Desi Papa Review (2020)

Desi Papa

Desi Papa is a legit Indian porn website where you will find a plethora of free amateur porn scenes.

This Indian based porn site is one of the oldest working websites working in the industry,

and the best site when somebody wants to watch amateur Indian couples having sex.

All thanks to the owner of this company for making this website 100% free.

The video clips are not long because the makers film these scenes themselves. There are no pornstars who pretend to be amateur actors, no directors ask the actors to have sex in certain angles, and there is no script!

Only 100% amateur porn films of beautiful Indian aunties and college-goers are found on this website. For so long, the porn industry has been dominated by American porn channels mostly. However, things are changing now.

Here you shall see all sorts of porn genres and performers hailing from different parts of the world.

Desi Papa was launched in January 1998. And since then, the site has uploaded almost 7000 amateur porn content consisting of real Indian couples. We could figure out from some of the scenes that the girls had no idea that they were being filmed.

So, you can say that Desi Papa uploads content of real amateur couples who want their porn scenes to be seen by everyone, and then there is some voyeur footage available also, where the women in action have no clue about being filmed. Anyhow, Desi Papa offers you a myriad of porn content.

Most of them are filmed using a mobile phone camera, hence one must not expect to see a lot of HD porn films. The site will give you a wide range of categories to choose from as well. So, whatever kinky fetish you have about Indian hot babes, you can stay assured of finding it here.

Indian porn niche has a long way to go because most of the Indian porn sites upload user-submitted videos, and the same can be said about Desi Papa as well.

It seems that Indian ladies are still strangers to the concept of pornography, and even if they know about it, these ladies don’t want to become legit porn stars. We know for a fact that Indian women are considered extremely hot. They have long black hair, seductive eyes, and nice features.

Anyways, until we get to see these hot ladies as porn stars, we feel that we have to quench our thirst for Indian porn content like this only. The best part about Desi Papa is that it is a free website.

However, if you want to gain full access to all its features, then you might think about going ahead with a subscription. But here’s what we think; Desi Papa has more than enough free videos for you to watch. You will hardly feel the need to buy a membership for this website.

So, we took out some time to review Desi Papa for you. We spent quite a few days reviewing this site so that we don’t miss out on any of the minute details. We have evaluated everything.

Starting from how the website looks to what are its pros and cons. We hope you will find the review of Desi Papa exciting and would give it a shot.

What makes Desi Papa so popular?

We know that even if the Indian porn niche is not as popular as other niches, still there are a wide variety of Indian porn websites readily available for people who are in love with Indian beauties. Desi Papa is the oldest Indian porn website, which was launched in 1998.

The reason why this site is becoming a people’s favorite day by day is that the users are the only source for submission of the videos. Some of the users also submit content from some of the hidden gems of the Indian porn industry.

By hidden gems, we mean Indian porn stars who entertain their audience secretly. However, if you want to get introduced to some legit Indian porn stars, visit Desi Papa. This website also hosts some of the most popular Indian sex scandals.

Starting from MMS sex scandals of naughty school couples to voyeur sex footage, you will never run out of content at Desi Papa.

We all know that Indian women are beautiful. They are shy, and it is their timid nature that excites people like us to drool over Indian porn content.

Indeed, there are generic porn sites where you shall find a section dedicated to Indian porn only, but those sites hardly have any Indian porn scenes available. This is when sites like Desi Papa comes into play. Desi Papa has 100% exclusive Indian sex tapes only.

This site uploads new content almost every day. In fact, on some days, they also upload more than two videos. The site doesn’t only have videos, but you will also find alluring photos of females showing their private parts to the world.

Desi Papa is undoubtedly your one-stop destination when it comes to watching some shy Indian ladies enjoying their steamy sex session.

If you compare Desi Papa with other Indian porn websites, you would notice that Desi Papa has more porn videos.

The site is serious about its commitment, and that’s why they regularly upload new content every day. We visited Desi Papa for a week continuously, and we could see two to three fresh videos being uploaded every day. The girls can be seen doing a lot of naughty stuff.

Initially, everyone seems to be shy, but everyone enjoys sex, no matter how shy they might be.

Once these girls start with it and open up, you can see them sucking cocks, and satisfying their partners with a steamy handjob. We loved everything about Desi Papa, mainly because of the sheer number of videos and photos Desi Papa has to offer.


