Top 30 Foreplay Ideas (2020)

Foreplay plays a crucial role in your sex life. Several couples avoid foreplay and make their sex life as a routine.

If reaching a climx is what you call sex,  then you will lose interest in this platonic activity very soon.

To make your sexual life more interesting, you have to play as much as possible in the bed with your partner.

There are some attractive ways through which you can make your partner happier and foreplay is foremost among them.

You should use different types of foreplay tactics to increase your partner’s interest in it.


We have listed the top 30 ideas which will help you to do foreplay easily. While enjoying foreplay, make sure you have fun with your partner and try relaxing your mind and body. Try some unique tricks to make some fun and excitement.

The following are the best ways through which you can have the best time with your sexual partner.

Why is Foreplay so Important for Women?

1. Try to find out your best moment.

During the intimate time, try to find out the best moment spent with your partner.  

Those maybe the early days of your relationship, when you guys were more energetic or anything else.

So, the next time when you get intimate with your partner, remember those days. It works fine and fast as well.

Talk to each other about those feelings, days, emotions, and it will automatically enhance your love and passion instantly. 

talking in bed

You can go with your partner in the same place where you met before like  the restaurant where you had kissed for the first time. 

Using these tactics will help you fall in love with your partner all over again. You will feel like you want to kiss her, hold her and this will help to re-ignite the chemistry again! You can also wear the clothes you were wearing during the first meeting.

2. Use strip tease for pleasure.

Do you know about the striptease?

If yes, then you must try it before the sex. 

It is one type of foreplay which will help your partner become wild and slowly want to rip your clothes off.

Just show him how sexy you are! Raise your skirt, show him your sexy legs or try removing your stockings and dance a little.

This will make your partner crazy and he won’t forget this intimate moment for the rest of his life! 

strip tease

Light music would be an icing on cake during this time. Slowly undress your bra and this will definitely make your partner go nuts. Try this at night before sex and you will surely feel the warmness in the bed.

Strip tease can equally be performed by male counterpart where the guy can also shed his clothes for his female partner in seductive manner. It’s a teasing method which lures you to make a move and helps to fulfil all your inner desires and you both will forget about the sexual tension.

3. Try to be intimate outside the bedroom.

Every time it's not important or necessary to have sex in the bedroom.

If you want to make it more exciting and wilder for your partner, then you can start it anywhere like the office, car, kitchen, garage, etc.

Start the game outside the bedroom and after that, you can take the heat to the bedroom.

You can have sex at any place right then and you will always wonder how many places you have been overlooking to have sex. 

bathroom sex

Anyplace which is safe and hygienic and where you both feel comfortable in having sex can be an ideal place for having sex.

Intimacy Outside the Bedroom - How to Spice Up Your Relationships

4. Try to talk dirty.​

The more you will talk dirty to your partner, the more you will fall in love and want to explore the heat.

If you want to get turned on, then dirty talking is one of the best ways to do it. It is one of the best ways to engage in foreplay.

If you don't know from where to start, then try telling your partner with the most seductive voice what you expect from him/her.

Do dirty talk as much as possible and try to get closer. It will make you feel crazy and you both will feel horny after some time.

talk dirty tips

Couples Describe How they "Dirty Talk"

5. Use a toy before sex.

An another way of foreplay is to use a sex toy.

Yeah, you read it correctly as people use different types of sex toys or adult toys for foreplays.

You can try vibrator at the clit but don't insert it into her vagina;, wait for some time until she comes onto you to have passionate sex.

You don't need to be tensed for any sex experience.

Even if this is your first or second time with toys, this technique always works because sex toys are quite effective and they provide immense pleasure to both the parties in action.

sex toys in bag

6. Try some ice cubes.

An another way of foreplay is to use a sex toy.

Yeah, you read it correctly as people use different types of sex toys or adult toys for foreplays.

You can try vibrator at the clit but don't insert it into her vagina;, wait for some time until she comes onto you to have passionate sex.

You don't need to be tensed for any sex experience.

Even if this is your first or second time with toys, this technique always works because sex toys are quite effective and they provide emmense pleasure to both the parties in action.

ice cube

7. Dance little.

Do you want to make your night more romantic?

Dance before going to bed.

