Complete Guide on How to Find Sex Partners Online

Nowadays, people mostly want to have One Night Stand rather than having a long and committed relationship.

People want to experience all the sexual pleasures and desires with those who don’t want any strings attached. Casual sex and casual dating are the two most common type that today’s generation wants.

They want to meet strangers and start chatting with them to fulfil their sexual needs or pass their time.

They do it by creating profiles on online dating apps and connecting with people from around the world. 

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A vast number of guys and girls are logging in these dating sites from which the person can choose whom to start a chat with instantly. The person who wants a casual sex chat or a meeting has to put effort into doing it.

He or she has to find someone interesting and equally interested with whom he or she wants to have a sex chat with lately. The person has to communicate with another person sharing information and likings and must notice whether he or she is interested. 

Gone are the days when sex used to be a subject that we used to talk behind the doors.

Today we are becoming more transparent about sex and thanks to the internet for letting us come across websites that help us in finding casual sex partners easily.

However, finding a casual sex partner still seems like finding the Holy Grail.

We bet, you already know about an array of online dating sites that promise you to provide you with a safe platform to find your perfect match.

Sites like Adult Friend Finder, Blendr, Tingle, Discreet, all have the same agenda. 

How to Get Her Interested in Casual Sex

Types of Casual Sex You can Experience

There is a misinterpretation that casual sex is only about having a one-night stand. Casual sex can be of many types. You can have casual sex with a total stranger, a long-standing friend, you might also have casual sex with someone very close but should not be in relationship.

You can also have your ex partner as your one time sex partner too. It is you and your play that may work.

Casual Sex with a Friend

One of the most awkward and challenging modes of casual sex is with a friend. You must be aware of the friends-with-benefits concept. Under such circumstances, you can get laid with your friend and have some special moments.

You will have to give double shots because the friend knows nearly everything about you and must know something new to gain interest. There are millions and millions of couples who vouch that they are “JUST FRIEND,” but the reality is something too deep.

Two people who are just friends can end up having sex with one another. This can either give birth to a budding relationship or may end up making their relationship awkward. It is always fun to explore the sexual side of your friend by having sex with them.

Let’s say you and your friend are real buddies, and you spend most of the time together. You like each other, but never really thought about having a relationship. Well, one night, you end up having sex. Now, you can either forget about what happened and move on and never look back or else can become a full-fledged couple.

The part where you don’t become a couple, but only liked the sex part is what having casual sex with a friend is. But in most cases, casual sex between friends doesn’t really work.

Casual Sex with a Complete Stranger

You are suggested to know about most of the personal things of a person you meet on a dating site. Strangers should not be trusted at first as it could lead to some serious trouble if there is an issue while having sex.

The best way to know a stranger is to share information related to private or casual matters. Sharing some of the personal information makes it easier for users to know each other. It will create a comfort zone between you and the person to get indulged in intercourse finally.

We recommend having casual sex with a stranger because it has a lot of benefits. As you guys are unfamiliar with each other, even if you go south, there won’t be any regret, and you will neither lose a friend.

In fact, having casual sex with a total stranger can create a scope of finding a new friend as well. Let’s say you liked the person with whom you hooked up, you can still be on good terms, in case the one-night stand feeling fades away.

Because you don’t know the person, that can lead to a disadvantage as well. Here’s the thing, not knowing someone and meeting them at a random place might or might not be safe. Plus, because you don’t know each other, this can lead to miscommunication and conflicts as well.

Things happen just like that. So, what you thought would just be a one-time fling, might end up giving you a headache. We don’t want you to become nervous after reading all this, all we want is you to be prepared for both the situations.

Have an open mind, and make sure that you communicate your intentions clearly.

Casual Sex with an Ex

Now comes the exciting part. This type involves engaging in a sexual relationship with a person who has broken up with you. The person who you are sexually committing yourself to is the same person who belongs to your past.

This kind of sex meeting is made successful by creating a sense of missing. At once, you are trying to forget a person, and the next moment you know he or she is good in bed. This feeling will create a strong urge for sexual encounters resulting in great sex.

