there are around 336 images to enjoy. Each set will have about 20 pictures, and the sizes will vary. When we tried downloading the pictures, the files were saved in a zip folder. If you wish, you can transfer the photos to your mobile phone to watch them later.

What makes Fuck My Indian GF popular?

Fuck My Indian GF is a premium quality dedicated Indian porn website, which is all about lusty amateur Indian ladies. These ladies are always in the mood to ride a cock; they are ready to go nude and strip in front of the camera, and you.

Because Fuck My Indian GF is a premium Indian porn website, you have to buy one of their membership accounts to watch the content. There are many reasons why Fuck My Indian GF website is one of the favourite Indian porn websites.

One of them being the massive collection of porn videos, which is 9,513 and alluring photo gallery collection, which is about 336. Around 5000 videos of Fuck My Indian GF are only hardcore couple scenes.

You will see Indian girls sucking some cocks, playing with them, and finally spreading their legs to get into some action. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Fuck My Indian GF is going to make you feel delighted.

Another reason why Fuck My Indian GF is gaining a lot of popularity is that in all the videos, we get to see a bunch of Indian ladies with big breasts and fine asses getting into hardcore porn scenes. And all the videos are ready for downloading  and streaming.

Most of the ladies here at Fuck My Indian GF have an excellent figure, some of them can be categorized as BBW; otherwise, most of the performers have a beautiful figure, long hair, nice boobs, and asses. The website looks very sleek. Right on the homepage, you will see a big banner of all naked Indian girls.

The layout is right on point, and you will have no difficulty in navigating the site. Even though the performers shot the videos themselves, none of the videos has poor lighting. Fuck My Indian GF uploads fresh content regularly. Which means you will never run out of content here at Fuck My Indian GF.

Fuck My Indian GF currently has a massive collection of 9,513 porn videos and 300 plus picture sets. Each set has somewhere around 20 pictures. We loved the picture galleries, as the girls were pretty. All  the videos of Fuck My Indian GF can be downloaded or streamed.

If you wish to download the video, then you can save it in AVI or MP4 format, and to stream the content online, you will need a flash player. The performers that you will see here at Fuck My Indian GF range from 18 to 35 years of age.

Even though Fuck My Indian GF doesn’t give you any access to other bonus sites, the site has enough content to keep you hooked. Finally, the last reason why Fuck My Indian GF is so popular is that it is 100% Indian porn site.

The models that you will see or explore as new and fresh content gets uploaded will only have authentic Indian girls only. For those who are not picky about HD quality print, then Fuck My Indian GF will leave no stone unturned to make you feel satisfied and get your hands dirty.

Website Overview

Website Address: http://fuckmyindiangf.com/

Estimated visits last month: Not available

Let’s accept it; everyone watches porn, and the more niches you have, the better because then you have more reasons to get your hands dirty.

Commercialized porn videos have always been the centre of attraction; however, these commercial porn videos have somehow become predictable, and that’s why people are getting drawn to more and more amateur and homemade porn content. 

fuck my indian gf lp

Fuck My Indian GF is gaining a lot of popularity because whatever content the site has is 100% homemade and amateur.

Fuck My Indian GF, as we have already shared, was launched in January 2012 and this site since then has become a one-stop destination for all those horny couples and people who enjoy watching hot and seductive homemade porn content.

The best part about Fuck My Indian GF is that you get to experience genuine sex and foreplay only. There is no script, no weird sexual position, just 100% authentic sex. Fuck My Indian GF keeps you free from fake moans and orgasms. We all know that commercial porn sites sometimes overdo a few things.

Moreover, if you are into seductive and sexy Indian babes, then Fuck My Indian GF is the ideal choice for you. Fuck My Indian GF offers different membership accounts, and you will also get a one-day trial membership as well.

If you are a newbie here and you would first like to explore everything, how the site looks to you, is it easy to navigate, how about the pricing, and more. Well, the website looks very sleek and clean to us and has a rather simple design. The site is not cluttered with a lot of photos or content.

Therefore, we don’t think navigation should be a problem for you. You will find almost everything related to the site on the homepage. Fuck My Indian GF offers three video formats, MP4, MPEG, and AVI. Regarding the quality of the videos, you will get 320x240 and 640x480.

Fuck My Indian GF offers unlimited downloading and streaming limit. You can browse the content of the site as many times as you would want. The site also offers a mammoth of pictures. All the pictures are of good quality, and you shouldn’t face any problem while viewing them.

Be prepared to watch amateur photos and semi-pro photos. The images will have mostly nude girls clicking selfies, and in many of the pictures, there will be hardcore sex scenes. All the photos are available only in JPG format. The maximum file size of the photos is 50 KB.

The site doesn’t disturb you with unnecessary ads, which is an excellent thing. What we liked about Fuck My Indian GF is that unlike any other adult sites, Fuck My Indian GF didn’t clutter its site with lots of ads.

Pricing & Membership Fees

To make things easy, Fuck My Indian GF provides three main membership plans. You can check them out below before picking your favourite plan. Do remember that Fuck My Indian GF uploads daily fresh content, and recently they have added around 1000 new videos.

