Complete Guide on Deep Penetration (2020)

Everyone loves a deep penetration, when you can feel your partner’s dick moving way inside of you.

It is the perfect way to bond with your partner and enjoy sex in a new light.

Sex is all about pleasure and deep penetration, for some, is the ultimate epitome of an orgasm.

The more you can feel your partner’s dick penetrating your vagina, the higher orgasmic pleasure you will feel.

With every thrust or move, you can feel him closer to you, not just physically but mentally as well.

After all, it is all about taking good care of your sexual needs and a deep penetration will take care of that!

anal sex cowgirl

Be sure to get your partner straight on it!

Just because you like penetrating your woman deep doesn’t mean that she enjoys it too! So, as a quick warning, be prepared to get into a direct conversation first. You must learn to know if your woman really likes deep penetration or not. For the first timers, it might hurt a bit.

But with every moving thrust, she can feel the pleasure dominating the pain. After a while, pain will subside completely and she will be left with the beauty of orgasmic pleasure.

Why is deep penetration so popular among the masses?

Within a woman’s vagina, you will come across two sensitive areas. These are located deeper within the vagina and the woman and her partner both can stimulate these points. The first one has been termed as the A spot. It is located right along the front of the vagina, just nearer to the cervix.

Some women report to have orgasms, only when their partners start stimulating the A spot. Another spot with the same sensual feel is located in the same position as A spot but towards the back wall of the vaginal canal and is termed as G spot. It is primarily located nearer the anal wall.

The A spot is always stated as not hyper-sensitive after any orgasmic release. It means you have the liberty to enjoy penetrative sex or even play time without feeling any sort of discomfort or flinching, which can happen while trying to stimulate the G spot or even clitoris, just after squirting.

How to Overcome Painful Penetration & Make Sex PLEASURABLE

Sometimes you like it, other times you don’t?

Being a woman, you might be head over heels for deep penetration sometimes, but completely dislike it at other times. It is really because of the cervix’s position, which gradually changes with the normal menstrual cycle.

  • During this period, the cervix remains pretty low and more open. Also, the cervix remains a lot harder at this point, making it rather susceptible to pain if you are trying out deep penetration.
  • To present your man with the highest level of orgasmic pleasure, you might have to communicate first and have a thorough chat associated with deep penetration. Cervixes always tend to rise up a bit and turn softer before ovulation and will stay in that position during ovulation as well. That’s when deep penetration starts to feel comfortable.
  • There are certain times when the cervix remains so soft and high that it really blends well with the rest of your vaginal area. That’s the perfect time for you to enjoy deep penetration.
  • No matter what the position of the cervix and its hardness, you will never feel pleasure if your partner’s dick keeps slamming into you and if he is way too rough. Getting deep is okay but doing it with complete force is a completely different ballgame, which most women won’t find pleasurable.
  • Some might not know this but deeper thrust with lesser force will give rise to the best relief and comfort. Therefore, it is your duty to let your partner know that and encourage him to just slow down a bit. That way, you will receive enough time to enjoy the sex. Furthermore, you can even adjust the pace with your partner, while masturbating.
  • In case, you have a partner, who is well endowed, then chances are high that you can’t avoid deep penetration. During that time, sex proves to be pretty painful.
  • If you really want to prevent the painful interaction during sex, there are certain steps, which will clear out the issue right from its core.
  • First of all, it is mandatory for you to encourage a good amount of foreplay. It will help your body to be receptive to penetration. You might also use lubricant to ease out the thrusting and insertion.
  • First of all, it is mandatory for you to encourage a good amount of foreplay. It will help your body to be receptive to penetration. You might also use lubricant to ease out the thrusting and insertion.
  • There are some positions in which you can have sex to lower the pain. For example, you can try having sex as spooning or with woman on top. Here, deeper thrusts are less likely in such positions, and the woman can even have control over the depth and speed by which penis enters her vagina.

Ways to Get More Out of Deep Penetration

If you love deep thrusting, you probably will have fun trying out different sexual positions to make your partner feel deep inside you.

Some of those positions are missionary, doggy style and many more. You can even try cowgirl as a position, where you can take total control of the speed and insertion of the penis.

Try deeper penetration with some toys. 

