Ex Hacked Review (2020)

Ex Hacked

What if you find out that your girlfriend is cheating, what will you do?

Will you expose the true color of your cheating girlfriend, or will you leave that person and move on?

If you are someone who wants to teach a lesson to your ex, Ex Hacked is where you should be.

Ex Hacked is a platform where you will find sex tapes exposed by some heartbroken and angry men who want to teach their ex a lesson.

These guys had it enough, and now they want the whole world to see the real face of their cheating girlfriends. Ex Hacked was launched way back in 2012, and so far, more than 10,000 sex scenes have been posted. Viewers are able to stream and download the videos too.

People are weirdly interested in amateur porn content, and when you add the term revenge to it, things turn even better.  Here at Ex Hacked, you will get to watch homemade sex tapes of couples and groups.

Some have uploaded them out of pure revenge, while others have uploaded these sex tapes just because they felt like. Couples who go through an ugly breakup often look for different ways to come out of their misery.

This is where Ex Hacked comes into picture. Ex Hacked gives you an option to take your sweet revenge and destroy the image of the person who gave you an unlimited number of sleepless nights.

Here at Ex Hacked, you won’t only watch sex tapes uploaded by some disturbed men, but you will also get to watch videos belonging to different categories such as girlfriend and wife switch, swinger couples, shared wife, cuckold, orgy, and more.

If you are into amateur porn content, go and check out Ex Hacked now. The site promises to upload fresh content on a daily basis. Since this site has a lot of amateur content, it is visited by many people monthly.

This brings us to our review on Ex Hacked. We will talk about this website, how to register, pricing policy, pros and cons, and much more. Go ahead and read our review of Ex Hacked, and find out all the details right here.

What makes Ex Hacked so popular?

There is much amateur porn content available online. In fact, there are hundreds of sites that offer pure amateur content, but it is only when you visit those sites, you come to know that their content is not amateur at all. 

These are just professional pornstars pretending to be amateur models.

This genuinely kills the mood. People never want to see professionals pretending to be amateurs, when they like to watch real amateur sex tapes. You want to watch these girls being pounded hard by their partners, and if they are unaware of the fact that they are being filmed, it’s even great.

Ex Hacked has somewhere around 250,000 pictures so far, and the total number of videos uploaded on the site is 10,000+. You will see separate sections for pictures and videos.

To make things easier, Ex Hacked offers seven categories, which will allow you to search out for the right content instantly. If you want to watch any of the videos online, you better have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your system.

Girls today don’t mind filming themselves, but they are unaware of the fact that their ex-boyfriend could use this footage for exposing them!

One of the main reasons why we have found Ex Hacked to be highly interesting is that all of its content is amateur. You won’t find a single professional pornstar pretending here to be someone else. We loved what we saw here at Ex Hacked because everything was raw.

The girls were having a foursome, threesome, deepthroat, and more. Some of the girls that we saw even had unbelievably gigantic tits! Whatever footage you are going to see here is user-submitted, meaning one of the viewers like us has uploaded the content.


Website address: http://www.exhacked.com/

Estimated last month’s visit: 80,000

Now it's time to dig into Ex Hacked a little bit more. The site looks decent, and it has a straightforward layout.

The site clearly states that everything you shall see here is 100% real. There are no fake shows where two pornstars are pretending to be filmed.

These are real people who have made sex tapes and uploaded them here at Ex Hacked. On the homepage, you will see a massive banner of Ex Hacked on the top.

Below the banner, you will see three tabs, which are the members' area, bookmark us, and a welcome video.

Then you will see the “Join Now” option.


To watch any of the videos, you need to register with Ex Hacked. None of the videos are available here for free. So, that can be a little disappointing for guests. We do think that sites like these must provide free video samples for new visitors so that people can get an idea about what to expect here.

We saw a massive number of thumbnails with people having sex, girls showing off their tits, and more. Some of the private videos were filmed by the girls themselves, which they might have shared with their partners. The same can be said about the photos as well.

There were tons of selfies of girls available who were showing off their bare bodies. Some even clicked pictures of their vaginas. You will never run out of content here at Ex Hacked. We decided to sign up because that was the only way to watch some videos and photos.

For joining, you need to click on the Join Now option that is available on the main page. Right away on the “Join Now” page, you will be asked to submit your credit card details and pick out from any of the memberships available. We went ahead with the limited trial option.

Don't worry; we will talk about the pricing policy of Ex Hacked too.

So, we entered our payment type, picked a membership type, entered our email address, and finally the password. Readers may note that your email ID is going to be your username later. The site sends a verification link and a confirmation mail for the payment that you have made.

