FabSwingers Review


If you have a fetish for watching group sex or if you are looking for a site which specializes in the 'swinger' genre, FabSwingers is the place to go to.


  • The website allows users to avail its content utterly free of cost and does not require the users to take subscriptions.
  • It has a fascinating feature called Meet Today, which hooks users up for instant dates and meet-ups with other members.


  • However, the site has very less traffic, which could include the site ineffective and annoying.
  • Like many paid sites, the website is ridden with annoying advertisements which are difficult to remove.

The review proceeds to give you a better insight into the tenets of the website.

Launched in 2006, FabSwingers is one of those swinger porn sites, which has managed to impress the porn lovers and has climbed the ladder of success with each passing year. Fab swinger has grown tremendously in every aspect from design, members, network sites and much more.

Few Swinger sites in the world provide most of their features for free, and FabSwingers is one of them for sure. Therefore, today, it is considered as one of the biggest Swinger sites in the world.

It is considered to be the true King of the Swingers’ world and therefore, it is necessary to analyze its every aspect so that people can understand which features make its services worth subscribing for.

Let us take a look at every detail which will enable the Swingers' lovers to decide whether they should go for FabSwingers or not. For many features, discussed below,, FabSwingers manages to stay ahead from its competitors.

What makes FabSwingers so popular?

FabSwingers is a community space for swingers in the UK, USA, and other English-speaking countries. It features profiles, blogs, groups and the features you'd expect from a high-quality social networking site. It gives you access to fantasy forums for live video chats.

And on top of that, you get the opportunity to review your lover after your experience with them. What could be better than reviewing someone and give your opinion? There's a lot to be found on FabSwingers. Thus, this community helps to keep swingers updated with other's first-hand experiences.

One of the biggest reasons why FabSwingers is popular amongst its audience is the fact that the site provides a platform for people to fulfil their sexual fantasies by meeting others who may share the same fantasies.

It also allows the users to sign up as singles or couples, and there is no restriction on the kind of accounts that can be accessed by both kinds of accounts. This means that if you access the site as a single individual, you can still connect with members who are active as couples.

The concept of this site, its ease of use along with the constant participation of FabSwingers in making the site secure for the users, is what makes it extremely popular.


Website address: https://www.fabswingers.com

Estimated Visits Last Month: 20.71 million

FabSwingers provides proper and detailed descriptions of the various women at the platform, be it based on their ethnicity or hair colour, their physique or other fine details.

fabswingers logo-min

You need not even register on the site if you only wish to watch the live streams.

Also, there is no need to enter your credit card details while registering on the site, which makes it all the more convenient for the visitors. I think the male side cannot be called diverse.

The videos available at the site can last from a few seconds to a few minutes or even an hour. A brief description of the video 100-200 words will help you understand what is happening. What to speak about a good sound and bright picture .

There’s a short preview available in the thumbnail of each video, so that you could know what you are getting into without wasting your time by watching the whole video.

The services provided by FabSwingers are available in six countries at the moment, which includes the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The website has been designed to provide a platform where people can connect for sexual encounters as per their willingness. The services of FabSwingers are largely available for free to its users. This means that as a user,

you do not need to subscribe to any paid services, or plans to enjoy the services of this site. However, some of the services are required to be paid for, by users. For example, you might need to pay when you are ready to take any models or people in private chat rooms.

FabSwingers witnesses about 50,000 logins from members daily.

Users have been provided with the option of logging in on the website as singles or as couples to find singles or couples, based on their preferences and fantasies that they wish to fulfil.

The website recognizes each account as a singles' or a couples' account to maintain transparency amongst the members. FabSwingers is one of the best platforms where one can meet people and swingers who share the same interests and fantasies and would be willing to indulge in sexual experiences.

fabswingers lbanner-min

Users can pump-up their fantasy world by engaging with FabSwingers and get a chance to not only fulfil their fantasies but also identify extended preferences. The site allows users to discuss details before meeting so that they can make informed decisions about engaging in mutual acts of pleasure.

The site allows users to create a 'hot-list' in which they can add their top friends or connections that they are likely to connect with regularly. To maintain the safety and security of the members, they are allowed to block or restrict other members or users based on age-groups or even gender.

Users can also block contact from new users. After meeting any of the members, who share similar interests with the users, profiles can be verified wherein a description of the experience with the user can be provided.

The site of FabSwingers is also easy to use and has a good interface. Reviews have shown that many members are actively using this platform, and most of them are genuine people who are polite and respectful.

