Fleshlight STU Review (2020)

Fleshlight is one of the most popular masturbators manufacturing brands among men. Many of its models like Fleshlight Turbo Ignition, Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, Fleshlight STU, etc. are designed to provide the ultimate experience to the users.

However, masturbators are of little use to men who finish bursting out their load in a couple of minutes or even seconds.

To make men last longer and to provide a stimulating experience to them, Fleshlight STU was introduced in the market.

STU stands for Stamina Training Unit which means that this special masturbator  is made to help those men who are not happy with their stamina.

It has a special sleeve that  provides maximum stimulation to your cock.

As a result, it becomes quite difficult to hold your horses as you feel tempted to empty your cum-filled nut sack a couple of minutes after penetrating this heavenly Fleshlight.

fleshlight stu open

If you already have good stamina, then this toy is a made for you thing only.

The texture and feel of STU's sleeve are such that it resembles the vagina of a hot woman. Some of you might think that men who have issues related to sexual vigor or stamina can consume performance enhancement pills or other supplements that boast of increasing your timing.

However, popping in pills day and night will not improve your timing in a couple of days or even weeks for that matter. Sex enhancement pills that are safe need to be consumed regularly for at least 3 to 5 months. Moreover, the achieved results might not be even satisfactory.

Most of the male enhancement supplements work on increasing the quality of your erection and if your self-control is weak, they might not help you a great deal. On the other hand, supplements that provide quick results are often too risky and hazardous to your health.

Also, their effect vanes when you stop taking them daily. Therefore, the best way to enhance your capacity to hold your ejaculation back is by practicing. Fleshlight STU provides perfect practice as it has been engineered to do so.

Let us look at some other features of STU now:

Mean design

Other models of Fleshlight do not focus on giving training to your penis as they are designed to provide a long and relaxed masturbating session.

However, Fleshlight is a mean model that is super-tight and forces you to ooze lots of precum even before you start imagining about a recent sexual encounter. The sleeve is made of Superskin, a material that has been patented by Fleshlight.

It makes the sleeve realistic and you do not have to put a lot of effort into bringing dirty thoughts to your mind. 

Simple but effective canal

As you enter deeper you will be introduced to a bumpy road that tickles your sensitive points in all possible ways. Moreover, the sleeve is narrow (just 15 mm) and contains circular bumps on its entire length. These bumps ensure that you do not get any chance to relax once you enter it.

They tickle and massage your rod from all sides and the intensity just increases as you get more aroused and worked up. For beginners, this experience would be too stimulating and they will last only for a few seconds.

The purpose of making this masturbator so irresistible is to force men to think twice of their stamina. When a user bursts his nuts in seconds, he gets determined to improve his timing with the sleeve and starts practicing with it regularly.

This gives him the perfect training that he requires to last longer in the bed. According to the makers of STU, a person who lasts a minute in its sleeve can at least be two times good in the bed.


Fleshlight STU is 8.5 inches deep which means that most guys can enter their full length inside it. The canal is only 15mm in width but the material gets pushed outwards creating a firm on your member.

What does the package contain?

If you order a Fleshlight STU, the following things can be found in the package once your order arrives at your doorstep:

  • Fleshlight sleeve (made from the special Superskin)
  • Fleshlight Case (gold color)
  • Shower mount
  • Adapter for shower mount
  • Water-based lube
  • An e-guide that teaches you how to train your private member

The sleeve is made from latex and phthalate-free Superskin. As  the result, you can use it safely without any issue to the skin and tissues of your penis. Remember that this sleeve can only be used with water-based lubes as other lubes might react with it causing damage to its texture.

The e-guide tells you how to stroke using STU and how many times you can fap your  partner to improve your control and stamina. You will also get to know about many things once you manage to improve your timing by using it.

This guide cum manual could have been better but it is still quite helpful especially for the beginners who do not know what to do once their order gets delivered.

How to use this Fleshlight?

It is fairly easy and convenient to use this Fleshlight. The external design of the Fleshlight enables you to grip it conveniently while stroking in to-and-fro motion. Follow these steps to master the art of stroking an STU:

Training for Better Sex: Fleshlight STU

Step 1: Use Lube Generously

  • Firstly, you will  need to lubricate your penis and after that, you need to put some on its opening. Do not forget to apply some more inside the cavity.
  • As we have said earlier, use only water-based lubes if you want to experience the realistic touch of Fleshlight for a long time.

Tip: Do not use too much lubricant as it might result in lesser stimulation as your private member will miss the real texture and feel of Superskin.