Deep thrusting becomes a lot easier when you do it with some toys. You will come across penis extenders for men that can be wore while having sex, just to make him feel a lot longer and thicker.

But for this as well, you should have a chat with the man as well and if your partner has deflated ego regarding his small or lean penis, then probably using such toys won’t help much. 

In case you are not sure about the response, you can always bring up ideas of such extenders or even use some of the proven toys, by just explaining that you have come across these toys online while searching for sex. You can even point him towards the posts as well.

Try other variations of sex toys.

Fortunately for you, there are loads of toys that he can use and in fact, you can use some on yourself as well to achieve the right penetration as per your desire. The market has loads of options for vibrators and dildos.

Double dildos are also available in the market, which are a bit longer in size and can be used to enjoy deep penetration.

For example, the Slim Dildo from Vixen will help you enjoy seven inches of penetration. You can try some other brand as well like the stainless steel Eleven, presented by Njoy. You can have the glass dildo as well, which usually is quite longer.

Now, let’s come to the vibrators, shall we? There are plenty of them available in the market, ranging between 6 to 9 inches long.

Vibrators are known to have shorter insert able lengths, but then you have some G-spotters, which are pretty long. The Boss Vibrators from Fun Factory and the Ovo E8 will be a bit longer than the common ones.

Then some prefer using Rabbit vibes which are large and help you get the depth and girth you like.

It is really easy for you to achieve the deeper thrusts in a way you like the most. Even a regular toy in your collection can work wonderfully. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, understanding and using it in the way you like.

  • You can try adding pillows. Want to achieve deeper penetration for some of the regular positions like missionary? If so, then using something as simple as a pillow will help you big time.
  • Just try to place one pillow under the hip region or abs or butts depending on the sexual position. It helps in raising the body and makes way for deeper penetration.
  • There are multiple companies which make pillows perfectly designed for sexual activities.
  • On the other hand, you can even try to lean against furniture around your place if that helps with deeper penetration.

It's Not Always about the Depth and Length

Well, you must know one thing; the length of the penis matters less to most of the women, but usually girth always takes the cake.

So, a thicker penis will always feel right even when it is not reaching out to your cervix while having sex. If this seems to be your main preference, don’t waste time in telling your partner this and learn the masturbation skills you need.

Remember that deep penetrations might sometimes miss some of the erogenous spots in your vagina, like the G spot. This G spot is a few inches inside the vaginal opening. So, there’s no need for a partner with a longer penis to get the ultimate satisfaction from your G spot.

A contoured or curved head is always better for stimulating such spots than a longer one.

On the other hand, technique also plays a major role when it comes to a perfect sex. Some of you might have a soft corner towards deep penetration but only if it is done at a slower pace than the hammering thrust. Sometimes, you might just enjoy stimulation of A spot with fingers in a smother motion.

For some of you, just pressing the penis against those spots is more than enough to get that orgasm.

Sexual Positions for Deep Penetration

Sex Positions for Deeper Penetration

Have you been trying to learn the best sex positions for deeper penetration? If so, then you probably would like to get those positions into action.

Some of the sexual positions are always better suited when compared to deeper penetration. So, make sure to keep a close watch over these hot moves, while you have something intense in mind.

Try out flatiron

Well, this method is simple and will help you enjoy deep penetration like nothing else.

Here, the woman has to lie face down with hips, which are slightly elevated.

For that, you can even try sticking one pillow underneath them, and then spread legs straight out.

Now the women’s partner can penetrate from behind. As the hips are lifted up, it offers one lower barrier for entry.

Furthermore, this position is perfect to trigger greater stimulation of the G spot.


The Face-off

Here, the male partner might be sitting down on a chair or even on the bed’s edge with the woman sitting on his lap, facing him.

As the legs are wider in this position, you are likely to receive it all from your partner.

This position is perfect because you will be in the pilot’s seat and can decide how deep you want the penis to be.

On the other hand, this position will keeps your hands free to just wander all over his body or caress your own!

The Face-off Here, the male partner might be sitting down on a chair or even on the bed’s edge with the woman sitting on his lap, facing him. As the legs are wider in this position, you are likely to receive it all from your partner. This position is perfect because you will be in the pilot’s seat and can decide how deep you want the penis to be. On the other hand, this position will keeps your hands free to just wander all over his body or caress your own!


