Fitness Singles Review

Fitness Singles

If you are searching for a single-destination website which offers a convenient platform for single people who care about fitness to meet like-minded people, look nowhere other than Fitness Singles.


  • It is an advertisement free platform which is great to find partners as eager about fitness as you are. 
  • It is a secure website which is easy to navigate and well-suited for all age groups.


  • Moreover, it being a niche website, it narrows down your options, so you find compatible partners sooner. 
  • However, many of its features are limited to only paid users. Moreover, the membership fee is quite high. 

The review shall give you much more insight into the performance of the website.

The people in this modern world are intensely attracted towards two trends – fitness and online dating. What happens when both of them are combined? A one-of-a-kind dating site called Fitness Singles was created to provide an exquisite dating experience to its users.

There are so many dating sites available today that creators are now focusing on specific interests of their audience to create more of such similar platforms. The aim is to make the process of finding a partner more successful.

Fitness Singles is also one of those niche dating sites that has been created based on the interest and passion for fitness amongst people. Is it any good? Should you join it? Let’s find out through this review!

What makes Fitness Singles popular?

Fitness Singles is a popular dating site that was founded in the year 2003. Why is the site popular? Because it is essentially unique in its concept. Singles, these days, look for a chance to date and meet new people, via every possible way.

It is even better when they get to do it based on similar interests and passions. Fitness is becoming a passion for many nowadays, and as a result, it is an excellent interest through which singles can meet with one another.

Fitness Singles is making that possible for singles who are fitness enthusiasts and are looking for partners who could initially give them company in the gym and later in their lives.

Active singles for whom it is a priority to work-out or exercise, often look for partners who have the same passion towards maintaining their health.

Fitness Singles has provided an efficient platform at which active singles can connect, talk to one another and eventually meet to connect further based on their shared passion. Such connections and conversations can turn into great friendships or even relationships.

One might find a partner or a date in the gym. Fitness Singles makes it even easier for finding such a partner or date who shares the same active lifestyle as you.


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Estimated Last Month Visits – 67.71K

Fitness Singles is one of the most innovative dating platforms where individuals who are looking for a partner and share a passion for active lifestyle can come together and indulge in conversations with one another.

In a way, Fitness Singles not only allows fitness enthusiasts to date suitable partners but also promotes fitness amongst them even further. That is so because partners who are both active and like living a healthy lifestyle would always push each other to maintain that the same.

The site was launched in the year 2003, and since then, it has been providing a platform for active singles to date and find partners whom they can fall in love with. The site is serving too many users across countries such as the U.S., Ireland, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Fitness singles currently have more than 2,000,000 members who are actively indulging in conversations with each other and meeting each other. The site is primarily dedicated to individuals who recognize themselves as fitness junkies and fitness enthusiasts. 

The site requires the members to be of age 18 years or above to sign-up, and it is not uncommon to find members who may be of 40-50 years of age, looking for fitness buddies to work-out with and hoping to rekindle feelings for a match. Essentially, through Fitness Singles, you achieve two goals.

You not only find a chance to meet someone and fall in love, but you also get an opportunity to meet people who can become your fitness partners. It is evident that the members at Fitness Singles are mostly athletic and sporty and have an interest in physical activities.

Introducing: Fitness Singles (#1 Dating App for the Fit!)

The sign-up process at Fitness Singles is divided into three steps.

Step One, you choose a username and password. Two, you fill in your necessary details and information or even decide not to add them. Three, you select three of your most liked physical activities, and you can start seeing profiles of people like you, who are looking for partners on the site.

Fitness Singles allows you to search for other members randomly or even through their usernames. Advanced filters can customize the search. Fitness Singles also has a chatroom for all the fitness junkies to connect and go on gym-dates.

There are live chat screens available where the users can see whether their matches are online or not. The user profiles at Fitness Singles are highly detailed and descriptive with a lot of personal information about the members available to be seen by other members.

A few picturescan be checked out in the profile by free users. Anyone can see the main profile pictures of the users. The patterns can also be edited and improved eventually by all individual members. The layout of the site and its design is simple and basic yet attractive.

It is user-friendly for members of all age groups. Since the website has members who are of the age group of 40-50 years, it has been ensured that the website can be accessed easily by them as well. Most of the services provided by the site are free, except a few.

There are no online advertisements displayed on the app while using it to build connections with other members of the website. It is effortless to navigate through, and the members can find a lot of their interests to be shared, in their profiles, with other members and get appropriate matches.

To match with a member, the ‘Show Interest’ button can be clicked by the users, and they can start conversing with each other. Profiles that are liked by the users can also be favorited by them at one click.

Fitness Singles has been recognized as one of the top 25 dating sites and mostly because the idea of the site is highly unique and different from other dating sites since fitness enthusiasts are being directly provided with a platform to meet and talk to people with similar likings and interests.


As mentioned, most services and features of the site are available to free members.

There are only a few features for which the members are supposed to pay, but these features are essential to receive a wholesome dating experience on the site.

The users who are accessing the site without paying any membership fee can build their profiles and add their details within them.

They can also search for different profiles and matches to talk to.

They can view the different profiles as well as the connections and matches that have been created from their profile.

The main aspect of a dating site, i.e. private chats or messaging, is required to be paid for by the users.

