DrunkenStepFather Review (2020)


If you belong to that particular category of porn lovers who prefers watching exciting content of celebrity, stop right at DrunkenStepFather if you are looking for a good celebrity sex site.


  • The design of the site is genuinely excellent, and the theme is quite appealing. The website provides exceptional quality of the pictures and videos. 
  • The website also has forums and communities that allow you to interact with other users and discover new content. 


  • However, the pages could often be too long, and the traffic on the website needs to improve. 
  • The site also has a lot of advertisements and pop-ups, which could bother the users. 

The following review offers a better perspective on the working of this website.

We don't have many genuine celebrity sex sites on the internet, and those are available are not those exclusive or appealing.

However, we came across DrunkenStepFather and found it to be worth visiting every time we craved celebrity videos, photos, and gifs.

We don't know what motivated the creators of this site to give it such a taboo name.

However, the tagline 'I'll make you famous' makes sense as the people who post their nude pictures or videos on this site will automatically get famous as their posts will be beside the videos and pictures of celebrities.

Also, we have to admit one thing about this site. It has got a fantastic look that makes it look like an adult magazine, and the design of the site is quite innovative as well.

Moreover, this site does not feature only celebrity videos and images but has a huge collection of amateur stuff as well. Therefore, this site is useful for pretty much everyone who is feeling horny.

drunken stepfather

The creators of this site might be obsessed with boobs and nipples because we see that most of the posts showcase hot and firm tits with erect and juicy nipples. Also, each post has got some reading material, and the site also has communities and forums that allow you to mingle with fellow users.

DrunkenStepFather is a fantastic porn site where you will see thousands of blogs and kinky videos about different celebrities. The good part about this site is that you can switch between safe for work and Not safe for work content whenever you want to. 

There is so many amazing NSFW (not safe for work content). NSFW content is those content that is not appropriate; for example, the content available here on DrunkenStepFather.

The good thing about DrunkenStepFather is that you will get to see posts of biggest tits on Instagram, the best body of the day, and naked enough of the day. These are some types of content that you will get to enjoy at DrunkenStepFather. 

These are just some examples; there will be much more than that! The platform uploads fresh new content almost daily. The members of the site upload the content on their own. And yes, there are porn movies of known people as well.

What makes DrunkenStepFather special?

DrunkenStepFather looks unique and select right from the start. It has got a unique website design and a never-ending story of videos and celebrity pictures.

You can see many of your favourite celebrities posing nude on this site. Most of these pictures are exclusive means that they are either leaked or captured secretly by perverts!

Sounds pretty controversial, doesn't it? That's not even close to what this site has in store for you.

You can subscribe to their newsletter, or you can take a look at their TV channel named 'StepTV' which has lots of funny and fantastic adult content to ogle at.

They update their content almost daily, which is a great thing, and the homepage itself is so large that you have to keep dragging the scroll bar down to see if it ends. 

That pretty much sums up the enormity of content they have to offer. Nevertheless, you can look at their webpage called 'StepNews', which has a lot of controversial content about celebrities and non-celebrities.

Also, there is a page named 'StepLinks' which directs you towards the other channels and sites that provide similar kind of content. You can also find a lot of news about Page 3 parties and insights about celebrity affairs.

Therefore, you will love to hang on this site frequently irrespective of whether you are feeling horny or not. The site can be pretty confusing to newcomers, but once you get a hold of it, you will notice that it offers great things to satiate your kinky desires and slutty dreams!

drunken stepfather

Site Statistics 

  • Most famous celebrities – Lady Gaga, Bella Thorne, Paris Hilton
  • Most popular channels – STEPTV, STEP NEWS, STEPLINKS
  • Total number of videos – Over 1 million
  • The average length of videos – 5 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080
  • Download limit – Downloading is not allowed
  • Total number of photosets – Over 1 million
  • Photo slideshows – None
  • Watermarks on Photos – None
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO

Performance Score (Out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality of Videos

10 / 10


10 / 10


8/ 10


9/ 10


10 / 10

Value for money

10 / 10

Exclusivity of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

91 / 100


Website address – https://drunkenstepfather.com

Average visits per month – 1.40 million

The site looks to be a bit scattered all over, especially for the new visitors. However, it looks good and has some great features right at the top.

The forum, viral video, and news are present right at the top of your screen.

The options like 'Celeb Gossip' and 'Presents' which are also displayed on the top of your screen give you access to unlimited information and videos of celebrities.

The home and contact page of the site are placed at the top-left corner of your screen.

Below these options, you will find the newsletter, StepTV, videos, Step News, and StepLinks.

These options also have numerous content pieces on celebrities, and some of the content might include non-celebrities as well.

The trending posts keep changing on the homepage, which does not end soon, and you have to scroll down till eternity!


We noticed that this site has too many adverts and redirect links. A good thing is that you don't have to register to access its features and you don't even have to pay for anything.

You might see hot celebrities kissing and making out or feeling each other with the clothes on. This might arouse you but do not expect anything further from that.

