Top 35 Best Boudoir Photographers to Follow in 2022

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The word boudoir is derived from a French word that means a private salon for women. Boudoir photography is somewhat in between fashion photography and glamor photography.

Boudoir shoots are mostly for women, but, if men want to explore a different side of their personality then can also go for these boudoir shoots.

Unlike other genres of photography, the subjects in boudoir shoots are not professional models, rather, they are ordinary women.

In fact, anyone can go for boudoir shoots to boost confidence and to express themselves in a very different style.

Here, in this article, we shortlisted the top 35 best boudoir photographers that you can book a session with.

Some of them are freelancers and others have their own premier boudoir photo studios that you can visit.

There are many OnlyFans pages on the site that are free to subscribe to.

Top 35 Best Erotic Boudior Photographers (Upd 2022): Nude Photographers

1. Dwayne Adams

Dwayne Adams is one of the best boudoir photographers in Sacramento.

If you want to give your significant other something special, you should definitely schedule a boudoir photography session with Dwayne Adams.

Dwayne has an innovative way to bring out a beautiful side of yours that you may not have noticed before.

The boudoir photo session by Dwayne Adams is a great way to appreciate your body and boost your self-image.

Location: Sacramento

2. Gregorio Campos

One of the thoughtful boudoir photographers of Los Angeles, Gregorio Campos is an expert in bringing out vivid expressions, original perspectives, and extraordinary results.

Gregorio Campos was founded in 2009 and since then it has garnered a huge fan following of over 746K on its Instagram account.

He has photographed a lot of models for a reputed brand, Guess.

Location: Los Angeles and Austin, Texas

3. Mike Tang

Mike Tang has a keen interest in shooting women in an erotically charged manner.

His special skills as the best boudoir photographer in the USA and Miami have gained him over 1.9 million followers on his Instagram account.

Mike started photography in the year 2007 and before that he was working as a graphic designer in Venezuela.

Before starting erotic shoots, Mike was in food photography. With his art of photography, he empowers women's sexuality without any judgment. 

Location: Miami

4. Jason Guy

Jason Guy is one of the most skilled boudoir photographers who has done a lot of work in sensual photography.

He has an eye for his clients; he shoots them in such a pose that they look truly awesome.

He does his shoot with a belief that every woman, no matter what her age or body type is, can look beautiful in photos.

His goal of making images that are timeless makes him one of the top-rated boudoir photographers in California.

Location: Sonoma, California

5. Melisa Ford

If you are looking for some unique, sexy, and empowered boudoir photography, then Melisa Ford is the one who is totally inspired by the charm and feminine power of women.

Her boudoir photography sessions feel like the most unique self-love experience.

All her photos reflect the unique beauty and fierce femininity of the subject.

She owns a luxurious boudoir photography studio in North County San Diego, in Southern California. 

Location: San Diego, Southern California

6. Alex ChariLaou

Alex ChariLaou is the best boudoir photographer for those who dare to dream.

He is into intimate and lifestyle photography and one thing that is unique about this photographer is that there is a cinematic edge to all his photos.

Booking a photography session with Alex won’t disappoint you as he is well-known for making images that make you look like the goddess next door.

There is a touch of a vintage element in all his photography work that adds to the aesthetic of the images.

Location: London, UK

7. Anita Jeanine

Anita Jeanine is a successful photographer in boudoir, portrait, and wedding photography. She also runs her own personal boudoir photography blog on her website.

Anita has been into photography since 2006 and with her boudoir photography sessions, you can feel the celebration of your womanhood.

In all her photo shoots, she majorly focuses on the natural body expression and brings out the human form in an artistic way.

Location: Calgary

8. Beth Cagoni

As one of the most renowned boudoir photographers of 2022, Beth Cagoni specializes in photographing emotive, natural, reel, and storytelling moments.

She can even find beauty in the midst of the chaos and this can be very well seen in her work that is meaningful and authentic.

She has done a lot of erotic and boudoir shoots and all her images bring out the real beauty of the subject.

Location: Portland, Oregon & Kihei, Hawaii

9. Modern Muse

Modern Muse is an expert in bringing out the confidence in you that you’ve been looking for.

Her mantra for boudoir photography is being authentic and real without trying too hard to look perfect.

All her photoshoots really bring out the complex, bad-ass, sensual, and divine individuality in you. Just book the photography sessions with Modern Muse to get on the path of self-love and acceptance.

You are going to cherish the experience, images, and memories for the rest of your life.

Location: Boston, Roslindale

10. Michael Sasser

Michael Sasser owns the well-renowned premier boudoir photography studio in Los Angeles.

The images shot by Michael are amazingly real and leave the clients totally transformed. Michael has such beauty in her photography that the clients can feel a sense of empowerment and love for their bodies.

