Erito Website Review (2020)

Erito Website

Japanese porn is one of the major categories among the audience who indulge themselves in online erotica.

However, there are very few premium websites that cater to only Japanese porn niche.

Erito happens to be one of them, established in 2013, which brings you enjoyable and uncensored erotic scenes straight from the Nippon land.


  • A decent collection comprising of over three hundred sex videos featuring some of the hottest Japanese models.
  • The biggest drawing factor is the presence of uncensored videos unlike most other sites.


  • Downloading from this website will cost you extra.
  • Very less amount of content as compared to its competitors.

This website happens to be one of the premier porn websites catering solely to the audience who have a penchant for Japanese porn videos.

However, there are some major issues that bug this website.

The most prominent of them is the extra charge applicable for downloading, which might make accessing this website an expensive affair.

But besides that, it is a fun and enjoyable website.

Moreover, it does provide uncensored content which is pretty unique as most other websites of the same niche don’t.

Growing up as a young kid, I was a huge fan of Japanese anime movies and manga series, with the fondness then transcending naturally towards Asian porn, in the later stages of my teenage years. The progression to this point was amazing, and I discovered things that I grew to like eventually.

Japanese women are probably one of the hottest in Asia, replete with a lot of grace and beauty, along with being soft yet delicate, and sometimes being dominant yet submissive. These are attributes why they usually smite many men from the West or even Europe.

With Erito, you’re just one click away from them and a lot more, as you explore this treasure trove of extremely sexy, hardcore Japanese AV porn.

For enthusiasts who love watching Asian porn, Erito is one of the most famous names in the online porn world, thanks to its extensive and hardcore collection of videos delivered piping hot to your screens from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Erito, which was founded back in 2013, has in the last few years, ensured that its users get the best of kinky fun from Japan in an uncensored, highly delightful manner.

While some readers might have explored this site previously as well, a lot has changed since then, and this time, the experience of sifting through the treasure of erotically stimulating Japanese porn is probably better than ever before.

Finding uncensored Japanese porn is quite a task, with a lot of videos being censored or the private parts of the models/characters being blurred out more often than not.

You have to pour in a lot of time, Internet speeds, resources and energy into finding that one piece of true-blue Asian porn whose sexual quotient will turn you on, leaving you gasping for more even as you watch these models being fucked left, right and centre.

When you access the site for the first time, its homepage presents users a collection of videos, right from the newest ones that have just been uploaded within a space of a few days, to the most popular ones which, though old, are like hidden gems you often tend to ignore.


Still, when you find them, you can’t help but get addicted towards what they’re offering. The site’s user interface is a bit cluttered, with the notable absentee being a ‘pornstars’ tab or a model index.

The quality of these videos and the sheer joy of watching diminutive women from the Far East displaying some of their hottest kinks on camera, bring alive the fantasy of many men.

The website offers everything from squirting, butt-licking, solo masturbation, gangbangs, threesomes and even lesbian sex to blowjobs featuring some of the hottest babes from Japan engaging in some of the most visually pleasing scenes you would have watched in a while.

Erito aggregates its content from five Japanese porn sites, with most models being in the age bracket of 18 to 30 years of age. These women range from the inexperienced, shy and diminutive amateurs to the more experienced, bustier and dominant pros who know what they want and can give anyone a run for their money. 

Unlike a lot of other sites, Erito features a database that’s surprisingly composed entirely of HD videos that don’t just turn you on but are also a treat to your eyes. There’s also a touch of some fun POV action which helps you look at things a little up-close.

Whether you are looking for a mature, big-titted older woman or a shy young teen, Erito’s video database features a lot of variety. You should not be surprised if you see women wearing revealing and bizarre costumes as there’s a lot of cosplay too going on in here.

These women can be hairy or even shaved, thus offering you a lot of spices on a single platform.

Why is Erito a better option than other similar sites?

Erito is one of the sites that feature Japanese porn, that too, with everything being explicitly graphic and uncensored, unlike the current library of content available on competing sites, which usually feature Japan-based porn with the private parts of performers being usually censored or blurred.

They source their content from a mix of five Japanese AV sites which include – MILFs in Japan, Teens of Tokyo, Cosplay in Japan, Japan’s Tiniest and Erito’s AV Stars, which include everything from hot MILFs, to unique cosplay action and even the most delicate yet deliciously sexy teens.

Compare it with the likes of competing sites such as Futanari Sluts, The BlackAlley, AsianSexDiary among others, one area they score well above others is as mentioned before, the fact that they’re all uncensored.

Navigation is easy and intuitive, and their site’s design is pretty decent, if not extraordinarily aesthetic. The site’s load speed is pretty decent, and the playback too is good enough to have a watching session, sans any glitches or loading problems.


They have an entire collection of videos belonging to different genres and varieties.

What’s even better is that in spite of there being no advanced search feature separately, the content has been distributed tidily amongst different tabs such as ‘Scenes’, ‘Sites & Niches’, Categories & Tags and Models, which makes finding content that’s relevant to you in an easy, fuss-free manner.

You can even mark scenes in a video to watch it later, and you can jump ahead in the video without having to wait for it to buffer. Lastly, what makes it even better is the fact that there’s a mobile version as well.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Live stream quality

7 / 10

Quality of Private shows

8 / 10

Number of models

7 / 10

Streaming options

8 / 10

User-friendly features

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

7 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

77 / 100

Site Statistics:

  • Most popular bonus sites – MILFs in Japan, Teens of Tokyo, Cosplay in Japan
  • Bonus sites – 5 bonus sites
  • Total number of videos – 339 videos
  • The average length of videos – 20 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1280x720
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – None
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – No
  • DRM protection – No


Website address:

Back in the day, Erito used to feature a large collection of videos that were well above 3,700 in number, and the list of models/performers on the site was also way more than what it is currently.

