Dick Dorm Review (2020)

Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm is one of those rare premium porn sites which host great content, and there is plenty of variety for users to explore and enjoy.

Thanks to great streaming and playback capabilities, the watching sessions are often filled more with your oohs and aahs than watching the videos buffer for hours on end.

While some scenes are as simple as stripping down and jerking off to the camera, there are more elaborate scenes where the gay guys and their friends, who usually belong to the USA, engage in sexually charged suck and fuck sessions, with plenty of licking, throbbing and stroking taking place. 

For cash-strapped college going guys, they would go to any lengths to be able to survive through the stressful years of college, rather than blowing up their parents’ hefty credit cards. It is no surprise then, that if you offer a college-goer an opportunity to make money off filming them having sex, one would instantly jump to the offer.

The twist here, however, is that rather than straight porn featuring boy-on-girl action, Dick Dorm serves up some great gay sex videos, straight from the dormitories of a college.

It is pretty much like you get a taste of what experimentation with sexuality feels like, while also being able to make decent enough money through it. There is nothing better than experimenting with some good old gay sex positions, and Dick Dorm features plenty of sucking, throbbing or even taking their partner’s cocks up their asses.

Their videos are 100% amateur in nature, and you can watch teenager and young teen guys playing around with their sexuality.

Although some of their videos look like they’ve been shot via professional cameras, the usual setting does feature bunk beds, desks and other common areas where guys in college usually hang out, down a beer or have fun (pun intended!).

There’s also a lot of POV action where guys can be seen holding the cameras even as their cocks are being sucked.

Started in 2010, the site has been around for quite some time now and features some high quality, scenic and some amateur action with guys usually in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years old. The roster of performers includes everyone from athletic, well-built jocks as well as slender-looking, regular nerds.

Some of these guys are also cut and uncut, and thus there is enough variety for you to explore in terms of models. Most performers also show the kind of rowdiness and care-free, casual attitude you would expect from a young, college-going student.

They are usually also shown moving around, trying to convince their dorm mates and other friends on-campus to get down and dirty and also getting themselves filmed.

This gets irritating sometimes because most videos run-up to over an hour in length, and not getting straight to the point is something that some viewers might not like.

Some of their older scenes feature guys comparing their cocks and asses for the cameras, or getting into stroking contests where the loser either has to suck it or even get fucked if the game demands.

At times, you can also find some girls lurking around, having a beer or two and even watching the action unfold sometimes.

If the guys get lucky, they also get a little taste of girl-on-girl action, which is somewhat like a bonus for those watching.

dick dorm poster

They don’t just feature two guys getting down and dirty, but have a couple of multi-participant gay encounters as well.

All that said, Dick Dorm is probably best for those who want to watch natural, amateur performers having gay sex and add to it the premise of them being college students, all of it adds up a sense of excitement to the overall experience.

Why is Dick Dorm better than other similar sites?

Unlike those who are tempted by scenic locations, good-looking men and women (sometimes) or just the grandeur of a studio-sponsored porn film, Dick Dorm caters to those who enjoy watching natural gay sex, without any cosmetic elements added to it, often performed by amateur guys with no prior experience.

The incentive for them to engage and film their gay sex encounters is the fact that these folks at Dick Dorm pay these performers for shooting and uploading their videos onto the portal as others get to watch some delicious, amateurish gay sex scenes.

When you log onto the site, the first tab you can see at the top of the navigation bar is the ‘videos’ tab.

On clicking, it takes you to the entire collection of videos that have been uploaded so far on the site, over the years, with ample amount of sorting options available to simplify your search for your kind of gay porn.

There’s also a ‘sites’ tab which tells you about the various bonus sites you get as part of your subscription which in our opinion, is an easy, fuss-free way to find what else is in store for you once you sign up with a subscription.

Some of the thumbnails are also there in the form of GIFs, which is pretty funny and interesting at the same time. It is interesting yet professional, which is why we would place it right among the top premium porn sites globally.

There are about 110 videos on the website currently, along with photos and other stuff which is quite interesting. There’s also a link to live cams so you can access them and get going on a cam sex session with your favourite gay dudes.

Talking yet again about the videos, they do have a short movie and a brief description of what’s going on in each episode and their pictures to give company. ​

To sum it up, some of the site’s features are pretty good and something which is expected out of every successful, professional porn site and hence, this is precisely what makes Dick Dorm emerge as a top contender among all other similar sites.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites – Reality Dudes, Papi.com, Gay Revenge,
  • Bonus sites – 6 bonus sites
  • Total number of videos – 112 videos
  • The average length of videos – 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1024x576
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 400+ photo sets
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 800x600
  • DRM protection – No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Live Stream Quality

8 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

8 / 10

Number Of Models

8 / 10

Streaming Options

8 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

7 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

81 / 100

Website Overview 

Website address: https://www.dickdorm.com/
Dick Dorm is a premium gay porn site that is focused on gay pounding.
The site’s design is not something that’s really great, though there’s a lot to keep you hooked.
Videos are surprisingly of high quality and also involve some beautiful AF POV shots, albeit they’re sometimes hard to watch, owing to the constant shaking and tilting of the camera. 
Dick Dorm-min

Dick Dorm offers cash rewards up to $10,000 for college videos shot by these amateur stars, all it requires is convincing their friends to perform some appealing man-on-man action as they film themselves in the process.

The navigation is neat, though a little bit of work is required still, in order to make it a competent force in such a crowded niche. Each episode is about 30 to 50 minutes at the most, and as much as it is appealing, one can get irritated by the constant flurry of noises and other stuff going on in the background.