All their imperfections disappear behind the camera and they get to embrace their femininity happily.

He has been featured in many renowned names like Philosophie Boudoir Magazine, Voyage LA, and Fiercely Boudoir.

Location: Los Angeles

11. TLindsay Carlisle

Promising to offer you a self-loving boudoir experience for the sexy and soulful, Lindsay Carlisle is the top-rated Tulum-based boudoir photographer.

You will find lasting confidence and the most liberating experience of your lives with Lindsay’s boudoir photography session.

She owns one of the most luxurious boudoir photography studios in Los Angeles and Tulum that delivers the finest art boudoir experience of your life.

Location: Tulum & Los Angeles, Mexico

12. Belle Boudoir

Belle Boudoir is an all-female-owned photography studio in Seattle.

Book a boudoir photography session with Belle Boudoir and enjoy an exciting and empowering experience of your life with some gorgeous photos that perfectly capture your beauty and femininity.

The boudoir photography studio is spread across over a 2000 square foot area and fully facilitated with endless artistic possibilities.

They have their prime focus on creating effortlessly images to help women feel confident and sexy about themselves. 

Location: Seattle, Washington

13. Critsey Rowe

Internationally renowned and voted as the top ten photographers by Charlotte, Critsey Rowe is an all-rounder photographer with a specialization in boudoir and wedding photography.

Critsey, as the best female boudoir photographer, has an excellent skill in producing portraits that are sensual, sexy, and empowering at the same time.

You can book a boudoir photography schedule with Critsey to give some amazing photos of you to your significant other.

All their photography sessions offer a one-of-a-kind, luxury experience and are styled like a fashion shoot. 

Location: New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mexico, Georgia, Italy, France, and Germany

14. Ore Adesina

An intimate lifestyle photographer, Ore Adesina is based out of Oklahoma City and specializes in boudoir portraits for couples and individuals.

If you are a couple and looking for a way to preserve your love story and want something tangible as proof of your bond, then an intimate photography session with Ore Adesina is the perfect way to go for it. 

Location: Oklahoma City

15. Baylee Wall

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Baylee Wall is one of the best photographers specializing in intimate and wedding photography.

Her photography work has been published and acclaimed by many renowned magazines.

You and your partner can book an intimate photography session with Baylee to get some amazing images showing your love and bond.

Location: Oregon & Washington

16. Brina Lynne

A boudoir photography session with Brina Lynne would be a perfect gift for your significant other. It would be like a reminder of how strong and beautiful you are.

In the end, you will have a collection of beautiful portraits to look upon forever.

Brina believes in creating portraits that can boost your self-esteem and give you confidence about your body.

Location:  Kelowna, Kamloops, and Edmonton

17. Darla Winn

Darla Winn is a self-taught photographer who has been capturing people since 2009.

She has a natural art of capturing life and transforming it into beautiful art.

Her images tell a story of a beautiful woman with no boundaries and who is fearless and empowered by her femininity.

Location: Florida

18. Black Lace Boudoir

Black Lace Boudoir is Fredericksburg’s premiere portrait photography studio.

Owned and operated by only women, this boudoir photography studio has been opened with the sole purpose of encouraging other women to embrace their stories and own them.

This studio is a safe space, completely free of judgment, where you can rediscover who you are and create beautiful images.

Location: Downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia

19. Couture Boudoir

Owned by an international female photographer, Couture Boudoir provides excellent intimate photography for women.

A boudoir shoot is a perfect gift from a bride to the groom.

If you are worried that you don’t look sexy enough for a boudoir shoot and end up looking awkward in the images, then, do not worry as Couture Boudoir gives you the most sensual and sexy magazine style quality photos. 

20.  Kesler Tran

Kesler Tran is a Los Angeles-based male boudoir photographer who specializes in editorial, fashion, and swimwear genres. Kesler has done a lot of intimate and nude photoshoots with models and other clients and hence, you can trust him with the skills. His portfolio shows that he plays a lot with the light and captures the subject at its best.

Location: Los Angeles and New York

21.  Jolene Dombrowski

No matter what shape or size you are, you can look sexy and beautiful and Jolene Dombrowski is the photographer to capture that.

Jolene is one of the best boudoir photographers in Wisconsin and her beautiful work says for itself.

Other than boudoir photography, she is also into senior portraits.

At a boudoir shoot with Jolene, you can have the opportunity to take your power back and see yourself as you truly are. 

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

22.  Kseniya Berson

Kseniya Berson is named as one of the top 100 boudoir photographers in the world.

Before any shoot, she envisions the images she wants to make and this ensures highest standards in the photos.

She is well-known for making timeless photographs with a sense of understated elegance.

She does not photoshop and rather, photograph you in a way where you see your real beauty. 

