FreeChatNow Review (2020)

Free Chat Now

Freechatnow is one of the founding OG’s of live sex chat. Launched in the late 1990s, it grew popular among adult users from all parts of the world.

Currently, an estimated 10 million people are using Freechatnow today.

Even though Freechatnow had fierce competition, in the beginning, other original websites offering the same services have waned out over the past few years.

Freechatnow remains a long-standing live sex chat portal with over 20 years of expertise, as of today.

Although the field for sex chat has changed drastically through the years, Freechatnow still aims to improvise and provide easy to use registration free chat services, which makes it the most preferred site among live sex chat users.

The site's primary goal is to provide registration free online chat services to all its users.

Users can access the site’s content by entering their name and gender, following which they can get started right away. Such a clean, uncomplicated approach is not offered by any other site in the live chat market today.

What makes Freechatnow so unique and accessible?

Besides the fact that this website has been around for a good 20 years, the major enticing factor is how up to date the site is in terms of current trends. The website has an extension to mobile phones where users can access the services offered on the web portal on their mobile devices.

The no registration fee policy is another element that adds to its immense popularity and success as this is the only website offering live chat services for free, with no registration.

Apart from these two features, the site in itself is designed in such a way that users can move seamlessly through the pages and chat rooms. The website strives to make the portal and user interface as sleek and straightforward as possible in every way.

Another essential point to note is the minimal ad interruptions that this page has to offer. They aim to keep those pesky pop-up ads at bay, providing you with the best uninterrupted live chat ordeal possible.

The mixture of the services provided by this web portal includes cam sex, live sex, adult chat, sex chat, singles chat, lesbians chat, gay chat, cam chat, roleplay chat, video chat, mobile chat and exclusive chat forums where users can voice their opinions or discuss topics.

They have a conversation for every type of sexual preference which users can choose and move forward. Freechatnow is the right chatting platform that you will ever need…just the way you like it!

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 85.54 k

One of the reasons Freechatnow is prevailing among the many live chat portals available today, is the advancement in terms of content they have achieved over the past 20 years.

They have in a way transformed the ordinary webcam chats that were prevalent during the rise of the internet to the new age chat rooms today by introducing variety in categories ranging from live sex shows, fetish chat performance, mobile chats, video chats, chats rooms based on your sexual preference and many more.

free chat now lp

Freechatnow produces the whole package for those seeking live chats. Users will be able to speak through their microphones to enjoy some mind-boggling conversations with any person of interest across the globe. Users also have the option to communicate through a live webcam as well.

The lag time that live chat users usually face is a significant pain, and Freechatnow guarantees little to no lag time, of course, depending upon your internet speed. Users can expect a quick response time from the other side as soon as they finish talking or typing.

There is no delay and hence, no confusion! Conversations flow as smoothly as they can with no interruption, it's just you and your fantasy entity. Such is the premium service offered by Freechatnow for no registration and service costs. With every new update, the website keeps getting better and better.

The categorically divided chat room selection makes the user interface even smoother to use. Users can choose chat rooms based on a variety of options, such as sexuality and interests. This is made in a very easily understandable and usable format, pretty much like the entire website layout.

The chat website is well experienced in this field in the way the website layout has been designed, keeping usability and user credibility as their priority. The latest update is the new mobile chat interface. ​

This enables the website to be accessed from any mobile device, including iPhone, Android smartphones, or tablets.

An Introduction to

This feature offers an effortless gateway to chatrooms, where users can instantly access global chat rooms and easily interact with a different nation of chat room users through their phones.

Whether you are at home on your pc or at work on your tablet, with Freechatnow, you can access the global chat networks from anywhere and at any time. The ease with which users can cruise through the website and live chat rooms is another plus.

The seamless design curated to the current trends makes the site even more alluring to users. Another additional feature worth noting is the stringent privacy policy. The website is accessible to only those users who are 18+.

The primary reason for the success of the website over its competitors is not the free registration or any other additional feature that they have to offer, but the brand name associated which they have strived to establish over the past 20 years.

As the site requires no pre-requisite registration or a service fee of any kind, all the user has to do is sign up, find the preferred chat room category, and start chatting! This analogous, transparent approach to a whole plethora of chat room services is rare, and Freechatnow seeks to keep it that way.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As the name suggests, Freechatnow is absolutely a free service. There is no prior registration required, either. You can even avail of the services as a guest. However, users need to sign up using a username. They are also required to enter their date of birth and gender.

Users need to be 18+ to use this website. Even though registration is not necessary to get additional benefits, users can create an account using their email addresses. Creating an account allows users to upload a custom avatar and can also access forums by creating a permanent account.

Also, by creating an account, you are allowed to send private messages to users in the global chat who are not online. The mobile interface is also a free application. Similar to the web portal, you will have to sign up using a username and your date of birth.

The free  to use status of Freechatnow has a few defects, even though it's majorly successful. One of these is the annoying ads. But for a free chat website, Freechatnow has more pluses weighing over the minus points.

