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Looking for the best erotic massage near me?

You are at the right place.

Who doesn't like to get sensual massages? Sensual Massages not only relieve your body of all the anxiety and stress but also pleasure your body.

The pleasure that points everything straight! Hope you got this!

We all live in a distressing time, and thus detoxing yourself is essential, and what better than a massage.

But one cannot get all the joy by doing the massage themselves; instead, you would love someone else to rub their finger all over your body from the top to down there where your body stimulates to its very core, and you receive the fruit of almighty. 

Erotic massages are not always concerned with inducing orgasm or ejaculation, but they will enable you to concentrate and enjoy the delightful feeling you are experiencing.

Experience the pleasure of two hot bodies rubbing one over the other.

But now you might have this question in mind where can you witness these massages, especially if you are a complete amateur.

We have collected a detailed list of some of the best websites that offer such sensual massages for your convenience.

These websites have a wide variety of options to choose from that will fulfill all your wishes, and you will die to get them again.

Best Erotic Massage Sites:

Erotic Massage is not worth it if it does meet your expectation.

To make your visit worthwhile, you must choose the right masseuse. However, there has been a surge in the number of websites providing these services over the years.

Today's website offers a list of all nearby locations and parlors in your area, along with the detail of the masseuse. Some of the best exotic sites are as follows:

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Erotic Massage Near Me (2022): Adult Exotic Massage Sites

Best Overall  

The RubMaps site was developed to relax exhausted minds through a peaceful massaging experience.

It shows you the location of various massage parlors in your vicinity.

Rubmaps provides you with forums, articles, and a search tool that helps you to locate the services you are looking for along with the cost.

You have to sign up for an account, and the website will then search the results of massage parlors in your nearby location where you can get ultimate pleasure.


  • The platform allows you to see who is active.
  • You can also access the blog and testimonials over the website.
  • The website offers an advanced search option to find the right masseuse.
  • The website offers clients testimonials, enabling you to choose the best massage parlor.


  • It allows you to message anyone without any daily limits.
  • Explore the website from any region across the United States.
  • The website will enable you to maintain your anonymity throughout.
  • Provides an option for filtering the masseuse according to your need.


  • There is no dedicated application for the website.
  • The offering of the website services is rather expensive.

Best Overall Budget 

Ashley Madison helps you find the best erotic massage parlor as a dating platform.

Ashley Madison is a platform for committed or married couples to find suitable partners for dating.

The website is quite different from another typical platform since the website is more about cheating your partner.

Thus, the platform supports the truth and offers a haven for millions of people looking for discreet enjoyment.

The website allows many dissatisfied married couples to experience friendship and relationships without condemnation.

If you are lucky enough maybe you could meet a woman who can give you excellent Massage


  • The site makes it possible to make your images more private by adding face masks or blurring out the image.
  • Members can use this tool to speak privately and exchange messages. It offers a 30-day trial period.
  • The priority man feature makes your account more visible in the search results of another member.


  • The platform is relatively discrete and confidential.
  • The website gives utmost importance to security.
  • The female users can interact with the men without any fees.
  • The platform supports freedom where individuals can live their lives without fear of judgment or biasness.


  • The platform does not display massage parlors.
  • The option for searching is not smooth.
  • To get the maximum benefit from the website, you need to buy a membership.

Best Overall Quality 

Adult Search is yet another website that quenches the thirst of all horny men;

The website has a massive list of masseuses and escorts across the globe.

The platform offers a variety of sexual activities that will fulfill your desires.

The brownie point about this website is that it allows you to locate the massage parlor and the strip clubs, sex shops, escorts ads, gay saunas.

The sex forums allow individuals to communicate and have dirty chatting with people across the globe.


  • The website offers a complete list of all types of adult services around the globe.
  • The database is quite elaborate and comprehensive.


  • The layout of the platform is fundamental.
  • The registration procedure is free and requires the most basic information.
  • The database of the masseuse is quite detailed, along with requisite contact information.
  • No restriction over communication.
  • The website provides details about forums, sex outlets, and strip clubs nearby.


  • There is no application for mobile.
  • The review is not from verified clients.
  • The website does not have any database of masseuses from a few destinations.

Bed Page has a similar format to Backpage and Craigslist.

The website has a list of masseuses worldwide categorized by state or city. The website helps you locate the nearby parlor.

They have many available places, and their categories are so vast that you'll discover a listing of various things, from the conventional to customary services to sexual services, which is why we are on their website.

They feature Adult ads with erotic massages, adult employment, BDSM, escort services, and Bodyrub categories.

Once you locate the categories that interest you, you may begin contacting the masseuses and start meeting them.

The postings on BedPage contain photos so you can identify how they look like and contact details to get in touch with them.


