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Today we interview , a beautiful camgirl. If you have any questions for Emma, feel free to comment on this article, i will make sure she answers all of you 🙂emma ryan

Personal Questions:

How old are you?


Do your friends/parents know that you are camming?

My Friends and my sister know what I do.

Having physical sex with member?


How did you come up with you alter ego “your porn name“?

Emma Stone the actress, and I just love girls with boy names like Ryan for instance. (:

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have 2 tattoos. a Fler Des Lis on my back shoulder, and an anchor infinity on my writst.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I love playing piano and ukelele. I also sing and love to write and paint.

Has anyone from your camming network bought you anything from your wishlist?

Yes! And it literally puts the biggest smile on my face. I am so thankful for my fans. (:

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment caught on webcam?

Oh yeah! While I was trying to do a sexy strip tease my dog started humping her bed behind me…. without me knowing for a whole minute or so.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Key West, FL. Favorite place ever.

Do you have any crushes on anyone at your camming network?

Miss Ruby Leon is pretty lit. Just sayin. <3

What is the wildest request you’ve received while webcamming?

Someone wanted me to insert my finger into my nose to act as if my nose was a vagina and my finger was the penis… i know.. I didn’t know what to say either.

When you like a guy how do you show it?

I tend to play with my hair… alot.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?

I have a favorite freckle on my right hand. (:

What is a quote you live by?

This too shall pass.

What is favorite thing about your camming network?

My camFam. Everyone in this community is so alike to one another, yet so different. It is always so much fun meeting new people and interacting with one another. We are just a buncha funky lovers. (;

Only using 3 words, describe yourself?

Chill, Trill, Dope

If we looked inside your purse right now, what would we find?

alot of weed and some perfume.

What are some things that turn you on?

Sweet neck kisses and being looked into the eyes.

Do you have any fetishes?

Threesomes are a fetish? Oh and spankings… ( ;

What is your favorite sex toy?

My LUSH!!!! It vibrates like none other.

Who do you think is the hottest camgirl on your camming network?

I think every girl is the hottest camgirl. We are all Lady Boss’s.

When do you see the Career Being Over?

When the money starts running dry. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon at the moment.

What makes you proud to work in the sex industry?

That I’m not ashamed to be myself and I’m proud of my sexuality.

Do you have friends in the industry?

I’ve made friends in the industry!

What is the hair color that you keep most of the time?

I’ve NEVER dyed my hair.. so red. lol.

What makes you different than other camgirls?

I’m myself. I like to entertain, and I work my booty off. Being true to my fans is most important to me.

What is your height, weight and body measurements?

5’4, 109, 32A Bra

Your opinion on future of camming?

I believe since the future is the internet that this business is going in the right direction. I have faith for more growth with camming in the future.

emmaryan3Your comments on some camming trends that you might have


I believe everyone should invest in a lush. It will change the game.

Do you have a job outside of camming?

No. Other then painting.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How do they feel about you camming?

I have a boyfriend. He supports me unconditionally. (:

What are tippers’ most popular requests?

To see my booty or twerking

Where do you see webcam modeling going in the future?

Virtual Reality

Would you ever consider doing porn?

I would consider girl/girl or solo masterbation.

Money Related:

On an average, How much money do you make (numbers in Per day, Per week, Per month). (Combined all sources)?

I make average of 2000 a month at the moment part time.

Percentage breakup of your income? (like Camming, Selling videos, pics, Sexting, Phone sex etc)?

1800 camming, 200 sexting, etc.

Your top 5 tippers contribute what percentage of your total camming income.?


Number of websites you cam on?

Chaturbate and MyFreeCams

Your comments on Using games, competition and tip wars for more income. Do you use them?

YES! I love using games because interacting with your fans is so important. This way we can have fun getting to goal.

How long have you been camming for?

About 6 months

How many days you work?

4 days a week

How many hours you put in each week?

15 hours

On average, how many tokens do you earn per show?

2000 tokens on average.

How long are your broadcasts typically?

2 to 5 hours.

What’s the most money you’ve earned in a broadcast?

500 dollars.

What does it cost somebody for a custom video?

80 dollars

How do you get clients? The best strategies you use?

Twitter, my cam sites and Sexting

How much role social media plays in driving clients. Which networks give the best results. Also mention some tips and tactics that other newbie camgirls can use?

Twitter. Before even camming you should have your twitter set up. It is crucial to have one in this job.

Help other Camgirls:

Give us three camming networks that you recommend in decreasing order of your recommendation. (#1 being your favorite, then #2 and so on)?




What is your message for all camgirls / camboys out there struggling?emmaryan

If you cam at the same times everyday you will create a fanbase and that’s when you will start making money.

What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to get into the sex industry?

This isn’t a make money overnight type of job. It is alot of advertising, marketing, performing, and so on. Make sure to read all about it in forums and such on the internet before committing to camlife. Be patient and consistent.

Tips/tricks/hacks for getting popular and making money in camming for newbie camgirls?

Be consistent, tweet every day, reward your fans, have fun, be patient, relax. breathe.

Questions apart from Camming:

Your Favorite Phone Sex network and why?

SextPanther because the platform is incredible. Also support is great.

Your Favorite sexting network and why?


Your Favorite network to sell nudes and why?

Snapchat. I love snapchat because you can use filters and there’s a feature called snap money where they can send money.

Your Favorite network for creating fanclub and why?

OnlyFans. Its a popular site.

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