Light dancing with your partner imparts energy to your body, which both of you will surely love before the real action begins! 

You can give her or him a beautiful yet sexy lap dance.

If you want, you can add some more excitement by removing your dress slowly and mixing strip tease with the moves. 

dance foreplay

These techniques will help to have a better and a steamier sex. Don't hesitate if you do not know how to dance. Just check YouTube, learn some basic steps and enjoy a short dance with your partner before things got all cosy.

How to Dance Sexy for Your Man

8. Remove her clothes one by one.

To create more excitement between you two, you should undress each other in a very gradual and one by one manner.

This will not only help you to enhance the levels of her excitement, love and inner desires but will also increase your foreplay time.

Remove clothes layer by layer; starting from her dress to innerwear.

This is again one of the best foreplay ideas which makes every couple go crazy at each other.

Once you start removing clothes, it gives a necessary sensation to your body and you both can feel the rising excitement within you.

slow sex

9. Fulfill your fantasy.

Every person has some sexual fantasy which they want to fulfill in their lifetime.

If you have some sexual fantasies, now is the right time to try them.

You can fufill your fantasies if you put some initiative in that direction and trust me! That’s not difficult.

Take a piece of paper and write down your hidden desires and exchange this paper with your partner but ensure you have written 3-4 fantasies on it.

swinger lady leading

Then, consult with your partner, make a to do list and start taking these crazy challenges one by one. Once you get your fantasy fulfilled, it will make you feel a lot more satisfied.

It's always better to explore your fantasies with your partner as it creates a sense of excitement and belongingness for each other.

10. Avoid kissing for a while.

Try not to kiss for a while, just lie nest to your partner.

Sit in a way so that your lips are barely touching and discuss about some sexual subjects.

This will get enough heat because you have limited yourself to kissing, but you both can feel each other's breathe.

Do it for a few minutes or seconds before you start tearing each other's clothes off.

This technique works every time and all you need to have is time to enjoy it. The more you kiss, the happier your relationship will be.

swinger first time

11. Sext with each other.

Foreplay does not always mean that you need a bed or physical presence. You can do foreplay without physical presence!

Yes, that's right. Messages are one of the most powerful forms of foreplay.

Your mind is full of several ideas and facts when you get turned on.

Just send a dirty message to your partner or romantic massage with dirty sense.

Create sexy messages like “come home honey, will wait for you naked or a sexier approach”.

This will create a great impression on his mind, and then he just can't wait to get back home.

Send a message anytime during the day or when you feel hot as there is no such specific time for this.

As per your husband's mood and time, you can send him a dirty message and be prepared to enjoy a boundless fun.


12. Watch an adult movie together.

Another best way to make you and your partner indulge in some naughty acts is to watch some adult movies together.

There are various types of adult movies available on the internet and you can choose anyone basis your interest.

Porn movies are visual experience and they offer sensual body feelings that help you both in getting intimate with each other.

This is the best alternative for a shy and reserved individual.

Watching porn sometimes helps to share your fantasies instantly thereby, building a closer bond.

couple watch porn

13. Play a game.

You can play different types of games with your partner so that your sex life does not becomes monotones.

Game could be anything like tell your partner to lie down on the bed or sit on the sofa; now, start kissing, kiss on their lips, forehead, cheeks, neck, the eyelid, etc.

Now, the game is, your partner has to reamin still while you can kiss any part of their body. Yes!

They can't move or even touch anything. Even a slight erection can be considered as your win.

This will surely end up making your partner wilder.

love games

14. Tease her.

Sometimes, it all lies in the foreplay. To make your partner feel hot, just use your hand and gently go all over his/her body parts.

You can start from the knee or forehead and then gradually move to his erogenous area.

You can notice that by this time, your partner must have been aroused. 

Do it until your partner gets fully excited and then suddenly switch to any other role. 

neck teases

This is one of the best foreplays which offers several benefits. This will help to build a good relationship between the two as well as will increase the strength of intercourse. You can tease your partner in any position but must not forget to bring variations in your approaches for kinky stuff.

The more youtease, the more strongly your partner will want you to be in  action.

How to Tease a Woman in the Bedroom

16. Recreate a situation.

There are some special moments in every couple’s life and every moment and situation remain different from the other.