It is never easy to find Indian porn collection this large, and that’s why it makes total sense to join Fuck My Indian GF. Here are the details:

  • 1-day trial membership: $4.95
  • 30-days membership: $29.95
  • 90-days membership: $49.95
  • 365-days membership: $99.95

We recommend trying the one-day trial membership first to review Fuck My Indian GF. Go through the content first and then decide whether you should buy any of the other subscriptions or not. Readers may note that payment will be recurring.

To register, you will have to create a username, password, enter your email ID, select the country, and finally, your membership scheme. To make the payment, you can either choose credit or debit card and then click on continue.

Fuck My Indian GF is not an Indian dating site, so no live chatting option will be available, the content that you are going to see will be of couples banging one another. The website is overloaded with homemade sex tapes, and that’s why they are all genuine.

We enjoyed seeing the Indian beauties because they look stunning; they are hot and pretty. Each screencap on the homepage of Fuck My Indian GF has a download option, and to download the video, you have to register at Fuck My Indian GF.

Most of the videos are rather short. However, some are 40 minutes long. These homemade sex tapes had a lot of dick sucking, fingering, and sexual intercourse scenes. Once you download the videos, you will realize that some of the videos are broken into several parts, while others are full length.

Fuck My Indian GF uploads new content every day. The site also has a separate photo section, but Fuck My Indian GF has not uploaded any new photos since 2010. The photo galleries mostly have low to excellent resolution naked pictures of girls.

In some of the images, the girls are fully nude, while in others, they can be seen as sucking cock. If you love watching a good homemade sex tap, where there are no scripts involved, Fuck My Indian GF is going to win your heart.

Site Statistics

Most Popular Models: All the models are amateurs. No real pornstars are available.

Models: Only Indians in between 18 to 30 years. Their body type varies.

Body Type: The body type varies. Some are slim with small tits, while others have a voluptuous body with massive jugs.

  • Model Appearance: Amateurs performers only.
  • Total number of videos: 9,513
  • Average Length of videos: 20 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: Mostly SD, some are available in High definition
  • File size: 300-500 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


7 / 10

Bonus Score

3 / 10

Overall Score

71 / 100

Competitors of Fuck My Indian GF

Indian porn niche is quite a popular niche in the industry because Indian girls are considered to be mostly shy and naive, and that’s why men like to see their shy faces while getting banged. Now because this niche is so popular, we can only imagine why won’t there be any other Indian porn sites.

Just like Fuck My Indian GF, there are different dedicated Indian porn video sites as well. And currently, Fuck My Indian GF is receiving major competition from three particular sites. First is Indian GF Videos, second is The Indian Porn, and finally Desi Papa. Let’s get to know about all these three sites as well.

Indian GF Videos

Indian GF Videos is quite similar to Fuck My Indian GF, and even the layout looks the same. The site has more than 1000 videos, and the average length of the videos is 15 to 20 minutes long. Most of the videos are of good quality, and you will see girls in different sexual positions. 

The girls of Indian GF Videos look beautiful, and the video quality is good too. The Indian Porn: Now, let’s move on to The Indian Porn. The Indian Porn is known for its array of Indian porn content. All of the videos are homemade, and you will see girls giving oral sex to their partners.

Even though the videos are homemade, the quality is excellent. Even The Indian Porn website has over 1000 porn content and many photo galleries. Models’ names are mentioned right under their pictures.


Finally, we have DesiPapa. DesiPapa is an old Indian porn site, and this site has more than 3000 videos and many photos. DesiPapa uploads fresh content every day, and the number is increasing day-by-day. The place never keeps its members waiting as they upload content frequently.

Out of all, we think DesiPapa is giving a fierce competition to Fuck My Indian GF.


  • 100% amateur and homemade sex tapes only.
  • There are 9000+ porn videos.
  • The girls here at Fuck My Indian GF look cute and pretty.
  • The video quality of each video is good.
  • You can stream and download unlimited content once you become a member of Fuck My Indian GF.
  • Fuck My Indian GF offers a 1-day trial membership
  • Fuck My Indian GF uploads fresh content every day.
  • The website looks clean, and it is easy to navigate.


  • No bonus sites.
  • Fuck My Indian GF hasn’t uploaded new pictures since 2010.

Customer Support & Other Details

Fuck My Indian GF has a dedicated support page for all the members. In case you run into a problem or would like to communicate with them regarding any query, then click on their support tab, which will be at the bottom of the site. You will be taken to Fuck My Indian GF support centre page.

Each query will be assigned a unique ticket number. Through this ticket number, you will be able to track the progress of your question or complaint.


Fuck My Indian GF is an impressive Indian adult site, where you will be bombarded with tons of homemade Indian porn content. The site doesn’t give you any search bar to choose different categories. There is just one category, and that is a homemade sex tape.

And that is what you are going to get here. Once you register, you can add comments and rate the content as well. These are some of the options that you will get once you become their member.

Fuck My Indian GF provides more than 9000 porn videos and all Indian porn content only, and it is easy to navigate the site. You will find everything right on the homepage. It is not easy to find thousands of Indian porn content in one place, and that’s why we recommend Fuck My Indian GF.

Parting words

We hope you have enjoyed reading our review on Fuck My Indian GF, and we are pretty sure that you can’t wait to visit Fuck My Indian GF to explore all of its hot and steamy content. Go on and have fun, and come back to us for more reviews.

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