Family Dick Review (2020)

Family Dick

Family Dick revolves around the incest niche and probably one of the most exciting gay porn sites we have visited in a long time.

The website pushes boundaries, and you will get to see older men on top of younger males.

The older men are some of the best-looking stepdads who get to fuck their stepsons as a punishment.

Family Dick has plenty of young and handsome young males, and the scenarios are a mixture of different stories.

The site claims that all  its content is exclusive, and it is mobile friendly. Well, this is what we are going to find out from this review. 

The site will have all sorts of plots, for example, sexual intercourse between stepdads and their stepsons, then stepbrother enjoying each other's buttholes, nephews, step-uncles, and cousins, getting cosy and enjoying their time together.

Family Dick format is a taboo format, and if you are into gay porn, that too tabooed, then you are in luck. 

For sure, there are similar websites, but there is something about this site that makes it one of a kind, and this is what we are going to explore. Most of the websites have a conventional plot with an older man, and their counterparts are usually males who are in their 30s and not this young.

However, here in Family Dick, you will see very young boys, who are between 18-20 years of age, and older men are in their 40s to 50s. Each movie has a story, and every scene ends with a hardcore ass banging scene, which gay people are going to enjoy.

The older ones in the film are usually the dominating ones, and the younger ones, as you can expect, are the submissive ones. So, let's get going and know about Family Dick in detail, shall we?

What makes Family Dick popular?

There are tons of reasons why Family Dick is one of the best gay porn sites. The site is considered to be one of the top 20 gay porn sites of all time, which is a big thing. There must be something unique Family Dick is offering; that is why the site has such a massive number of a fan base.

Family Dick started in September 2017 and is a dedicated gay porn site. The creator of Family Dick is Mormon Boys. The site offers tons of explicit and twisted plots that will keep you glued to your chair. The layout of Family Dick is not difficult to understand.

The fantasy porn size takes care of your thirst for family sex but in a gay version. Get ready to watch some incest sex as the stepfather tries to insert his hard cock inside his little and young stepsons’ tight buttholes. There are some scenes where you will see guys fucking their blood relatives.

Everything is scripted, so don’t worry about seeing anything real. Whatever you see here in Family Dick is staged, and the professional pornstars had done an excellent job when it came to acting.

All the models, both the younger lads, and the mature ones are good-looking and hot, and that’s one of the reasons why Family Dick is so popular. The way each video has been executed makes us believe that this can certainly happen in real life too.

The videos will have a nice amount of dialogues, which makes the scenes thoroughly entertaining. Some of the scenes of Family Dick are highly exciting. Let’s talk about one of the scenes now. A stepson is suspended from school because he was caught smoking.

The stepfather got a call about this incident, and he goes to the school to pick the boy. The stepdad decides to take the boy to a secluded area, rather than taking him straight to home. The older person looks pissed, and he wants to teach a lesson to the young lad for making him waste his entire day.

The older male asks the boy to suck his cock as a punishment, and finally, both of them ended up having sex in the back seat of the SUV car. This is just one of the examples. Just like this, there are many other exciting plots that you are going to enjoy.

Most of the scenes have an elder male fucking a younger boy; however, there are some scenes where you will see two younger boys having sex with each other.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month’s visit: 473.56 thousand

Family Dick impressed us with its website layout.

It looked clean and sleek. And the homepage gave us a pretty good idea that there will be lots of elder men getting into banging action with younger boys. 

family dicks lp

The site got launched in 2017 only, and they have already uploaded a good number of videos. So far, the site has 133+ videos with different plots.

The tour

The site has a popping blue colour background and lots of video thumbnails. The sight does have a massive banner with two posters, like most of the adult sites have. At the top, we saw various tabs, for example, scenes, want to mode, and log in. These were the three tabs right on top.

On the right-hand side of the website was the Join Now option. Below is the list of gay porn videos. Each video thumbnail has a play button. Below that are the most recent videos, right beside the recent video, there is another tab, that is popular videos.

You can click on Load more to watch more gay videos. We clicked on one of the videos, and we were taken to the main video page. The video started with a disclaimer that everything is fictional. Below the video is the description of the scene.


Family Dick is easy to navigate, and we didn’t have any problem in browsing the different pages. Although the site doesn’t offer a lot of pages and unfortunately, there is no model index page either. We decided to jump from one page to another and see how fast the page can load.

We clicked on scenes, and it loaded in less than a second. That’s impressive. The site has a “Want to Model” tab as well, that will let you submit your portfolio and work with Family Dick. Well, an easier way to get into the porn industry.

The site is always looking for new models, and this is why Family Dick receives a lot of requests daily.


As we said, the navigation of Family Dick is smooth. You don’t need to worry about navigation at all. The loading speed is less, and the video buffering speed is less too. The site Family Dick offers you a short clip to all the guests.

However, if you want to watch the whole video, you need to become their member.

About the Men

Most of the young men that you will see are amateur, and that is good in a way because young lads look amazing. They have a smooth and shiny body with no flaws at all. Even the mature ones are handsome.

The thing that we liked about Family Dick is that they have chosen age-appropriate guys as per the scenes. For instance, if there is a stepdad, he is around 30-40 years and the younger boy ages 18-22 years, which is why the scenes look realistic, rather than fake or staged.

Most of the models are from the US, and they have both amateur and professional performers. Body types range from twinks to daddies. There are over 150 performers.

Video Quality

We are happy with the video quality. The site is pretty new to the industry, and they have uploaded 133+ videos already. The average length of the videos is 20 minutes. And yes, there are HD quality videos available both for downloading and streaming.