Here, you will need your partner to lie down and then you just climb on top.

Now, you have to push off his chest or bed to control the movement.

Right from this position, you have to open your legs at a wider angle and enjoy deeper penetration.

This move is perfect if you want to provide ample G-spot action.

anal sex cowgirl

Cowgirl’s helper

Like the classic cowgirl position, here you are also on top of your partner as he lies back and then you push off your body for leverage.

The only twist here is that your partner is going to assist you in this function.

By holding the thighs or your hips, he is likely to support your weight and then rise to meet the movements of your body.

This position definitely works as it provides amazing G spot stimulation. No matter how deep you want, you can go for it depending on thrusts.

Moreover, you get the chance to actually dominate the scale.

cowgirl helper-minv

Missionary position

This is the most common position that you can encounter while having sex.

Just lie back and let your partner ride on top of you, facing you directly.

It is  a classic because this position will actually help you to enjoy deeper stimulation, followed by intimacy as well.

To take this to the next level, make sure to raise your legs and place them over your partner’s shoulders.

anal sex missionary


This position is also pretty famous among the masses and for good reason.

Get on your knees and palms like a dog and your partner will kneel directly behind you. He will then enter you right from behind.

This position has a perfect angle to it, which will allow deeper penetration along with the G spot stimulation.

On the other hand, the partner’s hands remain free in this position and this helps him to stimulate your clitoris or even engage in a little nipple action!

anal sex doggy 2

The Caboose

In this position, your partner will be in a seated position and you will be sitting right into his lap not facing him.

This might not be your go-to position. So, it will feel like a completely different world to you.

The newness will often make this penetration feel deeper than what it actually is.

On the other hand, not being able to look towards your partner will make this position incredibly sexy for you.

anal sex cowgirl

Scoop me up

Here, you have to lie side by side in one spooning position.

Then bend the knees slightly so that your partner gets the opportunity to enter you from behind.

Your partner will have more support and leverage in this position, so you get the opportunity to move your body to maximum depth.

As a bonus point, your partner gets the opportunity to wrap the hand around and then stimulate your clitoris while continuing to thrust.

If you both are exhausted and are still in the mood for some sex, this position is just perfect!

anal sex spooning


Here, you will have to lie on your back with legs raised up and out.

Make sure to bend your ankles toward your face as far as possible so that your partner gets enough room for thrust.

Later, your partner will enter you in the missionary position.

Here, your legs will be in widespread position which will lend some depth for penetration.

Furthermore, thanks to this position, the pelvis of the partner will provide some clitoral stimulation or you can also take charge of the same through your hands!


The Om

This is one of a tricky position where your partner will sit cross-legged and you have to sit on his lap, facing forward.

Later, you have to wrap your legs around the back of your partner and pull each other close. Then it is time to rock back and forth.

This position helps you to open up completely, mainly your hip area and the legs.

There are multiple ways in which you can get deep with this position.

Locking eyes with your partner as you climax up, will add some more intimacy to your love making.

the om

Pinball Wizard

Here, you have to get into one partial bridge position. The weight of your body should rest on your shoulder.

Now, your partner will enter in you from one kneeling position.

The legs in this said position remain widespread leading to some deeper thrusts during action.

You can even try throwing up one leg up on his shoulder for a deeper penetration.



Lie on the right side and your partner will kneel and straddle over the right leg, curling up your left one around his left side.

Thanks to this sexual position, you will receive not just the physical depth but emotional connect as well.

This position is perfect to get deeper penetration of doggy style with a little variance where you make the emotional eye contact.

Furthermore, this gives scope for the extra clit action right from your partner.



If you have a flexible body and a strong partner, this sex position is perfect to enjoy deep penetration.

For this, you need to get on your feet and hands and ask your partner to pick you up from the back, by holding the pelvis region.

Then you have to grip his waist with your thighs.

As the legs will remain locked around the hips of your partner, this position will create an ultimate deeper penetration stimulation.

Well, it can also be a serious arm workout for both of you, especially you.



Here, you have to get right on your knees and hands and keep the hips raised.

Then rest your head and arms on the bed and let your partner enter you from behind.

