FriendFinder-X Review (2020)


Friendfinder- X is a fantastic platform that can fulfill these desires. On this platform, you can make friends based on your locality.

You can choose your partner by seeing their profile.

The website is not 100 percent free, but it has enough potential to drag members who would be interested in making friends with you.

The best self-help, if you are stressed or depressed, is to talk with your partner or friend to relax oneself. But what if you do not have a friend with whom you could share moments of your life? Are you lonely and searching for a place to make friends? Search no more.

Making friends has become so comfortable in the generation of the internet. Also, if you are hungry for sexual pleasure, there's a place to get you all covered. If you're not straight in the sexual orientation, it's outstanding; the website is suited to your needs as well.

You can have as much fun as you want on this website for as long as you can. The site is for those people who love to enjoy fantasies. The overall experience on this website is quite amazing.

Here, we are going to review the FriendFinder-X website. Furthermore,  you are going to know more features about this website which will make you super excited about FriendFinder-X

What makes FriendFinder-X different from other sites?

FriendFinder-X is a massive website with multiple features. You might have come across various similar sites, but Friendfinder- X could prove to be slightly different. This website is not just for the people whose sexual orientation is heterosexual; the fact that it is LGBTQ friendly is one of its major selling points.

Many members of Friendfinder- X use this website to make friends. Later on, they could even end up in hookups . Some of them also use this platform exclusively, to chat with partners. If the conversation goes well, then, they could approach their partners for dates.

If not, they could just switch to other members. You do not need to worry about the limitations of choices here. Friendfinder- X has lots of members on its forum who'd be enough to cover your thirst for company. You need to pay money to enjoy the services on this website.

Once you get into the site, you can explore its various features. There are several features on the website apart from the dating portal, which you could enjoy. You can participate in intimate online chat services or even watch sensual videos live.

Most of the users are from the USA. However, you can also find users from  Asia and the Middle East as well. The majority of members are here just for casual encounters, but you could even get lucky  and find a life partner on this platform.

There are two types of membership on the website, which will be discussed later. Friendfinder- X also has its models who host live adult video chats to make the users sensually engaged.

You can visit the profile of any member and check out their posts, to learn more and have detailed knowledge about them. These models also have fan clubs; you can also join these clubs without any extra payment. You will get full access to their profile.

Website Performance Score

If you want to judge a website, the home page is often enough to estimate its performance. However, in the case of Friendfinder- X, this is not entirely adequate. The home page of the website will merely inform you that this is a dating website.

However, the quality of the site and the performance has to be estimated by assessing the website on numerous other criteria. The overall performance of Friendfinder- X is dependent on various aspects. Here is the performance score of Friendfinder- X out of 10 in multiple elements.



Ease Of Use

7 / 10

Filtering Option

8 / 10

Variety In Contents

8 / 10

Web Design

8 / 10


9 / 10

Global Outreach

8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Website Management

8 / 10

Service Quality

8 / 10

Overall Rating

81 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Total number of members: 90M
  • Majority of members: USA
  • Number of members from the USA: 10,000
  • Daily logins: 2,500
  • Male member percentage: 40%
  • Female member percentage: 60%

Website Overview


Friendfinder- X is a 20 years old website made for a single purpose.

If you get bored due to your same cliched lifestyle, FriendFinder-x can help you out by adding spices to your life.

It is one of the largest platforms for online dating. The members of Friendfinder- X are like-minded.

If you can  chat with someone on this platform, you can talk to anyone freely without any hesitation. 


You can switch to any topic as per your comfort and your convenience. You could even go unabashed  and ask for hookups. If your partner agrees good for you, or else you could easily switch to another partner. If you are gay or lesbian or transgender, the website looks after your needs too.

You are just as welcome on Friendfinder- X as any straight person. There is no shame in registering on the site. You can also find your partner according to your specific preferences. Remember, Friendfinder-X does not reveal your personal information to anyone, until or unless you want to disclose it.

Once you open the website, you will find a registration page. You need to register yourself on the website by providing your name, email, and an adequate password. An Email verification will be sent to your email ID. All you need to do is to activate the email ID by clicking on the activate button.

After that, you will be asked to answer a few questions. You need to fill in your necessary information like age, date of birth, location, marital status, among other things. You will be also inquired about your preferences for choosing your partner.

Once you are done, you will be redirected to the membership page. This platform is 100 percent safe without a trace of any illegal activity. Most of the adult websites have viruses and spyware.

Luckily, if you are on this platform, you are not going to face these threats that may have the potential to damage your devices. The site is, however, full of advertisements in different sections. You might even receive some annoying notifications that may irritate you. You need to traverse the website carefully.

If you are not attentive enough, you may click here and there. By doing so, you could be redirected to another site.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The pricing structure is a bit complex for this website. There are four types of pricing system: gold membership, Standard contact, Tokens, and point system.

Gold Membership

In gold membership, you can access the entire assortment of features present on the website. There are three types of sub-categorized plans in a gold membership. One is for one month, which costs around USD 40. Next comes the 3-month plan, which costs around USD 81.

If you assess the amount, you will find that this plan is quite efficient than the first one, and you will need to pay only USD 27 per month. Then comes the one-year plan. Here you need to pay USD 240.00. This is far more efficient than the other plans in a gold membership.

If you evaluate the amount, you will need to pay only 20.00 USD per month.

Standard Contacts

There are two types of plans in this system. First is the one-month plan, which will cost around USD 20.00. In this type of plan, you are going to enjoy only limited services. Next comes the 3-month plan, which costs around USD 36.

Here again, if you do basic arithmetic, you will find that in a month, you would be paying only USD 12.


