Ersties Review (2020)


Ersties is a relatively new German pornographic site with amazing amateur content having a feminine touch that came to fruition in 2010.

It is a website targeted for an audience who has a fantasy for passionate and intimate amateurs getting into unscripted, authentic action.

In this industry, where even lesbian porn is shot and directed by men, this particular site stands out from the rest.

This site has been composed by an all-female team of film students aimed to provide stellar real-life and natural amateur porn content.

With affordable rates and a legitimate collection of high-end hot erotic action featuring amateurs performing either solo (masturbation) or coupled up (both straight and lesbian), this up and coming site created by girls surely deserves a shout-out.

Let us take a deeper dive into this website and review in detail whether it is worthy or not of your subscription.

What makes Ersties stand out from the rest?

In an industry, that is mostly male-dominated, Ersties shells out a fresher perspective into the pornography market with their all-female team aiming to provide high quality full and unscripted amateur erotic content.

The content here is nothing short of amazing with more than a thousand videos being offered to you in exchange for your subscription.

They managed to provide a feminine touch to their exclusive content and have led to focus more on the eroticism and authenticity rather than employing extravagant fabrication or a heightened display of the overcompensating male dominatrix.

A variety of amateur (and natural) models are featured here, all above 18 years. The scenes: be it solo or lesbian or straight sex- are intense and passionate. To provide a more realistic approach, they also have a lot of interviews and backstage videos of the models.

The titles provided to the videos are easy to understand, and you will easily be able to sort out which contains interviews and which contains sex scenes. All the MP4 videos offered here are downloadable.

For both streaming and downloading purposes, you can choose from full high definition (1080p), standard high definition (720p) and other standard definition resolutions.

Some of the scenes here are exclusively VR-oriented, and hence etching its mark as a platform that has content for all forms of technologies available. The factor that makes the videos more real is the presence of a wide array of natural models and unscripted action.

ersties poster

The models featured here look very realistic, and not over-fabricated to look attractive as the porn-stars. There is a right mix of both lesbian and straight sex, and the couple chemistry is fantastic.

The climaxes and orgasms are real and not overdone, this only goes to show how passionate the performances of the models are.

The imperfections featured here nails their brief of bringing in a more reality-based approach to erotic content, rather than resorting to overly done perfection shown in primary porn studio production.

This site has been praised by famous mainstream media houses such as Vice, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider. Ersties also provide free live camera action with some of the models featured on the website. You can even live chat with those models performing.

Although, if you expect a bit more privacy, you can, in exchange, for the existing credit system (17 coins/minute) which you can get with some added payment along with your subscription. Along with the videos, there are hundreds of steamy high-quality photo sets to choose from.

You can download those photosets to your hard-disk in “.zip” format. Each photoset contains 50 high-resolution pictures. The site is user-friendly and uses an advanced search engine with tag filters where you can choose the genre you want to watch.

The site also performs well on mobile and tablets without breaking a sweat, hence ensuring that you receive fantastic porn while on the move as well.


Here is the link to the site: (Site is available in both Deutsch and English languages)

The thing that stands out about this website is the sheer class they display.

This is not some loosely arranged home-grown attempt by amateurs to rake in some extra dough.

Despite their imperfections portrayed, which they claim to be their forte, the content shows a lot of professionalism.

The unscripted attribute of this website brings out more intensity in the eroticism. Be it solo performances or couples; the performances are nothing but praiseworthy.

ersties lp

The site might appear as a new kid around the block, but it has been around for a while now.

The designing of the website is humble, with a light pastel background. But don't be fooled on the looks, the site is user-friendly and is equipped with an advanced searching tool where you can use tags and keyword filters suited to your convenience.

The models that feature here are as real and natural as they can get, and there is no drive to meet perfection criteria as is the case with the major production houses. The chemistry shared in a couple of scenes is intense, and the orgasms are real.

The scenes do not have any airbrush touch of glam. Instead, it tries to explore the down and dirty attributes of sex and passion. Adding to their realistic approach is the interview and the backstage videos of the models who feature here.