There is a fact that whether your ex is in a relationship or not, if seduced, then he or she will come to you for making-love.  

Yikes! If you thought that having casual sex with your friend or a total stranger will give you an option to choose between vanilla and chocolate, we somehow don’t recommend you to have casual sex with an ex.

In the majority of the cases sharing bed with an ex will lead to conflicts, especially if you have a partner. Committed people also have casual sex with other people, despite being  in a relationship.

Once your partner comes to know that you have had sex with your ex, we don’t think they will entertain that thought.

The excitement of never seeing an ex ever again can lead to having extraordinary sex and might sound tantalizing, but it is a bad idea, guys! Even if it seems tempting, we recommend staying away from your exes. There is a reason why they are called exes, remember?

One-time hook ups are the best or the repeated ones?

One time sexual encounters are always the best ones as it doesn’t need any commitment. On the one hand, partners can arrange a casual sex meeting with a stranger, have sex, and then woosh, all the things are back to normal. On the other hand, some relationships might require commitment.

Also, there is a sense of boredom because meeting those same older people indulges in the same types of sexual actions, and the cycle goes on and on. Nowadays, people prefer meeting new people and try changing their taste for men and women every single day.

Here’s the thing, you can either have a one-time hookup or a continuous one. That’s entirely up to you. If you have experienced an exceptional, unique casual sex experience with someone and would like to have it again, you can go ahead and have it once again.

Provided both of you are on the same page. Everything ultimately boils down to individual choices.

If you are not fine with having casual sex once again, then fine, that’s your choice; however, if you would like to, you may want to speak to your casual sex partner about the limitation and have a clear conversation.

Because online sites give you the best chances of finding casual hook up partners, it is better to clear the rules. Dating sites are no rocket science to understand. These sites are designed to find you a date, whether temporary or permanent.

You need to have your agenda clear, and you will get what you want.

Arranging Casual Hookups Online

Tips on How to Get a Partner Online

Create a profile with your REAL picture.

The profile is the foremost thing that catches the attention of many users searching for new partners.

Therefore, you can search for a hot and beautiful partner to have a casual hookup by creating a fascinating account.

We know that you would either want to look like Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise, but the reality is that, your profile picture will look different than your actual appearance.

arousr profile create

If you don’t want your casual sex partner to get scared to death, you better be natural on your profile picture. Imagine a scenario where the person who you are interested in and finally decides to have casual sex with fails to recognize you.

Embarrassing, isn’t it? We know you would like to look your best, at least on the dating sites.Because you want to attract people, but be who you really are and that will help you find better matches.

Don’t put selfies only!

Selfies are great, and we don’t doubt that even for a second. 

Well, selfies are mostly clicked to make you look slimmer, your jawline sharper, your teeth brighter, and whatnot.

After all, there are tons of filters that you use to make your selfies look sharp.

People like to see other sides of you too, most probably the real you. Online is the best platform to show people what you are really into.

Don’t put selfies only!

If you are an adventurous soul, you may want to upload some shots where you are in the mountains hiking and more.

These photos attract and create the right impression. Show your potential partner your cool side; they need to know you better even if it is just for a one-night fling. Not everyone likes to have casual sex with whomsoever they meet and see.

A person will have an idea of your hobbies by seeing your pictures. Therefore, upload selfies and show them that you are an adventurous soul by posting pics of different things you do like hiking, swimming, horse riding, etc. This way, you can meet people with similar interests. 

Don’t tell everything to everyone.

Your dating profile is your biodata. You should be mysterious and should keep secrets.

You should not tell each and everything about yourself to everyone you encounter on the dating websites. 

The person meeting you is only here to have a casual hook up and will feel bored if you start bragging about personal things about yourself, and the person may lose interest in you.


The person who you would be meeting for a one-night stand doesn’t need to know each and everything about you. They are strangers, so be careful how much you share about yourself. Let the first meeting get over.

If you guys want to carry on with repeated casual sex, then you can think about sharing more information about one another. Let your profile have the profile picture, good ones, and share limited information that is required.

