Eros Exotica Review (2020)

Eros Exotica

Eros Exotica has some of the most beautifully shot collections of erotic, yet educative videos.

Not all the performers are Indian but they do pay homage to the land where the Kama Sutra was invented, India.


  • The website provides a variety of niches to choose from.
  • The features and updates will not disappoint you at all.


  • The overall layout and design of the website looks basic.
  • Frequent ads can be a bummer while watching content.

Eros Exotica not only provides porn, but also some  sex education. Go through this review of the site to improve your user experience.

Home to a fantastic collection of porn, Eros Exotica provides both educational and stimulating sex videos. The viewer is given a chance to learn the secrets of the Kama Sutra and various kinds of tantric sex techniques.

Though all the performers aren't Indian, the content of the website pays homage to India, the birthplace of the Kamasutra.

Why is ErosExotica famous?

The website has 18 videos that are downloadable and are available in a series of clips that can be downloaded in formats such as AVI, MP4, Windows Media, and QuickTime. These videos offer average quality playback.

The scenes open with instructional narration and the majority of the footage contains soft new age music in the background.. The videos are calming, surprisingly, even though they show sexually explicit  scenes.

The lessons on the website cover topics like masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, lesbian massage, and various kinds of sexual positions. The sets of Eros Exotica are luxurious and inviting, and have  rich brocade draperies, satin sheets, and hundreds of candles that illuminate the room.

All the men and the women cast in the videos have toned bodies, and they are devotees of yoga, and most importantly, they are in tune with the needs of their lovers. This is also the reason why ErosExotica is one website that people watch with their partners so that they can put everything into practice.

The website offers three sets of pictures that are big and crisp, but on the other hand, the resolution is low, and no zip files are available. There also are about 12 sets of videos that are relatively long and of high quality. The scenes offer a definitive guide to achieving mastery in bed.

Users, after signing up on the website, get access to 30 bonus websites from the Porn Nerd Network. These websites include Fellucia Blow, and Sexxy Brandon. The users also receive a collection of streaming DVD's.

These extra videos come in handy because the website ErosExotica doesn't have many videos, and they have stopped updating it.


Website Address:

Estimated visits: 90.20K

You will be surprised to know that the collection of videos on this website was put together over ten years ago, and they are still relevant today.

The member area is the same as ten years ago, and no change has been introduced.

If you wish to watch these movies, then you will have to download them. The website offers no streaming option.

But then if you download them, you can watch it even after your membership expires, so this is a good feature that the website offers.

eros exotica

The collection of the website comes with videos that are 18+, and the duration of each movie is one hour long.

The videos either offer multiple scenes or one long erotic adventure. The website also has three photo galleries, and all these images have tantric and erotic themes that are meant to stimulate the imagination.

The only sad part is that they aren't uploading any new content, but on the other hand, the users will get access to the entirety of the Porn Nerd Network. This network offers another website that deals with sensuality and erotic massage sex.

Other sites included are, White Wifey, with interracial BBC porn, Les Lesbians with lesbian porn, Porn Nerd Asia, and Porn Nerd Europe, with exotic babes from Asia and Eastern Europe. Apart from all this, the users get access to many other sites on categories like BBW, swingers, and more.

In total, there are more than 1,300 videos and galleries that users can enjoy. This website offers the kind of porn that can be watched with your partner for new sexual ideas and fantasies because the porn here is not porn.

It's an art that is intense, sensual and is influenced by tantric massage, the Kama Sutra, and the dedication towards the orgasm of the partner. This website shows how sex should feel like for everyone. The site stages perfection between people no matter what the sexual orientation of the couple.

The movies on the website are good, and they are shot nicely, with subtle lighting and gorgeous models. Moreover, the music is great. The voice-overs too are instructional and relaxing.

As earlier stated, the website has about 15 galleries, and they are present on one index page, which is there at present. The galleries contain between 14 to 26 pictures each. The numbers vary, and the screencaps are about 1024x577. The images are pretty decent, considering the ambiance has low lighting.

The viewer can save pictures one at a time, or they can run the slideshows, but no zip files are available.

The only sad part is that no information is available on the website. The users don't have any way of knowing anything regarding the models and porn actresses. It would be great if they introduce model indexes and news.

Pricing of the Eros Exotica 

The pricing of the Eros Exotica starts with one month to three months and one year. The price for one month is $29.95, which is a recurring payment. The fee for three months is $59.95, which is also a recurring payment, and the payment recurs at $49.95.

Lastly, the one-year membership costs $89.99, which is a non-recurring payment. While making the payment, you need to keep one thing in mind and that is, that these membership charges are for access to the entire network and not just one site.

But then after signing up, the user gets a load of bonuses, such as, access to 70 new websites, feed sites, and hundreds of DVD scenes.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Video Quantity

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Site statistics

  • There are about 30 scenes available on the website that have been arranged in sets of eight clips that are of eight minutes each.
  • The website allows downloads of each clip but no streaming options.
  • There are 15 galleries that have 20 pics each.
  • The content available on the website is kind of tantric, educational, erotic, and subtle yet sexy. It is also exclusive to this website.
  • The website has a separate section for videos and photographs.
  • The video and photo viewing experience is impressive, and the download speed is decent.
  • The users get access to the additional sites, and it is easy to switch between the sites from the member's area page.

Competitors of Eros Exotica

Like any other website, Eros Exotica has its own competitors. Also known as the Babe's network, this website is a mixture of nude photography with an artistic tinge; there is Reality Porn that stars hot and nubile women. It is the hub of hot reality porn that was launched in June 2012.

Since then the website posts updates four times a week with new scenes. There are about 1000+ scenes. The website offers top quality sex videos that are exclusive to the site and are quite impressive.

The videos are recorded by professionals, and users can download the scenes in a multitude of formats at 1080p resolution. The girls on the website are very sexual. The only downside is that video downloads cost extra.

Another website is Sweet SinnerIt is a website where good people misbehave. The younger person gets corrupted by the older person who is morally bankrupt and is an authority figure. It contains taboo scenes.

The website has 1,074 videos, and all of them are in full HD resolution, and the recent ones come in 4k. It is quite easy for users to find their way around when it comes to sorting and filtering. After gaining membership to this website, the users can rate and comment on videos.

Moreover, they will get access to the site of Mile High Media.

Customer Support

The customer service of Eros Exotica is excellent, just like the content. If users face any trouble, the website support staff and administrators are on hand to guide them. The website offers online support services that are safe, secure, and confidential.

The customer care can provide information regarding the status of the users' membership. They can confirm the details of the transactions, in case it doesn't appear in your statement, or does not match with your expenditure. They also provide professional advice if the users fall victim to fraud.

The customer support team also helps with technical issues which the users may encounter. Their customer care number is toll-free, and they are available 24X7.


  • The members get network access and get loads of additional content from the members’ area.
  • The website offers all kinds of niche sites.
  • The main content on the website has exclusive and good quality work; it also has unusual erotica that is worth collecting and watching.


  • The website is small, and there aren't any updates.
  • The site hasn't grown much over the years.
  • The users can’t get interactive.
  • The users don’t have a favorites area, and there is no site news or update news..
  • The website is pretty basic, and there are some adverts.


Eros Exotica is a porn site that will make you a lover of erotica, and you will want to give the lady in your life the experience of a lifetime. Users can learn a lot from this site just by watching the artistic porn videos, even if you don't want to put it into practice. Get ready for some intense nights!

Parting words

It is an important site that gives users something beautiful, that is different from other websites. The tantric sex education with the horny girls and the good looking guys is excellent. The quality of the videos is good. The only downside is the lack of updates.

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