The streaming is good, and there are two MP4 file formats available, with the latter one being the better one among the two, purely in terms of quality, with the only time the footage appearing subpar is when there’s a bit of shaking of the camera or the tripod/selfie stick with which the scenes are being shot.

The photo sets are available in the form of slideshows and are about 57 in number, and there are a lot of vid caps as well.

One of their videos, titled ‘Happy Day’ is amongst the most popular ones on the site, which at first looks excessively long, but gets to be enjoyable once you’re watching the real stuff happen.

Videos can be streamed via the Flash Player, at a resolution of 1280x548 pixels, while photo sets can be streamed and come in a resolution of 800x600 pixels. Their videos are accompanied by a little short movie along with a nifty description about the video, so you get an idea of what one can expect before opening the video to stream.
One might not like the fact that there’s a lot of build-up happening before the real action, which could be disappointing for some folks. Users can’t rate the videos or comment on them, which is a bit frustrating as it takes away the ‘interactive’ factor from the overall browsing experience.
Though there’s a feedback page, there’s no favourites area where users could have accessed saved videos or those that they would want to watch later. New photo sets are usually good in quality, but if you dig deep and look at the older ones, you will find some not so great photos with average lighting.
Finding content is easy, and users can make use of the advanced search engine to watch content ranging from the newest ones to the oldest ones.
The navigation bar is located at the top and you get latest updates every now and then. Under the ‘videos’ tab, you can sort content by ‘most popular’, ‘release date’, ‘most viewed’ as well as video titles.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The pricing structure adopted by the folks at Dick Dorm is decent enough and inexpensive at best. They don’t charge much, but there are a lot of cross-sales and stuff happening, which sometimes can spike the prices without any prior information.
It would be best if you remain little attentive when signing up for the subscription so that you might not end up paying double of what you should be paying. At this price, you get access to about six sites which could prove to be a handy deal. The pricing structure is as follows –
  • $65.99 for 12 months (billed at $5.49 each month)
  • $45.99 for 3 months (billed at $15.33 each month)
  • $25.99 for 1 month
  • 2-Day trial membership is billed at $1 per day


  • 100% amateur gay sex scenes featuring college-goers from across America
  • Almost all of its content is exclusive and cannot be found on other sites
  • Hot, cute and slender-looking guys between the ages of 18 to 24 years
  • Most videos are over 30 minutes, which makes it an enjoyable experience consisting of everything from foreplay to climaxing
  • A collection of 6 bonus sites as part of the subscription
  • HD quality videos, also including some fun POV action
  • Features everything from anal, ass-licking, butt-spanking, stroking and jerking off sessions, even to the extent that they also feature some fun cock comparison contests as well
  • Easy to navigate, minimalist site design
  • Multiple sorting options available
  • Advanced search engine helps users find relevant content
  • As claimed by them, they offer cash rewards up to $10,000 for college videos, which could be a good way for cash-strapped college-goers to earn some money
  • High-resolution videos and images to watch and savour
  • Vidcaps available
  • Each video is preceded by a short introductory movie and a little description about the contents of the video
  • There are a bunch of HD videos and photos as well, and the streaming capabilities are smooth
  • Affordable membership plans and pricing 


  • No download options available
  • Streaming videos requires users to install the flash player which is an outdated technology nowadays
  • Pre-selected offers on the billing pages
  • The email sign-up process while registering is done automatically, without prior permissions
  • Trial memberships offer a limited scope of site usage
  • There are a lot of advertisements that cram the entire browsing experience
  • No options to rate or like the videos
  • Doesn’t allow users to add their favourite videos/scenes
  • The content seems to be rotated every now and then, and this could be not very reassuring for those who want not just the fresh content but the older videos as wellNo zip file downloads
  • No zip file downloads
  • Not so slick design and website UI
  • The ‘weekly’ updates take place after every one or two months
  • Some users have complained that even after cancelling the membership plan, they were still being billed for the already cancelled subscription


Dick Dorm is in strong competition with the likes of popular services such as GayTube, GayMaleTube, BoyfriendTV and Men on Edge.
Over the last decade, only a handful of videos have been uploaded on the website so far. Add to it, the fact that the site lacks interactive features as well as the absence of download options, and you have a website that’s still weak in terms of both quantity and quality.
If Dick Dorm has to compete with its closest competitors and emerge as the best amongst the lot, it will seriously have to relook at its approach towards the entire design and customer experience.

Customer Support & Other Services

The Dick Dorm customer support team has been complained about a lot in the online discussion and customer service related blogs and forums. However, they claim to be responsive and geared towards improving their user’s experience each day.
If you have any questions or want any of your issues associated with the membership, billing, general user info among others, you can reach out to them at the following links –

Final Verdict

In our opinion, there is a lot of work still need to be done on the site to make it a potent force in the online gay porn category.
While the quality of their videos is good, it can get a bit better with time. Other than that, they must go ahead and add features that encourage more interactions within site, to measure not just what customers are liking, but also what are their best performing videos and photos.
The search and sorting options are decent and allow for easy navigation. Frequency of uploads is another area of concern.
In our opinion, users who are looking for just some good videos can sign up. Still, if you’re someone who wants to do more than browse and truly interact with the site, we would recommend you to find other alternatives.

Parting words

Covered in this review, were some pros and cons of the Dick Dorm premium gay porn site. We hope you enjoyed reading the review as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. If you have any suggestions to help us improve your experience or add other details to this review, do get in touch with us!

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