You must remember that it is not like any other adult site but a site meant for entertainment and celebrity gossip. Also, once you get used to the features and tabs, you will find the site pretty interesting.

A good thing is that DrukenStepFather works pretty well on the mobile as well.


  • The design of the site is excellent, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The theme of this site is such that it makes it look interesting and appealing at the same time. The hot posts are highlighted perfectly to draw your attention, and your overall experience on DrunkenStepFather improves due to the smooth navigation.
  • The quality of the pictures and videos is quite exceptional. You might come across some lacklustre pictures and videos, but most of the content is uploaded in high resolution.
  • The funny or sexy lines written about the posts make it even more interesting. The fonts are readable and do not irritate your eyes at all.
  • The forums and communities allow you to interact with other users, and you might even find interesting videos and pictures on them.
  • If you love hot women pose sexily and flaunt their private parts, then this site is perfect for you. A lot of celebrities and amateurs will be flaunting their sexy bodies ins revealing outfits and bikinis, and this will surely make your day on DrunkenStepFather.
  • You will find a lot of erotic videos on this site, and sometimes the videos can be both funny and erotic at the same time.
  • The celebrity videos and pictures on this site are exciting. The site has listed out the celebrities in alphabetical order to make it easy for you. If you want to see the kinky side of your favourite celebrities, then this is a perfect site for you.
  • You can also connect with the site through their social media pages to learn about their newest updates and posts.
  • There is no need to register to watch the content or to use the features of this site. This means that this site is free to use!


  • The pages of the site are too long, and the scrolling gets irritating at times. Developers use such designs to improve the traffic of the site, but they should curtail the length of the web pages if they want DrunkenStepFather to look more user-friendly.
  • There are many ads and redirect links on this site, some of which do not even relate to the site's theme. This can be a bit distracting and confuses new visitors easily.
  •  If you visit this site with the expectation of watching adult movies, then you will not be completely satisfied. There are erotic and hot clips of celebrities on this site, but they are just for entertaining you, and therefore they do not coax you to play with your private parts.
  • A site like this should have provided a registration option to the users. Though you can subscribe to their newsletters, there is no way you can engage with the creators of the site directly.
  • There are very few sorting options, and all you are left with is a basic search tool. The site can include a few more categories and filters that will enable the users to explore the content easily.
  • The design of the website is appealing, but it is also all over the place. They could have displayed the different types of adult clips and images in a much better way.
  • The videos can be played without paying anything, but there is no option given to download them.


The site is completely free to use, and you don't have to spare a penny to use any of its features.


There aren't many sites on the internet that provide the type of celebrity content that DrunkenStepFather does. However, if you want to compare it with sites that provide free celebrity nude selfies and videos, then we can suggest a few sites to you.

CelebGate is a website that has a simple and user-friendly design. Moreover, it has got a large collection of nude selfies and pictures of celebrities. If you want to watch the sex scenes from the old Hollywood flicks, then you can take a look at ScandalPlanet.

It also provides you with some nude pictures of celebrities. However, if you want to explore a free site that provides both porn clips and celebrity nudes, then we suggest CelebsRoulette to you.

It is a fantastic site that provides HD quality videos and a lot of hot pictures and videos of celebrities. Therefore, we can see that DrunkenStepFather has a lot of competitors who are not exactly like it but still they are capable enough to divert the attention of its audience.

A Sexy Video of Body Shorts on DrunkenStepFather's StepTV

Customer Support

The site does not have a separate page for customer support. However, you can contact them by sending an email to this address – [email protected]

Moreover, if you find any content inappropriate, then you can go to their contact page and fill and form. If they find your concern genuine, they will remove that specific content from the site.



DrunkenStepFather is my go to place when it comes to hot celebrity gossip. I am so obsessed with hot and naked pictures of celebrities. Great site with superb content. 


DrunkenStepFather is an amazing site with tons of pornographic videos. I love the layout of the site too. There is a lot to explore, and the navigation makes the experience even better. 


The platform mostly has naked photos of boobies and hot girls. GIFs are good too, but when it comes to videos, the content is less. I wish there would have been more celebrity porn videos!

Final Verdict

DrunkenStepFather is a good site for you if you wonder about the events and scandals in which celebrities are involved. It also provides you with a huge database of nude pictures and erotic clips of celebrities.

However, these clips and videos cannot be compared with porn videos and content, and therefore, you shouldn't be expecting anything more than sexy entertainment from this site.

Also, the quality of the content is pretty good, but you cannot download videos and clips, and this might upset you a little bit.

It offers great options like celeb gossip, forums, celebrity news, etc. that can easily make your lazy evening exciting. However, we do not recommend this site to hardcore porn lovers. Also, everything is free on this site, and therefore you shouldn't mind checking it at least once!

Parting words

DrunkenStepFather is a cool site to hang on, but it won't help you to satiate your kinky desires. Also, there aren't too many sex clips of celebrities on this site.

However, DrunkenStepFather proves to be an eye candy because it has tons of hot and nude pictures of celebrities, and most of these pictures are exclusive and unedited! Therefore, you should try this site to observe the life of hot celebrities closely.

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