Step 2: Play with suction, water, and Temperature 

  • Once you enter the STU, do not hurry or you will fail to notice anything of significant use. Your chances of cumming within some seconds are higher if you are using it for the first time.
  • Therefore, be patient and try to do a few more things before releasing your load.
  • You can leave the rear cap on if you like to experience suction in between the strokes. As you pull your dick in the outward direction, the vacuum manages to create suction which in turn stimulates your shaft more.
  • You can also use your fingers or hand to cover the bottom of the Fleshlight. It stops the circulation of air and generates more suction that might be too powerful to handle for the newbies.
  • Use the shower mount for enjoying the hands-free masturbating experience. You can also make the sleeve a little warmer by inserting it in warm water for a few minutes.
  • The warm sensations couple with the realistic feel multiplies your pleasure by several times.
  • You can also hold it under running hot water for a couple of minutes to experience the same effect. However, do not forget to remove the excess water from the sleeve as it might feel too wet once you insert your dick inside it.

Step 3: Try different positions

  • Fleshlight STU is a lightweight device and this enables you to practice masturbation in different positions.
  • You can rest on your back and move the sleeve up and down on the length of your shaft. Also, don’t forget to play with the opening before inserting it completely inside the canal.
  • You can also fix it below a pillow in such a way that the orifice of the STU faces you. Bend on your knees and place both your hands on the sides for additional support. Penetrate the orifice and start thrusting your dick.
  • Some crazy men also like to stuff the rear end of the Fleshlight  inside a shoe for a tighter grip. You can then penetrate the STU in a missionary position.
  • You can also use the shower mount to insert the device in a standing position without using your hands.

Step 4: Switch your top gear quickly  

  • STU is designed to stimulate you irrespective of whether you thrust at a slow or fast pace. Therefore, we would suggest you switch to your top gear quickly so that you can enjoy a complete stimulation.
  • The big nubs or bumps will squeeze your precum immediately and the suction force along with the pressure on the sensitive points will force your dick to omit the juices quickly.

Step 5: Practise regularly 

  • Fleshlight STU is designed to improve your stamina and therefore you must train with it at least four times a week to improve your performance drastically.

How to clean the Fleshlight STU?

Once you release your load inside the sleeve it is time to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning the sleeve immediately is necessary to stop the growth and spread of bacteria inside the sleeve. Firstly, you will need to detach the sleeve from the Fleshlight case.

After that, you can hold it under a warm water tap for a few minutes so that all the mess gets cleaned up. You can use diluted detergent or mild soap and lukewarm water to clean the sleeve.

Please do not use powerful soaps and detergent or hot water as they will damage the feel and texture of the SuperSkin. Moreover, you can use a water-based sex toy cleaner to clean the sleeve after using it. Dry the sleeve using a towel and leave it in a cold and airy place so that it dries up quickly.

Do not keep it in a humid place or under direct sunlight as heat tends to damage the sensitive material of the sleeve. To maintain the super realistic texture and feel of the material you can use the renewal powder that is available in the official portal of Fleshlight.

Coat your fingers with this powder and insert them deep inside the canal for spreading or dusting the powder evenly on the insides and outsides of the sleeve. Always store the Fleshlight in a moisture-free and cold place for maintaining its effectiveness for a long time.


  • The super soft and silky texture of the sleeve is the highlight of Fleshlight STU and many other Fleshlight models as well.
  • It can be connected with Fleshlight Launch if you want to enjoy an automatic stroking experience.
  • Fleshlight Launch allows you to select and change the speed of the strokes and as per the online reviews, the simulations are ultra-realistic and stimulating.
  • It not only helps weaker men to restore their sexual prowess but it can make men.
  • Fleshlight STU is an affordable male masturbator and you also receive a limited warranty period along with the package.
  • The depth of this masturbator is enough to accommodate men of all lengths, girths, and shapes.


  • The simulations are so intense that you will embarrass yourself by ejaculating quickly if you plan to masturbate in front of your partner. As  the result, Fleshlight STU is not a couple  friendly masturbator.
  • Some men have complained of feeling insensitivity in their dick for some time after or while using this masturbator. It is due to the intense stimulations generated by STU and your sensitivity will be normal after some minutes or maybe half an hour.

Where to buy this Fleshlight from?

Purchase Fleshlight STU from the official website of Fleshlight as there might be dummy models outside.

Use this URLhttps://www.fleshlight.com/collections/stamina-training-fl-toys in case you do not find it easily on your search engine.

Final Verdict 

This was everything we had to tell about Fleshlight STU. It is a purchase worthy masturbator that could double your stamina with no side effects. Therefore, we would recommend this sex toy to all our male readers.

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