The models appear to be at ease, and they do take their job very seriously rather than just provide a half-baked attempt at earning a bit of extra money.

As the interview videos are mostly in German with no English subtitles to support, you might appear hard to apprehend the content in those videos if you don't possess fluency in Deutsch. The sex videos don't feature any conversation and are more enjoyable.

The site renders well on all kinds of devices, be it a PC or mobile or tablets. Both downloads and playback appear to perform seamlessly. You can choose to watch or download the videos in both high resolution and standard resolutions as well.

The quality of the content featured here won’t fail to impress you. The website also features a proper update schedule.

They introduce a new model or a couple in weekly intervals, spread out in three or four updates in the form a photo-set consisting of fifty photos about that feature, two explicit videos (solo masturbation or sex video) and an interview/backstage video of the performer(s).

Since this is a stand-alone independent website without any sort of backing from major porn production houses or any studios, it does not have any bonus sites added along with your subscription here.

The rates of subscription are, however, very affordable, and the value you get for your money is impressive. If you are looking for high definition real, natural amateur performers and more intense eroticism-centered videos, you should check out the content this website offers with a subscription.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Ersties provide very reasonable subscription rates to its customers. The site might not appear to be professional or sophisticated at first glance, but the quality and quantity of the content they provide are worth every buck you spend here.

You can choose a monthly or three-month or six-month or a yearly subscription. In the shortest term of subscription, you can opt for a month, where you will have full access to the site for thirty-one days- for which the charge is $35. For a three-month subscription, the cost is $45 (chargeable at $15/month).

If you opt for a half-yearly subscription, you will have to shell out an amount of $84 (chargeable at $14/month). We would suggest you choose the 12-month subscription, which comes at an affordable price of $132 ($11/month).

Accepted mode of payments is Diner, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA. You can check out the subscription deals using the following link:

Site Statistics

  • Bonus sites: None, this is an independent, stand-alone porn website.
  • About the Content: Collection of high-end amateur erotic scenes featuring both solo action and couples (straight and lesbian) brought to you by an all-women team.
  • Content Exclusivity: All content is exclusive.
  • Models: 472 models featured as of now, ages 18-30.
  • Model appearance: Mostly amateur white natural models, ranging from petite to average-sized.
  • Total number of videos: 1281+ scenes
  • The average length of videos: 15 min each
  • Maximum resolution of videos: 1920x1080 (both dl and stream)
  • Live Cam: You can chat with the cam models without extra payment, but private time requires credits which can be obtained upon additional payment.
  • File Sizes (HQ): JPG = ~1.5 MB, ZIP = ~40-80MB, MP4 = ~150 MB-800 MB (average size, HQ)
  • Payment CC Processor: Primary- Epoch, Secondary- CC Bill
  • Accepted modes of payment: Diner, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA
  • Download Limit: None
  • Download Managers: Yes, it should work.
  • Languages available: English, Deutsch
  • Channel Max: 8
  • Able to pause/resume.
  • Test Software: IDM
  • Download Speed: Browser: 10.8MB/sec. (678 MB video, Fibre Optic internet)
  • Bit-Rate: 1700k-3500k
  • Total number of photo sets: 443+ galleries
  • Photo details: Semi-professional high definition photos, No airbrushing, .zip photoset downloads
  • Slideshow availability: Yes
  • Watermarks on photos: Yes
  • Watermarks on photos: YesPicture dimension: Recent- 2736x1824, Older- 1280x960 (Sizes might vary a tad bit)
  • DRM Protected: No

Website Performance Evaluation



Website design

8 / 10

Content updates

8 / 10

Quality of videos

9 / 10

Quantity of videos

8 / 10


8.5 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Value for money

8.5 / 10

Exclusivity of videos

9 / 10

User interface and layout

8.5 / 10


8.65 / 10


There are a few German amateur porn websites available in the offing. One significant channel consisting of several sites is Porn Doe. If you avail a premium membership there, you will have access to several amateur European porn websites within their network.

