Top 20 Best Online Erotica Sites

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Looking for the sexiest and hottest free erotica online??

You are at the right place.

If you've recently discovered yourself lonely in bed, looking for some sensual ideas to get the motors moving (so to say), we recommend skipping the porn instead and going to one of the many internet erotica sites available.

Sure, visual aids can help, but if you've ever been completely absorbed in a sensuous romantic novel or a true storey of someone's love escapades, you'll realise that nothing tops it.

Everything in reading the text and seeing them on paper (or computer) takes priority over everything else.

Furthermore, when reading erotica, you can put anybody (including oneself) in the settings. Instead of witnessing two individuals that look nothing like you or your dream match having sex, erotica enables you to choose your own imagery. What's more tempting than that?

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Top 20 Best Online Erotica Websites [FREE/Paid] (Upd 2022)

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Literotica, this website may be the first to publish pornographic tales. Whatever your interests are, you're bound to find something to your liking here.

Literotica's erotica for women is user-submitted and might be hit or miss. However, there is a lot of stuff, and it is searchable by genre and user rankings for tales, making it easier for readers to filter through to pick the finest.

Though the website itself may be improved, it is the information that is most important. Literotica is supplied from a wide range of authors who submit high-quality adult fiction and fantasy. There are literally thousands of stories to pick from, ranging from BDSM to erotic horror.

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Bellesa is an erotica website with not just movies, films, and relationship advice, but also lots of spicy stories to read. Your next midnight read awaits, ranging from short stories to full-length books.

This site emphasises quality above quantity, but the best part is that the stories are written from a female perspective.

This sexy stories and female-centric porn site provides a range of e-books to get you in the mood, as well as a collection of short stories for when you simply need to get the job done. There's something for everyone, organised into easy-to-search categories including kink, masturbation, girl-girl, and non-binary. is a collective site that features short pornographic videos from affiliate partnerships as well as its own independent films, blog pieces about sex health and positivity, a sex toy store, and, most importantly, a centre for some quite hot erotica. Its tales, which are supplied by members of the community and other linked websites, are categorised into categories such as love, group sex, and kink.

Whether you're searching for something hot, heavy, and to the point, or a titillating storey that develops suspense, you'll find it here. These sensuous collections will have you yearning for more from the moment you click on one of the passion-inducing cover photographs.

Is there a little fan nearby? Great. Put on something gauzy, turn up the heat, and place that fan squarely at your face, because it's time to delve headfirst into digital romance-novel feelings courtesy of's developers.

The site contains a massive collection of textual and audio erotica, in addition to producing its own unique videos.

This membership-only site is only for cisgender women and focuses on encouraging a healthy, loving relationship with self-pleasure. even hosts #sextalktuesday on Twitter, so if you're looking for a highly involved community with your lovely clit-lit, could be the right fit for you.

4. Nifty

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Nifty has all of the standard fetish categories that you'd expect from an erotica website.

Nifty features a huge library of erotica, all from an LGBTQ+ viewpoint, as well as fresh tales uploaded on a daily basis, with a diverse range of user-contributed stories across the kink spectrum.

The site is older and less regularly updated, but it includes a massive collection of female erotica.

Save it for a rainy day, weekend, or late night when you can peruse at your leisure.

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It's a cross between networking sites and a directory, but it's all about erotica.

This website has a wide range of tales from a wide range of people. Do you have a thing for college sex? They have it.

Do you like historical adventures? Oh, there you have it. Do you prefer poetry? I'm shocked that you resurrected from the dead, Lord Byron, but don't fear, they possess that as well.

After you've tired all that (and probably oneself), you may go into the discussion forums and talk to some people who match your passion... if that's your thing.

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The articles on this website were all authored by one person — Remittance Girl — and all deal with BDSM themes.

Take a look at Remittance Girl's manifesto before diving into her stuff since it handles some of the more challenging aspects of writing and reading about BDSM sex.

Enjoy a wide range of sexual stories created by a single author known as Remittance Girl.

Because the primary topics (hard sex, fetish, female-female, etc.) of each tale are shown beneath the link, readers may jump right to what they're searching for.

7. Dipsea

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If you're familiar with audio erotica, you've most likely heard of Dipsea. This iOS and Android mobile app promotes a plethora of erotica tales for ladies.

Some are narrated by imaginary characters, while others address the audience directly. Each one, though, is as realistic as it is searing and sensual.

Dipsea also has a slew of stories about women hooking up with other women, as well as a few with trans characters, for LGBT listeners. To begin your free trial, go to the official website.

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Novel Trove is a mash-up of the sites mentioned above, featuring a mix of sexual literature, romance, and personal tales.

Whether you're seeking for actual erotic stories or fictitious spicy tales, Novel Trove has something for everyone.

They have over 40 distinct erotica sub-sections, so settle down for a long night of reading—among other things.

They feature BDSM, mild dominance, adventures, swingers, and much more.

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At first sight, Erotica for All appears to be a site completely dedicated to the promotion of sexual literature.

However, if you go to the Free Reads area, you'll find a wide range of sexy novels to satisfy all of your female erotica dreams.

There are plenty of beautiful stories to appreciate that have women's enjoyment in mind from start to end, from erotic photographers to married swingers.

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This is the place to go for all of your steamy fandom fantasies.

You'll be surprised to find even your most particular preferences represented (I'm not here to criticise! ), as they're frequently sorted by fandom (and subsequently by pairing). There's also a crossover portion.

Calling all fans of fanfiction: Adult Fanfiction is your one-stop shop for anything sensual you've ever wanted to read about your favourite fictional (or not-so-fictional) characters.

There's a good chance that someone else is interested in the same topics you are.

