Erotic Monkey Review (2020)

Erotic Monkey

Eroticmonkey is a site that was launched by David Elms in 1999.

The reason why David started Eroticmonkey was after an unfortunate encounter with a call girl.

The name Eroticmonkey is unique; however, this site allows people to share their experiences about different escorts, and the site hopes that the reviews will enable different men to choose the right person.

No matter how modern we claim ourselves to be, the word escort still raises a lot of eyebrows.

After all, you are hiring someone to get laid, but think about it once, aren’t we all doing the same?

We are either paying to an online hookup site or else a porn site, to please ourselves.

There is an undeniable truth that we all need someone in our lives. That’s why adult sites like these exist.

Of late, the trend of hiring an escort rather than trying to please someone is proliferating. The reason for the rising popularity of escorts can be gauged pretty easily, men have needs, and those needs can be fulfilled by someone willing to offer their services in exchange for money.

We are living in an overwhelmingly stressful and busy life, and sometimes the pleasure you get after meeting an escort can end up being better than hanging out with a couple of friends in a bar. Plus, it is never difficult to find attractive escorts, especially when you have a site like Eroticmonkey.

Escorts never judge your needs and wants, and that’s why they become the perfect companion for men. Now, men who use erotic services can be anyone; they can be single, committed, or divorced, or even married. Different men with a different need, who are we to judge, right!

So, why try to please yourself all alone, when you have the perfect platform to choose a beautiful escort, call her to a hotel, or your home, sleep with her and be done with it.

Eroticmonkey is a popular escort site that doesn’t only list the names of escorts, but what the website does is, they allow clients of different escorts to share their review that will help others to pick these girls.

Yes, there are tons of escort sites available on the website, but how many of them work on a review basis? Take us as an example, we want you to know about Eroticmonkey, and this website wants you to know all about their escorts and find genuine reviews.

We have reviewed this website thoroughly for you, and rest assured this will help you have a better understanding of Eroticmonkey.

What makes Eroticmonkey popular?

Eroticmonkey is a highly useful website if you want to hire a remarkable escort. The site, although, has American escorts, you will find a massive number of escorts who are willingly waiting for men like you to hire them.

The visitors are free to join the platform for free and talk about their experience with a particular girl that they have been with. The reviews are open to all the other members. Information like this can be great for someone who is looking for an escort, particularly in the US.

We have enjoyed how simple the Eroticmonkey website looks like, the no complicated design makes it extremely easy for others to join in, read the reviews, and book an escort. If you have had a hard time hiring an escort from a different escort website, you should try out Eroticmonkey once.

The escort platform is filled with good looking girls, and some are outrageously gorgeous. Nothing can make someone feel better than finding an escort that you would like to sleep with and can read actual reviews.

Rest assured, the escorts you are going to meet here are free, charming, and they are friendly. They are just like any pretty girl that you see on the street, the only difference is, these girls want to have fun and be done with their job.

They know they are professionals and are here to do the thing they are asked for. Escorts are often misinterpreted as call girls, but they are not. Someone or an agency usually hires escorts, or they will be listed on a website, like here. But call girls are those who you get to pick off the road.

The features of Eroticmonkey are pretty good too. Everything is listed on their site correctly, and you shouldn’t have any issue finding the escort that you want to have a good time with.

As we told you, the site only provides escorts from the US; you can look for a companion by her name, city, or her phone number. The site has mentioned the names of all the cities of the US so that you can easily pick the location and find your match.

On the left sidebar, you will get to see the names of cities. It is easy to check out the bios of all the girls listed on the site, and no one needs to sign up to read the bios of all the girls. One of the best features that we liked was the incall and outcall rates being mentioned under each profile.

This clears the picture that the site is genuinely trying to help those who want to find the right escort in their region.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: Not available

Soon after the launch of Eroticmonkey in 1999, the site gradually became one of the mainstream platforms for people all around the US to get laid with one of the escorts.

The site has an array of good-looking women who are hard to dismiss. Just one look at the site and you will understand what we are talking about.

Also, why would anyone like to waste their time jerking off, when they can come to websites like Eroticmonkey and find someone?

erotic monkey lp

Once you go to Eroticmonkey, you will get to see a plethora of beautiful faces, photos of the escorts, names of the ladies, and a tab that says, “Read the full review.” The ones that you will get to see on the main page are the ladies who have the newest escort reviews.

The site Eroticmonkey has different tabs that make it easier for other users to go through the website. The site also allows different ladies to advertise themselves as escorts. For those who are looking for nothing else, but someone to be with to have mind-blowing companionship.

Eroticmonkey makes it easy and smooth for people who are looking for nothing else but quick sex. Some of the girls are very famous, and they have received more than a dozen reviews. So, when you click on any of the girls, you will get to see an ID number, probably, that’s how the site keeps a track.

Their phone number, email ID, preferred contact option, other details, for example, ethnicity, height, breast size, and cup, a quick note from the escort, and finally, her incall and outcall rates. The site also has blog posts that are quite interesting to read. We recommend the visitors to go through them.

Most of the reviews that we have seen are pretty short, although some die-hard fans give long and detailed analyses, including the pros and cons of an escort. We advise all the interested people to go through the reviews of these escorts first before hiring someone. The forums are interesting.

Some of the forums will have a general question asking the escorts if they are interested in becoming sugar babies. There are almost 7000 posts to go through.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Eroticmonkey is a free website if you sign up as a regular user, you don’t need to shed a single penny to sign up or worry about any recurring membership fees. The signup process is for those who would like to check out the girls.

