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How to Make DIY Nipple Clamps from Household Objects?

Nipples might have been neglected all of our lives as compared to genitals, but not anymore!

This erogenous zone helps you to experience a lot of pleasure from nipple stimulation as it activates the genital sensory cortex- the same area which gives pleasure of genitalia.

However, while a romantic rendezvous of rubber and latex does wonders for your sensitive areas, nipple-pleasure is a dearer alternative as a $300 leather-dungeon whip can burn a hole in your pocket.

This is where homemade nipple clamps come in the picture to save you some bucks, at the same time providing the much-awaited orgasm from sensational fun of nipple clamps.

This article would give you a range of DIY homemade nipple clamps alternatives for your exact needs.

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DIY Nipple Clamps: How to make homemade nipple clamps (2022)


How to make Homemade Nipple clamps

Bobby pins

The ladies reading this article have been a fan of bobby pins to make their perfect wedding buns. But who knew that bobby pins can be pulled apart to be put across the nipple. You can also move the pin up and down to achieve the perfect pinch on the nipple, thereby making “behind the ear” trick even sexier.


You all have eaten your favorite Chinese platters with chopsticks. But you might want to thank the Chinese for providing the cheap option for sensory pleasure. You just need to tie the two ends of two chopsticks together, enabling the structure to be put around the nipples. Take your partner out to I Love Sushi and nab all of those free chopsticks for your bedtime.


Pegs, commonly called clothespins come in a variety of styles and colors like metal, wood, plastic based. You can experiment each option with your own type of skin as all have different forms of intensities, depending upon the strength of the spring. You can also take a look at Stockroo’s stainless steel clothespins clamps, especially designed for the adult play.


Paperclips can be adjusted by squeezing them, thereby making them tighter on your nipples. When removed the blood flows back to provide pleasure.


Tweezers are again an essential makeup accessory to give the perfect shape for your eye-brows. You can place the tips of these tweezers between your nipples and tie its end with a plastic band to hold them in place. Large tweezers can be chosen if nipples are large.

Few of the good options which you can buy for nipple clamps

If the God of wealth has been kind to you, it is always a good option to buy these especially designed nipple clamps mentioned below. You can also find them easily at Home Depot just for 37 cents, if craftiness is not your forte.

Fifty Shades of Grey the Pinch

Fifty shades of Grey is a brand of sleek tweezers clamps. They have silicon based tips providing you a soft yet firm nipple grip with a simple adjustability mechanism. You just need to get into searching for your own perfect nipple pinch sensation!

Bondage Boutique Squeeze and tease Nipple Clamps

These are designed for users with previous experience of nipple play. They are the first choice of users with high-intensity nipple pinch tolerance. They are similar to alligator clamps but with the difference of non-adjustable chains. Hence, it can be all pleasure or nothing at all for some.

Spartacus Alligator Clamps

Just like an alligator, these types of clamps come with a long metal chain which is the perfect choice for users involved in tugging play. This provides an extra pull on the skin while the screws provided on handles help in adjusting the intensity of nipple play.

Other DIY Nipple Play Options

Nipple clamps comes with a mix bag of pleasure as well as pain. If you don’t prefer the pain of it, you can still engage in nipple play by proving pleasure to nipple skin through these items-


You might wonder the workability of the simple ice as a sexual tool. But the cold temperature it provides on your nipple, coupled with the hot sensations of your breaths, can provide you instant Goosebumps. Moreover, the dripping of water to the chest provides a greater licking area for sensory pleasure. But caution must be taken in allowing the ice to melt first so that it doesn’t stick on your skin.

Whipped cream

If you are not diabetic and blessed with a sweet tooth, whipped cream is the perfect option. Cold whipped cream when paired with hot chocolate sauce provides a mix of temperature on your sensitive nipple skin. Just drip and drizzle both of them on your nipples and engage in the fun of licking it all off to provide a tickling sensation.


The spatula has been lying all day in your kitchen idle. But the monotony of the boring spatula can be ended by providing it a night of sexual fun. It is the perfect tool for a light impact play by spanking your partner’s breasts. It can be combined with use of silicon brushes for tickling strokes, thereby giving a mixed bag of soft and firm sensations.

The risk involved with the Nipple Play

It is a common adage you might have heard from older generations that “safety lies in your own hands”. Moreover, just like any other mundane activity has some precautions to it, using nipple clamps also comes with some guidelines to enjoy some good, pinchy and pleasurable play of nipples. After all safety is and ought to be the utmost priority for every nipple play user. Some of these guidelines are-

  • Stronger and higher intensity clamps should be worn for a lesser time period.
  • Always try the nipple clamps first on your fingers to double check their intensity before trying them on your sensitive areas.
  • Make sure to check your nipples after 10-15 minutes of pressed period and check if there are any clotting marks of red or purple color in that area.
  • Don’t be a cruel ripper for your nipples. Act gently and mildly while removing those clamps by loosening the mechanism in clamps. Some of these mechanisms include clover clamps, magnetic nipple clamps and weighted nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps shine in your darker nipple areas just like moonlight brightens the night sky. They do an amazing job both for BDSM beginners and experienced players in providing the extra oomph. However, the use of DIY nipple clamps should be carefully used as they are not entirely a substitute to the years of research and carefully designing of reputable sex-toys especially designed for the same sensational needs.

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