Exposed Webcams Review (2020)

Exposed Webcams

If you are trying to find out the services that lets women enjoy their hearts out in an open cam, then Exposed Webcams will be a perfect destination for you.

The registration is pretty simple and the platform offers Live Free Fun giving you access to extremely beautiful and attractive cam models.

Exposed Webcams offers some great features and exclusive options to watch and enjoy at no membership price.

Read this review as this will provide you a lot of information and statistics where you get to know whether this platform will suit you or not. 

Exposed Webcams is a site that has been created to allow its users to watch free porn and live sex cams. It is a free site that redirects its users to another site called, where they can watch free live cam sex whenever and wherever they want.

But it is not uncommon to assume that sites offering free live cams are risky and unsafe to join. Are Exposed Webcams unsafe? Let’s discuss its features and safety ahead.

What makes Exposed Webcams popular?

The biggest factor that makes Exposed Webcams popular amongst its users is the fact that the site provides its services for free. Most porn sites and live cam sites are required to be paid for so that the users can enjoy the videos and services provided by them.

Hence, being a free site has been highly beneficial for Exposed Webcams. Exposed Webcams does not provide such free live cams and live sex options on its website. Instead, it redirects the users to another site called

This site has several women performing on live cams and can be watched 24*7.

Website Overview 

Website link –

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Live sex cams have become popular lately, and a lot of people are interested in trying out the services provided by sites where women perform live.

But, either most of such websites are paid or unsafe to join. 

exposed webcams lp

If you are somebody who enjoys watching live sex cams but are tired of paying membership fees, then Exposed Webcams is the right platform for you. Technically, Exposed Webcams is not a site in itself that provides free porn or live sex cam services to the users.

It is a mere gateway to another website that provides search services. is the site to which Exposed Webcams redirects its users in the search for free live sex cams. The site is perfect for the users who want to access premium services without actually having to pay a hefty amount for them.

As soon as you access the site of Exposed Webcams, you are asked to sign up on the site. The process of signing up is straightforward because only the username and password for each user is required to be provided. The users can also sign up using their Google account.

Exposed Webcams does not ask for any credit card details while signing up on the site which is one of the best advantages of using the site. Once a user has signed up on the side, they will be redirected to the website of Live Free Fun to get access to extremely beautiful and attractive cam models.

 The site of provides a huge list of the best and most popular models of the site on its homepage who are available online at the time of logging in to the website. Thumbnails are shown at the homepage to show the looks of these models, their names as well as online/offline status.

You can choose a girl that you find attractive and open their profile to see the free live shows available at the moment. While users can see free videos and live shows, some services are required to be paid for.

How to Open a Free Account on Live Free Fun

For example, users can privately message any girl after paying for a premium membership on the site. The huge benefit of such membership is that even after a user stops paying for the site or stops using it, they remain premium members of the site.

Also, the users have an option to tip the girls performing on the website only if they want to. There are no mandatory charges to watch  free videos and live shows available on the site.

The least that any user can do to appreciate the performance of any model without paying money is to rate such performance so that other viewers can choose what they wish to watch.

The reason why are users should hop onto Exposed Webcams is that it is the gateway to free live sex cams which can be accessed without any strings attached.

Also, the site is safe to use because it does not ask for any credit card details which means that a user does not have to worry about additional or hidden payments.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The services of Exposed Webcams are completely free because the site is only a gateway to another site providing free live sex cams. Exposed Webcams does not even require its users to enter or provide any credit card details for payment details to access the site.

Site Statistics

  • HD cams available
  • Free live sex cams
  • No hidden charges

Website Performance Scores



Content Quality

8 / 10


7 / 10

Cam Quality

9 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Overall Performance

8.6 / 10

Competitors of Exposed Webcams 

There are a few other sites that are providing similar services such as Exposed Webcams.

These sites are Cams HQ, Cam4, Cams Finder, Live Sex Cams, Free Cams Exposed Webcams, etc. The competitor sites of Exposed Webcams are either gateways to other free sites, or they provide live sex cam services to the users.


  • The most important and main benefit of using Exposed Webcams is the fact that it is a free website that does not require its users to pay even one penny to watch live sex on cams.
  • Exposed Webcams redirect its users to another site and is only a gateway, but it is not a scam site. The site where users are redirected provides free services as well as paid services to its users through which they can watch live sex cams for free or access the extended premium services of the site. 
  • There are no hidden payments or strings attached to the site for watching free live sex cams.
  • The site interface of Exposed Webcams is straightforward to use because it only consists of a sign-up page. As long as you are signed up and logged into the site, you will be redirected to the main site where you can watch live sex for free.
  • The users can sign up using their Google accounts at Exposed Webcams.
  • is the site where Exposed Webcams redirect its users to. The users can easily choose a girl of their choice of the main page of the site and watch free videos and live shows available at that moment. They can also read some basic information about such models.
  • Using the premium membership at, the users can send private messages to the models of their choice and carry on with private sex chats.
  • The users have an option but no obligation to pay the models certain tips as per their wish.
  • The users can rate and review the performance of any model that they watched.


  • Exposed Webcams is marketed as a site where users can watch free live sex cams and videos. But, it is only a gateway to another site providing the same services. Hence, it is only a marketing trick used to attract more users.
exposed webcams enter

Customer Support & Other Services

Customer support services are not available for Exposed Webcams because it is a mere gateway which does not even ask for payment details. If the users forget their passwords, they can easily use the ‘forgotten password’ option on the site to reset the same through the email.

However, customer support services can be found and accessed for in case the users find any issues or problems with the site.


Exposed Webcams is the site that allows you to enter into the arena of free live sex cams and live shows. It redirects all of its users to, which is a site providing free live sex cams and shows to the users. Exposed Webcams is safe to join as well as free to register upon. is a site where the users can find extremely hot and beautiful women ready to strip for them or show themselves off on HD cams. The users can watch such hot and beautiful women without actually paying any money unless they wish to.

They can buy premium memberships to be able to message the girls of their choice privately or to tip them for their performances. But, it is not mandatory for them to tip or gets a membership at all.

There are barely any disadvantages of signing up on Exposed Webcams except the fact that it is marketed in a wrong manner. But, how does that make a difference when you are getting access to free and live sex cam shows? The site does not even ask its users to provide any payment details.

We suggest you check this site and make use of the free videos available at You can feel safe about signing up on the site because you will not be required to pay any hidden charges or provide any payment details.

Parting Words

We reviewed Exposed Webcams for you because it is one of the most popular free sites where one can watch live sex cams without paying any money at all. We hope that this review was useful for you and that you will stick around to read more reviews of similar sites.

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