Location: Philadelphia

23. Lexy Parks

Lexy Parks is an intimate boudoir photographer in British Columbia.

She guides you through every step of the boudoir shoot, from consultation to the delivery of your images.

Lexy also helps you through the whole process of styling, posing, designing your albums, and wall displays.

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

24.  Golden Fox

Empowering women through intimate photoshoots, Modern Love Boudoir is the premiere photography studio for uplifting your feminine experience.

Quite different from traditional boudoir photography, Modern Love Boudoir is more into intimate lifestyle photography that empowers women to be confident in themselves and their bodies.

Location: Michigan

25.  Modern Love Boudoir

Modern Love Boudoir is an award-winning lifestyle photography studio with locations in San Francisco, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The photo studio specializes in different types of photography including boudoir, wedding, family, and editorials.

They promise to bring out the true beauty in their every boudoir shoot.

Location: San Francisco, Oklahoma, Missouri

26.  Martin Neuhof

Martin Neuhof is a boudoir photographer in Germany who has been photographing clients since 2000.

If you like to have a collection of beautiful and sexy photos of you, then you should definitely book a boudoir shoot with Martin who is flexible, uncomplicated, and creative.

Location: Leipzig, Germany

27.  Stefan Rappo

Stefan Rappo is a Swish boudoir photographer based in Paris. At the age of thirty, Stefan decided to quit his job as a designer and constructor of heavy equipment to pursue his passion and love for photography.

His narrative approach to cinematic storytelling and nude and portrait photography is intuitive.

There are no set standards for beauty and aesthetics in his images, rather, the photos touch the viewers beautifully.

Location: Paris

28.  David Bellemere

David Bellemere is a well-recognized boudoir photographer who is specialized in bringing out unique light, colors, and composition.

He always celebrates beauty and that reflects in all his work.

His pictures are sensual, delicate, and very feminine. David, with his excellent photography skills, brings out the beauty in his images of all kinds of forms.

His shoot for a nude muses calendar named NU Muses was depicted in the documentary film Nude in 2017.

Location: Paris, France

29.  Moss Photography

Try out a life-changing experience with the boudoir shoot of Moss Photography.

A boudoir session by Moss Photography includes complimentary pre-booking consultation, professional hair & makeup, shooting in a luxury studio, guided outfit & wardrobe selection, same-day portrait reveals, and exciting payment plan options.

The studio located in downtown Victoria features golden accents, enchanting lighting, and luxurious tiles. 

Location: Downtown Victoria, British Columbia

30. Kara Marie Boudoir

Kara Marie Boudoir photography has helped a lot of women discover, love, and celebrate themselves.

A female-led photography studio, Kara Marie Boudoir makes images that are truly beautiful in their own ways accepting all the flaws.

They provide all the guidance to you in posing, hair & makeup, and wardrobe selection.

Location: Lake Como, Italy & Austin, Texas

31.  Silviu Sandulescu

Silviu Sandulescu is one of the best intimate photographers in Romania.

Specializing in boudoir photography, he started his career in 2007. Silviu is famous for his work in nude and glamorous photography.

He also shoots models for some renowned swimwear brands where his skills play quite a role in accentuating the hot bodies of models.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

32.  Beauty _ Boudoir

Beauty_Boudoir is one of the best home-based professional photography studios. It specializes in boudoir and intimate photography.

Lucy Campbell is the photographer who runs the Beauty_Boidour photography studio. She believes it is not the subject that makes an image, it is the way they make her feel.

A boudoir session with Lucy Campbell offers an experience that can be beyond your expectations and you will feel good in your own skin.

Location: St. Charles, Missouri

33.  Art N Boudoir

Art n Boudoir is an all-female owned and operated photography studio in the city of Long Island.

This is one of the best complete makeover boudoir photo studios that make beautiful images you can cherish forever.

The team of photographers makes you really comfortable during the boudoir shoot so that you do not feel awkward.

Location: Long Island

34.  Gloss Boudoir

If you want to feel empowered, confident, and sexy in your boudoir shoot, then book a session with Glass Boudoir studio in Vancouver.

The photo studio has an all-female team so that you do not feel awkward in your shoot.

The team at the studio gives its 100% to create an exceptional experience for every client who books a Gloss Boudoir photoshoot.

There is also an in-depth guide provided on the website that gives you all the information you need to have the best boudoir shoot ever.

Location: Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

35.  The Adore Girls

Created for women, by women, The Adore Girls is Nashville’s premier boudoir photography studio that promises to offer an ultimate experience to its clients.

Since 2012, they have been providing one of the most luxurious boudoir experiences by specifically customizing every single boudoir photo session to meet the expectations of each client.

The Adore Girl is a woman-owned, all-female staffed professional boudoir photography company with two private studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee & Cincinnati

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