11. Kinkly

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Looking for a large website with a wealth of information on virtually every sex topic imaginable – and some scorching erotica to boot? Kinkly hits all of the boxes, with hot short tales that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Whatever your interests are, Kinkly has a plethora of sexual stories for you to enjoy. Allow yourself to be tempted by your wildest fantasies as you read through these wacky stories.

Kinkly is an erotica site featuring a plethora of free sexy tales, a sex toy directory, and a sex blogger directory.

Visit Kinkly's themes sections for an in-depth look at anything from pet play to hypnokink, in addition to their adult stories.

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Stories About Alternative Sex Text Repository is an ancient, old site that has survived because they do what they do well.

And what they do is give authors a location to submit their erotica tales for everybody to read. The large, massive collection that the Repository provides has some of the greatest and most experienced writers on the Internet, and the diversity is astounding.

Be warned that the content here is less constrained by convention than in other locations — you may come across something that, if it were video, would most likely be prohibited in your region.

While this is a disadvantage, there are simply too many fantastic stories in the Repository to dismiss it entirely. It's time well spent.

13. Chyoa

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CHYOA is precisely what the name implies: a choose your own adventure erotica website. CHYOA is set to become your new go-to if you're seeking for something erotic as well as participatory.

There are a lot of sexy storey websites out there, but not nearly as many that allow you to write interactive erotica.

The platform for individuals to write their tales on here is excellent, and creating an account is simple.

This is a terrific community with a lot of creativity, prizes, the option to remark, and the chance to communicate with other individuals on Chyoa.

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BDSM Cafe contains everything from adult literature and poetry to BDSM safety recommendations, so whether you're a Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiast, a kink pro, or just curious about this world, you'll find it here.

The BDSM Cafe caters to people who want flavours other than plain vanilla.

This site is not just a seductive repository for erotic novels of all lengths and varieties; it also provides useful research for anyone looking to break into the industry.

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Solo Touch is the erotica site for you if you're alone and need a little more help getting the job done.

Every tale on Solo Touch has a masturbation theme, including the phrase "Don't make your hands do all the work."

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Girl on the Net was born in the south of England and moved around a little, studying Philosophy and acquiring a magnificent array of bad habits before settling down in London.

She currently lives in a modest flat with a book collection and an outstanding collection of filthy coffee cups, and she aims to be the type of person who goes to museums on weekends.

Girl on the Net is a London-based sex blogger that writes real-life sex experiences, erotic fiction, feminism, and the occasional foray into Kinky DIY.

Audio porn is also produced by GOTN (to make sex stories more accessible to people with vision impairment).

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Erotic Review is a website dedicated to improving the image of sex. Our website provides fantastic stories, dazzling features, outstanding photography and art portfolios, and, of course, erotica reviews.

This publication is committed to providing a good reputation to anything sexy.

Of course, there's sexual writing, but there's also features, art, photography, and reviews.

Take a peek at their archive; you could discover something about the history of the book you're reading.

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This website was created specifically for bookworms! These sexy stories contain imaginary characters, and certainly, this is the spice you're looking for. Start reading after narrowing your search to "Explicit" tales.

Are you looking for sexy stories about your favourite literary characters? An Archive of Our Own, called AO3, is a Hugo Award-winning fanfiction site with over 6.5 million tales from every fandom conceivable.

Limit your search to "Explicit" tales if that's what you're looking for, and then scroll down to find your favourite characters in all kinds of embarrassing situations

19. Libida

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Libida is a website that encourages healthier sexuality in women and also has a collection of steamy stories.

Unlike some other sites on our list, Libida's tales are carefully crafted to appeal to a wide variety of interests.

Investigate erotica stories spanning from Domination or Submission desires to wicked fun with Truth or Dare.

Each narrative is brief yet comprehensive, providing a delightful dream to escape into on a peaceful night at home alone.

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Lady Cheeky is a Tumblr-style site for a quick and easy GIF or sexual photo to get you in the mood. The major emphasis is on women taking control and achieving what they want from sex.

Lady Cheeky is deserving of a place in your private bookmarks folder. is an award-winning, handpicked NSFW sexy photos website dedicated to sexual enjoyment, positive body image, and gorgeous imagery depicting desire, sensuality, and love.

Lady Cheeky has been named the #1 PORN SITE FOR WOMEN by, The Huffington Post, and many others for being feminist, fun, bawdy, and naughty, and a site where women feel safe discovering their sexual voice.

Because the only restriction is your imagination, fantasies may be among your finest sexual experiences. When your imagination runs dry, online erotica sites like Literotica may help you rekindle it. Erotic literature is intended to excite sexual desire, and it might provide you with some novel ideas for the bedroom — or it can simply be enjoyable reading when the mood strikes. You may transform monotonous, average sex into a mind-blowing affair with the assistance of internet erotica.

Though there are a number of porn sites for ladies available, we understand if that isn't your thing. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent sources for your sensual reading enjoyment. You're certain to uncover stories that turn you on, whether you're seeking for your next Fifty Shades of Grey or After, or you just want to hear other women's erotic experiences.

Discovering a studio with a collection of well-produced, narrative porn is fantastic (no, really, it is!) However, have you ever read a sensuously crafted piece? The type of wicked phrases that start gently and build to a page-turning climax, leaving you wriggling in your desk chair and wishing you could locate a more private room?

The social benefits of retreating into fantasy realms cannot be overstated in a society filled with fictitious popular culture figures and conventions dedicated to the most obscure of fantasy worlds.

Seriously, erotica should be everyone's go-to for some steamy alone time. Whatever your hobbies are, there's a storey out there that you'll think was written just for you. Have a fetish that you believe no one else can ever have? I guarantee you'll find it on one of the erotica sites listed below.

Instead of going to your usual porn site, divert yourself to an online erotica site. You will not be let down.

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