Fleshlight Launch Review 2019 – (tested) – Best VR sex toy or Overhype?

Fleshlight has changed the way how we used to masturbate. Though it's easy to masturbate with your hands, you won't get the thrill and excitement that we can get from a fleshlight. With fleshlights, it's similar to having sex in different positions rather than just moving your hand up-down, sitting on a couch.

Many of us who already use fleshlight have been waiting for a new model that can give a feeling of actual sex or blowjob. Well, the wait is over since most awaited Fleshlight Launch is now available on the market.

Fleshlight launch is a venture between Fleshlight and Kiiroo which has manual and interactive options giving us never before hands-free experience.

Future of Masturbation - The Fleshlight Launch Review!

The Launch is a mechanised sex machine which has flashlights and flashjacks, to give you the best masturbate experience. It may look big and heavy, but it's simple and easy to operate. You can insert your personal sleeve into the Launch and then can use in manual or automated according to your choice.

You will know how the male porn stars feel when you watch the video content and Launch doing its work at the same time. To help one get familiar with the fleshlight, we have got all the details handy here for you.

Have a look at this amazing device and make your masturbation sessions steamier than ever. Check the details below!

First Look

The launch is packed in a black box with its picture and the logo without any unnecessary naked pictures. Inside the box, you will find USB recharging cable and an instruction manual for your support. This thing is big but slightly compatible as compared to other turbo sex toys.

At first, when we see the Launch, it looks like some body part of a robot. It measured up to 12.75 inches and weighed few kilos. If you are not into holding big things, the Launch may not be ideal for you.


The Fleshlight Launch is a cock sucking automated machine that will cost you $200 (U.S.). This thing might intimidate you on the first look, but it's effortless to operate.

The Launch is made from ABS plastic, chromium and silicone which make its body safe.

The feature that makes Launch extraordinary is Bluetooth connectivity which makes it fully interactive. 

You can connect the Launch with your mobile, computer or VR to get a realistic feeling of a blowjob.

As the manual states, you need to charge for 6-9 hours before you could use the Launch. Its long hours to wait but there is no shortcut for this.

fleshlight launch 01

The Launch Setup

If you want to use the Launch in an interactive mode, the following steps should be taken to get it set up:

  • 1
    Download the Feelme App (available for both android and apple users).
  • 2
    Launch the App and then select "connect a device" option from the drop-down menu.
  • 3
    Until the blue light panel flashes, switch the launch on.
  • 4
    You will see a launch on your phone, select it.
  • 5
    You have to add a website once you are connected with the Launch.
  • 6
    Create a free account at Feelme and select “My devices” from the menu.
  • 7
    Scan the QR code using the App which will link the Launch with the website.
  • 8
    You can select videos to watch. The site will show you a list of devices that are compatible with the videos.
  • 9
    If the video is compatible with your device, the Launch will sync in time with the video playing on the screen.

MANUAL SETUP for The Fleshlight Launch


Fleshlight Launch Uses

When your launch is fully charged, you are ready to use it. You need to insert a fleshlight in the launch base and screw it a couple of times in clockwise direction, to make sure it does not move while you are using it.

If you want to use Launch in manual mode, buttons on either side will adjust the length and speed of the thrust. However, if you want to experience best blowjob action, connect it to other devices via Bluetooth.

In manual mode, you may wonder if the Launch is even necessary since you can do it simply using a normal fleshlight. The Launch is huge, so it may bother you while masturbating. In the interactive mode, you can synchronise the launch with interactive contents like videos, live cams and VR.

The launch will do the same amount of thrust at the same speed as in the videos, which is unbelievably fascinating. But, you won't be in control of the length and speed of the stroke. When you are listening to interactive contents through Bluetooth headphones, you may witness a high-pitch whining.

The noise can be a turn off for you when your dick is ready to have some actions. You can plug in the device to get rid of such a problem. There are very few contents that support the Launch which won't give you different tastes while watching the videos.

If the content is poor, it will hurt both your experience and dick. With that much money spent on the Launch; it's a shame that they don't have enough contents to watch. Hopefully, we will get to see more contents in the coming days. Another special feature of the launch is you can have control over your experience.

In spite of all the features, some of you may think, a simple fleshlight can be good enough for masturbation, so why pay a lot for this Launch?


  • The launch is suitable for all kind of fleshlights: Butt, Mouth, Pink Lady, etc., as well as Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl.
  • It can give up to 180 strokes per minute, only if you can handle it.
  • It works with almost all the modern VR goggles and copes well with the entire Feelme.com website.
  • The Launch is by far the most silent mechanical sex toy you will get on the market.
  • It is very gentle and soft to your skin. If you get any rash on your dick or balls, don’t blame the Launch.
  • You can easily control the speed and stroke as per your liking.
  • It has USB charging cable and also comes with a year warranty.