Website link -

Estimated last month’s visit - 2,523,147

The website of Desi Papa has a black background. It has a clean layout, and the homepage has everything.

On top of its website, you will see some tabs, such as home, photos, categories, sex chat, and Indian sex.

The Indian sex tab will redirect you to their bonus site, which is called “doodhwali”. Most of the content available on this bonus site is similar to that of Desi Papa. 

Desi Papa

Just below that, you will see some popular searches, for example, Indian sex videos, Indian porn videos, desi MMS, sexy bhabhi, XXX porn, best Indian porn, Lindy list, and Smut India. Clicking on these popular searches will redirect you to different sites.

The homepage will also introduce you with a plethora of free videos that Desi Papa has to offer. There are more than enough free videos for you to enjoy. Even though you can buy one of the different subscriptions available to gain access to everything, still the free videos are enough to keep you hooked.

There is one famous Indian porn star named Priya Rai, who can be seen here every now and then. There are 7000 videos uploaded on this site so far.

Apart from movies, you can also see some free photos. We saw an option for sex chat, but this feature wasn’t working at the time we visited Desi Papa, and we aren’t sure when this feature is going to work.

For free users, only streaming is available. And if you want to download the videos, you need to become a paid member of Desi Papa. In terms of sex scenes, you can browse through solo performances of Indian babes, hardcore porn scenes, masturbation, and much more.

Most of the scenes have been filmed in a hotel room or bedroom. You will also see some outdoor scenes, but no intercourse scene is shot there; rather, you will see the male partners teasing them, playing with their boobs, and similar stuff.

After becoming a member, you will be able to download any number of videos you want. The site doesn’t annoy you with advertisements. The file size of downloaded videos won’t exceed 80 to 100 MB. However, you won’t find any HD videos.

All the performers that you would see here are real people, but you can also expect one or two porn stars to appear as well. However, entire porn content is strictly user-submitted.

Users are free to submit as many porn content as they want to, and if you want to take down any of the movies, you will be required to contact the customer care department for doing that, and the content will be removed.

For registration, you need to add a username, password, email ID, country, and finally, pick a membership. Regarding the body type of these fantastic Indian babes, they can be anything from skinny to curvy.

The customer support department is always ready to assist you. So, no matter when you would like to get in touch with the team, you can always call them or write to them.

Pricing & Membership Fee

Desi Papa offers an array of free content; however, if you want to download some of the videos, you need to buy one of the subscription plans of Desi Papa. The list of free videos that are available on the website is actually enough to satisfy anyone.

But we know that you would like to download some of the porn movies as well. This is the reason why Desi Papa offers you some subscription packages. As a paid member, you will be able to stream and download as many videos as you want to.

For new users, the best subscription plan available is a one-day trial subscription.

Your paid subscription will give you access to all of its content, which contains sex tapes filmed by naughty husbands and boyfriends, and some of the Indian pornstar footages as well. The site uploads fresh, new content on a daily basis, and you would be able to connect with the live support team too.

  • One-day trial: $9.95
  • One month: $24.95
  • Three months: $49.95
  • One-year: $99.95.

You can try out this site using the one-day trial pack. Check out all the content, and see if it is worth your money. If you find the videos and photos interesting, you can then go ahead and select the recurring subscription packs.

Site performance 



Website design


Image quality




Content amount












Bonus features


Our Score: 89/100

Site Statistics 

  • Most Popular Models: You won’t find any category for top models here at Desi Papa. These videos and photos are submitted by the members of this site. There are no real models available on this site.
  • Models: All of the models are exclusively Indians. Their age varies from 18 to 35 years.
  • Model Appearance: Majority of these models are amateurs; however, you might see some professional pornstars also.
  • Body type: Slim to curvy
  • Total number of videos: 7000+
  • The average length of the videos: 10 mins
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: 800x600; 1656k; streaming
  • File Size: 80-100 MB
  • Buffer: Up to 5 seconds
  • High Resolution: No
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Desi Papa

Even though Indian porn sites are not as popular as other foreign websites, there are still many Indian porn sites available for someone interested in Indian babes enjoying their horny avatar. This leads us to the competitors of Desi Papa. Most of the Indian porn sites contain amateur porn content.

If you are expecting to see real Indian pornstars on these sites, then that’s not going to happen. The films are primarily filmed on their mobile phones. Many times, these girls don’t even know that they are being filmed.

