FDating Review


If you are searching for a free global dating website which offers a convenient platform for users to start a love affair with the total strangers, FDating would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.


  • Firstly, the website provides the services completely free of cost, without any hidden charges. 
  • The site is legal, and the networks are secure for the user, which ensures the security and privacy of the user. 


  • However, the site is full of fake users and scammers.
  • Moreover, the site design and layout are not in shape. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

FDating is a global dating site which was established in 2009 to connect singles from all over the world who were looking to flirt, date, and arrange meetups.

The site is available to every person worldwide, but most of the members seem to be from Ukraine and Russia, especially the women of all age groups. The site is known for its quick customer assistance service and has a whole set of FAQs page as well as a contact form where you can send your queries.

The "F" in its name typically suggests that it is a free dating website offering you a vivid experience. Besides that, there have been other meaning of "F" in its name pointing to dating with foreigners as this site comprises of people from all around the world.

You easily get to create your profile, use some advanced search features with the options of sending and receiving messages without paying for anything. A lot of people have sent their queries to us about why FDating is popular and whether they should give this website a try or not. 

This is the reason why we are here today. We will be telling you all the details and a full round review of FDating, and we will be giving our recommendations whether or not to expect too much out of it. So, let us begin.

What makes FDating different from other dating sites around the world?

FDating is one of such websites which are specifically meant for datinghaving no communities, no educational blogs, and nothing else of that sort. You can go to the website and start exploring the concept of online dating.

The platform typically allows you to start a love affair with the total strangers as there are a lot of foreigners on the website. The fact that makes FDating unique from other popular dating sites around the world is because it is 100% free with no hidden prices.

fdating profile 2

You can message or find anyone paying absolutely zero charges. Besides it having all the dating options which are similar to other dating websites, it has quite an international appeal to it, allowing users to pick the language preferences of the user interface in the member's area.

Further in this review, you will be able to find out about some interesting features of the site as well as how to use them before covering all the details in completing the registration.

However, with the point that the site is free of cost, there are a lot of people bothered about signing up on this site on account of possibility of many profiles being either fake or real.

However, it is essential to know that real people may tend to write about themselves and what they are looking for, which may take a lot of time. Whereas, the fake users might keep their description short and clumsy while registering on the site. 

Either way, you won't be able to tell or find with surety that if there is a scam on the platform or not. If you are looking to entice up your dating life or up for something serious kind of relationship, then FDating could be one such platform made for you.

Site Statistics

  • Registration - Fill standard information by entering your Gender, Email, Username, Password, and what you are looking for; Fill in some content related to your Profile Headline, About Your Choices and Interests; Set profile picture.
  • Members and Messaging - Search options through filtering by age, gender, location, relationship status, and more; Options of messaging: Instant Messaging.
  • Total number of user accounts - No record shown
  • The average monthly visits - No record shown
  • Quality of members - Medium
  • Account Confidentiality - Yes
  • Popularity - Does not considered as the popular online dating sites
  • Photos available - Yes
  • Photo Security - No
  • Mobile Interactivity / Mobile Application - No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

We gave out these ratings (given below) after getting on with our own experiences and talking with some people who have been using FDating for a long time now.

Website Design






Prices (FREE)


Value for Money (FREE)




Ease of Use


Quality of Members


Customer Satisfaction


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


This is a good score and we really think you should register yourself on the site. However, as a head start you can read the full review and read our recommendations before you go out and put your profile on the front.


Website Address - www.fdating.com 

There is no secret that the internet is filled with the web-based dating websites which tend to keep you company and can even help you pin down a soul mate. 

The more significant are the mediums or platforms, and the good are the chances of finding someone who makes you feel good about you. 

This is why users tend to create their profile on more than one dating sites which they find the best.

One of those websites goes by the name of FDating, one of the credible dating sites on the internet today.

FDating was established back in 2009, that claims to offer a fantastic channel of dating to everyone for free.

The design of the website makes it kind of look a little outdated, but it works unbelievably well. 

At the time when you enter the site, you can see great number of men and women currently online on the panel.

Although the platform is made for people from all over the world, we have noticed that most of the people are from Russia and Ukraine. 

The site tends to provide an opportunity to people who are located in Eastern Europe and are seeking monogamous unions. 

fdating vertical banner

The website steals the show in confirming that all its members are indeed single, and everyone has the desire to initiate loving relationships or even a fling. This is what Ukrainians and Russians love relationships are all about.

If these relationships seem enchanting to you, then we guess you are ready for FDating. Unlike many dating sites that offer some premium fee, FDating demonstrates a no registration price that says that you do not need to try the site before making any payments.

To dive into the experience, you need to sign up first if you have to find a partner by clicking on "Join Now" link at the top of the page. Then, you have to select your gender, country and email address.

The second step is about filling your details, including your height, religion, whether you drink or not, date of birth, and many more. The profile is reviewed by FDating staff, and you would be able to enjoy full functionalities after being accepted.

You will be able to search for everyone by appearance, country, age, and other criteria.