Finding partners for experiencing out of the box sexual experiences is very personal to each individual, and FabSwingers has created this platform so that such personal experiences can be gained healthily. A large majority of the members at FabSwingers are males, whereas a minority are females.

The chat rooms at FabSwingers are active consistently, and the users can engage in quick live chats with other users to connect with them.

FabSwingers does not require the users to mention their real names in the profiles. They do have a feature called 'Meet Today', which is available to users who may have joined the site in the previous 72 hours, to avoid accounts that may be fraudulent.

Young Swingers: Experiences at Sex Parties

The site ensures that profiles, as well as the photos, are properly reviewed to protect the safety of the users. The users can use the site anonymously and can also completely remove all of their information from the site if they wish to.

Their Privacy Policy provides a detailed account of all the measures that are taken to ensure the safety of users. A team of moderators consistently monitor the content on the website, which is removed if found in contravention with the 'Terms of Use' of the site.

The process of signing up on the site is simple but can be time-consuming because the members are required to go through a photo-verification process. This verification process has been created to keep out any fake profiles and users.

The process can take about three hours, and other information of the users such as their age, gender, username-password, etc. are also needed to be entered. There are multiple features available over the site, such as sending personal messages, entering into group chats to interact with other users.

The users can upload pictures and create albums. They can also interact with other users by sending them pictures, liking their pictures or sending them 'winks'. The users can participate in different forums by posting what they wish to or reading what has been posted by others.

Advanced filters have been provided that can be applied by the users to find other members who share the same preferences as them.


The best and the most surprising part about a premium site like FabSwingers is the fact that it is free to use for people.

They do not charge their users for providing their services. What the site does provide is an option through which a user may become a supporter of the website and may donate some amount to them, willingly.

This, in no manner, is mandatory for any of the users and such donations can be made by them solely out of their own will.

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Site Statistics

  • Pageviews - 37.07K/ Day
  • Worth – 81.18K
  • Models – Over 25K
  • Payment option – credit or debit card
  • Model age – 18 to 45
  • Advanced search options – Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site – yes
  • Bonus content – Group shows, private shows
  • Media player –Medium flash player
  • BBW shows – Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Live stream quality


Quality of Private shows


Number of models


Quality Of Members


User-friendly features




Value for Money




Customer Satisfaction


Overall Score


Main Competitors of FabSwingers

FabSwingers is a different and unique kind of platform where people can engage with others who share similar sexual fantasies and preferences as them. These users can connect and meet to enjoy mutual sexual experiences based on their interests and preferences.

There are a few competitors of FabSwingers such as SDC.com, AdultFriendFinder.com and SwingLifestyle.com.

Despite such competitors, FabSwingers enjoys attention and appreciation from its users because they provide a variety of services to their customers, absolutely free of cost and ensures their safety and security by conducting verifications of the members.

Asley Madison is one of the well-known dating sites in the community of swingers. It is a cool site for those who are looking for extra marital relationships and hook-up opportunities. 

rThough a premium dating site with slightly expensive membership packages, it also allows you to access the premium features by purchasing credits.

By adopting this way, you shall only pay for the services that you are interested in. 

You can also access this site’s features via mobile as its app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. 

The best thing about this site is that it allows women to access all the features without upgrading to a premium account. As a result, you will find many women who want to adopt a swinging lifestyle on this site. 

Sending messages is a premium feature but options like sending winks and utilizing advanced search options are provided to free users as well. 

Flingster is a dating site that is meant for people who do not want to go through long questionnaires and formalities for registration. 

It is also used by people who are into swinging as it allows all the individuals to utilize its dating services irrespective of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Apart from that, it also allows members of all the genders to become a member and enjoy its perks. 

Members can interact with each other via texts and video calls on Flingster. It does not have a mobile app yet but the site can be explored via a compatible mobile browser. The premium membership packages are quite affordable and premium users get an ad-free interface as well. 

Contacting options (both text and video chats) do not require a membership plan and free users can even use AR masks to hide their identity while engaging with other members via video chat. 

However, the female count on this site is quite low and there are even some fake profiles on this site. Therefore, you must verify whether a user is legitimate or not while sharing your details with  him/her.

SDC is one of the most well-known websites especially among singles and couples who are into swinging.

This site enjoys a massive following of over 3 million members and has been serving the dating requirements of swingers since 1999. 

The member database mostly comprises of straight, lesbian, and gay members who are already in a relationship. A good thing is that they can register as a couple as well. 