We recommend not displaying the complete address of your house because, that would be a bad idea!

Give some hints to the person.

Even though these things shouldn’t matter a lot because it is just a one-time fling, some people still want to have casual sex with people who share the same interest.

Therefore, in your profile, try to refer to things that will help them identify if both share some common interest.

Now, that could be a movie, music, art, or anything else.


On top of that, imagine the number of things both of you will have to talk to one another on your first-date. It always feels great to talk before both of you get into share bed and have sex, right?

You should give hints about the sexual desires you want in the bedroom to your dinner or lunch date. The signs should be average, as high aspirations may cause loss of interest and confidence for the person whom you will be meeting.

Convey your feelings and message casually and interestingly. 

Don’t expect a lot.

Here’s the thing, if you like one person and you think that you might want to get out of with him/her expecting to end your night with some tantalizing sex, you should instead hold your horses.

Sometimes things might not go as planned. Both of you might end up having a good conversation and no sex at all.

thinking during sex

Also, once you get to know one another, you may find out that you don’t even want to have any further conversation with the other person. 

Anything can happen, so keep your expectations limited. You don’t have to keep talking to that person if he doesn’t interest you anymore. You might end up talking to a dozen men or women on different dating sites.

Now just because someone used to be fun once doesn’t necessarily mean they will remain that way forever. If the person who you used to find you hot once doesn’t seem interesting enough anymore so you don’t unnecessarily need to push yourself.

You will find a better date, preferably a more interesting one. There are millions and millions of people using dating sites; you will find someone who is right and will let you enjoy sensual casual sex that will uplift your mood.

The person escorting you will be there for a casual hook up or date. If you wish more than the usual expectations, then the person meeting you might leave, and that can break your heart. So, it is advisable to keep your emotions in control and go slow.


Always meet in public place.

If you are catching-up with the partner for the first time, then you should arrange that meeting in a public place.

Meeting privately or remotely can sometimes cause serious trouble if the partner has evil motives.

It is for the safety of both the parties to choose a place where you can start with chit-chatting.

Once you both get comfortable, you are free to go anywhere in private.  We would always want you to be safe.

If you are meeting someone through an online dating site for the first time, pick a public place to meet them.

dating sites

Even if you are meeting a prince charming and he has made you believe that the private place he has booked for you is secure, please choose a public place for your first meeting.

For a woman, in particular, safety should always be your prime concern.

Leave if the date isn’t going well.

You thought the online conversation was much better than what you both are talking about physically.

Also, you are here for a reason, right! Remember, sex?

If you think that the person you are meeting is not worthy of even a one-night stand, move on.

There’s nothing to feel bad about it. You will find someone else and so the other person.

If the person begins misbehaving or starts doing adverse interactions in public places, then you must leave immediately.  

prison dating

You have the opportunity to choose whether you wish to continue the meeting further or call it a day.

Best Sites to Find a Casual Sex Partner

The following are among the best websites for finding a partner for your casual endeavor. Be sure to check each of them so you'll get a wider variety of choices and discover what would best suit you.


If you are seriously looking for a hookup partner, then look no further and create an account with XMatch right away.

The main page of XMatch is all about finding horny people near youThis platform claims that they are not just any hookup sites, it is more than that

The platform has over one million members from all over the world, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to become a member.

You can upload revealing profile photos, create an album, and even upload raunchy videos, XMatch lets you do that.

You can chat with sexy singles and call them for a meeting; you can send them an instant message and even enjoy live chat sessions as well! What else could you ask for from an online dating site?

Adult Friend Finder

Another impressive online dating site that lets you meet, chat, and hook up with sexy singles is none other than Adult Friend Finder.

Do you know that this site has more than 60 million members?

There has to be something outstanding about Adult Friend Finder for such a whopping number of members.

This hookup site has a simple website, and navigation is smooth.

It will hardly take a minute for you to create an account and check out all the sexy and hot singles near you.

This is one of the most popular adult dating sites, and people often use it to find dates for casual sex, and we think you should too. The best part about this dating site is that it has a mobile-based app also! Cool, right!