Other features include several user functional options, thereby, increasing your chances to find your love. However, it doesn't ascertain that you wouldn’t find any scammers . You also get the option of having one on one private messaging experience with other users using the Real-Time messenger.

While others offer who viewed your profile feature at premium membership prices, FDating is here to offer it for free to give you the chance to look at the person's profile who viewed you. You also get the flexibility of video messaging with the other members if you find them alluring.

Furthermore, you also get the feature of experiencing your ideal matches daily once you specify all the criteria that suits you. It is done by using an algorithm based on the list which you specified about your favourites and things you like, bringing you the ones which have these things in common.    


Online dating has found itself to be creating a sense of popularity and buzz in the air for a long time now. There are, in fact, millions of people who are using online dating platforms for finding themselves a partner or a real friend.

However, the concept of online dating has led to developing too many websites on the internet that have started to confuse people about which one to choose. Also, some have started fearing the platform because of all the scamming activities and fake profiles that have been in the media.

With a lot of websites offering you loads of money to do stuff in the area of online dating, FDating is one such site that gives you some serious chills at no price. However, their top competitors include some popular websites such as OkCupid, Ashley Madison, Elite Singles, Coffee Meets Bagel, and many more.

Apart from these fiery competitions, there are many dating websites offering services in different niche, including interracial dating, BBW, STDs, and a lot more. If FDating has improved, it can get a lot better, and it can compete with some of the best online dating sites across the internet.

By offering stuff for free, it doesn't mean they are giving everything. There are some specs which matter more than money, for instance, features, user interactivity, site design, no scammers, tight privacy policies, and a lot more.


  • First and foremost, FDating offers tons of great features at absolutely no prices. There are no hidden costs attached, as well.
  • The site is legal and offers a great interactive platform with all the secured networks and policies.
  • The registration process does not involve any tricky things. It lets you make your profile without any strict rules. After registering the account, your profile request goes to further approval by the management team, offering a good secure, functional feature.
  • The site is a lot simple to use and quite easy to navigate.
  • You can upload as many profile photos as you want to.
  • You can mark anyone as your favourite which adds up to your list for quick contact.
  • The site offers international views as it lets you select your preferred language and only then you can go in for the vivid experience.
  • There is a range of filtering option whenever you view somebody's profile or your messages.
  • You can register yourself on the site just by providing your email ID as well. FDating offers you to be free from linking any social media network accounts here.
  • You get a full round the clock customer care service that takes full measures of account security and your confidentiality as well.


  • The site design and layout are not in shape. It does not go at all with the dating site that they tend to offer.
  • With all the free stuff and easy registrations, there are tons of fake profiles which have been reported by many users. The site is full of fake users and scammers.
  • Many times, the profile gets deleted by the management team thinking you as the fake user, which is quite a troubling thing.
  • There is no mobile application made for people who love using mobile apps.
  • There is no other way of contacting someone other than the messaging.  


FDating hands you all the materials where you can go a lot ahead in the dating game because it offers their memberships at 100% free of cost with absolutely no hidden charges.

You can get to see who checked out your profile as well as making video calls to the person you like and tons of other features at zero cost. This way, FDating enhances your experience and is better than high- paid membership prices offered by many other dating sites out there.


  • FDating comes with an exceptionally satisfying customer experience that allows you to clarify all your problems related to the site or any feature. You can always count on their professionals if you have any queries or complaints regarding their services.
  • Their customer support service is spot on, friendly and secure. Their help professionals always take the highest of the precautionary measures to maintain your confidentiality thus offering you the most vivid user experience that can make your eyes pop out with excitement.
  • They have an expert team who are always there to answer your queries, thereby supporting you with the resolution of your problem. You can get their assistance by going through this link: https://fdating.com/contact and sending your message to them at any time and anywhere as per your convenience. You can also view their popular FAQs by clicking here: https://fdating.com/faq.

Final Verdict

Besides the fact that FDating is a cool site, it offers a different range of functionalities and options free of charge.

Although its design seems a little out of fashion to many people, the site is not that hard to use.

By presenting an opportunity of dating with some of the European babes and guys, this site particularly finds its appeal to daters of the new generation.

All in all, we can say that even if there is not any obvious assurance that you will surely find your match, you can still give it a try as everyone's own experience is not always the same. 

fdating specific search

Apart from this, if you are up for something in which you get the freedom to utilize your profile to the fullest, you might look for some other dating sites category. And who knows, you might find yourself a perfect partner specifically made for you.

If not, you can always turn your head to the pleasures of FDating.


After having gone through a lot of features, statistics and worldwide user experiences, we have surely come to the end of our wholehearted and full review of FDating. The site is perfect for singles who are looking to find partners by utilizing most of the premium features at free of cost.

We will surely recommend FDating to you asking you to take a ride and enjoy the unbelievable experiences which it will give to you. Do tell us about how everything went, by commenting down in the section below.

In case, you want us to review any other dating sites or some adult websites with the names which come to your mind, send us your queries and we will surely take care of them. Have a great day, and we will see you next time!

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