Even singles can register on this site but they may not find as many options as couples will on this dating platform. 

Its mobile app can be used by both Android and Apple phone users. Contacting options are only provided to premium members but the free users can participate in SDC groups and communities to know other users. 

Overall, it is one of the best sites for swingers but the site has lost some of its popularity recently which might be due to better performance by competitor sites like FabSwingers. 


  • The website is largely free of cost and does not require the users to take subscriptions to make use of the site.
  • You can use the Meet Today feature for instant dates and plan meetups with other members.
  • Event listings can be found easily on the platform.
  • It is free dating website targeted at swingers.
  • There are boys, men, gay, lesbian, transsexuals and other models as well, which means that this site is suitable for everyone.
  • Features such as live cams are enjoyable for the users as they can view other singles and couples engaging in sexual acts.
  • FabSwingers is one of the fully functional sites on a free account.
  • The signing-up process at the site is easy.
  • The boards have many active discussions that can be participated in.
  • The site is safe and secure
  • Moderators of the company ensure the safety of the users by consistently reviewing  the kind of content that is posted at the platform.
  • Verifications of users are mandatory and are conducted at the time of signing-up itself.
  • The users can gain access to and participate in various forums through the platform.
  • Both singles and couples can create respective accounts.
  • Regardless of the nature of an account (single or couple), the users can look for both singles and couples on the site to make connections and gain experiences.


  • Very few dates or events are available
  • It is an antiquated website.
  • It has less traffic compared to some other trending sites.
  • Sometimes it gets frustrating to shuffle back and forth to remove these ads, especially when someone is trying to understand its features.
  • The streaming gets a tad slow sometimes for no reason even if you have a good network.
  • There are many technical issues on site which the client may face.
  • There is a lack of amateur talent on these live cams as most of them seem to be professionals.
  • Lack of active members.
  • The signing up process can be tedious and time-consuming.
  • No contact number for speedy support.

Features for screenshot 

One of the oldest dating sites for swingers, FabSwingers has been operational since 2006. Over 200K people visit this portal daily for exchanging messages, photos, videos, etc. The option of watching cams is also provided by this site. 

This site has a simple interface that even looks outdated but the user-friendly features and easy-to-use options enable the users to register and explore the features without any difficulty. To check how the site looks please take a look at the below screenshots:



It is not uncommon for users to often have some doubt or concerns about the services of a platform. One thing which makes FabSwingers exceptional is its excellent customer support and services. They provide 24/7 service to resolve all your doubts and queries. Why access anything with doubts, right?

fabswingers chat-min

The support that is provided by the site, is through emails. The platform has provided no contact number since it does not have a huge business base. The users can contact them with their queries through emails, and they will be provided with a suitable response or solution to their query.

The FAQ's and commonly asked questions at the site can also be used to gain access to some basic problems and their solutions that other users may have also faced.

For online customer support click on this link: https://www.fabswingers.com/contact

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FabSwingers is one of those websites that provide an opportunity for amateurs to get connected for consensual swinger sex. The website has a classic look and layout and is great to use.

Dating or meeting has been made easy by this website for people who wish to indulge in swinger sex or other similar fantasies.

What makes the experience even better is that there are some beautiful women over the platform who might share the same fantasies as yours and would be willing to meet you to satisfy them. The site allows users to share pictures as well so that they can get to know each other uninhibitedly.

Looking for people to hook-up with, over dating sites, can often be frustrating. FabSwingers can help you reduce your frustration and help you meet active users to fulfil your fantasies.

The platform provides a large extent of options and features to the users through which they can connect with new people and members with similar sexual preferences as them. Any number of pictures and albums can be shared by the users while engaging with like-minded people.

The site does censor the content being shared amongst users a lot. A few bad points about the site are that they are only available for support through email, and there is no dedicated customer service support available currently.

As a result, users are required to wait for responses before their queries can be solved. Regardless, the site is free to be used by the members and safe as well. There is no reason why singles and couples interested in swinging should not visit and register themselves on the site.

It is a brilliant platform where members can get what they want.

Parting Words

We have made our efforts to ensure that you can get an honest review of FabSwingers like we always do. If this review was of any use to you and helped in removing your concerns or hesitation, please stay connected with us for more of such reviews.

Engaging with people with similar sexual interests or finding swinger couples can be a tiring and difficult task. A platform such as FabSwingers is great for both singles and couples to engage in such experiences, and we are glad to have realized that you can access such a platform for absolutely no cost.

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