But at the moment, the number of videos is in the 100s, and the same is the case with the number of models who perform on the site.

One look at the site’s video collection these days, and you can figure out that a major chunk of its content was either purged or shuffled recently, which has brought down the quantity on the site down quite considerably.


Talking about the video library on the site, it currently has about 339 videos that feature a large variety of sex positions and fetishes among others, with a major chunk of these videos being full HD in viewing quality, which adds to the overall watching experience on this site.

When you click on the ‘Explore’ tab on the site, it provides a drop-down menu where you will then find the ‘bonus content’ tab. Clicking on it gives you access to a whole lot of variety and thousands of Japanese porn movies.

The media player that is used by the folks at Erito is the Adobe Flash Player, so you might have to download additional plugins to access their videos. They now advertise themselves a premium porn site, so it is also important for you to know that almost 95-99% of their content is exclusive, meaning these videos cannot be accessed or found on any other Japanese porn site.

Their roster of models has around 115 of these voluptuously hot women who perform some of the steamiest sex scenes ever and range from amateur girls to slutty MILFs who are pros at their game, and very rightly so.

Scenes can be sorted by filters such as Latest, Upcoming, Date Released, Title, Most Liked and Most Viewed, apart from Random Scene among others, to give you a fair idea of what you would be desirous of watching.

Some of the scenes also give you a short description, accompanied by the date of their release and hyper-links to cast information, location information, the category the video belongs to and related videos. There are no live cam sessions, which could be a deal-breaker for some of the users.

The navigation and UI lastly, are pretty decent and would provide for a fuss-free browsing experience, without having to go through dozens of tabs to access something that could be found with just one single click.                    


Buying Erito’s subscription gives users a viable option to watch a lot of Japanese porn without any censorship issues associated with it.

While a lot of other porn sites allow only the use of debit or credit cards for the payment to buy a subscription, Erito enables interested/potential users to pay in the form of credit cards or even cryptocurrency, which in our opinion, is a good bet.

That said, their pricing plans are as follows -

  • 12-months membership @ $9.99/month (billed in a single payment of $119.99)
  • 3-months membership @ $19.99/month (billed in single payment of $59.99)
  • Monthly membership @ $29.99/month (billed in one payment of $29.99)
  • 2-Day trial membership @ $1.00/day (the trial period is billed at the price of $1 that is charged daily)


  • A good collection of about 339 videos consisting some of the hottest Japanese porn available online
  • Unlike other sites, the Japanese porn movies here do not have any censorship.
  • Includes everything from hardcore anal, stocking, threesomes, rimming, facials as well as blowjobs among others varieties/niches of online porn.
  • The videos are DRM-free.
  • Full HD videos ensure a lot of quality content is available to stream.
  • Multiple sorting options available for users to find the content that’s relevant to them.
  • Fresh new updates that are uploaded at least twice a week.
  • The website is mobile-friendly.
  • Most Japanese women here are between the ages of 18 to 30 years.
  • Model index list helps find relevant content from your favourite porn stars.
  • Content can be found by clicking on some of the tabs atop the header area of the webpage.
  • Users can either like, comment or add their favourite videos and scenes.
  • Smooth playback capabilities.
  • Includes every type of performer, be it an amateur teen or a hot, busty and more experienced MILF.
  • Scenes come with tags which help in finding content that you want to watch.
  • Bonus videos also available.
  • Decent enough pricing structure that’s affordable and in-budget.
  • The buffer on videos is usually about 1-3 seconds, and you can even jump ahead in the video’s duration/runtime.


  • No photos or image galleries available on the site.
  • Downloading a video from the site will cost you extra money.
  • No free live cam shows available.
  • Very less amount of content available at the moment, also site seems to have been purged in the recent past since it had over 3,500 videos at one point of time.
  • Banner ads pop up on the page from time to time.
  • The site uses Flash Player to stream content which might require some users to install additional plugins.
  • No advanced search options.
  • Pagination is something that needs to be worked upon.
  • No English subtitles available which mean some users might have difficulty in comprehending what’s going on in the video.
  • Some users have complained that the bonus videos available here are in fact, copies or duplicates of already existing videos.
  • Their refund policy is a bit skewed, and users often complain that they haven’t been refunded their money.
  • Next to no information on scenes, models and videos.
  • Very limited viewing options available.
  • No keyword search options available.


They say you could figure out how much importance a brand places on its customer’s needs by talking to their support/customer experience team. As per a few users online, who have availed Erito’s subscription, their experience hasn’t been smooth. 

There are also questions about the seriousness of the business in listening to their customers’ needs and grievances. Nonetheless, you can get in touch with their support team here -


Final Verdict

After using the site to fulfil our Japanese AV desires and reviewing each of their strengths and weaknesses, we believe that Erito still has a long way to go to re-establish itself as one of the leaders in the uncensored porn space.

With a lack of viewing options, basic details and the need to pay extra for downloading videos is something that proves to be a deal-breaker in its case.

The website surely needs to look into their design as well as pagination so that it can justify the pricing and what all they’re offering under those membership plans.

Parting Words

Covered above were some of the pros and cons of the popular, premium Japanese AV site We hope that the review was entertaining and helpful to our readers, and we wish to hear a lot more from you to improve on our reviews and make them more informative and useful for you!
Do get in touch with us and help us make your browsing experience with us even more amazing! Cheers!

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