As per the site, all the people who upload these videos are 18+, and so are the girls who appear on the videos and photos. Well, we can only hope they are honest with their age. Anyhow, majority of them do look a little over 20 years. You can cancel your membership anytime you want.

Regarding the people appearing on these videos, they are just ordinary people like us. Some of them are college graduates; some are married couples, while others might be working professionals. There are no popular models per se because they are not members of any porn site nor are they porn stars.

Apart from homemade sex tapes, you will also find recorded cam videos of girls. In terms of content, Ex Hacked has a myriad of them, and they are fascinating. The site claims that you will get to see real swingers, threesome, and cheating ex-girlfriend videos on their page.

Once you become a member of the platform, and you buy one of their subscriptions, you are free to watch and download unlimited videos. Most of the girls are white, and they can be seen enjoying their ex-boyfriends' cum all over their faces.

The threesome movies that you will get to watch are truly amazing. We can only wonder how many of these chicks' love engaging in threesomes. You will also get to see some lesbian action, pussy licking, fingering, doggy style videos, and more.

As we said, you won’t run out of amateur content. After all, this site has more than 10,000 videos on its catalogue!

Pricing & Membership Fee

Ex Hacked won’t allow you to take a look at any of their videos for free. The only thing available for free are the thumbnails on the homepage. Apart from that, there are no free samples available for you to watch. Anyhow, you will also get a trial subscription for two days for just a dollar. 

However, if you don't want to continue, don't forget to unsubscribe before the third day, else, you will be charged for the entire month. Apart from this, you must be aware of pre-checked cross-sells too.

You might end up buying additional offers that you won’t be required and you might end up paying extra.

  • Trial subscription: 1.00 USD for two days.                                       
  • One-month subscription: $24.96 (recurring)
  • Three- months subscription: $59.78
  • One-year subscription: $99.95

To pay for the subscription, you can use a credit card, debit card, and even an online check would do. Every subscription is recurring; hence if you want to cancel any of your subscriptions, you have to do it manually.

In case you fail to cancel the subscription on your own, you can always get in touch with the customer care so that they can cancel your subscription before the amount is deducted from your account.

Ex Hacked doesn't have any Gold or Premium membership. All of the features that you will get here are equal for everyone, no matter which subscription you decide.

One good thing about Ex Hacked is that it's not limited to few countries, everyone is free to upload their sex tape here. The girls that you will get to see here are mostly white, but there is a good chance that you will see people from different races and ethnicities.

Since they are not professionals, you will mostly see them in bare minimum to no makeup. Some of the thumbnails and pictures that we came across had close-up shots of the people’s butt holes.

You will see girls enjoying a passionate threesome and foursome session, while some of them might be just flashing out their massive tits. Majority of the videos are shot on mobile phones, and that's why they are not HD quality, but the videos are excellent and clear.

Site performance



Video quality






Customer Satisfaction












Bonus features


Our score: 74/100

Site statistics

  • Models: Ex Hacked is a platform where people upload leaked sex tapes or sex tapes of their exes. There are no registered models on this website, unlike webcam sites or adult sites. This is a platform where you can get to see real-life sex tapes of couples.
  • Professional models: No, Ex Hacked doesn’t have any professional models. Everyone here is an amateur.
  • Members age: Between 20 to 45.
  • Mobile version and mobile app: Ex Hacked doesn’t have any mobile application as of now, but if you want, you can explore their website using your web browser. Their site is mobile-optimized.
  • Photo galleries: There are more than 250,000 photos available here.

Competitors of Ex Hacked

We know for a fact that there is an array of amateur porn sites and voyeur sites; however, we never expected that we would end up finding more than 100 revenge porn sites. It seems like there are a lot of frustrated men who can’t move on with the thought they have been cheated on. 

And this gave rise to an endless number of revenge sites where these men go and upload homemade sex tapes of their ex-girlfriends. And indeed, these sites are visited by many horny men; otherwise, they wouldn’t have received more than one million visitors on a monthly basis.

This brings us to the competitors of Ex Hacked that we think are doing fairly well in this category.

Watch My Ex-Girlfriend

Link - https://www.watchmyexgf.net/

Watch My Ex-Girlfriend came to us as a surprise because the sex tapes available here are out of this world. The women in these sex tapes are stunning.

There are young college chicks who love to have sex with different men. But they are caught red-handed by their partners, and that’s how their reputation is destroyed by angry men.

These cheaters are no longer safe, and they can only request their exes for mercy and forgiveness because their videos have been uploaded already. And a site that is visited by 1,055,214 people every month, you can only imagine how many people might have seen such sex tapes already.

