FakeHub Review (2020)


FakeHub is a reality porn network website having more than seven wonderful reality websites where you can see some of the best fake porn reality scenes not available anywhere else.

Porn stars act as they belong to different careers and create a situation accordingly.

As an example, the lead porn star who is acting as a taxi driver is not a taxi driver in real life but gives their best firstly to communicate with a hot babe and have sex with her and get it recorded in his camera. 

FakeHub has more than seven such websites, and you can access all these websites with a single membership bought at one cost. Have a look at the whole of the review to understand the website in a better way.

Why is FakeHub.com so popular?

FakeHub is a set of more than seven websites, and each of them focuses on a different reality themed situation. These websites make you avail  videos as they are real porn videos. 

Some of the themes that these websites have are public agents on the prowl, sex in hospitals, fucking in a cab, and many more.

These websites have a variety of scenes from different backgrounds and ages, showing various walks of life.

When you log in to the FakeHub and start looking for the porn videos, you cannot go directly to the page of your interest but can only visit the first and the last page or navigate two pages back and forth.


But you can always manage the content or videos by the website or select one from the entire website. A simple search option is always there to search the content of your choice by using the model index or tags. You can also rate the videos you have watched or leave comments as well.

You also can follow the models that you like so that you get notifications about new content of that particular model. The site also provides you with the functionality of random scenes by which you can find something fresh and unknown.

Features of FakeHub.com

The Hot Porn-stars

There are different kinds of models of almost all ages from hot chicks to mature ladies which you are going to see over this site. Some of these models are new to the profession, and some are professionals.

You are going to watch the videos where a male is playing a leading role, and a woman is an inexperienced or a woman is playing the main role, and a male is non-professional. The women of different body types and different sizes with wearing make-up and clothing, hair colour, and eye colour.

All the women models are European types and white who are attractive enough to attract their customers. These women models play their roles with expertise, and they are also experts in getting fucked, thus worth your membership fee.

The Action

You are going to watch the action in the member’s area of the site, which includes different types of sex videos such as lesbian sex, hardcore, gay, etc. You are also going to enjoy the videos of fake professionals where they are making use of their patients and customers.

You would love to watch these videos in which both women and men both are playing their roles brilliantly in such situations. There are many hardcore sex scenes where handsome young boys get hot and  fuck sexy babes in such situations.

There are various kinds of videos included, such as cock sucking, pussy eating, finger fucking, blow jobs, hand-jobs, different sex positions, etc. You will feel pleasing watching girls are getting fucked on videos in reality type scenes.

You will surely enjoy the site if you love watching sexy women getting fucked in fake hospitals, fake cabs, and fake jails. The member’s area of the site also includes lesbian porn sex.

FakeTaxi Snippet

You are going to see the videos of hot erotic lesbians touching breasts, having sex, making out, fingering, licking pussy, touching ass, etc. These hot model porn stars making their partners cum in these videos. You are going to love these scenes recorded in fake cabs, fake shops, and fake hospitals.

These porn stars understand how to satisfy a viewer. There are also different types of sex situations or scenes, and you get the top-notch quality content with FakeHub. The locations where shooting is done are always different such as public places, offices, cabs, taxis, bedrooms, etc.

It is so good to see these videos recorded on different locations and FakeHub keeps the stuff very interesting for its members at home.

Stuff and Content Included

FakeHub contains more than 1950 full-length porn videos, but there are no picture galleries available on this website. The site keeps the updates once or twice a day, this  means you will always have he fresh videos to watch whenever you open the website.

Video Specifications

FakeHub provides you with the videos in 1080p HD quality or 1920*1080 resolution. These videos can be downloaded to your laptop, computer, or mobile device in MP4 format.

Photo Specifications

FakeHub provides no photo galleries. Only videos are available on the site.

Bonus Content Included

FakeHub is a set of more than seven wonderful network websites. You will get access to these fake websites in which porn stars play the role of fake professionals. The porn stars deceive the public into making out with them in various situations such as a fake doctor, fake taxi, etc.