This position is more or less similar to flatiron and here the lifted hips will allow the super-deep penetration.

Make sure to add some pillows under your pelvis, to help your partner target the G spot.


Ballet dancer

Here, you have to get in some balance working. After standing on one foot, face your man and wrap the other leg around his waist.

He must have that upper body strength to support your weight while standing.

To make this position stand out as a deep penetrative one, you can raise one leg over your partner’s shoulder.

This helps create that wide leg opening. But if it feels too much then face to face movement or position is a great alternative plan here.

ballet dancer

Pros of Enjoying Deep Penetration

It is really mandatory for people to know the pros revolving around deep penetration before they can actually give it a try on their own.

  • First of all, you cannot deny the orgasmic pleasure of deep penetration. The more your partner gets inside you, the more pleasure you will feel. Deeper penetration will touch all those soft spots inside your vagina, which will make you moan with ultimate delight.
  • Furthermore, you will have the best emotional connection with your partner while enjoying deeper sex. Deep penetration means his entire penis is inside you and that makes you feel like he is completely yours. That emotional connection is hard to break, other than the physical satisfaction that comes with it.
  • If you have deep penetration in mind, there are so many sexual positions you can try out. From the basic missionary to cowgirl, leapfrog to something as crucial as ballet dancer, you can have your variations. So, getting bored with the same sex position is not an option anymore. You can just try out new methods on a daily basis and add spice to your sex life.
  • Deep penetration also gives you the opportunity to enjoy multiple sex toys. Right from large fake silicone penises to some vibrators and even rabbit vibrators for that ultimate length and girth, the market has so many toys, specifically designed to enjoy deep penetration. There are pillows crafted to help you enjoy great sex.

Cons of Trying Deep Penetration

Just like good vibes with deep penetration, this sexual move has its cons as well. These cons are not much and are easily resolved. All you need is communication. Some women might not like deep penetration because for them sex is a bit painful.

Maybe the cervix is not open, mostly during periods and a few days after that. So, trying out deeper penetration during that period will make her feel more pain than pleasure. However, you can avoid that by addressing transparent communication.

Some women even feel scared by the thought of your dick entering deep into her. But a proper communication beforehand will help her understand the pleasure that comes with it and might attract her to try out a bit. The first timers will face a little discomfort, just like having sex for the first time.

But, with time and a little bit of practice, it turns out smoother than before.

Try out the Flying V position

We already have described multiple sex positions regarding the deeper penetration. However, the time has come when you might want to work out on the best position and experimenting with all might help you come up with the best choice to make.

For example, give Flying V position a try and you won’t regret taking this decision.

  • Also known as Happy Scissors, this position is easy and perfect for anyone to give it a try, especially if you are trying deep penetration for the first time.
  • Here, you have to lie on your back and elevate the hips. For that, using a Liberator Wedge or deep penetrative sex pillows might help.
  • Then you will give your partner the chance to kneel between your legs. Now your partner will take one of your ankles in his hand and hold the legs wide apart and start the thrusting motion.
  • If you want to help him out in this position, you can hold your legs up and can give your partner the ultimate freedom to release his hands in this act and get some more thrusting leverage.

Aim for the G Whiz position

G-Whiz or known as anvil, this sex position is perfect if you like flexibility in your sex life. You need to lie on your back and then raise your legs. Now, ask your partner to kneel in front of you so that your legs might rest on his shoulders.

  • After that, your partner will lean over you and cause your legs to come back towards you. Then lift up the hips and make it easier for super deep penetration over here.
  • For that different twist, you have to place soles of feet on the chest of your partner in place of extending your legs. That will help the penetration to get deeper and there’s no need to stretch out your legs.

Deep Penetration - A Perfect Way to Enjoy Sex Life

Running down through the stages will surely help you know why people are more into deep penetration these days. It will help you not just to change the way you think deep sex will work but will also provide you with the ultimate emotional adventure.

You will get closer to your partner and can feel the closeness bonding with every passing day. With so many sex moves to try out, you won’t get bored at all. Just go through all the available options and finally aim for the one you like the most.

But, make sure to have a hearty conversation with your partner first! You want to know if he is down for it. If so, then waste no time further and get in line with the best deep penetrative sex of all time! Once you get into it, you just can’t get enough.

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