You can check out the complete guide to registering and using their services here on:

Site Statistics

  • Most used categories: cam sex, live sex, adult chat, sex chat, singles chat, lesbians chat
  • Number of daily visitors: 2848
  • Total number of chat rooms and live videos available: 10 million-plus
  • High resolution of video quality: Yes
  • Fetish and performance services extended: Yes
  • Media supported: Webcams, microphones, integrated devices

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Video Quality

8 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10




9 / 10

Member Satisfaction

9 / 10

Customer Service

8 / 10

User Experience

9 / 10

Variety Of Options

6 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Competitors of

Although Freechatnow has been around for more than 20 years, it faces fierce competition among other new and better websites offering similar services. The notable names which pose a stiff competition to Freechatnow are, digaloo,,, chatzy and

These chat services have a global audience accessing them daily. What makes them different from Freechatnow is just the reputation that Freechatnow has, over its long period of service.

Also, the various categories available, variety of content, and HD quality chat rooms have made it possible for Freechatnow to be on top. There are other small-scale competitors, including the popular webcam porn portals, and

These existing websites pose competition due to their quality of content and innovative categories, which Freechatnow immensely lacks. Also, the attractive website design and updated user interface add to their popularity.

However, due to its reputation and loyal crowd, Freechatnow remains to be in top charts in relevance to global chat rooms.


  • The major plus is, of course, the free signup and zero registration
  • Seamless design layout of the website makes the site navigation and access effortless and easy
  • Huge content available and numerous categories available to choose from
  • The compatibility with a majority of web browsers is another major plus. The only thing required is an updated web browser and JavaScript
  • The website account is compatible with multiple devices
  • The website is designed in a responsive manner where chats will reposition, and the elements resize according to your browser window size
  • Thousands of conversations are handled without lag or slowing down of your device
  • The site supports various multimedia for streaming such as microphones, webcam, and integrated devices
  • Images can be uploaded across multiple formats including animated gifs
  • Adding to the website design is the versatile theme option. Users can change and adjust themes according to their preference
  • Registered Users are also notified when their friends are online, and they have the option of   leaving private messages if their friends are offline
  • The user list can also be sorted according to gender, age, and preferences
  • The Website design gets updated, at least on a monthly basis thus making the web portal up to date with current trends
  • The customer services provided is also very supportive and responsive
  • Registered users can access forums for queries and discussions


  • Limited features are one of the significant disadvantages of this web portal. Additional features such as adult games and interactive chats would make the website more appealing
  • The obnoxious pop-up ads, though very limited in comparison, may interrupt your conversation and cannot be avoided
  • One technical issue is that the server of this website is being used for multiple sites, which some users may see as a scam
  • Although the sorting system of this website is pretty standard, users may not find the type of person they are searching for precisely
  • Sometimes the live chats may stream slower than expected
  • HD quality live streaming is not guaranteed
  • Website design could be more attractive and efficiently designed

Customer Support & Other Services

The customer service for is one of the simplest. All it takes is a simple contact form in which users are required to fill their queries, and the response team responds within a week or so. You can also reach them via social media, where they are active with updates and information.

If you have any trouble or technical issue, the method to approach them and resolve the problems is detailed on their support page.

Apart from the usual support services, a forum is available with discussions present there. There is also an FAQ section on their support page with common issues and solutions. Users can also report any explicit or illegal content on the Chat Incident Report Form.

Final Verdict

As a well-established player in the field of live web adult chat, Freechatnow is an indomitable brand name. The website is designed to provide quick, effortless chatting options to those who seek the best live sex chats. They are continually striving to provide seamless services.

This effort is reflected on the webpage as well as on the newly introduced mobile applications. Even though Freechatnow lacks in variety, it is a global chat room offering millions the access to a worldwide platform for sex chats and other services.

The services extended to mobile applications has been a handy update. The website is continuously updated with new trends and categories to keep the audience interested and wanting more.

Also, the ease of access and navigation along with additional features like sorting your chat list makes the site a premium service. There are many free chat services available online, each with their pros and cons.

Since the website has minimal restrictions in terms of usage and time and not to forget the free service and no registration element, it still strives to be a top-notch webchat service. The loyal fanbase from the 90s has been increasing day by day due to its already well-reputed name and additional updates.

Other competing sites that are also free like Freechatnow are loaded with ads and pop-ups which this website has tried continuously to minimize, thus aiding to its widespread acclaim as the best free website for uninterrupted (not entirely) live adult chat.

In addition to all the features that come along with a live web chat portal, Freechatnow also offers users the chance to customize with avatars and personalized themes for their profile. In terms of support, the support webpage provides extensive details and FAQs on common issues and their solutions.

Freechatnow offers a wholesome live chatting service experience starting from the home page where there is a separate guide on how to register and further use the site. The site is also supported on any browser as long as it runs on JavaScript.

The 20 years of expertise is showcased on their web layout and the service quality. Once you use the site and see for yourself, you can grasp why Freechatnow is popular. Freechatnow is worth the shot given that no registration is required.

If you are into live chats and are keen on meeting new people with the same freaky side as you, then Freechatnow would be perfect for you.

Parting words

The purpose of the review is to provide users with the most honest opinions and give a clear-cut aspect of websites and apps that may help them you decide on using a service.

If you are at a point where you find yourself to be indecisive about whether to choose Freechatnow or not, we hope this review will help you in making the decision. Our sole purpose is to guide users to the best only. 

We strive to provide you with the most authentic information possible by creating a well-reached review piece. If you are looking for more honest reviews to your liking like these, do stay connected.

On an ending note, if you are ready and keen to meet new people who have the same freakiness as you do, sign up for Freechatnow right now!

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