FreeHDx Review (2020)


Porn watching is almost like a carefully cultivated art; if you don’t get the right type, kind, and style, then it is not satisfactory in the least.

If you are a true porn lover, then you are surely going to be fussy about the babes you like to relish watching and the kind of porn scenes that will give you a hard-on almost instantly.

However, there are so many porn sites in the market that it has virtually become impossible to know which one is worth your time and money!

When it comes to ‘desi’ porn, there is amazing and knee-weakening porn, and then there is disastrous and unwatchable video porn that makes you shrink.

FreeHDx is definitely in the former category, and it has tons of good quality porn from some of the racist and sexiest hot babes.

If desi porn is your scene, then this website has got the best from India, Pakistan, and Arab women, who can make it certain with their videos, that you keep cuming to this site for your porn dose!

What makes FreeHDx so popular?

Most of the videos on this porn site seem to be homemade, and that is what gives most porn lovers a real-kick.

It is a fantasy come true, for a majority of the porn-loving fanatics out there, to watch real women and men getting naked and doing the nasty, and FreeHDx is full of India, Pakistani, Arab and even Sri Lankan hot babes and MILFs getting hot and heavy.

Everything from stripping, teasing and oral sex, to other racier varieties like cumshots, fucking, and blowjobs, you can find these all on the website, and then some. As far as the videos are concerned, you can find these porn movies anywhere between 1 minute to 15 minutes.

If Indian porn and amateur homemade sex videos interest you, then FreeHDx is the site you need to cum too.


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If you are into Indian, Pakistani, Arabi, and even Sri Lankan hot babes, then this website has a ton of these hot and saucy women doing unspeakable things and being fucked hard and nasty.

There is also tremendous variety in all these amateur porn videos and home movies, which makes it worthwhile for every porn lover out there.

You can look for a quickie with their 1-2 minute porn videos or go for the full experience with their 15-20 minute homemade porn movies, either way, this porn site has you covered for all your kinky fantasies and then some.

You can even find the type of porn you are interested in looking at, by picking from one of their tags or porn categories.


From the sassy and curvaceous teen girls to the hot and voluptuous bhabhis from the South, and from college chicks to MILFs getting nasty, you can find everything on the porn site. FreeHDx makes sure that you get your daily dose of porn with its 15,000+ porn videos and frequent updates as well.


As the name suggests, FreeHDx is free to watch and a free to download site for Indian porn videos and homemade movies. What’s more?

You can even upload your content on this porn site. They have a button right on their homepage, which allows you to upload original porn videos and homemade movies. There is not much to offer in terms of premium features and all those prime benefits because this site is free. 

However, they do make sure that you get thousands of porn videos, from cumshots and blowjob to oral sex and hardcore fucking, all free to buffer and even download. You can even access all of this completely free, on the mobile version website.

Again, because it is free, not too much in the HD quality department either, but the quality is decent enough for you to relish the porn scenes. It might not be one of the most seductive and feature-filled websites, but it delivers porn videos like it promises- Free!

Performance Score: (Out of 10)



Website Design

7 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

7 / 10


7 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10

Download / Streaming

7 / 10


7 / 10


7 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Overall Score

7.5 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Most Popular Niche Parodies: Live Video Chat, More Porn Videos, The Porn Dude
  • Total Number of Videos: 15,000+
  • Average Length of Videos: 5-6 minutes
  • Download Limit: None

If Porn Was Made in India


When it comes to watching porn, every porn lover has a different taste in women, different ways to satisfy it, and a ton of different categories that they prefer to rub their genitals too.

While some go for the romantic porn movies and softcore porn scenes, some like it rough and hardcore, and then some get a hard-on watching the taboo porn categories like gang rape.

No matter what you are in the mood for, there is that one porn site out there, which can offer you unlimited pleasure, and all you have to do is find it!

Some of the most common and well-known sites, which could give a tough fight to FreeHDx are ClipsAge, DesiXNXX, SuckSex, Antarvasna Sex Videos, and Wow Indian Porn, to name a few. You can find some really good quality of original porn videos just waiting to be explored.

From nasty GIFs to full-length sex films, and from videos covering all your biggest and baddest fetishes, to watching sex on live cam, these websites offer it all. Some of these sites offer paid membership and exclusive porn content for their premium users as well.

Why is India Obsessed with Savita Bhabhi?

If you have browsed through websites like Free Sexy Indians and Indian Porn Videos, then you already would have come across a large collection of busty Indian women getting the men hot and heavy. In ways, you can’t even begin to imagine.

If real sex videos and watching people do it in-home movies is your porn fantasy, then these sites will never fail to surprise you. Then there are some niche porn sites by particular porn stars like My Sexy Lily, which has south Indian babe Lily Singh, performing all sorts of nasty and kinky stuff for her viewers.

Another famous porn site like this is Indian couple Sunny & Sonia, who have live cam shows, thousands of high res photos and over 180 HD videos of homemade and pure adult-rated sex that could get you going in no time.

However, if you check out the collection they have and then go over to FreeHDx, then you will find many more tags, and kinky porn categories like big boobs, south Indian porn, foot fetish, anal, oral sex, and many more, which allows you to decide what you are in the mood for watching.