Be it German, Spanish or Italian- there's enough hot content for every fantasy you might reserve.

One significant network site under Porn Doe which projects European amateurs is Reife Swingers. It might not belong to the same class as Ersties, but it is loaded with German amateurs (men and women) doing swinging and creating their porn content.

Another website that features amateur content is Homegrown Video. It is a secure website for amateur porn, offers a wide array of content and serves as a cheap alternative to Ersties.


  • Ersties might appear to be a site that is not significantly developed, but that in our opinion is an excellent way to feature that they are a website solely focussed on featuring amateur porn.
  • The content might feature amateur models, but the content is highly polished and professional. The videos might not have significant plot backing and appear to be just plain action but the high-quality content they provide makes the scenes more indulgent and appealing to the users.
  • The fact that stands out about Ersties is the feminine touch they bring in. Shot and directed by an all-female team, their center focus throughout all the scenes is solely raw eroticism of the sex. Hence, you will be able to experience real orgasms and climaxes.
  • The content updated on this website is regular, and the site maintains an updated schedule. Content is updated every week.
  • There is a wide array of content to choose from, with a thousand plus fully high-definition videos and hundreds of high-resolution photo sets to choose from. You can stream videos in a variety of resolutions, be it a high definition or standard definition. The quality provided is nothing short of impressive.
  • The models featured here are real and natural models, and they bring a realistic perspective to this website's content. There is no overly done perfection drive, as is seen with the significant porn production houses.
  • Scenes with solo action like masturbation are passionate, and even the couples who feature in the sex scenes (both straight and lesbian) share real chemistry- which brings out the intensity of the scenes even more.
  • The site is user-friendly and performs well on all kinds of devices. It is equipped with an advanced search engine, with keyword and tag filters.
  • There are also hundreds of photo-sets to choose from, which you can download in “.zip” format. You can also see live cams and chat with the models as well.
  • Affordable subscription rates are provided to the willing audience.


  • The interview videos are mainly in German. It doesn’t have any English subtitles so you won’t be able to understand a single thing without fluency in Deutsch.
  • You won’t be able to post comments on the videos featured here.
  • There is no bonus along with the subscription.
  • Photosets aren’t separately posted, and neither date are provided with them.

Customer Support & Other Services

While the site might not appear to be professional enough, they do provide efficient customer support.

To send in your queries regarding your subscription, log in to For any questions and suggestions, you can email them personally at [email protected]. For any kind of technical problems you face, you can write an email to [email protected].

Fax number: +41 (0)44 732 60 73

External Ratings

As it is with everything that is associated with any kind of payments, you shouldn’t go in blindly when it comes to porn subscriptions. Here are some opinion based ratings sourced from other review websites, so you can compare them and make your choice:

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Total Average Score: 85.7/100

Our rating: 86.5/100


Ersties is a path-breaking porn website that is redefining amateur porn. They take the best of both worlds: amateur, real-life models and high-quality videography, and put into the thousands of full HD scenes they offer. This is unlike any amateur porn you've seen, in the best possible manner.

The performance is real, intense and passionate- and no attribute of their scenes is fake in any way. The fact that the site is being run by an all-women team with so much professionalism speaks volumes about their drive and passion in this industry, which is mostly dominated by men.

No matter how roughly put together the site might appear to be, the performance is praiseworthy across all platforms. The interface is user-friendly and runs with an advanced search engine with special filter tools.

The quality offered: both in the videos and photo-sets is genuinely exceptional and unparalleled. Another unique part of this website, which brings in more reality to the plate, is the presence of interview videos.

However, it would be a tad bit better if English caption closing/ subtitles are provided as it is mostly in German.

There is no bonus offered with the subscription, but it is fair enough not to expect from an independent, stand-alone website. The subscription rates are pretty much affordable, and if you are into seeing girls getting down and dirty without faking it, you should look no further.

I hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding Ersties. Stay tuned for more such detailed reviews of adult erotic content. Till then, keep your hormones up and stay entertained!

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