During intercourse, you will become aware of the moment when you get turned on as well as when your partner gets turn on.

So, the best thing is, during sex or before sex, always observe which portion is vital for you both.

This will help you both to understand your turning points. Never feel shy to tell your partner what you like most.

This will help him/her to keep doing that particular thing which you like the most and vice versa. 

couple orgasm

In such a way, you can manage a smooth physical relation which I'm sure you both will enjoy a lot. 

17. Become a stranger (Some sort of role-playing).

Role play as it suggests often come with lot of excitement and drama.

If you want to have more fun and excitement during sex, then you should act like you are a stranger.

Yes, this will help to recollect ideas and some memories which support a strong relationship. 

swinger attire

Try to approach each other as strangers in a bar; like you both are on a blind date and are meeting each other for the first time. In this way, you van rejuvenate your relationship once again with new ideas and can explore a new version your desires.

Sex needs a lot of sharing; not just the sentiments but all your desires and thoughts as well, then only you will know each other. You should know all the details and select the best scenario for yourselves. Play this game whenever you want and don't forget to have unlimited fun.

18. Make a list now!

If you want to spice up your sex life and don't want to make it a sex routine, then make a list of your likes and dislikes.

It is one of the best ways to get started with this game.

This list helps you and your partner to understand each other's fantasy, and you can apply those ideas during the foreplay.

If you love sex toys or your partner loves something different, then you should enlist them both and before sex just checks it out. 

talking swinger

If you are aware of your partner preference, then there is less chance for boring sex life. So, write down everything on the list and before going to bed, just check it completely.

19. Send him a gift card.

You can send him a gift card, and within the card, you can write - "Let's go shopping, gift me any kind of dress you love!

I will wear it at night!" In this way, you can bring back the spark of your love life.

Before sex, do some tiny foreplay and then start the main event. Foreplay helps to raise your warmth and intimacy in your interest.

Do different poses and talk about them to become more excited. This excitement will increase your interest in love making.

If you are missing your partner badly and want them at your bed, just send him a card instantly. 

lingerie gift card

This is one of the best ways to send him your message and to let them know about your romantic desire.

20. Add a calendar.

Imagine what you would feel, if you look up to your official appointment book and you found a note from your wife stating “Sex@ 9pm”. 

I am sure you will be excited as hell.

You will feel relaxed, happy as well as excited and would definitely wrap up your work earlier to get ready for that encounter. 

It will help to concentrate more on your work, and you will never miss the time. 

scheduled sex

You will reach home within time to feel the warmth of love making. If sex has become a routine in your life, make it spicy now! Write in your husband's notebook or appointment book and use it.

If you are planning to go outside or want to enjoy some moments with your loved one alone, just note down at his diary or put the message in his coat. He will check and understand what exactly you need.

21. Surprises are very important.

Surprises are always awesome and they make your sex life more comfortable and interesting as well.

It creates excitement, love and enjoyment.

For example, if you and your husband went for dinner at a restaurant, and he asked to put off the coat, but you denied.

When he asked the reason and you mention “that you are just wearing a coat and a heel, that's all.

Oh my god! I am sure he will not be able to eat properly because of his increasing excitement. 

naked under coat

There can be any surprises by which you can drive your partner crazy for you.

22. Whisper instead of talking.

Loud talk are strict no no during sex. Don't always talk loudly in the bed.

Sometimes, go close to your partner and whisper in his ear something romantic, and then slowly use your tongue to flicks and suck his earlobe.

Do it for a minute, and this will make him feel awesome. This is one type of foreplay that helps to explore a new way for sex.

Whispering increases the excitement and flicking will make you and him feel more excited. Your partner just can't control after this. 

couple whispers

Try this process whenever you feel kinky or a little excited. Whispering is a seductive gesture that can help in arousing interest of your partner and you must use it often.

23. Naughty touching.

Sometimes a single touch can make you feel excited. Yes! This is true. And this is not just about the touch but a right touch.

For example, Go to any crowded event and just rub one breast against your partner's hand.

Do it for a second and repeat it after some time.

He would become speechless and from then he will wait for the time when you both will return home and start the game.