This is the best place for people who love to explore cheating ex-girlfriend videos. Apart from being the best place to watch thousands of cheating girlfriends, this site lets you watch these videos for free! Yes, you heard it right, no subscription required, and everything is for free!

Public GF Videos

Link - http://publicgfvideos.com/

Another famous ex-girlfriend, video content website, is Public GF Video. This is the place where you can watch naughty and horny girls having sex with different men outdoors. These girls are really hot, and they love to fuck different men.

They are not afraid to suck someone else’s cock outdoors. All the content available here is user-submitted, meaning viewers of this website have submitted the content for your entertainment.

You will get to see them in different public places flashing their tits, lying on a beach fully naked, having amazing outdoor sex, car sex with multiple partners, and much more. There are more than 1000 videos available here.

These girls have given permission to be filmed, and that’s why they are on Public GF Videos.

See My GF

Link - https://seemygf.com/

A good site where you will find a plethora of ex-girlfriend videos is See My GF. Whatever you will get to see here is 100% real and genuine. Not that all these videos or photos have been filmed or clicked by their ex-boyfriends, some of them are also leaked videos. 

Girls do like to get naughty, and when they do, they want to get themselves filmed mostly. Here at See My GF, you will find photos and videos of some of the hottest ex-girlfriends ever. The girls like getting rammed by different males.

Apart from cheating sex tapes, you will also find swinger tapes on this website. You will enjoy your time here with Caucasians, Asians, and other beauties., plus See My GF provides free videos and pictures.


  • Ex Hacked is a legit adult website where you will find a myriad of homemade sex tapes of cheating girlfriends and wives. If you have been cheated by someone you loved deeply, and you want to take revenge, Ex Hacked will allow you to upload their photos and videos so that you can humiliate them in front of the whole world for their deeds.
  • Ex Hacked so far has more than 250,000 photo galleries, and somewhere close to 10,000 videos. All the people appearing in these videos are amateurs. You won’t find pretentious pornstars here on this website. You will find hardcore real sex tapes only.
  • The girls are real and genuine. You will get to see so many naughty pics of them who love to have sex with people who are not their partners. You will see them masturbating, having sex with three men or sometimes four, performing solo acts, etc.
  • This site claims to be the largest platform for ex-girlfriend porn content. The site uploads new content every day, and looking at the plethora of content they have; we are pretty sure that they do upload frequently.
  • The website looks simple, and you will face no difficulty in exploring the site at all. The homepage contains all the information that you will be required.
  • If you want to explore the content, you can go ahead with the two-days trial offer at the cost of one dollar only.


  • The biggest drawback of Ex Hacked is that you won’t be allowed to check out the content without doing registration.
  • Even if this is a platform where you will find revenge content, there is no information available about the people in the videos. Plus, the videos are short and concise as well.


Ex Hacked is not a free site, and you need to pay them for exploring their content. This means that you need to do a financial transaction, and it is better to have the contact information of the company with whom you will be dealing financially.

But don’t worry, Ex Hacked has a dedicated “contact us” page, where you will find all the information about this company. Plus, there is a FAQ section too where you will find all the answers to the commonly asked questions.

FAQ section: https://seemyhelp.com/faqs.php

Contact Us page: https://seemyhelp.com/

Phone number:

EU Number: 00.800.0334.1887

Toll-Free Number: 1.877.711.7334

International Number: 1.514.334.1887

Email: support@seemyhelp.com


For us, Ex Hacked is an excellent revenge website where you will find tons of revenge porn of beautiful ex-girlfriends submitted by cheated men. Here you will get to watch some homemade sex tapes that will make you drool and make your heart pound. 

We agree that the videos available on Ex Hacked are kind of short; even then, the number of videos Ex Hacked has is simply great. They have uploaded more than 10,000 of them and due to this reason you will never run out of content.

If you love to watch amateur sex tapes, then you must visit Ex Hacked. Every sex tape available here is 100% real and authentic. There are no pornstars who are pretending to be amateur performers. The girls available here are real.

Guys who are heartbroken or agitated at the thought that they have been played with are here to take revenge. Ex Hacked is all about ex-girlfriends’ hot and seductive sex tapes that will get you going. We recommend Ex Hacked to everyone.

Parting words

After reading our review on Ex Hacked, we bet you must be eager to visit Ex Hacked right away. Well, go ahead and check out their website. Our recommendation is to buy the two- days subscription first. 

Check out all the content available, and if you think that Ex Hacked is worth your money, you can go for other subscriptions as well. You will enjoy your time here at Ex Hacked.

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