Performance Score (Out of 10)



Image Quality

9 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10


9 / 10

Bonus Score

9 / 10

Overall Score

89 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Number of Network Sites: 7 (Network sites listed below the ASR official review)
  • Mobile Website: Available
  • Total Number of Models: 1,595
  • Profile Information of Models: available
  • Race of Models: Asian, Caucasian, Black, Latin, European
  • Ages of Models: 20-24, 25-29, 30-39 * (guessed from their appearance)
  • Total Number of Movies: 2,810
  • Average Length of Movies: 30 min
  • HD Format Availability: 1080p, 720p (100% in HD out of the total movies)
  • Resolutions of Movies: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, or 320x240
  • Movie File Formats: MP4
  • Picture Quality of Movies: very clear
  • Cinematography: professional director's filming with good movie techniques
  • Movie Scenario: the real situation with the screenplay
  • Spoken Language in Movies: Subtitles available


Most of the sites pretend to be a reality porn site suggesting a random encounter with an unknown hot woman, who is always ready to be horny and get fucked by a stranger.

But we know that it happens only for self-admiration and it also entertains those who love watching some strange stuff.

But FakeHub offers believable and more realistic stuff take on the niche, making for the scenes which are naughty, rough, sexy, and erotic to keep the content interesting for its members.


The porn stars on FakeHub are different in terms of style, body, age, etc. You can find sexy teens, spinners, hot babes, true MILFs, brunettes, blondes on FakeHub. The site has a good collection of spitters and swallowers as well as moaners and screamers. All the hot porn stars are white.

FakeHub network contains 2766 scenes starred by 1500+ models. The updates are contributed equally in the numbers between all the websites on FakeHub. Only one new site called Fake Cop has less than 200 videos.

You can download the videos in Full HD, which gives a wonderful quality playback. Movies also can be streamed in Full HD. These videos can be downloaded and streamed in lower resolution options as well.

Unfortunately, there is no option to see the photos as it does not contain photo galleries. FakeHub has a beautiful design and various advanced useful tools to browse and search for their huge collection of porn.


You need to pay some amount to get the membership of Fakehub.com. With this single membership, you can access all the network websites of FakeHub. You can use the FakeHub in its trial period for which you can pay $1 for two days.

Membership comes for one month, three months and six months with a price according to the period you select for membership. The payment can be made using a Credit Card, Trust Charge or Epoch.

I assure you that you will get 100% Full HD content on this website, so the money you pay is worth paying. The thing about FakeHub.com is that it does not contain photos at all.


  • You will get access to more than seven sites for the price of just one.
  • There are a huge collection of porn videos
  • You can download unlimited videos as a member.
  • FakeHub provides daily updates even sometimes twice a day.
  • There is also a discount price for readers.
  • This is a mobile-compatible site.
  • Video quality is just awesome (1080p resolution).
  • Whenever you open the site, you will get fresh content.
  • Unlimited streaming is there for the members.
  • You will find the models or porn stars of all ages, body shapes.
  • Porn stars are expert in their work.
  • Customer support is always there for 24*7.


  • The website is not equipped with an advanced search engine.
  • There is a limited free trial.
  • There are no photo galleries available on the website.
  • You can only watch videos, and no photos are there.
  • Sometimes video seems to be fake.


Every website has competitors trying hard to get ahead of each other in the race. FakeHub also has many competitors. So let us start with the websites which are trying to compete with FakeHub.

  • Backroom Casting Couch: This site has many things common with FakeHub. There is a huge collection of fucking erotic girls in their casting videos. The site is providing its best to be on the top.

Porn lovers also can check this website. And the second competitor of FakeHub is Nubiles Casting, which provides the top-notch quality content with 1080p HD and also the girls on this site are those who do not want to act in these videos but want to do so for a living.

These new hot porn stars give their best in the videos with the help of the girls who already have performed in this industry. In spite of these competitors, FakeHub is quite better than other websites.

Those who visit FakeHub never want to move to other websites as they get everything here whatever they want.


FakeHub helps its members in any possible way if they are stuck or facing some issues accessing the website.

It provides complete information belonging to the status of your membership with FakeHub and also gives you advice if you have been a victim of any fraud.

FakeHub also confirms the transaction if you have recently purchased on the site. It also gives you the proper solutions if you are facing any issues. For more details or information related to the website, customer support is always there for 24*7.


There is a toll-free number for US citizens given below that you can dial for any queries: +1-877-471-1375 If you are a non-US citizen, then you can call upon Skype or submit queries for chat support at the link given below:

Parting words

This was the genuine feedback about FakeHub.com that I have felt personally. I hope this review will help you to know the website and guide you in using it properly. You can always read about the site and its review on the internet if you want to know more about it.

I tried to cover every aspect of the website from a user’s perspective.

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