Do you have a passion for online dating, if yes, then you are in for a treat because has some of the seductive babes as its members.

If you like to watch ladies in lingerie photos and you want to pick one of them for a one-night stand without any intention to meet them anytime again sooner, will make your dreams come true. contains a lot of sexually explicit photos than any other adult dating site, which is why this platform becomes perfect for those looking for casual sex.

The website looks classy, and you will see girls who are no less than models.


Even though this site is more of a conventional-looking site and gives you a vibe of friend-finding vibe rather than casual sex, but once you get into the website, you will understand that this platform has way more potential than any other online dating site.

This no-nonsense online dating site lets you chat with different members and finally decide to meet them for a casual hook up.

Most of the people that you will find here are friendly and down-to-earth. You will easily get along with most of the members.


Just like the name of the website suggests, NoStringsAttached is clearly a dating site where you will get to meet people looking for sexual partners minus the commitment part.

You can create your free account in a minute, chat with as many members as you want and once you find your match, go out and have an amazing sex as you would like to.

This site is typically designed for those who are looking for a hookup relationship and nothing beyond that.

If you are single and not ready to mingle, visit NoStringsAttached, and find your perfect match.

Dating For People of 40+ 

Nowadays, the divorce rate is increasing. Therefore, many mature people want a casual date or hook up to meet their physical needs as it is going out of their lives. A survey says that there is a 20% more population of mature people on a dating site than that of teenagers.

We believe that there is no age limit to fall in love and enjoy each moment. Nonetheless, older adults now have various hassle-free platforms to find the perfect match. You can see some of the famous sites below: 


The site is one of the best because it has the main objective of connecting people who are having age above 40.

The main criteria for having a perfect match and using this site is to have at least three profile pictures. This user-friendly app has people aged the 60s and 70s. 


The app is perfect for both mature people and teenagers. It provides hundreds of profiles to search and select as per your preference.

You can use some premium features after going through the in-app purchases. A person of any age can find a perfect match for casual as well as long term dating.


It is a site that has a lot of new and advanced features than those of Tinder. The site provides similarities in hobbies that a user can read before matching with any profile.

It enables the user to find people of similar interest. Joining is free, but in-app purchases are available to access the premium features.


Happn is a site that enables you to see the people nearby. It has a feature where you get an option to set the age and location limit that helps you find the right person.

Hookup Sites

Hookup sites are those sites whose sole purpose is to help people looking for the people who want a casual hook up. The hookup sites enable you to search for people from different countries of different attributes that are best suited for your needs.

Features of a Hookup Site

  • It is easily accessible
  • It is a less expensive site as compared to other websites
  • It has a wide variety of people that you can search for within a few seconds
  • The profiles are genuine
  • Privacy is the main priority of the site

Kinky Dating Sites

If you are searching for a website that will fulfil your naughty and kinky desires, then these kinky dating sites are perfect for you. These sites provide you with the hottest and most amazing women who are interested in spending some time with you and ending it with having sex.

Whenever you wish to satisfy your sexual desires, you must visit the following kinky-specific dating sex sites: 


Dating site



Cougar Life

Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a site that connects older women with Younger and energetic men.



The site connects people who have an interest in BDSM, Kink and Fetish sex.

The website serves every person who has a desire to experience all kinds of BDSM sex.

TOP 10  Best Hookup Sites Ratings






Elite Singles




Silver Singles




Christian Mingle









So, what are you waiting for now? As a newbie, you can live your life to the fullest by using different sex dating sites. 

Parting words

Start chatting with people that interest you. It is okay to go for a casual sex affair; no one is here to judge you. Plus, the sites that we have mentioned here, 90% of them are there wanting to have some fun and looking for hookups. Go through each of the sites and pick the one that suits your requirements.

Dating websites are always fun; you get to know the other person, talk, chat, share photos, and later decide whether you would like to move on with casual sex or not. It is anyway better to have a one-night stand with someone you don’t know.

Go with the flow, meet people, and enjoy your experience. The last piece of advice, though, have sex with a like-minded person to avoid awkwardness.

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