He will push you to some other room and kiss you incessantly. 

couple groping

This will make you feel awesome and thus you must forget about everything and enjoy endlessly. Make the whole night full of fun and excitement. Your one single naughty touch can make him crazy, and you will both enjoy the night.

24. Shave his beard.

Another best foreplay is to shave his beard. Yes! Get close to him and using a razor shave his beard.

Once your body touches his body, it will create some sensual feelings, and you will both become intimate.

Before making love, try this one, it will help you become warm and horny.

Try this whenever you want to add some spice in your sex life.

Whenever your partner is ready for shaving, just go close, take the razor and start shaving on your own. 

shaving beard

This is one of the best foreplay ideas which can make any couple excited.

25. Nap together.

If you want to make your busy husband excited, just tell him that you are going to sleep and put off your clothes one by one.

After a certain time, when you will be completely naked, pretend to sleep sexually in bed.

I am sure he will not be able to control himself and will start kissing you.

This is one of the best foreplays, which can make you both excited.

Start the game with a kiss and end it with more love and passion. Make a wild sex with your partner and enjoy every moment. 

couple napping

Forget about your tension or work for a while and enjoy yourselves. Proper sex is essential because it boosts up our mind and satisfaction level. 

26. Make him a drink.

If your partner loves to drink, then turn off the lights in your bedroom and start talking to each other.

Light a candle and prepare a drink. Sip the drink by the bed and talk some romantic/dirty stuff as well.

This will make the environment much romantic and crazier.

If you do this before lovemaking, then we are sure you will be spending an awesome time together.

Try different types of alcohol like scotch, rum or whiskey whatever your partner loves and make him/her relaxed. 

shared wine 2

Once they become relaxed, start making love and try to give a sensual body massage. This is one of the hottest things on this planet. 

27. Play with her lips.

Lips are a very sensual part of our body. Once you become excited, your lip is the first thing that you can't control.

It always attracts your partner, and whenever you both become wild, you want to kiss your partner for a long time.

Take your partner's hand and hold his finger, touch his finger with your lips and try pressing it slowly.

This is another technique that may help you become wild. 


Taste her beautiful lips whenever you need and do not stop. Lip kissing is always good for pleasing results.

28. Give him some special direction.

If your husband is busy and doesn't have much time for you or your sex life has become boring, then you should try some special way which brings interest in your life.

Go ahead by asking your husband about figuring out some direction on a piece of paper, leading towards the bedroom.

So, this way he will understand that you want him tonight in the bed. These special ways can bring back excitement in your love life.

Sometimes, you have to use some proper tricks to make your partner happy and satisfied.

Physical satisfaction always plays an important role.

roses to bed

29. Make yourself wild.

Sometimes, before going to bed try holding your husband’s hands and undress yourself in front of him.

This will make him go crazy, and he will try to get closer to you.

You will love this situation because every man wants to have some craziness in his life. Lie down on the bed and start kissing him.

Start talking dirty and enjoy a pleasant situation. The wilder you become, the more excited would be your partner.

Start lovemaking and enjoy unlimited. Physical satisfaction is vital because it plays an important role. 

couple orgasm

If you are not satisfied from inside, you will not be able to concentrate on anything. Check out some videos, porn sites, and other copies to make you excited.

30. Bath together.

After office, when your husband goes to the bathroom, and you knock the door and once he opens, enter the bathroom.

Take some soap and start rubbing his body. Your romantic talks will make your partner go crazy at you.

Whenever you need some extra fun and excitement in your life, try this foreplay.

This is one of the best techniques which makes you and your partner feel awesome. 

bath together

Bathing together takes a high road romance and makes you excited. You can plan a trip, enjoy 1-2 days at the hotel and use the bathroom to enjoy endlessly. The bathroom of a hotel is a great place for having sex. Try to enjoy the bath as much as possible.

Final Words

So, if you want to make your sex life spicier, then you should always use these foreplay ideas. Foreplay plays an essential role in every couple's life. If your sex life is running smooth, then it will make your life more interesting and happy.

Always build a good physical relationship with your partner and don't forget to have a lot of fun.

Try above-enlisted foreplay ideas which will definitely work all the time. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or want to ask more about this, you can send your queries to us, and we will be more than happy to address them. We wish you all the best for your sex adventure, and we will see you next time.

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