  • The Launch is big and bulky, so you may find it difficult to grasp and manoeuvre.
  • It takes around 9 hrs for the initial charge and after that 5-6 hrs for every time.
  • There are not many videos to watch in interactive mode since the technology is new.
  • You won’t understand the controls easily unless you have watched the tutorial.
  • Protect the Launch from water since the machine is not waterproof.
  • $200 for a fleshlight which gives you a blowjob is expensive since your hands have been doing it free for all those years.

Cleaning and Managing the Launch

The device is not waterproof, so avoid taking it in the bathroom or shower. You can clean it with a damp cloth with a gentle wipe. So, where do you keep the Launch? You can keep the Launch in its box and store in a place where you can get some privacy.

You don't want every person entering your room to see the Launch and think what a pervert you are. Probably, the closet will be the best option where you can hide it under clothes. You may have a plan of your own to store it, what the heck, go for it.

In Comparison with related products

To complete the review, the recently described product will be compared and/or matched with other related products to get a better understanding on its effectiveness and overall worth in the fleshlight business.

1. Fleshlight Launch Vs The Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Onyx (for male) and the Pearl (for female) are the automatic blowjob machines made by Kiiroo. They are designed to link with exclusive Kiiroo online interactive porn contents to experience realistic masturbation.

Though Kiiroo lineup Onyx/Pearl has both manual and automatic operating modes, the irritating noisy sound it makes while using is a flaw you can't ignore. In addition, Onyx is only convenient for average to moderately sized penises that won't make huge dicks happy.

Unlike Fleshlight Launch, Onyx needs a similar extra device to get the best outcome. Overall, Launch wins the fight against Onyx 2 in most of the aspects.

2. Fleshlight Launch Vs The SayberX

Syaberx is a pretty good blowjob sex toy until you have a partner to enjoy with you. Though SayberX can be connected with another SayberX via Bluetooth to get the real-time body movement of your partner, it won't be much fun when one of the partners is worn out.

If you are purchasing an automatic blowjob machine, why look for a partner when you can watch visual contents and jerk off. The SayberX also has an issue with size; it's not for those who have long guns under their pants. Fleshlight Launch has sorted out most of the problems you can find in SayberX.

Hence it undoubtedly beats SayberX with a huge margin.

3. Fleshlight Launch Vs The AutoBlow 2

AutoBlow 2 is also a popular sex toy which can give you a good masturbation time. It consists of various speed, length, intensity, and tightness setting but that is all you are going to get. You have only one sleeve texture that can be used in the AutoBlow whereas the Fleshlight Launch supports any sleeve.

The AutoBlow 2 is an ugly looking, smelling like chemistry product which can take a heck of a lot of time to erect you before you can use it.  Unlike Fleshlight Launch, you need to plug AutoBlow into the wall to get it going.

You don't need to be a genius to realise masturbating sitting on a couch while watching interactive porn contents is way relaxing than AutoBlow 2. Fleshlight Kiiroo Launch is a knockout blow to AutoBlow in every possible way.

End Note

We have come a long way from masturbating with our hands to some automatic machine doing it for us. While we used to jerk off watching some porn videos, we can now feel like a porn star banging chicks. Fleshlight Launch is a futuristic automated sex machine that will take you to the Virtual Reality world of sex.

As we mentioned above, the Launch is big and slightly heavy to have a grip on but once you are set, it will give you the best masturbation experience. Nonetheless, if you are only going to use it in manual mode, it's better not to spend $200 rather keep your hands busy.

Don't be a fool spending that amount of money if you are willing to explore the device at its best.

Launch does not make much noise as compared to other similar sex toys despite having 180 strokes per minute. We don't know if you will ever go for the maximum strokes but if you decide to, make sure your dick can handle the thrust.

One thing is for sure; if you are using Launch in your bedroom, no one will come yelling and complaining about the noise.

With interactive content, Fleshlight Launch has to offer a sense the thrill and excitement that you might have never experience. The feeling of something running down your dick will blow your mind.

You will love it when the stroke and thrust synchronise with the content you are watching and give you realistic masturbation. We can't avoid the fact that the Launch has become successful in achieving popularity because of the latest technology used.

There may be still some sceptics who think homemade sex toy can be as good as the Launch, if you are one of them, come out of your retard mind setup and try it for yourself for the first-hand experience.

If you believe in using your hard cash and cock for something out-of-the-box experience, get one of this Fleshlight and explore the virtual sex world.

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