This system is unique in all terms. This token system is based on credits. You can purchase souvenirs to access the features of this website. You need to buy credits by paying money. You can also use the credit in the payment process.

The first plan is $12 USD, where you will be offered with 100 credits. Then comes USD 20, where you will be offered with 185 credits. In USD 50, you will be provided with 500 credits. And in USD 99, you will get 1000 credits. 


The point system is for the standard members. Here the pricing system is a little cheaper. You can pay USD 3.00 to get 200 credits. Then comes USD 6 to get 500 Credit. And for USD 10, you will be offered with 1,000 credit.

Every type of payment option is open for use. You can use a credit card or even a direct card. If you know the office or reside nearby to the main office of Friendfinder- X, you can also pay using cash and cheque. The charges on your credit card standard will appear as FFNHELP.COM*FRIENDF*.

Apart from this, gold and the standard membership are different in terms of the features. You can access only a limited number of features in standard membership. Whereas, if you are a Gold member, you can enjoy all the features such as live models, private webcam, video gallery, photos and all.


  • If you are alone and need someone to talk to, this is the perfect website for you to clear out your stress and frustration. On this platform, there are no limitations and boundaries for choosing a topic for conversation. You can talk to your partner on any topic.
  • You can directly approach for hookups with your prospective partner. If you want to make a slow move, you can chat with your partner and slowly approach for a date. Later on, you could proceed  for hookup if your conversation goes well.
  • Friendfinder- X is not at all limited to being just a dating website. There are many more features present on the site that you can enjoy. These features are sensual videos, live models, webcam sex, blogs of the models, and much more,  enough to keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • You can date partners from your locality. The global outreach of this website is excellent. You can find partners from almost everywhere around the world.
  • You can upload photos in a private album. You can have a collection of photos so that every time you log in to the website, you crave for some intimate sensual fun.
  • The profile of the users also displays a timeline of the users and their activities. You can also send gifts to impress your partner.
  •  While most of the adult websites contain viruses, this  entire site is virus-free. Here, you can be pretty sure that your device will be completely safe and secure from viruses and spyware.
  • Friendfinder- X is just like any other social media platform. Here you can create a community where you talk in a group and make out plans. You can comment on some particular content. On  the same platform, you will also get the facility to chat with your preferred partner.
  • If you are a transgender person in  or belongs to the LGBTQ community, your needs will be catered to as well, and you are as much likely to find a partner on this platform as any straight person.
  • The majority of the dating website complains about gender proportion that it is male-dominated. Friendfinder- X is, fortunately, female-dominated. The ratio of males and females on this website is 2:3, where the majority of the members are female.


  • It is a 20-year old website. But there are no special modifications made on the layout. It has a traditional type of design. Initially, you may find it a little frustrating to navigate on the website, but later on, you will get accustomed to the elements.
  • The website is not 100 percent free. You need to pay an amount for availing certain features. Even then, you could be bothered by advertisements and notifications on the website. The ads are placed in such a way that you will get confused about which of the icons is real and which are not.
  • The website is not 100 percent free. You need to pay an amount for availing certain features. Even then, you could be bothered by advertisements and notifications on the website. The ads are placed in such a way that you will get confused about which of the icons is real and which are not.
  • The registration process is too long to complete. It will take a minimum of 5 to 7 minutes to finish. There are also many columns that you need to fill to generate the profile.
  • In today's world, people love to use mobile applications. It is handier than websites. However, there is no mobile application available for FriendFinder-x.
  • The pricing compared with other websites is much higher. While other websites provide the same features at a lower rate, FriendFinder-x is providing at seemingly exorbitant prices.


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Latinamericancupid is an incredible online dating website that provides you a wide range of partners based on your location. On  this platform, users can chat with their preferable partners by paying some amount to the website.

No matter which country and location you belong to, you will get desired partners to chat and date with. If your conversation goes well enough, you could also approach them for dates and hookups.

Be naughty

Benaughty focusses on intimate interactions and hookups. It is one of the most excellent websites to fulfill sexual desires.

There are numerous benefits to this website if you are looking for instant satisfaction. Benaughty provides your partners based on your location. This website is perfect for people who are introverted and are not open enough to speak directly to ask for hookups.


‚ÄčHappn is a free website and a popular dating application. It uses the GPS locator of the phone to navigate your location. It reads your physical location and shows that to other users of Happn.  In this process, you can get potential matches around you.

Every time your mobile shows any person near you, he or she will be added to your feed at the top. You can use this platform anywhere, including public spaces such as streets, markets, and other public places.


In case you are having any problem regarding the website, you can visit the customer service. All you need to do is to visit the site. You will find an option saying help/contacts, right at the bottom of the home page. You need to click on that, and you will find your desired requirements.


Friendfinder- X is a casual dating website. You can use it to search for friends for short- or long-term, romantic, or platonic relationships. This platform provides you various other features such as chatting, live hot models, Webcam sex, and much more.

It is a paid web service that needs to be availed only in specific plans. Friendfinder- X is a100 percent safe and secured website, without any threat from virus and spyware. All the members on this website are 18+.

It is delightful to join the community of FriendFinder-x and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Parting words

These are the specific advantages of using Friendfinder-X, in spite of its few ill features. Nevertheless, by providing a reliable intimate space for sober friendships based on detailed profiles with private information, Friendfinder-X stands unique in the assortment of female-dominated dating websites.

It is a fascinating site for match-making services, and we would sincerely like to hear your opinion! Feel free to connect with us anytime for a site review, or for particular questions you'd like us to address.

Explore intimacy to the fullest, and when in need of a convenient space that makes it comfortable for a sustainable friendship or relationship, what's better than Friendfinder-X!

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