Another feature that they are supposed to pay for is to gain access to the gallery of other members and the pictures posted in them. 

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The plans at Fitness Singles are divided based on the duration of the plan, i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.

The monthly plan costs USD 39.99. The quarterly plan costs $65.97, which is about $21.99 for each month. The biannual plan costs $89.94, which reduced to $14.99 per month. The annual plan is for $119.88, which is $9.99 per month. 

Hence, the more you pay in one go for a bigger-duration plan, the more you are likely to save. The savings made on half-yearly and annual plans are impressive, even though the fees being charged by Fitness Singles is slightly higher than average dating sites’.

Auto-renewal is the practice on this site and members are required to make requests to cancel their subscriptions, at least a day before the date of expiry and auto-renewal. Even though the prices are high, we feel they are valid for a site that is providing a distinctive platform for dating.

Site Statistics

  • About 2,000,000 members currently registered on the site, from within USA
  • More than 40,000 members are active on a weekly basis
  • Men and women are equally available on the site
  • Personal profiles can be filled in detail by the users
  • The main characteristics of the users include being single and having an interest in fitness.

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Competitors of Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles is one of those dating apps which is exclusive and distinctive indeed. As a result, there are not many apps or sites that are similar to Fitness Singles. Though there are two competitors of the site.

The first one is called Sweatt and has a similar ideology of bringing single fitness enthusiasts together for dating purposes. The second one is called Datefit, where the purpose is not just to introduce single fitness junkies but also to significantly promote fitness.

As a result, they allow their members to discuss their fitness goals or diets in details. Fitness Singles is a unique app and has a large number of active users.


  • A unique and distinctive platform to find a partner of your choice.
  • No advertisements of any kind displayed on the site.
  • It is a great platform to find a partner who is as enthusiastic about fitness just as you. Such a partner can become your friend or an actual partner who will not only be a part of your life but also your fitness motivator.
  • Being a niche site, Fitness Singles helps singles considerably narrow down their choices based on a specific interest.
  • The website is straightforward to navigate through.
  • The platform is excellent for all age groups. 40-50-year-old singles can also be found on the site looking for a partner or love with a shared interest and passion for fitness.
  • Free features allow the users to browse through profiles and get an idea of the kind of people who are active and available on the site.
  • Personal chat screens are available, with real-time status of the activity.
  • The users can use chatrooms to connect with other members of the site.
  • Free users can also view specific pictures of the other members.
  • Free users can send interests and match with other users.
  • The members are required to verify their profiles, which is the measure  the site takes to prevent fake and spam profiles.


  • The main feature of private messaging is available only for paid users. This means that you can browse and match with other members for free, but if you wish to talk to them, you need to pay a certain amount of fee.
  • The fee required to be paid for membership is higher than most average dating sites offer.
  • The mobile app of the site is not available yet.
  • If an individual is not interested in fitness, this site is of no use to them since it is of a specific niche.
  • Customer Support is only available through a support form that is available at the site of Fitness Singles.


Even dating sites need to have the option to provide customer support that is swift and effective. Sadly, Fitness Singles, despite having been established years ago, does not offer a toll-free number through which the users and members of the site and contact them.

Only a form is available at their website through which the users can raise their concerns and receive support. They are active on a few social media platforms where the members can contact them.


Fitness Singles is an excellent platform in our eyes for singles who enjoy fitness as much as they enjoy dating and having a close partner in their lives. The platform is based on a brilliant concept of bringing together people who share the same passion for fitness. 

Especially now, when more and more people are taking an interest in fitness, users can find matches on the basis of their interest in physical activities and go on a date to enjoy such activities with a new company and a fresh experience.

Meet Singles Into Fitness with this Dating App / Website

The site is not unique but also fairly easy to use as well as effective. Personal messaging options and chat rooms are useful in interacting with more and more members. Also, multiple pictures can be added in the gallery and would only be visible to genuine and paid members at the site.

Free members can search through profiles and show interest. They can also match with other users and members at the site. With a large number of users across countries and effective filters, it is easy to find someone who you’d like talking to and connecting with beyond the site as well.

What’s even better? There is no age bar for the members who can join this site. Users above 40-50 years of age can also sign up and join the site to find other members of their age group looking for love.

Fitness Singles charge the fee which is on the higher side, but it is also justified considering the unique platform that is being provided to the users. Also, the customer support system is not much impressive.

If the cost is not bothering factor for a fitness junkie like you, then Fitness Singles can be a great platform to meet other members with similar interests.

Though, if you are interested in dating but are not passionate about fitness as such, there are plenty of good dating sites out there that you can sign up on to find your soulmate or partner.

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Parting Words

Similar to other dating sites, we reviewed Fitness Singles for you.

We hope to have answered some important questions and queries through the review. If you liked this review, stay put because there are more sites that you may be interested to know more about and that we would be happy to review for you.

Our constant aim is to assure that the most honest reviews of dating sites can be brought to you so that you can make an informed choice. With so many online dating platforms available, it can be overwhelming to choose one.

Especially when the dating site is one such as Fitness Singles where you are supposed to pay to use all the features; it becomes especially important to be sure about the effectiveness of the site.

This is exactly why we create such reviews to remove your dilemmas and inform you about the effectiveness and value of the site.

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