  • The website has global coverage. 
  • The website has no registration fee.


  • The interface and style are basic and easy to use.
  • The website covers the list of masseuses from various cities.
  • The site includes a validation mechanism to evaluate each account.


  • There are no verified reviews.
  • The post over the website lack thumbnails.
  • The majority of posts are about sex workers.
  • The vast chunks of posts in the relationship area are spam and deceptive.

Sometimes giving a hand job to yourself may become dull and you may like someone to provide that to you.

Happy Tugs has a list of ladies who will treat you like your prince charming and offer you a pleasurable stroke.

They will start from your chest to down the erogenous area relaxing all the muscles of your body.

Happy Tugs features films of sexy massages featuring happy endings and intercourse filmed in an Asian Parlor.

They are a part of the Reality Kings network. A single subscription to this website opens avenues for all the other websites.


  • One membership to access all the websites by Reality Kings.
  • The content is good without any fluff.


  • The resource has almost ten million videos.
  • The pricing is cheap to the extent of services.
  • The porn content is offered from premium brands.
  • An excellent collection of sexy erotic massage sex films.
  • The website has unique and original content over its platform.


  • Updates are sluggish. 
  • The images are low-resolution screen captures from the videos.
  • There is no HD content, but it is close to HD, while downloaded videos are slightly better than DVD quality.

6. Tryst

Tryst is an escort service that helps massage providers, adult entertainers, and sex workers to have more freedom.

It tries to take charge of the agencies.

Just like all the platforms mentioned above, Tryst helps individuals to locate the massage service provider in their areas and avail services for them.


  • Escorts from all around the world may be found. It enables you to have several options while making a choice.
  • To choose has accounts of male, female, and non-binary people.


  • There are plenty of females on the platform who are ready to meet you and make some money out of it. They provide the best pleasure to you. 
  • The company verifies the accounts of the escorts, and hence the chance of getting cheated is low.
  • The platform offers a traveling option that allows you to engage with females in other cities.


  • The platform is not helpful if you are looking for a local escort, and thus there is no guarantee.
  • It may be pretty costly.

Sex Advisor is a service that enables users to locate like-minded people for serious relationships or just casual sex experiences.

The platform allows you to build deeper relationships with people.

The platform has many sexual services to offer, depending on your desires.

You'll also like how simple it is to use our website.

If you check through the classified ads, you'll discover precisely what you want.


  • It helps you locate all nearby brothels, strip clubs, swinger clubs, adult entertainment centers.
  • Search tool for refining your research. 


  • The website has a whole directory of brothels, strips clubs, night clubs.
  • The website gives you an instant venue location near you.
  • The website has a worldwide listing.
  • The website has a registration process, but it is not mandatory.
  • The platform offers reviews and rankings of the places as well.
  • The chances of getting spam content are low. 


  • The reviews are pretty limited over the website.
  • Sometimes the people have to witness waiting time due to unavailability.

Escort Directory provides a wide range of services ranging from escort services to erotic massages.

The website offers an advanced search tool that allows locating the escorts based on their appearance, body shape, height, color, services they offer, the fetish they have, and a lot more.

They will assist you in locating what you are searching for.

As you know that there are several types of massages, Exotic Directory allows you to have the best and safest experience.


  • The quality of services is quite supreme.
  • The website has been designed beautifully.
  • The website has listed the profile of several attractive women. You may narrow down your options based on your interests and needs.


  • The platform offers a vast selection of escorts from around the world.
  • The website allows you to customize your research for the escort.
  • You can even request an escort to visit you.


  • The website is apt for big cities.
  • The expenses for hiring an escort are pretty high.

Erotic Monkey is an outstanding platform when you are looking for an exceptional experience with an escort.

This platform is one of the most significant players in the industry.

The website has high visibility across all the United States of America locations.

The website offers complete information about the gorgeous females across the states and has a diverse selection tool to come to a solid conclusion.

This website is not accessible elsewhere; thus, if you are someplace other than the United States, you may choose to take your chance elsewhere.

Erotic Monkey's website is highly adaptable. They provide a variety of sexual ads and provide a forum for discussion.


  • The architecture of a website is straightforward.
  • The website has an advanced search option to filter out the best result for yourself.


  • The website even has reviews given by the ladies.
  • There is no threshold limit on the number of messages.
  • The website is accessible across all the provinces in the United States.
  • The elaborate database describes their body and the type of sexual activities they prefer.


  • The premium pricing is quite expensive.
  • The website does not have a mobile application.
  • You might have to wait for the ladies due to their unavailability.

While traveling to a new city, sometimes we may feel alone and chilly.