There is not a lot going on here, other than reviews, a left sidebar with the list of cities, where you can find an escort, directory of escorts right on the home page, and that’s about it.

You get to see nice looking girls, their rates, fair reviews, and you get to pick a girl, pay her before meeting her, have sex, and be done with everything. Earlier the site used to be 100% free even to read reviews, but the latest information says that the site is charging some $30 monthly.

We know it sounds pretty weird that why would someone even like to pay for reading reviews, but Eroticmonkey started charging probably a couple of years back. There is a premium option for visitors, which will give you instant access to all the reviews.

The premium membership has other outstanding features too, for example, you will get to see the phone number and email ID of the escort. This way, you will not have to keep on visiting the site again and again to book her.

You can call her on her private number or drop an email, and be in touch and avail her services whenever you need them. Some of the girls have even lost their contact information right on their quick notes, so if you are lucky, you will not have to be a premium member to get hold of their number.

The site has a disclaimer towards the end, where they have mentioned to pay in advance using gift cards, or credit cards. Our advice is to go through the site. Sign up, and to do that, you need to enter your email ID (a valid one, please), your desired username, and a password.

Lastly, click on the “User signup” tab. And that’s about that. All done; now you are ready to roll!

Site Statistics

  • Models’ age: 20-35
  • Ethnicity: Americans
  • Signup: Hardly a few seconds
  • Website quality: Good
  • Total number of escorts: Over 400
  • Gender population: 100% male
  • Mobile app: No
  • Mobile optimized: yes
  • Are the girls sexy: yes, very!

Website Performance Scores



Quality of Members

10 / 10


9 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Website quality

10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Bonus features

8 / 10

Competitors of Erotic Monkey

You know that Eroticmonkey already has many competitors, right! The escort industry is booming like anything, and there are a plethora of escort service providers available in every nook and corner of this world. The only advantage of Eroticmonkey is that the platform is ancient.

The site is already well-established, and that’s why they can hang on tight and give equal and even stricter competition to some of the websites that we are going to talk about. We have found out three top escort industries that claim to be one of the best, like everybody else.

Let’s get to know them in detail to find out if they are enough food.

Escort Directory

Escort Directory has a straightforward layout, and the main page of this escort website shows you the list of gorgeous girls who are near you. The file will have names of the girls, their location, age, and also the charges.

Escort Directory makes it very easy for people who want to sleep with someone and not just jerk off watching a porn movie. The reason why Escort Directory is famous is because of its fantastic advanced search. The advanced search makes it easy for you to find the right escort near you.

Harlot Hub

Those who are more into girls who belong to a different race, Harlot Hub, can be the ideal platform. The site offers plenty of gorgeous escorts, and fortunately, most of the girls are willing to provide various kinky services.

Now, some escorts don’t just come to your hotel room, but they can also become a travel date and go with you wherever you want to. The girls here are super sexy, and the profiles listed on the home page have their names, and location mentioned.

So, if you would like to hire someone who will offer more than sex, Harlot Hub could be the ideal place for you.


Slixa is quite a reputable site, and there are some girls here in Slixa who get paid $8000 a night. This will tell you that the platform offers some fantastic services. The girls you will get to see here are nothing less than top runway models.

They have long legs, beautiful faces, they look good, and all of them are friendly and provide services that you need. Some of them even don’t mind trying kinky stuff. All the photos on this escort site are verified, which means whatever and whoever you see here 100% legit.


  • The navigation of Eroticmonkey is smooth and amazing. No one should have any difficulty in browsing through the site and finding an escort.
  • It is one of the oldest escort sites and is extremely popular in the USA.
  • Eroticmonkey provides a good-looking woman, and most of them are young, between the ages of 25-35.
  • There is a left sidebar that enables visitors to go through different cities of the USA and find someone near you.
  • Incall and outcall rates are mentioned, even for visitors.
  • The best part about Eroticmonkey is its reviews by different people. Each escort has reviews, and some even have proper long and detailed analyses, with pros and cons
  • No one will ever go empty-handed if they are here at Eroticmonkey because there are tons of girls.
  • The website layout is very simple and straightforward to understand.
  • The premium members are provided with information like phone numbers and email IDs.
  • Each escort has a dedicated bio page, along with a quick note, where some girls leave their mobile number, as well. If you are lucky, the girl you are after she might have dropped her telephone number.
  • On the right-sidebar, you will see the list of trending escorts.
  • Eroticmonkey is mobile friendly as well, making it easier for everyone to use it on your mobile phone.


  • We don’t think that charging some $30 a month is fair just to read reviews.
  • To read the review, one must become a member first. Otherwise, there is no way of reading them.
  • You can’t contact any of the girls directly unless they have left their mobile numbers on the quick note.

Customer Support

It is not difficult to contact the support team of Eroticmonkey, and the site is pretty responsive when it comes to responding to their customers’ queries. You can write an email to them, or else, submit a form, and leave them a message. Follow the contact information to contact them:


Eroticmonkey is a great site to learn about different American escorts and hire them. The platform makes it easier for everyone to utilise the right girl after going through the reviews. You get to learn about the girls, read their bios, see their incall and outcall prices, and fix your date with them.

Eroticmonkey becomes the right site for all those people who would like to be with someone without having to worry about getting a judgmental view.

Parting words

There you go; we have finally come to an end of our review of Eroticmonkey. We hope the report will enable you to think about whether you should or shouldn’t join the site. Be back soon, though, because we have more reviews on different adult sites.

Until then, create your account and hire someone for a colourful night.

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