The available formats are JPG, MP4, and ZIP. Once you become a member of Family Dick, you can decide to stream the content or download them as per your wish. The video quality of each scene is amazing and fantastic.

Only professionals have shot porn movies, and there are no hidden cameras. The young US guys have performed exceptionally, and the boys look excellent. The cum shots are fantastic too. The videos are available in 1280x720p.

There are thumbnail galleries available for the members to download all the pictures. You can expect to see photos from 12 to 100. The best part about the site is that the updates are once a week.

At least, Family Dick updates new content because many famous porn sites upload content once in every month.

Image quality

As we said, each screencap has around 12 to 100 photos ready for download. The photographs are available in HD quality. If you don’t wish to download the images, feel free to watch them online. Pictures are, however, available only for the members.

Therefore, you will have to register with Family Dick to explore all the images.


Yes, all the scenes of Family Dick are 100% original. The site uploads exclusive content. There are some day sites that upload videos downloaded from different websites, but not Family Dick. Whatever you will get to see here is original.

The plot is unique and pays utmost importance to the quality of their content; now, that is a good thing.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Family Dick is not free to watch and enjoy the website. You will have to pay for their memberships to view the full videos.

So, there are  memberships plan to choose from. Once you become a member of Family Dick, you will get to enjoy exclusive scenes, there are tons of famous gay pornstars, you will be able to stream unlimited HD videos, and finally, all charges are private and secure.

Also, there is no one-day or two-days trial membership, as well.

  • Six month membership: $0.67 per day ($119.95 total)
  • Three month membership: $0.83 per day ($74.95 total)
  • One-month membership: $0.93 per day ($27.95 total)

Before picking any of the plans, it is advisable to check out the sample videos first. Always analyze the site on your own first before paying for any of the membership plans. Family Dick offers many one-minute samples for the guests to take a glance at how the content is going to be.

The samples will help you to decide whether you should or should not invest your money on this site. The site features a lot of hardcore anal sex scenes, and the concept is based on the taboo niche. The movies have a proper storyline that makes the content more enjoyable.

The website loads pretty fast, and you shouldn’t have any issues while navigating or downloading the videos. The dimension of videos is 1280x720-1920x1080. And the quality looks great! All the models are white, and they are from the US. The ages are between 18-40 years.

The men who get to fuck young boys usually don’t wear condoms, each video has tags and is categorized properly, after becoming the member, you can mark the videos as your favourite, add comments and like the videos as well, finally the site is mobile friendly.

All the videos are shot professionally, and indoors videos are mostly available. You can expect to see amateurs, semi-professional, and professional performers. The format of the photos is 900x506. The sizes of photographs vary, though.

To stream the videos, you will need a Flash player, and the buffer time is 1-3 seconds, which is not bad.

Site Statistics

Most Popular Models: Ashton, Lukas, Taylor, Wayward Lukas, Marcus, Anderson, and more

  • Models: Americans. Amateurs, semi-professionals, and pros
  • Body Type: Young and slim body, and older men are masculine
  • Total Number of videos: 133+
  • Average Length of videos: 20 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many bandwidths
  • Image Quality: HD, 1920x1080; 8000k
  • Live Cams: No
  • File size: 1.2GB
  • Buffer: 1-3 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

10 / 10


8 / 10


5 / 10

Content Amount

5 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Download / Streaming

10 / 10


9 / 10

Competitors of Family Dick

Family Dick is not safe from competitors. The main reason for such fierce competition is the number of gay sites available on the internet. Gay niche is very popular because gay men prefer seeing dedicated gay porn only, rather than visiting generalized sites where they get to see the gay category.

Knowing that there are some competitors, we have come across three similar sites. Here is the information about those sites.

Latin Leche

Latin Leche had 218.90 estimated last month. The mixed Latino guys based in the US are naughty, and they are some of the gorgeous looking men in the porn industry. The guys bring in a new flavour to the gay videos.

You can watch the content in both HD and SD. And there are many videos available to view.

My Brother’s Hot Friend

My Brother’s Hot Friend is another good gay site where you will get to watch a lot of interracial porn. The guys look fantastic, and the men are only interested in fucking their best friend’s hot male friend. The streaming is effortless, and multiple formats are available.

Corbin Fisher

The site had 722.84 thousand visitors last month, and all of the performers are strictly college-goers. There are many videos along with good quality photosets. The college guys look amazing.


  • Family Dick offers a new flavour
  • All the performers are from the UK
  • The Family Dick website is easy to navigate
  • Members can download unlimited HD videos and photos
  • All the videos are in HD format only
  • Contents are exclusive
  • Each story has a different storyline
  • Family Dick offers quality content
  • The models are young, and they are good looking


  • The quantity is low
  • There is no free-trial membership
  • No bonuses or networking sites

Customer Support

It is easy to get in touch with Family Dick. There is a dedicated support page right on the home page of Family Dick. You can click on that and select the right option for your query. They have an FAQ page, too, that answers most of the common questions.


So, did we like Family Dick? Yes, we did, and we recommend Family Dick to all. The site gives gay porn lovers a new flavour, and the great storyline keeps the viewers hooked. The mobile website works flawlessly, and you will have no issue navigating the site.

The models of Family Dick fit the bill because all of them are good looking. If you have a thing for taboo gay porn niche, you should visit Family Dick, and give it a try. The movies of Family Dick are 100% original and exclusive, and all of them are available in HD.

The cute teen boys and the hot stepdads have made us happy.

Parting words

We hope you have enjoyed reading our honest review of Family Dick, and this will enable you to decide whether the website caters to your needs and fantasies. Come back to us for more reviews on different gay porn sites.

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