  • Over 15,000+ amateur porn videos and other downloadable porn content
  • You can download all the videos and porn clips on this website free
  • It is a very decently designed website, which has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface
  • FreeHDx also offers complete mobile support, making it easy for you to access your porn videos and downloads on-the-go as well
  • If Indian porn videos and amateur porn clips are your scene, this website is the ‘it’ thing for all your porn fetishes. You will also find the ‘real porn’ experience with all their homemade videos.
  • List You will find busty and voluptuous women from the Arab Pakistan and Indian regions
  • From teasing and stripping to oral porn, cumshots and even hardcore fucking, you will be able to get it all here, in one place
  • Women of every age and different ethnicities are easy to find here. From college girls and teens to south Indian aunties and MILFs, you can find voluptuous and busty babes doing unspeakable things on this porn site
  • If you want to search porn videos by tags, then this porn site has plenty of nasty and adult-rated tags that cover all your possible porn fantasies. Some of their most used tags are aunty babe, bhabhi, bathing bf, sucking Tamil, desi, dick, cute couple, Tamil teen, nude, pussy, fuck, etc.
  • As far as categories of porn are concerned, there are over 12,000 videos cast under the category Indian Desi X. However, you will also find a lot of other categories like Hot Short Films, Desi Amateur X, Pakistani Amateur, Arab X, Misc Glamour, and Other Amateur, to name a few.
  • Most of their categories cover almost every kinky porn fetish that porn lovers could think of or even ask for
  • More Porn Videos is also another page on this porn site, which gives you much more adult-rated porn and extensive sex films, which can keep you glued for hours
  • FreeHDx also has a section called Live Videos Chats, where you can do live chats to your heart’s desire, and fulfil your deepest darkest fantasies.
  • It is a niche porn site and has a lot of contributed videos coming in, but the quality is never so bad that you can’t manage to watch it.


  • List As far as HD content is concerned, you won’t find many videos in that quality, or even close enough to that
  • Since most of their videos or porn content is homemade, you will find it highly amateur. Moreover, if you prefer some good angels and artistic porn videos, then this site is a real disappointment for those kinds of porn lovers
  • There are so many advertisements going on all over the site, and even in or around your porn videos, while they stream, that most porn lovers get irritated. It is not a pleasant experience to be turned –on and then lose it because you are being shown irrelevant stuff
  • If international porn films, videos, and variety in the girls you watch every day, is your kind of porn scene, then this site offer hot babes and sassy women from just 2-3 countries, i.e. Arab, India, and Pakistan
  • You won’t find any anime, Hentai, or Manga porn either
  • There is a severe lack of security on this site, and privacy could be another issue as well
  • There is no real way you can sort content on this site, except for a small tag cloud, some generic categories and a very base-level search feature.
  • If you are looking to favourite a video, comment or rate it, or even like it, there are o such features available on this porn site to do that either
  • Some porn videos take longer to buffer than others, and some even crack if your internet is not very fast, which gives most porn lovers a very awful and unpleasant experience
  • So many pop-ups come up before or even during a porn video, it interrupts viewing to a great extent
  • You get almost little to no sorting options for all the videos that are displayed on this site
  • Overall design and layout of this website are pretty bland and very one-tones. The homepage itself starts showing you videos directly, and there is not much to navigate around anyway.
  • You won’t find a very elaborate search filter or multiple search tags and porn categories to narrow your everyday porn search
  • Updates on this site are not very frequent, and that leaves a lot to your imagination after you have already cum here a couple of times (pun intended!)
  • You don’t get any prime or premium level features and benefits because there is no paid option that this porn site offers
  • Overall, it gets quite monotonous, and you won’t have much of porn videos and movies left to view, after a couple of weeks.


As far as support and contact are concerned, there are very few or no point of contact that this site offers.

Technically it is a self-sufficient site, and there are more or less no reasons for websites like these actually to go around handing out email addresses and location.

Still, to make their users and viewers feel secure, there is a section dedicated to Content Removal, which takes care of your privacy and complaints. 

All you have to do is send them a proof of your content, and they will take it under supervision, and if all the requirement and claims match, then the content will be removed from FreeHDx for good.

You can view their content removal page here-


Alternatively, if you are looking to submit your video or upload it on FreeHDx, then there is a separate page dedicated to helping you easily upload your home video or other original porn content as well. You can upload your porn video here-

You can also discuss with the FreeHDx team, and write to them on

Final Verdict

For all those porn lovers out there, who are into amateur porn from the Arab, Pakistani and Indian hotties, FreeHDx offers a lot more than you bargained for!

With one of the biggest collections of porn videos, GIFs, and amateur porn movies, FreeHDx is a tempting porn site to say no to. 


The vast collection of Indian porn clips that this site offers is honestly quite tough to match in the market. However, on the downside, there is not much control in terms of the categories and porn tags that you can surf with.

Moreover, because most of their content is contributed by people doing it and recording their sexcapades, you won’t find too much support and security on this porn site either. 

But, if it so happens that you want one of the contents to be removed from their site, for whatever reason, and have the required content proof that they need, then you can get it pulled down from the porn site without any issues.

Free Indian porn clips and downloadable videos are what they promise, and FreeHDx delivers very well on this promise. If you want to look at desi porn movies, videos, and some hardcore fucks between real-life individuals, then this is the site where you need to be.

Parting Words

Now that you have read in-depth about FreeHDx, we are sure that you are all too eager to go check out hot Indian, Pakistani and Arab chicks, doing the nasty. If you are looking for amateur Indian porn, and want the real uncut movies, then this site will fulfil all your porn fetishes, and then some. 

If you liked our review of FreeHDx porn site, then stay tuned to our page for other such detailed reviews. We will make sure that you know which porn sites are worth your while, and which are the ones you should be passing up on with certainty.

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