Some of the Indian porn sites that we think are giving a fierce challenge to Desi Papa are Indian GF Videos, Fuck My Indian GF and Real Indian Sex Scandals. Now, let’s get to know about these sites.

Indian GF Videos


For those who want to see some real footage of adorable Indian girls having sex with their boyfriends, they must visit Indian GF Videos. This site has a massive collection of real amateur GF footage filmed secretly by their partners with their permission.

The content available here is entirely user-submitted. You will get to see hot babes here naked and masturbating, sucking their partners’ cocks, and finally getting seduced and having sex. This site is quite famous for having the most popular Indian student scandals.

There are tons of scandal MMSes available here. There are more than 1000 videos so far, and the members of Indian GF Videos have submitted all of them.

Real Indian Sex Scandals


Do you know about the hottest sex scandals of India? Do you want to know about them, or rather we should say, would you like to check them out? If so, then Real Indian Sex Scandals is your go-to site.

Indian girls are still not comfortable with being filmed while having sex, and that’s why their partners film them secretly. But little do their girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, and wives know that their partners are up to something even more raunchy.

Visit this site to watch one of the hottest collections of sexy school scandals. Watch these girls getting dirty with their partners. Every content available here is voyeur, and that’s what makes Real Indian Sex Scandals something really interesting to watch out for.

Watch these girls being filmed while taking a shower, masturbating, having sex, or while sucking a cock.

Fuck my Indian GF


The website of Fuck, My Indian GF, is loaded with a lot of amateur porn content. Many of them are voyeur footage. You will get to see desi Indian aunties and babes getting naughty with their partners here.

You won’t see a lot of pussy action in the thumbnails, but once you become a member of Fuck my Indian GF, you will gain access to every content available on this website. Fuck my Indian GF will show you that shy Indian girls can become a diva when it comes to sex shows.

They have more than 3000 videos, and you need to become a member of Fuck my Indian GF to start streaming and download the videos.


  • Desi Papa has the largest collection of Indian sex scandal tapes and amateur Indian porn content. You will also get to see some pornstars appearing every now and then as well.
  • This is the best site to explore some of the best homemade sex tapes. If you want to watch some voyeur sex tapes, then Desi Papa has that available here too.
  • Although there is only amateur porn content, and they are filmed using a mobile phone, all the movies are good to watch. There are picture galleries of different models available here too.
  • There are videos where you will see the chicks giving a nice blowjob and handjob. Not just this, you will also see them performing solo acts as well.
  • Once you become a member of Desi Papa, you are free to stream and download as much porn content as you want to.
  • The site of Desi Papa looks excellent and sleek. You will find  navigating through the website easy.
  • The site offers a one-day trial.
  • There are different categories to choose from.


  • Because all the videos are filmed on mobile phones, all the content is in SD quality. There are no HD videos available.
  • Apart from the category page, there is no advanced search engine.


Desi Papa has an impressive customer support team. All the members will be assigned a support ticket number. The ticket number can be used for tracking the progress of your complaint. You can even call the customer support team, or else write to them.

The team ensures to get back to their customers as soon as possible. If you want to connect with the customer support team of Desi Papa, read the following information.

Desi Papa customer support page:

Call Desi Papa: 001 786 220 3317

Email: [email protected]


For those who want to watch free Indian amateur porn content, Desi Papa has to be your place. There is plenty of amateur Indian porn content available here as well. If you are into Indian porn content, then you will surely enjoy Desi Papa. 

Desi Papa is a very old Indian porn site that has been offering legit homemade sex tapes since 1998. The homepage will provide you all the information that you are looking for. Desi Papa is a premium Indian porn site, which means that you need to pay the site for enjoying its wide variety of porn content.

All the content available on Desi Papa is submitted by its members. You can download and stream as many porn movies as you want, but for that, you need to register and buy one of the subscriptions they are offering.

If you want, you can always save the porn movies on your mobile phone, and watch them later. The films are short and crisp, and you won’t face any problem in streaming online videos as well. If you want to get the real taste of Indian porn, then you must try out Desi Papa today.

We recommend Desi Papa to everyone who enjoys Indian beauty and loves to see them naked. Trust us; there are tons of free movies and pictures ready for you.

Parting words

This was our review of Desi Papa. We hope you found this review useful and informative. We have tried covering everything that you, as a porn site lover, deserves to know. Go ahead and check out Desi Papa today, and try out their one-day trial offer for understanding its features yourself.

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