A website like this helps you reduce your loneliness. City guide helps you to find the right companion across any city.

It is an adult platform of classified ads that connects you with potential escorts in the area.

You are just at a call away from the escorts.

It also offers a variety of additional services like live webcams, phone sex, erotic body-to-body massages, and several other benefits.


  • The website has a primary search option.
  • The website has an extensive database of escorts.


  • The majority of information about females is complete.
  • The platform's UI is simple to use and comprehend.
  • You do not have to pay anything to access the website as it is a free website.


  • There are several obnoxious advertisements.
  • A few bogus profiles are there on the platform.

Final Words

Various types of Massages

The type of massage varies from person to person. Someone may like to stimulate pleasure in a specific area of the body, and some may like to feel the masseuse's body.

The catch here is that you need to understand what you want and what type of massage incorporates that pleasure. Various types of erotic massages are as follows:

1. Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a massage that uses oil made out of Nori seaweed that makes your body slippery. In Japanese, the word "Nuru" means "slippery," and thus, this massage is referred to as Nuru. It is an exotic body-to-body massage where you and the masseuse are completely naked.

The oil is spread all over your body in this massage, specifically over the erogenous zone. The masseuse then rubs her body all over your to relieve you of your tension and stimulate arousal in your body; who wouldn't love this?

2. Lingam

There is no hidden fact that boys love to fap as it provides them pleasure. But have you ever thought of a massage that will do that work for you? Lingam is derived from Sanskrit, which means "Penis," Thus, this massage is also known as '"Penis Massage."

This massage primarily focuses on pleasuring the penis, shaft, testicles, and whole male genitalia. The oil is rubbed over the penis to stimulate it with various hand movements, grips, and strokes to induce pleasure in your body.

3. Erotic

Erotic massage is a simple type of massage that aims to create a sense of stimulation in the receiver. The receives relaxes while the masseuse massages every portion of your body.

4. Tantra

The Tantra massage is referred to as "Science of Ecstasy" as it aims to channel all the sexual energies while massaging. In this massage, the receiver must relax and focus on breathing. The receiver must seek to connect with his soul and achieve enlightenment.

The energizing therapy emphasizes developing a sense of pleasure and psychological healing in the receiver. This massage aims not to induce orgasm or ejaculation but instead to arouse pleasure, receptivity, and sensations.

5. Prostate

The name suggests that the prostate massage relaxes the male prostate gland. Massage is beneficial for health, such as reducing the chance of getting prostate inflammation erectile dysfunction.

The masseuse applies lubrication over your anus and the prostate gland in this massage. Later they create stimulation by using various hand movements.

6. Soapy

The soapy massage involves two individuals standing under a shower or sitting in a bathtub. All the individuals involved are nude. The massage consists of the usage of bathing salts which help cleanse the body and lather soaps. The massager creates lathers and massages the receiver's body by their hand, creating an extraordinary experience. These massages help reduce tension, make your skin better, and develop mental stability.

7. Two girl Massage

This massage is similar to an exotic massage, but the only difference is that two girls are involved. The two-girl massage, also known as four-hands massage, involves two girls devoting an extravagant number of hours massaging the recipient's body. They apply oil on both the receivers and their bodies.

If you are yearning for a nice old-fashioned handjob and want to witness wild enjoyment at the same time, then you should probably visit one of these websites.

These websites will offer you much more than just a fap. These massages will let you enjoy the pleasure of two smoking bodies rubbing one over the other.

You will not only cum, but also have fun simultaneously. The fun will make you relax and calm. Such sensual locations are like heaven over the earth that allow you to indulge in your dirtiest dreams and have a good time.

What kind of messages can I expect?

You get plenty of options from the above-listed websites alone to choose the best masseuse for yourself based on your fantasies and the level of wildness you expect to have in the session.

This website also helps you locate these hot parlors, and they also provide you with all the details about the masseuses and the client testimonials that help you make the right decision.

The reviews also ensure that you are getting every worth of penny you spend over the erotic massage session.

You can not get enough of the smoking hot bodes of the masseuses with their big boobs and big asses.

The best part about this website is that just like porn websites, they allow you to choose the type of masseuse such as ebony, milf, amateur, big ass, big boobs, and on top of it.

You even select the nationality of the masseuses, such as American, Russin, Chinese, etc.

To fulfill all your desires, you can even choose the cup size, height, color, heights, rates, and much more.

The section of the various masseuses also lists all the sexual activities they permit, such as blowjobs, rimming, kissing, anal, pussy licking, and squirting.

Some of them even allow addressing the particular request.

What are you waiting for? Just start your search and book an exotic massage session with the masseuse of your choice!

We are sure that after one session, you will crave another one.

Here are my Final Top Picks:

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